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Physical and mental health disorders are a serious problem that affects millions around the world. Those who seek treatment are not always content with the common forms of recovery, such as prescription pills. These can be harmful or extremely ineffective for some, which can often do more harm for the patient. Therapy sessions with therapists, whether alone or in groups, are also not always so effective. While a combination of pills with therapy is common, it does not work for everyone. This can result in some people seeking an alternative that would better suit them. This is why some people choose to have an emotional support animal or ESA for short.

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What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

On the surface, an ESA may appear to be no different than any other domesticated pet, and that’s because they usually are not. What makes an ESA so unique and important has less to do with the animal itself but its relationship with the owner. The person who has an ESA is comforted and calmed by their presence, and their presence alone is usually all that is needed. This is an important attribute about ESAs, as they differ from a service animal, which is trained, registered, and usually has some outerwear identifying them as such. ESAs do not need any type of special training or clothing, they only need to be who they already are in order to be effective for their owners. What’s more, an ESA is not limited to being a cat or a dog; rabbits, pigs, snakes, and more are able to qualify as ESAs.


What is an ESA?
Emotional Support Animal


Why it’s important for you to have an emotional support animal letter?

Mango Clinic understands how important the relationship between owner and ESA is, which is why it’s important for you to have an emotional support animal letter. ESA letters allow you the freedom to board an airplane with your animal companion and not be hassled by the airline. This same document also allows you to room with your ESA in an apartment complex they may otherwise not allow animals. Since your ESA is so vital, these sorts of restrictions can be harmful to owners, which is why ESA letters exist. This document lets airlines and landlords know that your animal companion is important to your well-being and that they are a helpful treatment method on your road to recovery. This is also why it is important to make sure that, if you do get an ESA letter, it’s written and signed by a licensed doctor who spoke with you directly.


Is A Scam?

The reason why making sure your ESA letter is as legitimate as possible is that there are many scam sites online that will gladly take your money. Even though there are many out there that all follow similar patterns, it can be easy for those who don’t know better to fall for the scam. is a classic example of a scam site that tries to sell you false letters and unnecessary products. Like so many other sites out there, FreeMyPaws states that, in order to get your ESA letter, all you have to do is fill out a questionnaire that is then looked over by one of their therapists. Afterward, the therapist is supposed to talk to you on the phone, which will then follow the approval of the letter. Many sites offer this exact type of service, though very few of them claim that you will speak with someone directly.

The bigger issue with FreeMyPaws is that it melds together service animals, ESAs, and therapy pets under one banner (service animals). Never mind that it also seems geared towards dogs (from the website name to the pictures and titles of pages), FreeMyPaws seems more focused on providing service animal help, making it unsuitable for those looking for an ESA. This leads to people thinking that a service animal and an ESA are not so different, when they are actually quite different, including the process of getting documents and the like. Review
Is a scam?


Much of the problems with FreeMyPaws can be found when looking over their products. They seem to sell the usual products that many of these scam sites thrive on, such as vests and ID cards, none of which are at all necessary for an ESA. The products being sold for ESAs are almost no different than what you would find for a service animal, up to and including the vests and ID cards. They sell a kit that includes those two things, along with a certificate and tag. What’s very strange about this is that the kit includes a certificate, which you would think is basically the ESA letter in question. But it’s not; there is actually a “Therapist Reference Letter for Emotional Support Animals ” that you can purchase. You get this in the same way as was described earlier, so it’s very strange and suspicious that the site would sell a kit and this letter separately in the way that they do. This letter alone more or less invalidates the need for anything provided in the kit, including the “certificate.”

There are two other things about that let you know you should stay away. The first and easiest to spot is that there is no provided physical address. While they do have a phone number and email, they do not have a physical address, and this is one of the biggest red flags many scam sites share. No legitimate business should need to hide their address in this way.

The other thing that will most definitely tell you how fraudulent FreeMyPaws come in the form of how they go about addressing their ESA letter service. They say you can register your ESA (the same way you would a service animal), except that you don’t. ESAs are never registered, and all anyone ever needs is the signed letter. This makes the selling of the letter and kit (which includes ID cards that state “LICENSED EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL”) all the more suspect.


How Does Compare To

Without a doubt, Mango Clinic can provide a genuine ESA letter in ways cannot. While FreeMyPaws just has you fill out a form, Mango Clinic will have you speak with a licensed doctor who will be able to evaluate you properly and accurately. Not only that, but we can provide you with the only ESA letter you need; no unneeded ID tags, cards, or additional documents. With us, you get the one ESA letter you need, signed by the doctor who spoke with you directly.

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FreeMyPaws sells useless kits from $49 to $139, while their “Reference Letter” goes for $125. The cost of Mango Clinic’s letters ranges from $129 for housing, $149 for travel, and $189 for both. These are higher costs than FreeMyPaws, but that’s because we do things the right way and with validation, along with including full customer support, renewal discounts, and additional paperwork and revisions.

Don’t let scammers get the better you by making sure you have a 100% authentic ESA letter from Mango Clinic. Call us to set up your appointment or visit our appointments webpage today.


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