ADHD Diagnosis

January 3, 2022 ADHD Disorder

Current studies on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder show genetics play a significant role in determining what causes this disorder. The exact cause of this disorder is not fully understood. There are many different factors thought to be responsible, so is ADHD genetic, is a tough conclusion to find. [...]

Benefits of ADHD

November 8, 2021 ADHD Disorder

  In the U.S, 11% of school-age children have ADHD — roughly 15 million Americans. It is a condition that affects attention and can cause hyperactivity and impulsivity in people. However, those with attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder can have certain advantages over people who don’t. Get proper treatment for ADHD from mental health experts. Click the button […]

Adderall Effects

November 1, 2021 AdderallADHD Disorder

  Adderall is an amphetamine medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which, when taken at the appropriate dosage and frequency, can provide effective relief for many added symptoms. However, there can be some Adderall side effects, and you should also understand these before starting Adderall treatment or taking Adderall recreationally.  You want to […]

ADHD Emotional Dysregulation

October 18, 2021 ADHD Disorder

  Emotional dysregulation is a term that is used by mental health experts to describe poorly regulated emotional responses. They are off the mark of what is normal or acceptable. The term is also used to describe significant and frequent fluctuation of moods. Emotional dysregulation causes a reduction in specific neurotransmitters. This reduction compromises their ability to […]

Bipolar disorder vs. ADHD

October 11, 2021 ADHD DisorderHealth

  Overlapping symptoms between bipolar (BD) and attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often makes diagnosis and management a tall order. You may realize that even with proper treatment, some bipolar patients still struggle with meeting deadlines or staying focused.  In such a scenario, most likely, the victims have ADHD too. With cases of misdiagnosis and delayed […]

Differences between Dyslexia and ADHD

October 1, 2021 ADHD Disorder

  Mental health ailments stand out among the most concurring disorders, with ADHD taking a leading position. Common comorbid psychopathologies linked to ADHD include personality, substance use, neuro-behavioral, anxiety, and mood disorders.  With dyslexia classified as a widespread neurobehavioral disorder, it is no surprise when medics report several concurring cases with ADHD. Both conditions have […]

ADHD Brain Scan

July 5, 2021 ADHD Disorder

  ADHD is a mental condition characterized by symptoms such as inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. While there’s no straightforward test to confirm if you have it, specialists recommend an ADHD brain scan.  An imaging study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) discovered significant differences in the brains of ADHD patients. Children experience more pronounced […]

Hyperfixation: A Unique Aspect of Mental Illness

June 29, 2021 ADHD Disorder

Hyperfixation is a unique aspect of mental illness that is evident in multiple mental health problems. There are countless Americans who are unknowingly suffering from it. There is a close link between hyperfixation and ADHD. People with hyperfixation would describe their experiences as similar to those that people with ADHD go through. [...]

Focalin Uses

June 28, 2021 ADHD Disorder

  When it comes to ADHD treatment, you have an overwhelming list of medications that come in different dosages. However, finding the best ADHD medication often entails a lengthy process guided by many factors. For instance, any prescription must consider a patient’s medical history, genetics, and possible side effects. Without the right prescription, victims of […]


April 16, 2021 ADHD Disorder

  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a mental health condition that affects behavior. It reduces the ability to focus and causes impulsive behavior or hyperactivity. While it is common in children, ADHD also affects adults. Some of the symptoms to watch out for include obsessive activity, poor organization, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity. The inability to […]

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