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Anxiety Disorder Treatment

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Anxiety Medications We Prescribe

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI), Anxiolytic

Antidepressant, Sedative, Nerve pain medication and etc.

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Anxiety Treatment in Miami

If you have chronic anxiety, we may be able to help. Make an appointment with our Florida licensed medical doctors at our clinic in Miami to see if anxiety prescription can help you with your anxiety.

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a disorder that affects a person’s mental health. There are several types of drugs and situations that may cause anxiety, from being involved in an auto accident and taking opioids for pain to not having enough money to purchase groceries. In more severe cases, traumatic events can cause extreme anxiety. Chronic anxiety causes people to feel apprehensive, nervous, and suffer from severe self-doubt.

How Can An Anxiety Prescription Help?

A doctor at our clinic in Miami will evaluate your case and determine if an anxiety prescription will help relieve your symptoms of anxiety. When anxiety begins to affect a person’s life, Xanax or Valium may be prescribed to help reduce anxiety, so a person can feel more relaxed.

Doctors have done extensive research on how Xanax and Valium have been used to treat depression and anxiety. Both Xanax and Valium are both anxiety drugs that can help a person focus more on relaxing. These drugs work to increase a person’s neurotransmitter activity to help them get back to regular function without the overwhelming feeling of anxiety.

Anxiety affects everybody differently, so our doctors at our clinic in Miami will determine the right type of anxiety prescription needed to help you reduce your anxiety symptoms.

How Do I Know If I Have Anxiety?

Anxiety can stem from many different conditions and can produce many different symptoms. For example, some people with anxiety may experience panic attacks, loss of breath, or moments of Claustrophobia. Others may experience anxiety from any of the following:

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Social and General Anxiety
  • Anxiety from extreme fear or phobias, (i.e., Arachnophobia (Spiders), Claustrophobia (Confined Spaces), or Agoraphobia (Public Places) among other types of fears)

Discomfort and nervousness are two of the most common symptoms of anxiety. If symptoms from anxiety are not treated properly by a doctor, severe anxiety may last for weeks, months, and even years in more extreme cases. Fortunately, the doctors at our clinic in Miami understand how anxiety can affect your life.

At our clinic in Miami, our doctors know how anxiety can disrupt your life and affect social engagement. That’s why we thorough look over your medical history and provide a consultation to determine if an anxiety prescription should be recommended to help you reduce or prevent anxiety.  

To learn more about using prescription drugs for anxiety, call our clinic in Miami at (305) 776-2898 or click here to schedule an appointment today.

Can Telehealth Medicine Help Me With Anxiety and Depression?

Anxiety and Depression treatment are difficult for anyone to deal with, and it can be even harder to leave your house to pick up the prescriptions you need to live regularly. Telehealth can help patients feel more relaxed during consultations and appointments with the doctors or counselors. Telehealth is a phenomenally convenient way to receive the treatment you need, and it also helps you feel more relaxed when sending your information to the doctor. Telehealth medicine offers patients an easy way to be seen in the convenience of your own home.

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