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March 13, 2020
Is united service dog legit?


Mango Clinic believes in giving everyone the treatment options they deserve. Many forms of treatment exist, including emotional support animals, which can be highly beneficial to anyone. As an alternative form of treatment, it can also be hard to understand what one should believe online. There are many sites that claim to provide ESA services, but they often cannot be trusted. We want to make sure you know what to look out for when you come across these types of sites, including knowing how to get a legitimate ESA letter.

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What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

Those with health disorders are often told to take medication as treatment, and this can often be very helpful. However, some people may not respond as well to medication, along with therapy sessions. Even those that have positive reactions to medication and therapy may still need something more to better ensure their recovery.

Emotional support animals, also commonly referred to as ESAs, are animals that act as emotional support for owners. If it sounds too straightforward, that’s because it is and is supposed to be. An ESA should be nothing more than a comforting presence for their owner; in this respect, an ESA is doing its job, which means they do not have to be specially trained.

There is also no specific animal that must be an ESA, even if it seems only dogs can qualify. Any domesticated animal that can already be your pet can count as your ESA. If you already own a cat and it makes you feel safe and comfortable, then it could qualify to be your ESA. Even if you own a cute rabbit and feel so much better when you are with it, it can qualify. Most domesticated pets can be eligible as your ESA, including birds, pigs, and snakes.


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What Is An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

You have no doubt heard about emotional support animal letters, especially if you are interested in having an emotional support animal. ESA letters go hand-in-hand with ESAs nearly all of the time, but that’s only because of rules and regulations from residential complexes and airlines. A person can freely claim that their pet is an ESA; the letter just makes that more official with regards to housing and travel.

If you live in an apartment complex that would not otherwise allow pets, an ESA housing document will permit you and your animal companion to live in the apartment. This means your landlord will not be allowed to kick you out of the apartment, nor will they be allowed to charge you more per month because of your animal companion.

ESA letters can also work for travel, as airlines can easily make a trip or vacation that much more complicated. If you have a legit ESA letter, you and your animal companion can board an airplane without having to pay an additional fee. Not only that, but an ESA letter can save your pet from being thrown into cargo.

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Who Is United Service Dog?

Once you have seen so many fraudulent ESA websites online, they can all start to bleed together. It sometimes can feel as though each one is no different than the other, and in a lot of cases, that’s true.

United Service Dog is yet another site claiming to offer ESA letters. However, they make the classic mistake of including service dogs in their list of services, which are a completely different thing from ESAs. And like so many of these sites, they exclusively feature dogs on their site (and site name), which makes some sense for service dogs, but not for ESAs. Additionally, the site seems to have a greater focus on service dog information and products. That they even have ESA services at all is a little surprising; the site has enough information about service dogs that it could just be that.

When it comes to actually get for what passes as an ESA letter on this site, United Service Dog does what so many other sites do: make you fill out a form, which they say is looked over by a medical professional. You will get approval and a PDF of your letter, along with other physical goodies if you so, please. It can also depend on the package, since some versions come with additional materials, such as ID cards and vests, none of which are ever necessary or helpful.


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Ways to spot a fake ESA service


If you just wanted to get a letter, you might be a little confused about what to do. United Service Dog appears to provide two types of documents: an “Emotional Support Animal Certificate” and a “Signed Medical Housing And Travel Letter.” This is highly confusing because all anyone ever needs is one document, whether it be a letter for housing, travel, or both.

On some other sites, having two different but similar documents effectively means one is a “registration” while the other is the actual “letter.” Seeing the word “registration” is another easy way to tell if the site can be trusted, as no emotional support animal registration florida exists.

Is United Service Dog Legit?

We do not recommend United Service Dog for your ESA letter needs. This stems from their website exhibiting the usual patterns associated with fraudulent websites, from their products sold to their careless association of service dogs with emotional support animals. On top of all this, their website does not contain a physical address, phone number, or email. The only way to get in touch is via a fill-out contact form, and no legitimate business for ESAs excludes an address, email, or phone number.

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Why Choose Mango Clinic?

Getting an emotional support animal letter should not be so problematic. Mango Clinic makes it easy and official by having you speak directly with a licensed physician who can provide you with a legitimate recommendation. We provide authentic ESA letters that are signed by the doctors you speak with; they are both emailed and presented in person. Whether in person, over the phone, or via video chat, getting in touch with a licensed doctor has never been easier.

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