emotionalsupportanimalco Review

March 9, 2020
ESA letter from emotionalsupportanimalco


It can be difficult knowing what to do when you have an emotional support animal. Websites can say things you think are true, but might actually attempt at scamming you. Mango Clinic wants to make sure you know how to spot untrustworthy sites by explaining what an ESA and ESA letter are. We also want to go over an example of these types of sites, so that you do not get stuck with a letter you can’t use.

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emotionalsupportanimalco Review


What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

Not everyone reacts that well to medication or therapy sessions. Some people do have positive effects from medication and therapy sessions, but there can be something missing. Even if you are finding positive benefits to traditional treatment forms, you might think something else might be more helpful.

Whether you need a whole new form of treatment or something to supplement your preexisting treatment, it’s hard to go wrong with an emotional support animal. Whether you already have a pet or are looking to get one, an ESA is essentially just a regular domesticated animal that provides irreplaceable comfort for their owners. Plenty of people who already have pets may already feel these ways about their pets, but identifying them as ESAs makes them much more important.

This does not mean you can call your pet an ESA and everyone abides by it. If you refer to your pet as an ESA, that means you have a severe health disorder or ailment that is treated by being with your pet. An ESA provides the type of relief and help that medication might for others, and this is why they can qualify as doctor-recommended treatment.

One of the best parts of an ESA is that they are not restricted by a type of animal. On the contrary, all kinds of animals can qualify to be someone’s ESA, as long as they are a domesticated pet. Cats and dogs are the most popular, to the point of eclipsing every other potential animal. However, rabbits, birds, and snakes are among the other options a patient might choose from.


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What Is An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

If you live in your own home with your own rules, this likely means you are not paying rent, which means no landlord. For people in these cases, an ESA housing letter may not be of use to them. A person who lives in an apartment complex, especially ones that may have rules against animals, can be in trouble if their landlord does not take kindly to them having an ESA. This is why an ESA letter is so important, as one for housing offers protection to those who may have problems with their situation.

Regardless of where you live, an ESA travel letter can do anyone some good. If you expect to take your ESA with you on an airplane, you will want to have an ESA travel letter, as airlines are more than happy to prevent you and your animal companion from flying together.


What is an emotional support animal letter
Characteristics of an ESA letter


Who Are Emotional Support Animal Co?

For a site offering emotional support animal letters, Emotional Support Animal Co has a surprisingly barren website. Their homepage contains all the information you need, such as the processes and why you might need an ESA letter. Otherwise, there is not much there to see or click on. Even the “Qualify” button doesn’t do anything but redirects you to the homepage. On the homepage, you will see the “Qualify Now” option that is on the right. Presumably, you can figure out if you qualify by giving them some information.

If you want to see any information regarding prices or packages, you can always click on the green “Already took assessment?” button that is on the top right of the screen. You may not be able to purchase anything, but at least you can see what they offer, such as housing, travel, and combination package.

Emotional Support Animal Co mentions that you can only get an ESA letter if it is from a licensed “therapist.” While it should actually be a licensed physician (not necessarily a therapist), there is uncertainty as to whether you will directly speak with one of these “therapists.” It seems unlikely, as they state that a “therapist” will look over your assessment and from there they will write and sign your letter.

Are Emotional Support Animal Co Legit?

While Emotional Support Animal Co isn’t wrong about making sure a licensed doctor signs your letter, they make the classic mistake of stating that someone will look over an assessment you filled out. The problem here is that, in order to make the letter official, you have to directly speak with a licensed doctor. If you just fill out a form and wait for someone to “approve” it, then it isn’t genuine. No matter what else they say, you can know for sure to stay away if they do not have you speaking with a licensed doctor.

One other thing to mention is that they state an ESA letter can be used in restaurants and grocery stores. This is absolutely not true, and the reason why ESA letters exist for either housing, travel or both. An ESA letter can only be used for housing or travel situations; saying they can be used in grocery stores or restaurants is a lie.

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emotionalsupportanimalco Review


Why Choose Mango Clinic?

Unlike so many sites online, Mango Clinic provides a genuine service for those looking to get an ESA letter online. We have every patient speak directly with one of our licensed doctors, who can evaluate you over the phone, in person, or via video chat. We make it easy for you while also keeping it completely legitimate and official. If you are interested, visit our appointment webpage or give us a call today.


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