Emotional Support Animal Letter in Grand Forks, ND

For patients living in Grand Forks, ND who own an emotional support animal, you can benefit greatly from having an ESA letter. With Mango Clinic, it is now easier than ever to get a validly signed ESA certificate from a licensed doctor. Don’t ever pay unfair fees ever again with an ESA document.
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Emotional Support Animal Certification North Dakota


Get a valid ESA certificates after speaking with one of our licensed doctors via Telehealth. Appointments available same-day.

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Cost of an Emotional Support Animal Letter in Grand Forks



For a basic ESA certificate, you can choose between travel or housing. Travel will allow you and your animal companion to board flights without hassle or extra fees. Housing will allow you and your ESA to find a new place to live without paying extra or being bothered by landlords.



An ESA all-inclusive certificate comes with all of the benefits that come with a housing and travel document. Additionally, the all-inclusive package comes with a discounted annual renewal rate, as well as free additional paperwork and unlimited revisions.



All ESA letters come with expiration dates; no exceptions. Make sure you renew your ESA document in time, as stated on the actual certificate which provides expiration informaiton.

Problems Grand Forks Pet Owners Face

Emotional Support Animal Letter Grand Forks, ND


Thousands of passengers have been prevented from boarding airplanes due to their animal companion.

Emotional Support Animal Letter Grand Forks, ND


Even passengers who have been able to board airplanes with their animal companion have been made to pay additional fees.

Emotional Support Animal Letter Grand Forks, ND


Renters are often charged more per month for having an emotional support animal.

Emotional Support Animal Letter Grand Forks, ND


Owners of ESAs have a harder time finding suitable housing.

ESA Letter Benefits

Never pay another unfair fee again with a real ESA letter! Grand Forks residents can benefit from an ESA certificate when finding a new place to live or when going on a flight. With this document, you will no longer be hassled or forced to pay additional fees.

ESA Letter Legitimacy

Unlike so many scam sites that can be found online, Mango Clinic provides patients with real ESA documents that are signed by licensed LMHPs.

ESA Letter Support

Mango Clinic is easy to reach and can help you with many health services, like ADHD treatment, in addition to ESA letters. We can be reached via our phone number at (786) 422-9327, as well as our chat option which can be found on our website. If you would like to make an appointment, call us or visit our appointment webpage.

florida esa dogs

#1 ESA Pet in Grand Forks


For many Grand Forks residents, you can’t go wrong with a dog. As far as emotional support animals go, dogs are arguably the most popular, to the point where some think only dogs are ESAs. As it stands, many people with ESAs do choose dogs for their loyal and lovable nature.


#2 ESA Pet


For all you cat lovers out there, you will be happy to know that they make for terrific ESAs. Their quiet demeanor and comforting presence has made them prime choices for many Grand Forks patients. Many who choose cats often claim more than one as their animal companion.


#3 ESA Pet


For those that would prefer something else to a dog or cat, never fear. Your choices for an ESA extend far greater than you might think. If you want something smaller but still furry, you can choose a rabbit, hamster, or bird, each of whom require less living space. For those who want something more unique, you can even choose a snake, which can be very beneficial for those who are allergic to fur.

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