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Do You Suffer from Depression?

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues in the United States. According to research published in 2016 by the National Institute of Mental Health, “An estimated 16.2 million adults in the United States had at least one major depressive episode” (, 2017). When an individual suffers from major depression, they may experience major impairments of judgments that could debilitate one’s way of living.

If you suffer from depression, our doctor may be able to help. Make an appointment with our Florida licensed medical doctor for depression at our clinic in Miami today!

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How Can Medication Help With Depression?

Medication can have many benefits for people with depression. Researchers have found that certain medications may act as a mood stabilizer to help people with depression relax and ease their anxiety. In fact, most medications have been found to play a significant role with motor control, behavior, processing information, and emotions. For individuals who suffer from severe depression, they may periodically experience side effects that could lead to increased depression and even thoughts of suicide. However, medication from our clinic has helped many individuals find a natural solution.

What Causes Depression?

Anxiety and stress are closely connected to depression. At the same time, an untreated mood disorder may cause an amplified depressive response in a person. In some cases, depression can be caused by an injury or a life-changing event in which the person is no longer able to engage in their normal tasks. Situations such as loss of employment, loss of a relationship, a loved one passing away, or even a loved pet passing away may all cause episodes of depression.

Regardless of how your depression was caused, it is very important to seek help. At our clinic in Miami, our doctors have helped many people deal with depression through a recommendation for depression medication. Florida licensed medical doctors can recommend medication to help offset symptoms, such as insomnia, inability to focus, anger, and hunger issues.

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Along with consuming a recommended amount of medication, a person suffering from depression may also seek other tools for living with depression.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with depression on a daily basis:

  • Reduce responsibilities and other activities that cause stress in your life.
  • Know when to take a breather when you’re not feeling well.
  • Organize a solid daily routine. Setting reminders on your phone can be very helpful.
  • Journaling is a tremendous help when trying to calm that inner monologue.
  • Find support groups that can help you with mental health.
  • Church or other programs such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance can help.
  • DO NOT ISOLATE! Even though isolation can seem normal, it is always good to reach out for help and talk to someone who understands.
  • Schedule daily walks and maybe even Yoga to reduce stress.
  • Smile! Even when you don’t want to. Just smile. It will help.

Don’t let depression keep you down in the dumps. Our doctors might be able to help you get over it. Schedule an appointment today! Click here to for more information on scheduling an appointment at our clinic in Miami.

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