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What Is An Emotional Support Cat?

For some people, it’s not easy to go about a regular day the same as others. On some days, it can be incredibly difficult for a person to get through their day. Even if they do not show it, some people could use assistance to get through their issues. While medication and traditional forms of therapy can help, some people respond better to alternative forms of treatment. One of these alternative forms of treatment is having an emotional support animal. Unlike most types of treatment, this one involves a lot of patient decision making, as they are the ones choosing the animal best for them. In most cases, a person may already have a pet that they want to make their ESA, and they just need to get an ESA letter. In this article, we will talk about the emotional support animal cat breeds.

The role of an ESA is nothing more than providing comfort for the owner in such a way that the owner’s mood is improved significantly when with their pet. If a person has severe anxiety but feel almost no anxiety when with their pet, then it counts as an ESA. This also means the pet can have a letter to back it up in housing and travel situations.

Mango Clinic can provide patients with an officially signed and dated letter. The letter is signed by a licensed doctor who you speak directly with, ensuring the full legality and validity of the document in question. In this way, you will never have to worry about having your ESA letter questioned for authenticity by a landlord or airline.

Top 5 Emotional Support Cat Breeds

ESA pets and their protections
Know your Emotional Support Animal rights

Cats are among the most popular animals on the planet, which also makes them highly recommendable as emotional support animals. Known for having a stoic, non-judgemental, and mischievous attitude, cats can be an immense comfort for many patients. We want to keep you informed with the best types of breeds out there for cats so that you can make the best choice for you when choosing your ESA. No breed is better than the other, but some people do better with some breeds than others. In this way, you can have an idea for the different breeds that exist and determine if these or others are best for you.


Siamese ESA Cat
Little Siamese kitten licking

One of the more famous cats out there, the Siamese are known for being very playful and social, which can sometimes be in contrast to how most cats are. They are known for loving affection and attention, as well as wanting to engage in social activities with their owners. This makes Siamese a good choice for those who want an ESA that they can engage with on a physical level.

Sometimes a Siamese will even choose a favorite family member and be upset if they are left alone for too long. This can be good for owners who want to spend a lot of time with their ESA, as a Siamese is more than happy to keep you company. If you plan on leaving your cat alone for periods of time, having a second Siamese can alleviate this issue.


Bengal ESA Cat

Famous for looking very much like a wild cat (such as an ocelot), the Bengal is known for being among the more active and energetic cat breeds. If you are interested in an ESA that will keep you active and want to engage in some physical activities, a Bengal might be for you. Of course, they can still be very affectionate and are known for being intelligent. They’re even known to be okay with water (including swimming), something cats are not usually known for.

Russian Blue

Russian Blue ESA Cat
Curious russian blue cat at the home

This cat breed is known for often being shy and quiet, along with having shorter hair but also possibly more shedding than other breeds. The Russian Blue gets its name from the color and style of its fur, as it is dark grey but can appear blue. For those that want an ESA that likes to attach itself to just one person and keep things nice and calm, a Russian Blue can be ideal. This is especially true for those who would instead take it easy and not do anything out of their comfort zone, as Russian Blues are very similar in that regard.


Persian ESA Cat
white persian cat

Persian cats are among the most famous and iconic breeds out there. Much of this has to do with them being well-known as quiet and calm cats, ones who would rather be pampered than doing anything strenuous. Their fame also has much to do with their looks, as they are among the more unique breeds for having a very unique and recognizable appearance.

Persian cats are also known for being more high maintenance than other brands, and this is reflected in their very fluffy appearance. They have to be groomed and taken care of more so than other breeds, but many owners believe that their unique personalities make it worth it.

Maine Coon ESA Cat
Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are among the largest breeds out there, often comparable to dogs. Originating in North America, these are popular cats in cold weather locations, due to the breed being full of fur. This, of course, means that they need to be groomed almost daily. They are also among the friendliest and social breeds, making them suitable for people who want a cat that will make them go out and interact with the world.

Getting an emotional support cat is one of the best things that can happen to a person needing treatment for a health disorder. If you want to make sure you have an ESA letter and that it’s legit, get in touch with Mango Clinic. Call us on 786-391-0269 or visit our website to schedule your appointment with one of our licensed physicians.


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Emotional Support Pets

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How To Get an Emotional Support Animal Letter

It can be tricky knowing the best way to get an emotional support dog letter, since there are so many sites online that claim to offer it. When going for an ESA certification, you must first qualify by speaking with a licensed physician; only a licensed physician can approve you for ESA documentation. No matter where you live, you can speak with a licensed doctor via telehealth communication and get an approved letter that is valid across all 50 states.

ESA Letter Requirements

In order to qualify, you have to make sure you fall under certain conditions. Please take note that you do not know for sure if you qualify until a doctor says so, meaning you should always try to see if you can qualify, even if the most common conditions do not apply to you at first.

Some of these conditions include:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Eating disorder
  • Mood disorder

Emotional Support Animal Housing Letter

If you plan to keep your pet with you only for when you live, then an emotional support animal letter to your landlord would make the most sense. An ESA letter for housing lets you bypass extra fees and charges, thus allowing you to stay with your pet in a residential area without any hassle. this letter also provides you more freedom when looking for a place to live, as you will not have to worry about being turned away because of your ESA.

ESA Travel Letter

If your main problem is making sure you and your emotional support animal can fly coach together, then you would want a travel letter. An ESA letter for travel will allow you to not only fly with your pet on an airplane, train, or boat, but not have to pay any extra fees that you might incur. You also will not have to worry about putting your ESA in cargo.

Who Can Write an ESA Letter

Only licensed medical physicians can write an official and legitimate emotional support animal letters. If you get an ESA letter that has not been approved and written by a licensed doctor, it will not be valid.

ESA Letter Online

No matter where you live in the 50 United States, you will be able to visit our appointment page and schedule a visit to speak with a licensed ESA therapist online. Using telehealth communication, you will be able to speak with one of our doctors who will be able to approve you for an ESA letter online or in-person that will work anywhere in the USA. 

Emotional Support Animal Scam

It is important that anyone looking to get an emotional support animal letter get it from an official clinic that has you speak with a licensed physician. There are many scam websites that will try to trick you into thinking they are legit, when the truth is they only want your money.

Some easy ways to spot a scam site are noticing that they do not have you speak with a doctor to get a letter. If this site in question says you do not speak with a licensed physician to be approved, then you know to stay away. Other easy tells include the site offering vests for dogs (which is something an ESA never needs), no physical address or easily verifiable address on the site, no phone number, or no trustworthy form of contact with the business.

How To Get a Legitimate ESA Letter

You can visit our appointments page and schedule to speak with a licensed ESA doctor who can approve you for an emotional support animal letter. Once approved, your documents will be emailed to you; you can receive a digital copy in a few hours. With Mango Clinic, you can trust our doctors are licensed and legitimate by verifying them through the official medical boards of California, New York, and Florida. We have a 100% money-back guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied. We can also be reached via # in case you have any questions or have a dispute involving your documentation that needs resolving.

ESA Letter Cost

Our prices start at $99 for a renewal ESA letter, $149 Basic Package, and $189 for the Full Package. Our ESA documentation are completely genuine and official, which is why they come with a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.



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ESA letter qualifying conditions

Mango Clinic Providing Emotional Support Animal Letters for Patients in All 50 States

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Emotional Support Animal Letter from REVIEW

In this article, we continue the series of our reviews on different online ESA services. This post discusses whether getting an Emotional Support Animal Letter from is a good idea.

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

Everyone gets a pet for all kinds of reasons, and there’s always a variety of what animals people choose to adopt. Whether you enjoy playing fetch with your dog, snuggling up with your cat, letting your rabbit roam your home, or going out with your snake, everyone has a preferred animal they enjoy having as a pet. They become a part of your family, and everyone enjoys the company they provide. In many aspects, these animals provide you with comfort and calmness that can’t be matched.

If you deal with an emotional or mental disorder, then you understand how essential your companion is to you. They are so much more than just a pet; they’re your best friend, and they provide you with love and affection that nothing else can come close to replicating. In these cases, you might consider them an emotional support animal, someone who you want to accompany you wherever you go. However, it can sometimes be challenging to have your ESA with you, as some establishments don’t allow animals. This is why ESA letters exist: they allow you to bring your companion into residential complexes that otherwise don’t allow pets, as well as airlines that would make things extra difficult. If you do not have a proper ESA letter, an airline can make you put your animal in cargo, or you may be charged a fee.

Mango Clinic Miami can ensure that you receive a genuine ESA letter that’s approved by our certified doctors. We understand how important it is for you to be with your ESA, which is why we’re able to help clients that come in needing the proper documentation. You don’t want to get into situations where you might be separated from your animal companion. If you’re looking for a legitimate place for getting a valid ESA letter, you can come to Mango Clinic.

Is Legit?

ESADoctors Scam

For these reasons, we like to look at other sites that claim to provide ESA letters and see if they’re in any way legit. If you considered getting an Emotional Support Animal Letter from, beware, as is one of these types, and like many others, their services and what they provide are not genuine.

One of the big red flags that is illegitimate is that their information regarding who can “approve” you is not consistent. In one part of the site, they state that you’ll be in touch “easily and privately” with a therapist who can approve you for a letter. But elsewhere, it states that their “team of mental health professionals” will see if you qualify by looking over the questionnaire you filled out. What’s worse is that these two different pieces of information can be found on the same page!

On top of that, you still need to pay after filling out the questionnaire but before having your information looked over by “someone.” One other thing of note that may escape notice is their contact information. They don’t have an actual address on their site, which is a major red flag for a place that’s supposed to staff physicians and provide medical services. Any business that can provide you with a real ESA letter will have a physical location staffed by healthcare professionals. Additionally, there is no actual contact info to be found on their site; only a contact form where you give your name, email, and a message. This same page says that they have “customer support representatives ready to take your questions,” which is odd for a site that has no direct email address to contact, phone number, or hours of operation listed.

How Does Compare to Mango Clinic?

Qualifying Patients

To qualify on, you merely have to fill out a questionnaire, which is then “looked over” by “doctors” who can approve you to have an ESA. It makes no mention of speaking with a doctor in any way to get your letter.

At Mango Clinic, we have you speak with one of our doctors so that they can assess your medical condition and see if you qualify. This is the only legal way you can get a real ESA letter, and it can be done via Telehealth, which, in the state of Florida, allows you speak with a medical professional via video chat or over the phone.

Cost of an Emotional Support Animal Letter offers three packages that are $149 (travel), $159 (housing), and $189 (combo). However, since their website isn’t legitimate, these are just easy ways to scam you of your money. Additionally, the language they use makes it seem as if there exist two separate letters for housing and travel. In reality, if you decide to cover both housing and travel, it will still be just one letter.

Mango Clinic has letters that range from $129 (housing), $149 (travel), and $189 (both). The major difference is that our letters are completely genuine; you must be approved by a qualified medical professional to receive a letter from our clinic. And whether you decide on just housing, travel, or both, you’ll receive one letter that you can use in those instances. Fake
These ‘officially looking’ web-sites would often charge you different prices for the same service

Getting an Emotional Support Animal Letter from

If you are getting an Emotional Support Animal Letter from, their website says that, once you’ve done the questionnaire, paid, and been approved, your letter will be sent in the mail within a few days. If you’re really getting an ESA letter, it’s never this easy. Review BBBBBB ESADoctors Review

Mango Clinic makes sure things are done the right way. In order to receive a legally legitimate ESA letter, you must speak with one of our qualified doctors to assess you. This assessment can be done in person, but thanks to Florida allowing the use of Telehealth, you can also do a video chat or a phone call to talk with one of our doctors. Once your information and conditions have been discussed, and you’ve been approved, you can receive your letter either in-office, via email as PDF, or both.

What are the Guarantees?

At Mango Clinic, we have a 100% money-back guarantee. If your letter is not accepted for any reason, we will refund your money. Additionally, we can always be contacted if you have any questions.

So as you might expect, you do not want to get involved with obtaining your Emotional Support Animal Letter from Their process of providing you an “ESA letter” is illegitimate and will result in you ending up with an invalid letter. Their main aim is to scam people unlucky enough to come across their website and think it’s the real deal.

Don’t ever fall for these sites by coming to Mango Clinic to get your genuine ESA letter. Call us at (786) 391-0269 or visit our webpage to schedule an appointment today.

Miami Licensed ESA Doctors
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In this installment, we will revisit our series of critical reviews on various online ESA services. This article focuses on why you shouldn’t get your Emotional Support Animal Letter from

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

People who own pets know how valuable they can be to a single person or a whole family. We care for them, spend all our time with them, and eventually, they become much more to us than mere pets. This is also why so many people with close connections with their pets are more likely to see them as family members or best friends. And for some people, their beloved companions become emotional support animals who can help them get through the day in a way other forms of therapy cannot. For these reasons and more are why many consider their pets emotional support animals for mental disorders like anxiety and depression.

Emotional Support Animal

We at Mango Clinic Miami know that if you have a health or mental disorder, and you think you need another form of therapy, ESAs are an excellent option. Pets have already proven to be a well-loved source of joy for so many people, but some people have also found their companions to be of value to their mental health. Getting an ESA letter allows you to have your pet in residences that may otherwise not allow pets or would charge you an additional price for them. This letter also lets you take your pet with you on an airplane, instead of putting them in cargo or paying an extra fee. Without a legitimate ESA letter, you could get into unfortunate situations that can involve you not being able to take your pet with you on a trip.

Unfortunately, there are too many fraudulent websites out there that take advantage of people and their lack of understanding regarding ESA letters. These sites are designed to scam you out of your money, and we want to make sure you don’t fall for them by knowing some tell-tale signs.

Is Legit?

Let’s go over the process of getting an Emotional Support Animal Letter from, also known under the new name, is an example of one of these types of sites. The easiest way to know they’re a scam is in the name; the domains use the word “register” and “registry” respectively. You cannot register an emotional support animal, and thus, there exists no registry for them. You the owner are the one who needs to get a letter for yourself and include whichever pets you want to add as ESAs.

While the repeated use of the word “register” (and its variations) already proves its illegitimacy, there are other things on their site that support this. For one, they don’t provide ESA letters. What they do seem to provide are “kits” that contain a variety of useless things you don’t need, such as a dog tag, an ID card, and vest. As for what passes for a letter, these kits include “certificates of registration,” which are not at all valid and would not help you if you need to provide a letter to an airline or landlord. When you get an ESA letter, all you need is the letter and that’s it; anything additional is completely unnecessary. Any business that claims it can give you an ESA letter does not need to be giving you a complete kit featuring too many things, along with a false certificate.

Something else that is problematic is the website’s lack of a physical address and phone number. Any legitimate business, regardless of their service, should have a physical address and a good way to contact them. only features an email and a contact form, and these alone are not enough to make them a genuine service for getting an ESA letter. The lack of a physical location also makes them illegitimate because any place that can provide you with an ESA letter must have a facility where licensed physicians and staff are employed.

One more thing that you may not know about is how long these letters are usually valid. A real ESA letter needs to be renewed yearly, but according to, your ESA “will be registered with the US Animal Registry” for as long as the ESA is alive. Just so you know: the US Animal Registry is not real. 

How Does Compare to Mango Clinic?

Qualifying Patients

As you apply for an ESA Letter from, they do not require you to fill out any kind of questionnaire for yourself. You have to fill out information pertaining to your pet, as well as anything you may want to add to your kit. This further proves that they don’t sell you a letter but a product that happens to contain a “certificate.” However, their FAQ does mention that, for ESAs, you need a doctor’s note. At the same time, they say you do not have to submit that note to them to get a kit.

At Mango Clinic, we make sure you speak with one of our qualified doctors, as this is the only way to get a real ESA letter. The doctor must evaluate you and determine whether your medical condition can approve you to have an ESA letter. Best of all, the regulations allow you to speak with a doctor via Telehealth communication, which means you can speak with them over the phone to assess your eligibility.

Cost of an Emotional Support Animal Letter from

Once again, if you want to obtain an actual ESA letter from, remember, it does not offer you one. Their kits start around $79 and can go up to $199; the only thing in the kits that can count as a “letter” is their “certificates.”

Mango Clinic has prices that range from $129 (housing), $149 (travel), and $189 (both). It may seem like a lot of money for just a letter (as opposed to a whole kit), but that’s because these are the real deal. These letters are legal and approved by certified medical professionals.

Fake ESA Certificate from
These so-called ESA websites will often offer you costly unnecessary accessories

Getting an Emotional Support Animal Letter from

Like many other sites, asks that you fill out some quick information, pay, and then you’ll receive your kit. You don’t even have to talk with anyone; it’s as easy as adding a product into your shopping cart. ReviewReview

Getting a valid ESA letter is never as easy as getting an ESA letter from; there’s a reason for that. Mango Clinic cares that you get the help you need, so we make sure we do everything the right way. You speak with one of our doctors, and after they approve you, you’ll be able to receive your official ESA letter, either physically, as a PDF, or both. You can even speak them via Telehealth since Florida allows you to speak with a doctor through video chat or a phone call.

What are the Guarantees?

As you continue through steps to acquire your Emotional Support Animal Letter from, you will find on their FAQ that there are “no refunds on the certificate and identification cards,” and absolutely no mention of a money-back guarantee. They do, however, have a return policy for its vests, in which they claim they will exchange it once if you contact them within 15 days of when your order was placed.

At Mango Clinic, we provide you with a 100% money-back guarantee, ensuring that if your letter is not accepted, you will be refunded. You can also always call us if you have any questions.

Mango Clinic cares about the valuable relationship that exists between you and your animal, which is why we do things the right way. Visit our appointment page or call us (786) 391-0269 to schedule an appointment today. You may also contact us by filling out this simple ESA Online Form.

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What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

There is a multitude of ways to get health products and services. In that same respect, many available forms of medication do not work for some people. While antidepressants are a viable and helpful supplement for some people’s therapy and recovery, these same drugs can have no effect on others. Worse, these drugs could possibly make some people feel worse as opposed to better. This is why alternative forms of medication and therapy exist, and these alternatives can sometimes be more effective than “traditional” forms of medicine.

Emotional support animals (ESAs) are one example of this, as they have been found to be extremely helpful for helping people. Those who have chosen to have support pets find themselves able to return to a life of normalcy and regularity that they had previously lost. Where before the drugs were not making them feel better, having an animal companion has brought hope, love, and motivation back into their lives. Since the company of the pet alone can help the person, an owner will feel compelled to spend as much time with their ESA as is possible.

This is also why emotional support animal letters are vital for owners. If you have a support animal and want to make sure they can be with you at all convenient times, an ESA letter is a must. This documentation makes looking for housing and going on trips much less stressful, as you will not have to worry about whether your ESA will be allowed or not. You also won’t have to worry about landlords charging you extra or airlines not letting you sit with your pet if you have a proper emotional support animal letter.

How to Identify an ESA Scam Site

While it is beneficial to have this documentation, you have to be careful of the various sites that claim to offer it. EzCare is a legitimate website for getting your ESA letter, as it features licensed doctors and a verifiable physical address. However, it’s very easy to search online and be tricked by scam sites who say they offer letters of the same validity. Many fraudulent sites take advantage of people who do not know better, so arming yourself with knowledge on what makes a scam site is valuable.Identifying Scam Sites

To start, don’t ever fall for a site that has the word “registry” in its name or anywhere on its site. There is no such thing as a registry for emotional support animals, and you never have to register your pet. Sites that liberally use this word may also offer information about service dogs, which promotes the idea that ESAs are similar. This is further instigated by selling gear for pets, which are almost always targeted towards dogs. Along with vests (which may say “emotional support animal” on them), they may also sell ID cards and tags, none of which is necessary.

A prevalent way to sell letters on these sites is to bundle them together with that useless gear. These are labeled as kits, and they contain, along with the letter, a vest, the tags, and a variety of other things which just make the price tag higher. It should always be remembered that you do not need any of this gear. If you claim a pet as your ESA, all you need is the letter; you do not also need accessories of identification.

As for getting one of these letters, the process on these sites appears to be reasonably straightforward. You usually only have to fill out a questionnaire, which is then sent to someone (or a group) who will look over it and will approve you from there. In reality, getting an ESA letter is not this easy, as you have to sit down and speak with a licensed doctor, either in-person or via telehealth communication. Many of these sites state that speaking with a doctor is not required; these same sites might mention that the doctor who gave their approval may contact you, but that it is not likely. A few of these sites might also say that their letters will never expire, but no official ESA letter anywhere has that guarantee, as they all last up to one year before needing to be renewed.

One other thing to keep an eye out for is an address that may be missing on these sites. Almost all of them do not feature a physical address on their homepage (or any page); this is a major red flag, as a business selling real ESA letters should feature a physical address, along with a number for contacting them. Even sites that do have a phone number may not pick up every time you call, which is highly suspect for what is supposed to be a legitimate business. It’s also important that, if they do feature an address, it can be verified. A very popular “form of contact” on these sites is through a contact form; this is not exactly professional, and if this is the only way to get in touch with them, you should be extremely suspicious.

Is EzCare Clinic Legit?

If you are looking for a legitimate website that can provide you with official emotional support animal documentation, EzCare has you covered. Unlike so many other of these scam sites, EzCare Clinic is an official health clinic that offers valid ESA letters that can be used for housing, travel, or both. They will have you speak with a licensed physician, either in-person or over the phone via telehealth; from here, the physician will be able to approve you for a letter.

EzCare Clinic provides a 100% money-back guarantee for any reason, such as not being accepted by an airline or apartment complex. They will even speak with the landlord or airline in question to explain that the letter is genuine. If you need other health services, EzCare Clinic has those too; they can assist you with ADD/ADHD, weight loss, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, and more. Additionally, their doctors can be verified by visiting this government website and looking up their license number.

EzCare Clinic Reviews

Here are reviews that provide further proof of EZCare Clinic’s positive reputation.

EZCare Clinic Yelp ReviewEZCare Medical Clinic Yelp ReviewEZCare Clinic Yelp Review

EzCare Clinic is a genuine and reliable business for getting your emotional support animal letter. Their qualified and professional staff can assist you with your specific needs, and make sure that all available options are open to you. Do not get scammed by businesses that only care about robbing you of your money. Contact EzCare Clinic today by calling them or visiting their appointment webpage and get your official ESA letter today.




ESARegistration Reviews

Your pet can be so much for you and the people in your life. Can any pet become an Emotional Support Animal? If you have children, a dog can be a great source of love and enjoyment, as well as comfort and companionship. If you happen to live alone, a cat, or even a snake, can be a loyal and calming pet for you to take care of. These animals won’t burden you with anything you can’t handle, and they can be a great source of entertainment and company. Pets can also be wonderful forms of therapy, as many will attest to. No matter what animal you have, your pet can provide you with much comfort and a source of love and affection. On that same spectrum, your pets won’t judge you, and they’ll be there for you when you need someone to talk to. Not only can they become the best of friends, but they can also become Emotional Support Animals as you’ll find yourself unable to part with them, especially when you’re somewhere else without them.

We at Mango Clinic Miami understand how important it is for you to be with your emotional support animal. For those with mental and emotional disorders, an ESA provides the comfort and treatment some people need. Getting an ESA letter allows you to confidently have your pet at your place of residence and with you when you travel. It even lets you bypass any fees you may otherwise have to pay in a residential building for having a pet. Not having an ESA letter can cause you too many problems if you intend to bring your pet to places they usually aren’t allowed. Other than residential complexes being unhappy (and likely throwing fits), airlines can deny you being with your pet in the cabin. If they do let you bring your pet, but you have no letter, they might charge you a fee or put your pet in cargo.

Is Legit?

Anyone who knows about ESAs understands their value and why getting an official certificate is vital. This is why we’ve written a review of, a site that anyone can come across online. Unlike Mango Clinic, it is not a legitimate business for getting letters and will scam you of your money.

Their homepage says they are “The Official ESA Registration of America,” however, no such registration exists. When getting an ESA letter, you do not have to register your animal, which is something not many people know. This is why many other scam sites use the word “registration” to trick people looking for information. This is also why the very name of the website is a red flag. Remember: When getting an ESA letter, only you the owner need to qualify; there’s no registration of any kind.

Additionally, the site mentions working in conjunction with mental health professionals but never once says who they are or whether you will be able to speak with one. What’s more, does not provide a physical address. Any good business providing ESA letters must have a physical location staffed by physicians and licensed mental health practitioners.

How Does Compare to Mango Clinic?

Qualifying Patients first asks you to purchase the ESA letter of your choice (travel, housing, or both), which is very strange considering what comes next. According to their steps, after you purchase the letter, you schedule to talk with a therapist over the phone, so that they may assess you and see if you qualify. So essentially, they very explicitly want you to pay for their “letter,” and then talk to a therapist to see if you even qualify for the letter you’ve already paid for.

Mango Clinic makes sure that each and every person is properly qualified by our certified doctors. In the state of Florida, you are able to consult with a doctor via Telehealth, which means you can speak with them in video chat or over the phone. This makes getting an official ESA letter that much easier.

Cost of an ESA Letter is an interesting case because they come off more like a store than a place to get a crucial medical letter. Among the many useless accessories you can get for your dog, the main thing they sell you is a kit that comes with too many things. These kits come at different prices (depending on what’s in it), but if you’re after just an ESA letter, they have that, too. The letters range from $130 to $150, depending on whether it’s for housing, travel, or both. Prices
Be careful when chasing a seemingly good and easy online ESA deal

Mango Clinic provides you with a letter in prices ranging from $129 (housing), $149 (travel), and $189 (both). Some of these prices may seem a bit higher than, but that’s because we’re legitimate. Getting an ESA letter is never cheap, and neither is it so easy to get. These letters are guaranteed and recommended by professional and certified doctors.

Getting an ESA Letter

Strangely, does not have obvious information telling you how you would a letter. That may be because they don’t actually provide a physical certificate; it only exists as an electronic download. According to their ESA letter product page, “If a landlord requires a reasonable accommodation form there is a $75 additional fee.”

As you might have guessed, none of this is how it should be done. Mango Clinic will have you speak with one of our doctors, who can approve you for a letter, which you can receive in person or via email.

What are the Guarantees? does not appear to have a money-back guarantee, but they do have an extensive return policy for the variety of different products they sell. They mention not being able to refund certificates, only replace them. Bad Reviews
Always do your homework and read the reviews

Mango Clinic provides you with a 100% money-back guarantee; if your letter is not accepted for any reason, we will refund you. You can also call our number for any questions you may have.

As you can see, sites like are more interested in taking your money then they are in actually providing you with a real ESA letter. From the name alone, you know they aren’t genuine, and that any other site like theirs is not to be trusted.

If you’re looking to get an ESA letter, come to Mango Clinic, where you will speak with an actual doctor who can recommend you for a valid letter. We know the importance of always being with your animal companion, so call us at 786-391-0269 or visit our webpage to schedule an appointment today. You may also complete our ESA Online Form and speak with a doctor from the comfort of your home via telemedicine. 

Emotional Support Animal Cat
Emotional Support Animal Cat


Are Emotional Support Animals Covered Under the ADA?

Emotional support animals and service animals play a valuable role in their human’s lives. Physical, psychiatric, intellectual, sensory, and/or mental disabilities can all be helped by the presence of a support animal.

Emotional support animals and service animals are not the same, and they aren’t both covered by the ADA. To better understand your emotional support animal, and its coverage by the ADA, take a look at the following FAQs.


What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

An emotional support animal can be any animal that provides benefit to someone with a disability—as determined by their doctor. For an emotional support animal to be prescribed, the owner must have a verifiable disability. Emotional support animals are usually dogs, but they can be cats or other animals, even pigs. Emotional support animals do not need specific training. They do, however, need a note from a medical professional stating that they benefit their owner.

Things an ESA Letter Can Or Cannot Do
Learn about an ESA Letter and what benefits it entitles you to.


Are Emotional Support Animals Covered by the ADA?

They are not. In order to be covered by the ADA, an animal needs to be considered a service animal. Emotional support animals, because they’re not trained, don’t qualify as a service animal. Even a note from a doctor stating that the animal provides emotional support doesn’t qualify an emotional support animal as a service animal. Some public establishments will allow emotional support animals inside, but not every establishment will. In order to be legally admitted, your animal needs to be a service animal.


What is a Service Animal?

A service animal helps their disabled owner in some specially trained way. This can include fetching dropping items, reminding their owner to take medication, pulling a wheelchair, or pressing an elevator button. These tasks have to be specially taught, and every service animal has to be trained. Some examples of service animals include: hearing or signal dogs, seeing eye dogs, psychiatric service dogs, seizure response dogs, and social signal dogs. Each of these animals are specially trained to perform unique tasks, such as turning on lights or notifying the owner of a knock on the door.


Why Are Emotional Support Animals Not Covered by the ADA?

Emotional Support Animals are a valuable part of a medical treatment plan. They are considered therapy animals, but they are not considered service animals. The main reason the ADA doesn’t cover therapy animals is their broad definition. Most service animals must be a dog in order to qualify, and they must be properly trained to handle public environments. Most emotional support animals are not trained to handle public situations and their presence can’t be covered by federal laws. Unless the definition and required training, for an emotional support animal become much more rigid, emotional support animals cannot be covered by the ADA.


Where Can I Bring My Emotional Support Animal?

Although not covered by the ADA, your emotional support animal can still accompany you in certain situations. A pet can’t ride on an airplane, but your emotional support animal can, as long as they have appropriate documentation and are well-behaved. An airline does have the right to refuse an animal if it’s noisy or restless. College residence halls and dormitories are also legally required to admit emotional support animals as of 2013. Since emotional support animals may still bark or smell strangers, they are not permitted in every public building, but they are permitted in college dorms and on flights. Often, a well behaved emotional support animal can be admitted into a public building, as long as you have permission from the owner or person in charge.


If you suffer from a certain medical condition and feel that you may benefit from having an Emotional Support Animal contact Mango Clinic Miami by calling 786-391-0269 or by visiting our website and scheduling an appointment with one of our Board Certified physicians. You can also complete our ESA Online Form to expedite the process.

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