ADHD and Eating Disorders Treatment

February 7, 2022 ADHD Disorder0

  While people have recognized eating disorders for ages, the understanding of ADHD is somewhat relatively poor. In a nutshell, ADHD is characterized by reduced executive functioning, inattention, and impulsiveness. Patients with ADHD may also be hyperactive.  If you know someone with ADHD and an eating disorder, you might assume the two are unrelated. Nevertheless, […]

Adderall Crash

January 24, 2022 ADHD Disorder1

  Adderall is a powerful stimulant that improves a person’s attention span and reduces hyperactivity. This central nervous system drug is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Adderall is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. However, after prolonged usage of the drug, it’s not advisable to suddenly stop using it because […]

Methylphenidate in Your System

January 21, 2022 ADHD Disorder0

  Typically, methylphenidate is a medication with methylphenidate hydrochloride as the active ingredient. When it comes to methylphenidate uses it is primarily used in treating attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. It is classified as a CNS Stimulant. Methylphenidate is marketed using brand names such as Ritalin, Concerta, Methylin, Quillichew ER, and Cotempla XR-ODT. […]

Effects of Adderall

December 31, 2021 AdderallADHD Disorder0

  If you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), your doctor may prescribe Adderall for you. This drug is prescribed to help improve your focus and concentration because it stimulates the nervous system. For this reason, it has the same effects on healthy people. Before you take Adderall, whether to treat ADHD or […]

Adult ADHD Symptoms

December 27, 2021 ADHD Disorder0

  Attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopment disorder. It has an estimated prevalence of four percent in the world population. The most distinctive symptoms of this disorder are being inattentive and/ or hyperactive or impulsive. In this article, you will read about adult ADHD, its symptoms, how it can be diagnosed, treatment options, and […]


If you’re reading this, there is a high chance that you live a very busy life. Many things happen, people coming and going, and work that always seems to be plentiful. Depending on the type of person you are, you can handle it very well or you might struggle. Everyone is made differently, and it’s okay to not be the very best at everything.

Mental Health

December 6, 2021 Health0

  Therapy is a process of introspection and self-reflection. It requires you to be vulnerable, open, and honest with your therapist because they can help you get to the root of your problems and help you find peace. However, sometimes that means not disclosing everything, like when it might be more appropriate to offer nonverbal […]

Hyperfixation: A Unique Aspect of Mental Illness

October 19, 2021 ADHD Disorder0

Hyperfixation is a unique aspect of mental illness that is evident in multiple mental health problems. There are countless Americans who are unknowingly suffering from Hyperfixation. This article looks into Hyperfixation and how it feels like to be a victim of this mental condition. There is a close link between Hyperfixation and ADHD.

Bipolar disorder vs. ADHD

October 11, 2021 ADHD DisorderHealth0

  Overlapping symptoms between bipolar (BD) and attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often makes diagnosis and management a tall order. You may realize that even with proper treatment, some bipolar patients still struggle with meeting deadlines or staying focused.  In such a scenario, most likely, the victims have ADHD too. With cases of misdiagnosis and delayed […]

Dental Side Effects of Adderall

September 27, 2021 AdderallADHD Disorder0

  ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a lifelong neurodevelopmental condition that is often managed by medications owing to its biological origin. The most common drugs used for ADHD management are stimulants that increase a patient’s focus and control. The leading stimulant used for ADHD management is an amphetamine, commonly known by its trade name, […]

ADHD and Relationships

July 23, 2021 ADHD Disorder0

  ADHD presents a unique set of challenges that may make a romantic relationship difficult. While it may be fun and spontaneous, it may also be challenging and intense. Fortunately, you can manage ADHD with proper treatment and support. If you are in a relationship where you or your partner has ADHD, understanding its impact […]

ADHD Brain Scan

July 5, 2021 ADHD Disorder0

  ADHD is a mental condition characterized by symptoms such as inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. While there’s no straightforward test to confirm if you have it, specialists recommend an ADHD brain scan.  An imaging study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) discovered significant differences in the brains of ADHD patients. Children experience more pronounced […]

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