Top 18 Social Media Influencers and Their Mental Health Resolutions

September 23, 2020 3
Mental Health Resolutions
Social Media Influencers

It is common for some people to come forward and make their New Year Resolution in the hope of sticking to it throughout the year and beyond. Their resolutions come in different forms known better to them. But have you ever thought of something different such as a mental health resolution? If not, this is the best time to think about it and make a sound decision.

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Mental Health

Such a resolution will help you solve mental health-related problems easily and proactively. In the process, you will acquire skillful control over your well-being to lead a more peaceful life. Read about our mental health influencers to learn more about inspirational resolutions from the top social media stars who have gained a milestone in this field.


1. Ted Rubin

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Mr. Ted is a leading Social Marketing Expert, Author, public speaker, and a marketing Guru.
Mr. Ted is a leading authority on helping businesses through his digital transformation of sales and marketing through consulting, training, and helping enterprises large and small develop and execute on social media marketing, influencer marketing, and social selling initiatives.  Ted has been an integral part of the world-renowned make brand e.l.f. Cosmetics as the Chief Marketing Officer for almost 3 years, OpenSky, and  Ted served as CMO and an equity partner.
Ted is also a doting and loving human being and a great father. Ted believes very strongly that… “Relationships are like muscle tissue; the more they are engaged, the stronger and more valuable they become.”

Here is Mr.Ted Rubin’s mental health resolution: 

⦁  You might know me as a positive guy if you have read, listened to, or watched my stuff over the years. I strive to be that way, especially when I’m interacting with others, but it’s never been an automatic thing for me when evaluating myself. In my younger days – still young, by the way, or at least like to think I am (Attitude, Perspective… Mindset) – I was my own worst critic. It was a challenge then, and it’s something that I still work on to this day.

⦁  The clarity of hindsight is a beautiful thing, and looking back I can see that a big problem for me was setting unrealistic goals, then getting frustrated by falling short. Why start with a mile, when you can train for the whole marathon? Because marathons are hard, and real-life doesn’t allow you to skip the first 25.2 miles just to get to the home stretch. I have learned, struggling with self-doubt? Try rewarding yourself for the little achievements
Today, I really try to take the opposite view and set incremental goals that lead to the big ones. And you know what? I’m having more success pursuing my ultimates, by rewarding myself for small, daily new habits. And I’m enjoying the process more without the internal pressure. I know I’ll get there, I know it takes time, and I always try to remind myself that incremental progress is meaningful. Again, none of that stuff is automatic for me. It’s not easy to give yourself a break, but it’s worth it.
And of course, I apply this very same principle to business relationships I’m looking to build, and the rebuilding of, and maintaining, my relationship with my daughters. I set short-term goals, stay present and available ALWAYS, and am thankful always for the love I have in my heart, and the moments we’ve had… that will always be mine (Attitude, Perspective… Mindset). #ThisDadWontQuit… #TheDadWhoWillAlwaysLove

⦁  The same basic idea works for any type of goal, personal or professional. There is only so much that you can do in a given day. Setting unrealistic goals just makes it more difficult to accomplish what you set out to do, and can easily short-circuit whatever progress you do make. Set attainable goals, accomplish what you set out to do each day, and give yourself some credit for a job well done. Over time, accomplishing those smaller goals lays the foundation for achieving the big ones… and most importantly leads to better mental health and a more peaceful life. #NoLetUp!

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2. Bobby Umar

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Here is Mr.Bobby Umar’s mental health resolution: 

We are all dealing with 3 things and we are all managing it in our own unique ways.


The first is Uncertainty about what is happening next week, next month, next year and how industries will evolve.

Voluminous Information: 

The second is Overwhelm with all the voluminous information on how to cope with business, health, parenting, and much more, along with the disinformation, and finally the tasks of fitting it all in.


The third piece is our mental health and well-being, which is being tested with our uncertainty and overwhelm. That’s why it is critical for us to continue to connect, engage each other, build community, and support for one another.

This is true for teams, organizations, and even industry leaders together. So have the courage to ask for help, reach out and you will find the support there for you.
Despite this, I am doing my best through meditation, conversations, and emotional processing to see all of this as a Gift, and making the most of gratitude, pivoting, and finding new opportunities.

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3. Gary. C. Bizzo

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Mr. Garry is a global Mentor and Business Coach to more than 1000 business owners, investors and entrepreneurs. He provides successful consultations to various multinationals and two foreign governments.  He is also  a writer and an author; and has written a useful book on business Start-ups called  “How to Start a Successful Business – the First Time” and “Social Media Rockstar” which is a great guide on the Social Media Marketing strategies for Entrepreneurs,  both are available on Amazon.

Gary has 30 years experience working with small to medium businesses. His book has been nominated by Small Business Trends for the Business Book Awards 2014.

Forbes (May, 2017) has ranked Mr. Bizzo #9 of the Top 25 Small Business accounts on Twitter who are amazing business owners. London-based Richtopia shares views about Mr. Bizzo being on the list of the Top 200 Social media Influencers in the World in the year 2017.

Here is Mr.Gary. C. Bizzo’s mental health resolution: 

As a busy CEO of several corporations, this is a serious question. I equate good mental health to a good work/life environment:

⦁ Work that is satisfying and fun (doing what I love)
⦁ My hobbies always become my work so it’s always based on interest
⦁ A solid work/life balance
⦁ An understanding life partner
⦁ Goals and a bucket list
⦁ ‘Paying it forward’

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4. Alice Martin

Here is Ms. Alice Martin’s mental health resolution:

Be close to nature:

We all can get in our heads during these times and when I feel the anxiety or pressure I step out into nature and start taking pictures of all the beautiful things around. Changing your environment and focusing on other things will help recharge and give you more capacity when you are ready.


If I can’t get out I’ll listen to my favorite music, do yoga, or get messy with paints all day. The most important thing to do is to check in with yourself and allow yourself to take the time to feel free to enjoy things outside of your thoughts and other distractions.

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5. Neal Schaffer

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Neal Schaffer is another successful business advisor and social media influencer.

He is a leading figure on aiding businesses through their virtual transformation of sales and marketing through consulting, training, and evolving enterprises both large and small. He has detailed experience in developing and executing a social media marketing strategy, influencer marketing, and social selling initiatives. Articulate in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, Neal is a famous social media speaker and has been invited to speak about digital media on four continents in a dozen countries. He has shared his knowledge in the form of 3 books covering the topic of social media.

Here is Mr. Neal Schaffer’s mental health resolution:  

⦁ To me, mental health resolutions for a peaceful life begins with being at peace with yourself, which means having confidence in who you are and the choices you make.
⦁  Next is to be at peace with all around you by supporting them and giving them your unconditional love.
⦁ Finally, a peaceful life means that we should also be at peace with nature by trying our best to return to it on a regular basis to get recharged.

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6. Jeanette Joy Fisher

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Ms. Jeannette is a soulful writer, an amazing design psychologist for homes as well as business and their exterior designs. She is a university-level teacher and has trained and groomed many students under her wing. Appreciating her amazing skills and multifaceted talents, Jeanette has been reached and also interviewed on a number of national Tv channels

Brian was a special education teacher and helped set up nonprofits for children with special needs. Jeanette continues working for children with disabilities support services and is a true activist for these causes.

Here is Ms. Jeanette Joy Fisher’s mental health resolution: 

My mental health resolution for a peaceful life:   

⦁ Replace every negative thought with the opposing positive Divine truth. When some horrible feeling tries to infect my peace, I remember that I am Divinely Authorized to be healthy, happy, and wise. The opposite of fear is faith. The opposite of hate is love. When you love yourself, partner, family, friends, and all beings, you treat everyone with kindness and respect.

⦁ It takes practice to monitor your thoughts. The reward—peace, love, and harmony—makes your life infinitely blessed. When you maintain peace, love, and joy, you position yourself to help others.

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7. Sarah Evans

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Sarah Evans is the initiator and mastermind behind Sevans Strategy and Sevans Digital PR.
Sarah serves as a digital guru and provides consultations to brands all around the globe.  She is well known as a digital strategist and global brand promoter. She works on improving the advertising, branding, marketing, and public relations of firms. Sarah is a digital correspondent for several companies including Paypal, Cox Communications, Walmart, Shorty Awards, and the list goes on…
Sarah is also known as a social media guru and expert and is a respected member of the Guinness Book World Record holding #beatcancerteam.

Here is Ms. Sara Evan’s mental health resolution:

Proper Morning routine:   

My mental health resolution for a peaceful life includes a very important morning routine. I realized I’m more of a creature of habit than I thought. It helps me to know “what’s coming” during a time of much unknown. I like to get up early to do my workout and “morning chores” done just before the kids wake up. That way I can focus on them before my morning and afternoon meetings.

Personal Reflection:

I also take the first 10 minutes at my computer to do personal reflection and a review of the day’s priorities. These relatively simple habits have helped bring peace amidst a time of uncertainty.

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8. Jason Falls

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Jason Falls conquered the world of social media way before its evolution. His creativity has not only made brands become megabrands, but small business owners were equally guided and made successful. His experience is wide and he is one of the volunteers. He guided many Tech & software companies building social media technologies and a publishing platform that has ranked number one in the past.

Here is Mr. Jason Falls’s mental health resolution:

Daily Meditation:   

Daily meditation has changed my life, and for the better, for sure. It doesn’t have to be a system or through courses or complicated. I use Headspace (the app) and normally do 20 minutes in the morning, then sometimes wind down before sleep.

Self Reflection in Seclusion: 

Sitting in quiet, calming my mind, and learning that the thoughts that cause anxiety and depression are just thoughts that can be acknowledged, then just ignored or dismissed has brought me great peace of mind.

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9. Theresa Snyder

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Theresa Snyder is a famous and multi-genre author. She grew up watching Sci-fi films (Forbidden Planet and The Day the Earth Stood Still) and her writing style is also inspired by them. She is an avid reader and her writing style is inspired by the early works of Anne McCaffrey, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, and L. Ron Hubbard. She was born to travel. She is based in Oregon and her family includes her elderly Father, her cat, wild birds, squirrels, garden, and occasional Dragon house guest.

Here is Ms.Theresa Snyder’s mental health resolution:

⦁ Retirement is a mental health resolution in itself. Two years ago, I was forced to retire due to a health issue. That was in 2018. I had not intended to retire until 2022. My situation has given me time to reflect.
⦁ We all wait for the perfect time, but I wonder if we shouldn’t just take the plunge. My days have been filled with deep breathing exercises, contemplative walks while communing with nature, and meditation.
⦁  I do my best to eat responsibly and get plenty of rest. I stay motivated by writing and assisting other authors with my editing services. That, and my garden, gives me a reason to get up in the morning. I believe that the body reflects your mental state. Attitude is everything.

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10. Danielle

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Ms. Danielle is a Predictive & Relational astrologer and a lot of people trust her instincts and turn to her to seek suggestions, light and blessings. She is a certified and experienced astrologer, an amazing reiki Master, and a positive psych. She is a great writer as well.

Here is Ms. Danielle’s mental health resolution: 

⦁ Now more than ever it is essential we tend to our mental health on a daily basis.  I set ten minutes aside to meditate each day and limit the time I spend watching repetitive news cycles. I also choose my company wisely and restrict the time I spend engaging with energy vampires such as chronic complainers or those dwelling in fear and scarcity consciousness.
⦁  In A Course in Miracles there is a quote “I could see peace instead of this”.  I am not always successful but I do try to use my power of discernment regarding whom and what I give my attention to.
⦁ When a person has negative commentary toward me I ask myself do I want to respond or can I choose peace?  When someone mentions the amount of Covid-19 cases I choose to focus on the recovery rate. We may not be able to control what is going on around us but we do have the power of choice regarding what is happening within us.

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11. Wendy O

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Ms. Wendy has extensive experience in the field of cryptocurrency & blockchain technology and she’s been involved in it since 2017. She is one of those people who believed blockchain technology is the next big thing and it would hugely impact our life in a positive way. She realized it would revolutionize the whole financial industry.
Wendy has been giving services related to transparent marketing & media solutions for blockchain companies all around the world, in addition to that she organizes meetups and has contributed tremendously in educating the masses.

Here is Ms. Wendy O’s mental health resolution: 

⦁ Mental health is especially important to me, I struggle with chronic anxiety and depression, so I understand I need to care for my mind and body.
⦁ To stay at peace I exercise daily, even if it’s just 20 pushups. I write down positive affirmations and I practice kindness to others. Doing these things daily helps me stay positive , once my mind turns negative my productivity declines and I can not focus on achieving my goals.


12. Cathy Hackl

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Here is Ms.Cathy Hackl’s Mental Health Resolution:

Using technology to stay healthy both physically and mentally is something that has brought me peace during this difficult time.

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13. Jonny Benjamin

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Jonny Benjamin is an award-winning mental health supporter and he has worked on a number of campaigns. He is also a well-known film producer, writer and also vlogs his journey along with the public speaking endeavors.
He has dealt with schizoaffective disorder ever since he was 20 years old.His mental condition was a combination of schizophrenia and bipolar and he began filming on YouTube about the condition that has been clicked by millions of people. He also supports the LGBT community and cares about their rights.
Johnny has started speaking publicly and writes about mental illness too. He has worked hard and his efforts are appreciated worldwide. He has been an honorable guest on many TV and radio shows and talked about preventing suicide and mental health conditions.

Here is Mr.Johnny Benjamin’s mental health resolution: 

⦁ My mental health resolution is to get off my own back and be a lot kinder to myself. I’ve always found it much easier to show compassion to other people than myself. I’m trying to change this at the moment and put my own needs first for once.
⦁ Talking out loud to myself with gentleness is one way I’m attempting to shift and it seems to help in stressful situations when I’m feeling overwhelmed. It is worth bearing in mind that this may seem strange and forced at first but don’t give up. Self-kindness is key.


14. Ahna Hendrix

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Ms.Ahna Hendrix is a hard working and  passionate entrepreneur.She loves learning about new things everyday and she knows how to stand up for the preservation of rights rebelliously. Along with that she is an animal lover and supports related causes passionately. Her amazing entrepreneurial skills landed her to run her own social media agency and she is quite a star over the internet.
Ms. Ahna is a soulful writer and believes in perfection. I love to explore new places, indulge in spiritual retreats, munch on ethnic foods, curl up with a good book, and write. I love nature, the mountains, and especially trees.

Here is Ms.Ahna Hendrix ’s mental health resolution: 

⦁ My mental health resolution for a peaceful life is one that’s focused on self-care and overall wellness. When we invest in ourselves, the world benefits.

⦁  I am intentional about every aspect of my life and am purposeful about deciding what my mind, body and spirit digest on a daily basis.

⦁ I do my best to get a good night’s rest, to eat foods that nourish my body, to minimize my screen time, to educate myself on worldly events, to make decisions from the heart, and to remember and act on the knowledge that we are all ONE. Peace is not a passive outcome, it is only possible when we make it a priority.

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15. Michael Paik

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Here is Mr. Michael Paik’s Mental Health Resolution:

My mental health resolution for a peaceful life:

⦁ Understand that you don’t need any external opinions or validation to have an infinite self worth. Healthy self-confidence is built by gaining momentum in getting better every day little by little.

⦁ Some baselines that should be highly emphasized during the path to mental health include eating healthy, getting sun, drinking enough water, moving more than you stay still, and working towards a purpose in life.

⦁ For those struggling, don’t shut the world out. You are not alone. People are there to help and support you despite your penchant to automatically evade judgment. If you need help, seek help.


16. Claire Eastham

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Here is Ms. Claire Eastham’s Mental Health Resolution: 

I’m not sure that peaceful is a realistic end goal, in the same way, that aiming for total happiness can be damaging. It implies that we have total control over that when we don’t.

⦁ I work towards being healthy, stable, and pretty much being comfortable with every emotion.
⦁ I take care of my gut, that’s a priority as serotonin is made down there. I’m honest when I’m not feeling well, even when it’s inconvenient. I allow myself to feel negative emotions such as; fear, anger, and sadness, rather than trying to suppress them. (Seriously, when something bad happens I literally set aside five minutes to feel shit)! I have a glass of wine when I fancy one and watch an entire Netflix series lounging on the couch after I finish a work project. When/if the guilt creeps in I acknowledge the feeling, embrace it, remind my brain that I have a right to relax, and then carry on!

⦁ Most importantly, I laugh. Taking the piss out of my mental illness (when appropriate), not only gives me back control, but it loosens my muscles and regulates my breathing. It feels good.

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17. Ericka Heald

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Here is Ms. Erika Heald Mental Health Resolution:

I’ve tried to do two things to keep myself in a good space these days.

⦁ The first is to allow myself to get really mad about whatever it is, for a solid 15 minutes. But when that 15 minutes is up, I have to let it go, as Elsa sings in Frozen.

⦁ The second thing I’ve done that has been so helpful is to stop apologizing for things outside of my control. I hate to let people down or to not deliver what I consider to be my best work at all times, but when something happens that I didn’t have any control over, no matter how disappointing it is, recognize it and move on. When you fall into the trap of apologizing for things outside of your influence, all you do is give yourself a bigger load to carry.


18. Hannah Daisy

Hannah Daisy is an extremely talented artist, illustrator and she is based in London. She uses her creative mind to illustrate mental health, intersectional feminism, supports LGBT, cats and much more. She is most well known for creating the hashtag ‘#boringselfcare’ which she spread to reclaim the real meaning of what pertains to ‘self care’.
Hannah Daisy has dealt with PCOS, endometriosis, and mental health conditions and she has beautifully displayed these in her artwork. She has a decade long professional work experience as a Mental Health Occupational Therapist.

Here is Ms. Hannah Daisy’s mental health resolution: 

I think it’s difficult to have a truly peaceful life. But it’s important to notice moments of joy, seek therapy, build friendships, stroke an animal, see nature or whatever is meaningful to you. Also to acknowledge we live in a society which demands & values productivity over true wellbeing.

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