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March 6, 2020


For some people, regular forms of medication do not fully help them with their health disorders. These drugs can have harmful side-effects and can make the patient in question not feel any better, or feel nothing at all. Other alternatives do exist, but some of the most helpful and unique forms do not ever appear to them. Sometimes these alternatives are not as obvious as other forms of medicine and therapy, but they do exist and are significantly helpful for recovery.

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Online ESA Letter Scam from

Significance of an Emotional Support Animal

One of the alternatives is having an emotional support animal (ESA). Many people all around the world have unrestrained love for animals, and many of them keep pets for this reason among others. From providing love and affection to just being kind and enjoyable company, a pet can do wonders for many people and their families. ESAs exist because pets have this sort of power and have proven to be a reliable form of therapy for people suffering from certain disorders. With an ESA, a person can feel more comfortable and safe anywhere, including on an airplane. With the right documentation, you can even take your companion with you on a flight.

The reason ESA letters are important is because they allow you a level of freedom you and your pet would not have otherwise. We at Mango Clinic understand how important it is for those with ESAs to have this freedom from worry and concern when looking for a new apartment or making plans for a trip. We provide valid letters that will let you bypass any fees an airline or landlord will try to put on you. No matter where in the country you live, our licensed doctors can help you get the right documentation with no problems.

Emotional Support Animals
Common Benefits of Emotional Support Animals Review

In the journey of getting your emotional support animal letter, it’s essential that you know about scam sites. It’s very easy to search online on how to get an ESA letter and come across several websites that claim to offer it, usually with the promise of the process being fast and easy. Sites like want nothing more than to take your money and provide you with invalid documentation. For these reasons and more, you will want to know what to look out for when coming across these illegitimate businesses.

Is Legit? is an interesting case since their primary form of business is related to medical marijuana. However, if you ignore pretty much everything else on their homepage, you will notice at the top right corner a small link with a paw that says “ESA.” This will send you out externally to another page that has the same URL as, but adds “/ESA” to it. Just from that page’s home, you can tell it’s fake because it mentions getting an “ESA prescription” for 12 months. Not you or your dog get prescribed with an ESA letter, so this alone should convince you to stay away.

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Online ESA Letter Scam from

There are other red flags across the site that are also common on other scam sites, so what you see here can often be applied elsewhere. A major one is the lack of a physical address; any clinic that provides genuine ESA letters must have a physical address. If the business can do telehealth communication for giving out legit letters, they must have a physical address where their physicians and staff work. As expected, does not feature a verifiable address. They also do not have a verifiable phone number; when the number is dialed, it goes straight to voicemail. There also appears to be no other way of contacting them aside from this phone number; any real business will have functioning numbers to dial and multiple ways to get in touch.

Another big issue is when the business provides very little info about itself. has plenty of info to let you understand what it means to get an emotional support animal and get an ESA letter. However, there is virtually nothing written about MMJDoctorOnline or its ESA division on the site. This becomes problematic when you realize no doctors are listed, something which can compromise the legitimacy of a site that claims it can provide legitimate certificates from certified doctors. Remember: To get a valid ESA letter, you must speak with a licensed doctor who can officially and legally approve you for one. Merely filling out a questionnaire and waiting for a doctor to approve it does not count.

ESA Letter

How Does Compare to Mango Clinic?

Qualifying Patients

In order to be a qualified patient for, you need only fill out an online exam, which is then reviewed by a “licensed doctor.” Afterward, you will receive the letter both in the mail and as a PDF file. This all sounds great, but there is no mention of speaking with a licensed doctor, which is what is required for a real ESA letter.

Mango Clinic has you speak with a licensed physician who will ask you specific questions to determine whether you qualify for an ESA letter. The addition of telehealth via video chat and the ability to get a real letter wherever you are is easier and more secure than ever before.

Cost for an ESA Letter charges $99 for either housing or travel letters while charging $149 for a letter that covers both. One thing included in the combo pack is an “ESA ID card,” which is not included with the separate housing or travel options. It should be said that, if you are getting a real ESA letter, all you need is the letter. An ID card or anything similar is wholly unnecessary and a waste of space; it will not help you if you need to prove your pet is an ESA, as it is nothing more than an accessory.

Mango Clinic makes it easy with one $199 letter that covers both housing and travel, while also providing a $99 yearly renewal. You get customer support and do not get charged for any extra pets you want to cover. You can get a physical copy of your letter mailed to you and also get a version via email.

Getting an ESA Letter says it can get you a letter in almost no time. Simply fill out that questionnaire and let someone approve it, and you have yourself a letter. If the business in question does not have you directly interacting with a licensed physician, it can not provide you with a genuine ESA letter.

Mango Clinic does things much more carefully because that is how it should be done. It may take longer, but this way you get a genuine letter that will actually give you legal leverage to take your ESA on flights or stay with you at certain residential complexes. Unlike, Mango Clinic will let you speak with a licensed doctor either in person or via telehealth, both of which can get you a valid letter.

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Online ESA Letter Scam from


What are the Guarantees? does not appear to offer any refunds or guarantees if an airline or landlord rejects your letter. The only sort of refund offered is if you are not approved by one of their “doctors” after having your questionnaire looked over.

Mango clinic provides a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Not only that, but we offer support no matter where you are. This means we can be reached in case you need us to speak with anyone who is disputing your ESA letter.

If you are looking to get an ESA letter, do not go to This site and so many others like it do not do things properly, all so that they can get a quick buck from unsuspecting internet browsers.

You should always get your official documentation from clinics like Mango clinic that have you speak with licensed doctors and feature a money-back guarantee, along with support in case of anything. You can call us or visit our webpage and start your application today.

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