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Mango Clinic can provide you with a wealth of health services, from weight loss to emotional support animal letters. Our Miami location serves people all across the metropolitan area, as well as people in other cities and states. We have a qualified staff of physicians who can assist you with getting the help you deserve, whether locally or over telehealth communication. And now, Mango Clinic is proud to announce that we can help patients who want to get Botox injections. Whether you know all about it or are new to the scene, it’s essential to know what those injections are, how they work, and how they can benefit you.

What Is Botox and How to get it done in Miami?

Botox may cause serious side effects which could be potentially life-threatening. Always consult a licensed medical professional before use.

Botox is the most popular and well-known brand name that botulinum toxin is known by. Also known as BTX, botulinum is a type of bacteria that has many uses in medicine. While there exist different types that are designated by letters, the ones that medical professionals use on patients is known as types A and B. Other types can be highly dangerous and deadly; this is why commercial Botox is a safer purified version of the bacteria, which also demonstrates how versatile it is.

Without getting too scientific, the said toxin essentially puts your cells on ice. It is injected in a part of your body (usually around your face, with the forehead being the most common one, as well as around the eyes and sometimes lips) and stops the cells which naturally cause wrinkles to stop reproducing.

What Can Botox Be Used For?

Since everyone ages, lines can form all up and down our bodies, especially our faces. Wrinkles form around our eyes, forehead, lips, and checks; this is due to the combination of age and activity since we are always moving parts of our face whether we realize it or not. Over time, all of this results in what we know as wrinkles, lines, and so on.

Botox injections allow for these lines and wrinkles to be smoothed out, as the cells that create those marks are relaxed and inactive for the time being. Thus your skin looks smoothed out and can appear to be untouched by the natural aging process. The injection results take a few days or so to show up, and they tend to last for a few months (anywhere in between 4 – 6 months), meaning you will need to get injected every few months if you want to maintain the appearance.

While botulinum toxin has a reputation for being used for cosmetic purposes, it is used for a wide variety of different reasons as well. For various kinds of muscle spasms and disorders, including ones relating to your eyes, jaw, and limbs, injecting Botox can be very helpful for taking care of symptoms. Botox can even be used for those with excessive sweat (aka hyperhidrosis), as the injection will be able to limit the sweat glands in question. This is especially the case when topical creams and other forms of medication do not work for you.

Do I Need Botox?

Botox Treatment in Miami
Ask your physician about Botox today

Getting the injections in Miami is going to depend on your personal aesthetic or medical needs since the reasons vary so widely. In cases of health, Botox can be a beneficial form of treatment. There are those who have specific muscle problems that can be treated with Botox. If you have soreness or chronic pain in your body, such as around the mouth, Botox can prove to be immensely helpful. The freezing of the cells that contribute to the pain or soreness will not be able to cause further problems for the individual as a result.

Of course, there are always the cosmetic reasons, which are among the most popular and well-known among those who know about Botox. Many who decide to get Botox do so to eliminate lines and wrinkles on their faces; there seems to be no hard age limit, either, as people in their 30s are known to get Botox the same way people in their 60s might, whether it’s those lines around the eyes or lips or your forehead.

Paying For Botox

There is, however, one minor catch, and it’s that Botox does not last forever. Some people choose to get Botox only because they want to make sure they look their best for a social event, and in those cases, one trip and a few injections are all they need. But there are many who go back to their doctor every few months to continue injections so that their faces continue to stay wrinkle free. At the same time, some people get Botox every so often, which further showcases that everyone is different. Just keep in mind that you understand your reasons for wanting to get Botox, how it works, and how often you would want to get it.

We also cannot forget the price, which varies from the type of injections, how often you do it, and how many in one session. Sometimes Botox is not that expensive, but each unit can cost you a certain amount, as the amount of units determines how many injections you are asking for or require. This is something else you must keep in mind when getting Botox, as you may not need as many injections as you think. You could also have the opposite problem, where you don’t think you need much when you actually need more. This is why it’s always recommended to have a consultation with the doctor before proceeding with a procedure.

Where Can I Get Botox in Miami?

If you are interested in Botox cosmetic services, you can get in touch with Mango Clinic Miami to set up a consultation. We have licensed doctors who are specifically certified to do cosmetic injections; they will be able to evaluate you thoroughly, discuss options, where you might need injections, and what you personally want, along with what is best for you. Call us at 786-391-0269 or visit our website today to easily set up an appointment with one of our medical specialists.


BOTOX Injections and Dermal Fillers

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BOTOX Injection Cost in Miami

After your consultation, the doctors at Mango Clinic will discuss your injection options, the best location on your body to inject to achieve your desired look, and establish an individualized injection plan that fits your schedule. Depending on the area you would want to treat, a doctor will recommend a number of treatments that will be required for your injections to be successful. Total cost for BOTOX may vary and greatly depend on the number of treatments required. A doctor will also consider the depth of the facial lines and skin condition prior to providing an estimated cost for your BOTOX treatment.

Mango Clinic BOTOX Pricing

Price per unit: $12.00

Summer Special: ONLY $10.00 per unit

The results will vary based on an individual. It temporarily improves the appearance of moderate to severe lines on the forehead and around the eyes. The effects would usually become apparent in 3 – 10 days and last 3 – 6 months. Depending on the severity it may take more than one session with 12 – 15 units or more per session. Most patients elect to maintain the treatment with 3 – 4 sessions per year.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your treatment options and learn how BOTOX can help you achieve the facial appearance you’ve been looking for. Call Mango Clinic in Miami at (305)776-2898 to schedule an appointment today. Or click here to schedule online.

Dermal Fillers Pricing.

Price per 1 cc syringe: Starts from $600.00

Summer Special: $100 off if you get 2 ccs or more.

The results will vary based on an individual. The prices per 1 cc syringe will vary from $600 to $800 depending on the facial area and the product. The effects would usually become apparent immediately and last 6 months to 1 year or even more with some products.

What is BOTOX?Botox Injections and Dermal Fillers Miami

BOTOX is a popular, non-surgical drug injection to reduce facial lines such as crow’s feet near the eyes, frown lines between the eyebrows, and vertical lines around the lips. This quick form of treatment targets the underlying causes of crow’s feet, lip lines, and frown lines to reduce and prevent their appearance. BOTOX has also been known to help with thick bands in the neck and thick jaw muscles. BOTOX is short for Botulinum Toxin, which is a purified substance produced by bacteria. This treatment targets the underlying causes of facial lines produced by consistent muscles contractions that people do when they frown, squint, or scrunch their lips over the years. Repeated contractions from the eyelid muscles are the main cause of crow’s feet lines, mouth muscles contribute to lip lines, and forehead muscles contribute to frown lines.

How are facial wrinkles formed?

Facial wrinkles are produced for several reasons including years of repeated facial reactions. Additionally, facial wrinkles are also caused by cellular changes as part of the aging process, collagen reduction, exposure to the sun (such as free radicals), and environmental issues that cause damage to facial features. Frowning or making funny faces, causes the muscles between the eyebrows to move together. This contraction makes the skin fold. When facial contracts are done consistently over time, permanent lines are formed. The same occurrence happens when a person squints, smiles, or tightens their lips; the lines become permanent. Also, as people age, the skin on the face begins to loosen, which will also deepen facial lines.

How Does BOTOX eliminate facial lines?

By injecting BOTOX, the muscles causing facial lines are temporarily relaxed and the cells reduce activity, which allows the skin to fill in lines and enhance facial appearance. Our doctors inject BOTOX into specific muscles contributing to facial lines, which are determined during an initial consultation. By injecting muscles, BOTOX disrupts nerve signals that feed the muscles, restricting the muscle from contracting. When this happens, the muscles are essentially relaxing to allow the skin to fill the deep creases in the skin that make lines, creating a smoother look over crow’s feet lines.

What Can Else Can BOTOX Be Used For?

While BOTOX has a reputation for being used for cosmetic purposes, it is used for a wide variety of different reasons as well. For various kinds of muscle spasms and disorders, including ones relating to your eyes, jaw, and limbs, injecting BOTOX can be very helpful for taking care of symptoms. BOTOX can even be used for those with excessive sweat (aka hyperhidrosis), as the injection will be able to limit the sweat glands in question. This is especially the case when topical creams and other forms of medication do not work for you.

What are Dermal Fillers?

On the other end of the spectrum of cosmetic injections are fillers. Using molecules that can come from various collagens and acids—including one’s own transplanted fat—fillers quite literally fill up spots on one’s body where skin may be looking a bit flat or thin. The injected material’s job is to lift the skin and make it appear more “filled.” Unlike Botox, which usually does not last longer than a few months, fillers can last half a year or even multiple years.

What Can Fillers Be Used For?

Fillers have a much more specific aim than BOTOX, and this means their use is a bit limited to areas of the body that people would want to be fuller. Cheeks, for example, are a very popular part of the face that people get filler injections for. Considering how thin one’s cheeks can get, it’s very understandable why it’s among the most popular places for fillers. Lips are another popular area, as some people want fuller lips or think their lips are just a bit too thin.

However, fillers can also be used to smooth out wrinkles around the eyes and other parts of the face. What’s most notable about this is that fillers can take care of wrinkles that BOTOX cannot. BOTOX is used for natural lines created over time from actions the body naturally does (such as facial expressions). Meanwhile, fillers can smooth out wrinkles created by natural sagging and drooping found on parts of the body. This, of course, is because of their obvious differences: BOTOX freezes cells to achieve smoothness, while fillers “fill up” areas that have lost volume to do the same.

Do I Need BOTOX or Fillers?

Whether you need BOTOX or fillers is determined by your needs and wants with regards to cosmetics. If you want to smooth out wrinkles and lines on your face, these procedures can come highly recommended to you. What’s more, BOTOX and fillers rarely produce serious side-effects, so they are relatively safe for those looking for some rejuvenation.

It should also not be overlooked how helpful BOTOX can be for those that have more serious medical conditions. Muscle pains such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) can cause headaches, and if they aren’t doing that, then they can cause extreme pain within the mouth. By injecting BOTOX in the joint of the jaws, TMJ symptoms can decrease drastically.

It’s also important to remember that, whether for medical or cosmetic reasons, if you are interested in BOTOX or fillers, you will have to go back to the doctor who did the injections for you semi-regularly. This is especially true for BOTOX since the effects do not last more than a few months. This is fine for those who want BOTOX for a very temporary period, but for those who want to keep it long term, expect a few trips to your doctor per year.

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