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February 4, 2020
ESA Letter


Having an emotional support animal can be a huge benefit for so many people across the world. However, the information regarding ESAs and how to get a letter can be very confusing. Mango Clinic wants to make sure you understand what counts as an ESA, what a letter is used for, and how you can get one. There are many fraudulent websites online, but we are here to help you know what to look out for when you need an ESA letter.

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What Is an Emotional Support Animal?

If you have a health disorder or ailment that affects your day to day living, you might have already seen a doctor for medication. This can often help, but this is not the case for everyone. Some people require a different form of treatment from what is most commonly taken. In these cases, people might seek alternative treatment options.

Treatment with ESA

An emotional support animal can be a very effective form of treatment. Often known as ESAs, these are animals who are able to make their owners feel so much better than they would without them. It is a fairly straightforward relationship, as the ESA does not need to be specially trained in any way. A person who already owns a pet may be able to make them an ESA, as many people with pets already feel so much better when they are with them.


An ESA does not have to be much more than a pet. However, the pet being dignified as an ESA is a serious claim. It means the animal is of extreme importance to the owner for medical and health reasons. So while you may love your pet and feel better when you’re with them, they are not your ESA if you can easily be away with them. ESAs are for people who have a genuinely harder time functioning and doing things without their pet keeping them company.

As for what type of animal counts as an ESA, the answer is many different types. ESA cat and ESA dog count, but so do many others, such as birds, rabbits, snakes, and pigs. Each type of ESA presents advantages unique to them, such as an ESA bird being a small and pleasant company, or an ESA dog being lovable and protective. The same goes for an ESA snake.


ESA Letter
Qualifying Conditions for ESA Letter


What Is an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

You might be curious as to what an emotional support animal letter is, as it can sometimes be vague. What it amounts to is a letter that you can use for housing or travel, which permits you to be with your animal companion in any of these situations.

An ESA Letter for Housing

It comes in handy if you are living in an apartment complex that does not otherwise allow animals. With this letter, you will not be forced to pay additional fees or be kicked out of your apartment.

An ESA Letter for Travel

There is also the ESA letter for travel, which permits you and your animal companion to ride on an airplane cabin together. Airlines would not hesitate to charge you for having your ESA with you, but an official ESA letter will stop them from bothering you. You will not pay any additional fees, and your animal companion will not be thrown into cargo.

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Who Is USA Service Animal Registration?

We want to start this one out by saying that USA Service Animal Registration is actually USA Service Dog Registration. Both websites for these names use the same logo, but they are incredibly different from each other, appearance-wise.

The URL for USA Service Animal Registration includes “myshopify” in its name, and that’s because USA Service Animal Registration is essentially the shopping page for USA Service Dog Registration. If you manage to find USA Service Animal Registration on its own, as we did, you will encounter a homepage that has nothing on it. Nothing of legitimate value, anyway; the homepage is nothing but a placeholder that never got updated. It features static images that say things like “Example Product Title” and a price. This sight alone could convince you to leave immediately if the website’s look as a whole did not already convince you.

However, there are options near the top that allow you to look over their products. It is here where it is made abundantly clear that USA Service Animal Registration is nothing more than a store for purchasing vests, collars, IDs, and so on. If you manage to fall for the old “registration” trick and think you have to register your animal, it will just take you to USA Service Dog Registration’s website.


Dog Breeds for Emotional Support


Registering an ESA

It should be made very clear that an ESA cannot be registered for any type of registry. This is because these registries do not actually exist; an ESA does not have to be registered in any way. This means that all those certificates and ID cards that mention a dog being registered are bogus. Even if you did get one of those ID cards, you would not be able to do anything with them. They do not actually hold up if you need to prove to someone your ESA can board an airplane or stay with you in an apartment. Also, the website does not seem to care about mixing up service dogs and emotional support animals, so that’s another thing to let you know they can’t be trusted.


Is USA Service Animal Registration Legit?

We can say with confidence that the USA Service Animal Registration is extremely illegitimate. Other than being another name for USA Service Dog Registration, their insistence of registering your ESA and their USA Service Animal Registration URL being nothing but a shopping page shows what type of service they are. You do not want to get your ESA letter from websites and businesses like these, of which there are many online.

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Why Choose Mango Clinic?

There are no vests, no ID cards, and absolutely no registration at Mango Clinic. Mango Clinic provides authentic ESA letters that are written and signed by licensed doctors who you speak to directly. Once you have spoken to your doctor either in person, on the phone, or via video chat, your ESA letter will be emailed to you and also presented in person. To make your appointment with Mango Clinic, visit our appointment webpage or call us today.

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