ADHD Medication

April 24, 2020 ADHD DisorderHealth

  A variety of different ADHD treatments are out there, some use a medicine, some don’t. Primarily, stimulants are found to be the most effective by many medical professionals. For around 70% of ADHD patients, such alternatives are often seen to be successful. Get proper treatment for ADHD from mental health experts. Click the button below to […]


April 21, 2020 ADHD DisorderHealth

  A correct diagnosis is quintessential for your wellbeing because it allows for effective treatment. So, where should you start? Often, it takes an awareness of medical concern for a subject to start looking for the best treatment strategies. Nevertheless, the aim of getting a correct diagnosis and afterward seeking effective treatment is to help […]

Top 3 ADD Medications

April 10, 2020 ADHD DisorderHealth

  Attention deficit disorder or ADD is a condition affecting the neurological system and is mostly characterized by trouble attending to instructions. Children with ADD will typically have problems with social interactions, completing tasks, and keeping up with assignments. The other symptoms of ADD include occasional outbursts when the individuals don’t get their way. There […]

ADHD Medications

March 27, 2020 ADHD DisorderHealth

  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a disorder that challenges an individual’s ability to pay attention, organize themselves, and interact properly with orders. It is of three types, namely: Hyperactivity or Impulsivity: Just like the name states, the individual is too hyperactive to pay attention, organize himself, or interact properly with others. They tend to […]

Dyanavel XR Doses

March 23, 2020 ADHD DisorderHealth

  When it comes to the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), there are no magical ways to go about it. The process remains quite straightforward. It involves the use of medications (drugs), talking therapy (counseling), and a healthy lifestyle (certain rituals or practices). Today, we will be discussing the Dyanavel XR, an Adderall […]


May 25, 2018 ADHD DisorderHealth

  Do you have ADD/ ADHD? Studies estimate that ADD/ ADHD affects nearly nine million adults in the U.S; however, only a few receive accurate diagnoses and undergo proper treatment. Research shows that the condition can impair social, occupational, and academic functioning, resulting in academic underachievement, underemployment, difficulties in personal relationships, conduct problems, and motor […]


  Do you know the impact of sugar on your ADHD? Reports from a Yale University study showed increased inattention in ADD patients who consumed high-sugar diets. The University of South Carolina conducted another research. It has also shown that hyperactive children who consume large amounts of sugar tend to be more restless and destructive. […]

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