esa scam

Emotional Support Animal

  Emotional support animals can be beneficial for many patients around the world, but not everyone may know the qualifications or what to look out for. Mango Clinic wants to help all potential patients understand the things they may face when looking for an ESA letter. While we provide a legitimate service for patients, it […]


  If you have always wondered what other treatment options exist for health disorders besides medication and therapy, then Mango Clinic has an answer. Emotional support animals can be extremely helpful for many patients who would rather not be taking medication or going through therapy sessions. Even if you do take medication, ESAs can be […]

Fake ESA Certification Providers

The List of Fraudulent Emotional Support Animal Letter Providers.   1. The ESA Letter Scam List. Review Review Review Review Review Review Review -also read more here Review Review Certapet Reviews Review Review THERAPYPET.ORG Review GetESA Scam. ( Emotional Pet Support ( American Service […]

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