ESA Letter From EZCare Clinic Review

March 11, 2019
ESA Letter From EZCare Clinic Review


There is a multitude of ways to get health products and services. In that same respect, many available forms of medication do not work for some people. While antidepressants are a viable and helpful supplement for some people’s therapy and recovery, these same drugs can have no effect on others. Worse, these drugs could possibly make some people feel worse as opposed to better. This is why alternative forms of medication and therapy exist, and these alternatives can sometimes be more effective than “traditional” forms of medicine.

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Emotional support animals (ESAs) are one example of this, as they have been found to be extremely helpful for helping people. Those who have chosen to have support pets find themselves able to return to a life of normalcy and regularity that they had previously lost. Where before the drugs were not making them feel better, having an animal companion has brought hope, love, and motivation back into their lives. Since the company of the pet alone can help the person, an owner will feel compelled to spend as much time with their ESA as is possible.

This is also why emotional support animal letters are vital for owners. If you have a support animal and want to make sure they can be with you at all convenient times, an ESA letter is a must. This documentation makes looking for housing and going on trips much less stressful, as you will not have to worry about whether your ESA will be allowed or not. You also won’t have to worry about landlords charging you extra or airlines not letting you sit with your pet if you have a proper emotional support animal letter.

How to Identify an ESA Scam Site

While it is beneficial to have this documentation, you have to be careful of the various sites that claim to offer it. EzCare is a legitimate website for getting your ESA letter, as it features licensed doctors and a verifiable physical address. However, it’s very easy to search online and be tricked by scam sites who say they offer letters of the same validity. Many fraudulent sites take advantage of people who do not know better, so arming yourself with knowledge on what makes a scam site is valuable.

To start, don’t ever fall for a site that has the word “registry” in its name or anywhere on its site. There is no such thing as a registry for emotional support animals, and you never have to register your pet. Sites that liberally use this word may also offer information about service dogs, which promotes the idea that ESAs are similar. This is further instigated by selling gear for pets, which are almost always targeted towards dogs. Along with vests (which may say “emotional support animal” on them), they may also sell ID cards and tags, none of which is necessary.

A prevalent way to sell letters on these sites is to bundle them together with that useless gear. These are labeled as kits, and they contain, along with the letter, a vest, the tags, and a variety of other things that just make the price tag higher. It should always be remembered that you do not need any of this gear. If you claim a pet as your ESA, all you need is the letter; you do not also need accessories of identification.

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As for getting one of these letters, the process on these sites appears to be reasonably straightforward. You usually only have to fill out a questionnaire, which is then sent to someone (or a group) who will look over it and will approve you from there. In reality, getting an ESA letter is not this easy, as you have to sit down and speak with a licensed doctor, either in-person or via telehealth communication. Many of these sites state that speaking with a doctor is not required; these same sites might mention that the doctor who gave their approval may contact you, but that it is not likely. A few of these sites might also say that their letters will never expire, but no official ESA letter anywhere has that guarantee, as they all last up to one year before needing to be renewed.

One other thing to keep an eye out for is an address that may be missing on these sites. Almost all of them do not feature a physical address on their homepage (or any page); this is a major red flag, as a business selling real ESA letters should feature a physical address, along with a number for contacting them. Even sites that do have a phone number may not pick up every time you call, which is highly suspect for what is supposed to be a legitimate business. It’s also important that, if they do feature an address, it can be verified. A very popular “form of contact” on these sites is through a contact form; this is not exactly professional, and if this is the only way to get in touch with them, you should be extremely suspicious.

Is EzCare Clinic Legit?

If you are looking for a legitimate website that can provide you with official emotional support animal documentation, EzCare has you covered. Unlike so many other of these scam sites, EzCare Clinic is an official health clinic that offers valid ESA letters that can be used for housing, travel, or both. They will have you speak with a licensed physician, either in-person or over the phone via telehealth; from here, the physician will be able to approve you for a letter.

EzCare Clinic provides a 100% money-back guarantee for any reason, such as not being accepted by an airline or apartment complex. They will even speak with the landlord or airline in question to explain that the letter is genuine. If you need other health services, EzCare Clinic has those too; they can assist you with ADD/ADHD, weight loss, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, and more. Additionally, their doctors can be verified by visiting this government website and looking up their license number.

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EzCare Clinic Reviews

Here are reviews that provide further proof of EZCare Clinic’s positive reputation.

EzCare Clinic is a genuine and reliable business for getting your emotional support animal letter. Their qualified and professional staff can assist you with your specific needs, and make sure that all available options are open to you. Do not get scammed by businesses that only care about robbing you of your money.

Contact EzCare Clinic today by calling them or visiting their appointment webpage and get your official ESA letter today. Or visit our website, or contact us at 786-391-0269 to schedule your appointment with a licensed doctor today.

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