Emotional Support Animal in Key Biscayne

Legitimate Emotional Support Animal certificates from licensed therapists provided by Mango Clinic in Key Biscayne.
Florida emotional support dog letter is a document provided to you by a licensed MD or mental health doctor that indicates that your pet is part of a treatment program for your mental health or emotional disability. An Emotional Support Animal document allows access to airline cabins and pet restricted housing without extra fees and/or deposits. Mango Clinic`s ESA LMHP are available on Saturday and Sunday.


Video call with Dr. No auto-approvals


We are available 7 days 9 am- 8 pm


100% Refund if not satisfied


Online ESA certificates are valid only after a telehealth visit with a licensed doctor. Same day appointments are available.

11AM – 6PM


+1(786) 422-9327


Price of an Emotional Support Animal Letter in Key Biscayne



Key Biscayne residents can get one certificate for housing.



For Airlines and Housing, 12-months support, low-cost annual renewals, unlimited ESA documentation revisions, additional paperwork for free.



For Key Biscayne patients traveling by air with a pet.

Common Problems Key Biscayne Pet Owners Face

Emotional Support Animal Letter in Key Biscayne


Airline companies refused to take pets on board.

Emotional Support Animal Letter in Key Biscayne


An airline-compliant animal carrier fee to fly with your animal. One-way

Emotional Support Animal Letter in Key Biscayne


People pay monthly rent for their pet

Emotional Support Animal Letter in Key Biscayne


People find it difficult to find a pet-friendly rental property

Benefits of ESA Letters

Key Biscayne residents who have obtained an Emotional Support Animal Document are benefited both financially and mentally. The benefits of the ESA treatment is to condense the levels of anxiety, solitariness and stress. An ESA Letter can save you out of pocket charges for your beloved cat. Landlords can’t charge animal fees nor ask for pet deposits for housing nor decline your application.  Another pro is that Airline companies have to allow an ESA cat to fly in the Cabin without charging a pet travel fee.


Mango Clinic is a walk-in clinic in Florida, with a headquarter in Miami. At MangoClinic we accept care of both  remote and local patients for a wide range of medical issues. Our LMHPs are capable in a variety of services ranging from ADD to anxiety, sexual dysfunction and overall health. Our staff consists of physicians licensed to practice in the State of Florida. We are providing legitimate Emotional Support Animal documents online for all cities in 50 states including Key Biscayne.


All residents of Key Biscayne are getting 12/7 support. Please find a chat button on the bottom of each page to ask your question. Call Mango Clinic in Florida at +1(786) 422-9327 or schedule an online appointment to begin the process and purchase a legally valid and legit ESA documentation from a Florida licensed LMHP. We’re open 7 days a week, 10 am to 8 pm, same day appointments are available! Getting an Emotional support Animal Certificate Online never been easier. Get Yours today!

florida esa dogs

#1 ESA Pet in Key Biscayne


Most of our Emotional Support Pets from Key Biscayne are dogs. People feel lonely, without dogs. ESA dogs don’t just fill the heart, they’re with us to make our life easier!


#2 ESA Pet


Hey, Emotional Support Dogs! Hold your tails. ESA Cats are very close to winning the race. Key Biscayne patients favor to own more than one ESA cat at home to relieve  stress.


#3 ESA Pet


Some people might choose a different Emotional Support Pet, and that is not a problem! People could be accompanied by chickens, ducks, snakes, and even ESA pigs and rats. Key Biscayne individuals choose Rabbits. Because rabbits are amazing and turn your frown, upside down 🙂

Key Biscayne ESA Documentation Coupons and Promo Codes

All residents of Key Biscayne can apply this promo code at the bottom of the ESA application

Emotional Support Animal Letter in Key Biscayne
Emotional Support Animal Letter in Key Biscayne
Emotional Support Animal Letter in Key Biscayne

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