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Depression is one of the most common mental health issues in the United States. According to research published in 2016 by the National Institute of Mental Health, “An estimated 16.2 million adults in the United States had at least one major depressive episode” (, 2017). When an individual suffers from major depression, they may experience major impairments of judgments that could debilitate one’s way of living.

What Causes Depression?

Anxiety and stress are closely connected to depression. Furthermore, an untreated mood disorder may cause an amplified depressive response in a person. In some cases, depression can be caused by an injury or a life-changing event after which the person is no longer able to engage in normal day-to-day tasks. Situations such as loss of employment, loss of a relationship, a loved one passing away, or even a dear pet passing away may all cause episodes of depression.

Regardless of how your depression was caused, it is very important to seek help. At our clinic in Miami, our doctors have helped many people deal with depression through effective depression medication. Florida licensed medical doctors can recommend medication to help offset symptoms, such as insomnia, inability to focus, anger, and hunger issues.

How Can Medication Help With Depression?

Medication can have many benefits for people with depression. Researchers have found that certain medications act as a mood stabilizer to help people with depression relax and ease their anxiety. In fact, most medications have been found to play a significant role with motor control, behavior, processing information, and emotions. Individuals suffering from severe forms of depression experience side effects such as thoughts of suiciding or constantly bringing oneself down. However, many of our patients after actively being on medication, have expressed reduction in depressive episodes and improvement in the form of more positive effects on their daily lives.

Common medications prescribed to depressed patients include;

  • Cymbalta (duloxetine)
  • Lexapro (escitalopram)
  • Prozac (fluoxetine)
  • Paxil (paroxetine)
  • Zoloft (sertraline)

Along with consuming a recommended amount of medication, a person suffering from depression may also seek other tools for living with depression.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with depression on a daily basis:

  • Reduce responsibilities and other activities that cause stress in your life.
  • Know when to take a breather when you’re not feeling well.
  • Organize a solid daily routine. Setting reminders on your phone can be very helpful.
  • Journaling is a tremendous help when trying to calm that inner monologue.
  • Find support groups that can help you with mental health.
  • DO NOT ISOLATE! Even though isolation can seem normal, it is always good to reach out for help and talk to someone who understands.

Don’t let depression keep you down in the dumps. Our doctors can help you get over it. Schedule an appointment today! Click here for more information on scheduling an appointment at our clinic in Miami.

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  • What Is Depression?
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  • How Long Does It Take For Someone To Be Diagnosed With Depression?
  • How Long Does Short-term Depression Last?
  • What Are the Types of Depression?
  • What Is the Drug Choice for Depression?
  • How to Talk to Your Doctor About Depression?
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Unfortunately, none of our services are covered by insurance because our prices are already within the affordable range.

However, if you have out-of-network provider coverage, we will be happy to provide you with all the required documentation (i.e., a detailed receipt with the diagnosis procedure codes) so that you can submit it to your insurance company for compensation.

What Are the Accepted Forms of Payment?

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What Is Depression?

Depression is a common medical illness which is serious in nature. The illness affects your mood negatively and causes you to have a toxic mindset about yourself. It is often accompanied by feelings of sadness and lack of interest in activities that were once fun. Due to lack of self-control emotionally and physically, you can experience poor quality of life.  

What Are the Major Causes of Depression?

Following are the major causes of depression:

  1. Family history
  2. A childhood trauma
  3. Medical conditions like ADHD
  4. History of Drug abuse and
  5. Less active frontal lobe of the brain
How Long Does It Take to Treat Clinical Depression?

Patients who follow their prescription plan properly can start noticing positive changes in a month or two. For others, it may take a year or more, depending on the severity of the case and negligence is self-administration. While the process is gradual, patients see steady improvements in their mood and behavior.

What Medications Serve as First-Line Treatment for Depression?

SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) such as Sertraline and Escitalopram are often prescribed as first-line medications for depression in adults.

How Long Does It Take For Someone To Be Diagnosed With Depression?

Mental health experts can notice the first signs of depression at least 2 weeks after the symptoms show. However, this can vary across certain conditions, Dysthymia for which symptoms can start showing up after two years.

How Long Does Short-term Depression Last?

Most patients suffer from major depression for a short time. As per the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), symptoms can last for two weeks, while treatment lasts for 20 weeks.

What Are the Types of Depression?

Following are the types of depression:

  1. Major Depression
  2. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  3. Psychotic Depression
  4. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
  5. ‘Situational’ Depression 
  6. Persistent Depressive Disorder
  7. Bipolar Disorder
What Is the Drug Choice for Depression?

The drug choice depends on every individual condition. Our healthcare experts will provide you with specific instructions about the medication choice made for you. Patients are expected to stick to the prescribed medication as self-prescription is dangerous. In case of any major side-effects, we request our patients to please inform the doctor immediately. 

If you notice an overdose or severe reaction, contact Mango Clinic immediately. You can find out our number on the website homepage.

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Depression?

Our doctors are extremely empathetic and professional. You can relax and open up with them about yourself. Let them know that you are not feeling yourself and let our expert know about possible symptoms that you are suffering from. This will open up doors for further discussion to help you.

What Does Depression Feel Like?

Depression feels differently in each individual. Following are the possible ways a person may feel with depression:

  1. Lack of pleasure or joy in life
  2. Hard to focus and concentrate
  3. Increasing feelings of hopelessness
  4. Crippling self-esteem
  5. Difficulty in falling asleep at night
  6. Constantly feeling lethargic
  7. Lack of appetite
  8. Continuous pains and aches  

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