People from all walks of life have found relief at Mango Clinic in New York. 

At Mango Clinic, we offer TeleHealthcare services to patients who need immediate attention. We also provide individual care for long-term health care. With a plethora of medical knowledge, our doctors deliver the highest-quality, highest-value care to all our patients. 

We are often asked what sets Mango Clinic apart from other medical clinics. The answer is simple: It is our history of teamwork and our long-standing commitment to excellence in the New York state.  

The physicians and team of health professionals at Mango Clinic are dedicated to continuing the search for new medical technologies that we can incorporate into our integrative medicine approach to health care. Through our personalized care, we can identify the root causes of your illness and provide healthy lifestyles advice to prevent illness and diseases from continuing to develop. We utilize integrative medicine as a treatment modality that includes: medications, nutritional support, behavior change, counseling, and exercise regimens.  

At Mango Clinic, we take pride in the excellent patient care and we are committed to the overall well-being of both our employees and our patients. The Mango Clinic philosophy is to listen and thoroughly understand the health concerns of our patients and provide an individualized health care plan that can address each area of health. Our mission is to help all our patients work towards a better lifestyle through the use of integrative medicine. 


Mango Medical Clinic General Practitioners 

General practitioners at Mango Clinic are the foundation of our medical staff, as they are family doctors from New York, so they understand many of the environmental issues that patients may be suffering from. Our doctors have the ability to help all of our patients, and they strive to achieve a pain-free life for all our patients through the use of integrative medicine. Our general practitioners are your first line of defense in managing your treatment plan. 

Mango Online Clinic Physiatrists 

The physiatrists in our NYC office focus on physical medicine and rehabilitation as a complete treatment. Our aim is to help your body function as a whole rather than just focusing on one part at a time. Our physiatrists are experienced in treating chronic and acute pain that develops from debilitating conditions, illnesses, or injuries. They are a pivotal part of our integrative medicine treatment that brings individualized pain management treatment to all our patients. 

Mango Medical Clinic Psychologists 

At Mango Clinic, we provide access to our psychologists, or counselors, to help understand the scientific view of your condition that affects behaviors and the thinking processes. Our psychologists may be able to treat depression, pain management, and stress management. Through constant research, the psychologists at Mango Clinic can teach you how to adjust your lifestyle to successfully manage the pain has before it becomes overwhelming. 

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