Top 5 Things You Must Know about Birth Control Options

July 23, 2020
Facts about birth control options


Birth control or contraception is all about preventing pregnancy. Choosing a specific birth control method can be challenging. There are numerous types of contraception options available today. Below are some of the top birth control methods you must know about to help you select the best option.

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How Do Contraceptives Work?

Depending on which birth control option you consider, they may:

  • Prevent eggs from getting released every month
  • Prevent sperms from accessing and fertilizing eggs
  • Damage or inactivate sperms
  • Thicken the cervical mucus to block sperms from passing through it
  • Alter the uterus lining to prevent fertilized eggs from attaching onto it
Birth Control Methods
Five Birth Control Options


Top 5 Birth Control Options

Here are the primary options for people interested in birth control:

  1. Barrier birth control – The top examples here include the typical condoms, the cervical cap, contraceptive sponge and the diaphragm
  2. Short-acting hormone birth control – This option includes contraceptive pills, vaginal ring, contraceptive injection, and skin patch. The short-acting part means that you must regularly use these methods, either weekly, daily, or even monthly.
  3. Long-term hormone birth control – Contraceptive implants, hormonal IUD, and copper IUD are all long-term contraceptive methods. They can last for a long time after insertion, even ten years.
  4. Sterilization – For a more permanent birth control option, consider male vasectomy and female tubal ligation.
  5. Fertility awareness birth control – Here, the focus is on understanding your most fertile days, based on cervical mucus and body temperature, and avoiding sexual intercourse around those days.

1. Determining the Most Effective Birth Control

The effectiveness of a birth control approach will depend on its correct and consistent use. That means contraceptives that don’t require any effort, like implants, sterilization, and IUDs, have much fewer pregnancy cases. However, methods that come with monitoring fertility days or regular abstinence have typically greater risks-rates of unintended pregnancy among users.

2. Is Birth Control Reversible?

Generally, the type of contraception you pick will depend on your individual reproductive goals. For instance, if you plan on having kids in the future, you may select contraception that is easily reversible or quickly stopped, like short-acting hormones or barrier methods.

In contrast, if you’re looking to avoid pregnancy for much longer than a few years, then you can consider the long-acting methods, like an IUD insertion. Likewise, if you’re sure that you aren’t interested in having kids, you may use sterilization’s permanent option.

You will find that these contraception options will be best suited at various stages throughout your life. It is also worth considering whether the contraceptive options are well-suited with your cultural practices, personal convictions, and religious beliefs.

3. Side Effects of Using Birth Control

Discuss your tolerance for any possible adverse effects linked to a specific contraceptive method. Deliberate with your health physician about your health status and medical history to determine your best option.

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4. Does it Provide Other Benefits?

Besides pregnancy prevention, some contraceptives also provided additional benefits. They include lighter and predictable menstrual cycles, reduced risk for certain cancers, and reduced likelihood of STIs. If you’re also interested in such benefits, they can influence which contraceptive you decide to use.

For example, condoms are a notable birth control method that offers reliable protection against STIs. Nevertheless, discuss with your sexual partner and determine which option is best for both parties.

5. Is it Affordable and Convenient?

The birth control that you choose must suit your lifestyle. Some people prefer a simple contraceptive that doesn’t disrupt their sexual experience and has no adverse side effects.

For others, a convenient method means that no regular drug prescriptions are required. Thus, when deciding which contraceptive to use, consider weighing your willingness to follow a strict medication schedule.

Besides the convenience, you also have to consider the cost. Some contraception methods are affordable, while others will require a more significant financial investment. So, evaluate whether birth control is covered by your insurance and then reflect on the costs as you decide.

Birth control options
What do Birth Control Options Depend on?


Overview of Birth Control Options

The ideal contraceptive for you must be safe and fit your needs. You should also feel comfortable about using it regularly and correctly. Your chosen contraceptive may change with time and is typically influenced by these major factors:

  • Your medical and health history
  • Your age and your specific reproductive goals
  • Relationship considerations, like marital status, partner preferences, etc
  • Differences between contraceptive methods, including their effectiveness, convenience, and others
  • Cultural and religious beliefs

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Over to You!

Knowing the different options of birth control is quite helpful. However, even better is consulting with a licensed health specialist to help you determine which birth control is the best for you.

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