Online Therapy and Medication Management
Covered by Insurance

Your health insurance policy can provide you with access to the best treatment available for your mental health. It includes telemedicine therapy and medication management covered by insurance.

Online mental health care is becoming increasingly popular among those seeking help. This form of treatment allows patients to receive counseling and prescriptions without leaving their homes.

online therapy covered by insurance
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Telemedicine has many benefits, including convenience, cost savings, and anonymity. However, apart from the question about whether online treatment is safe and effective, you may wonder: does insurance pay for telemedicine sessions in the first place?

At Mango Clinic, we aim to collaborate with the companies that provide the best insurance for mental health. One of our goals is to offer prescription management as well as the best online therapy covered by insurance.

Yes, you can receive medications and have online therapy sessions covered by insurance, such as the AETNA insurance for telemedicine appointments and others. Contact Mango Clinic today for unrivaled online talk.

Is Online Therapy
Covered by Insurance?

The terms of insurance coverage for online therapy and medication management vary widely depending on the provider. Currently, our partners include AETNA insurance with mental health coverage, Tricare insurance, and Humana insurance.

Many insurers cover online therapy but only under certain conditions: particular kinds of doctors, particular diagnosis, or paying for an appointment in full before receiving reimbursement.

While mental health treatment insurance often covers online therapy and getting prescriptions, we at Mango Clinic still recommend that patients seek guidance from the insurers before booking an appointment.

Patients should always check with their providers to ensure they are eligible for coverage. They should also consider the costs associated with online therapy versus traditional care methods.

Get suitable medications or online therapy covered by insurance.
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online therapy covered by insurance

Our Insurance Providers

The Mango Clinic has partnerships with a variety of health insurance companies. Currently, we accept the following insurances, by state:

  • Tricare insurance: CA
  • AETNA insurance: CA
  • Humana insurance: CA

Generally, all our partners have insurance coverage for mental health treatment. Still, you have to check the eligibility status in your particular case.

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Here’s How It Works

Check your eligibility for insurance

Ask our Care Team or your insurance provider about your insurance terms. Determine whether online therapy is covered and how much money you can save.

Carry out a quick assessment

Before your mental health treatment starts, you can not only check the eligibility of your health insurance with mental health coverage but also complete a brief assessment of your symptoms. This information allows a doctor to know more about your mental health and decide if you require medicine, psychotherapy, both, or none of the above options.

Book an initial visit

We offer multiple options of days and time available for the appointment. At Mango Clinic, you can book the online visits using your health insurance mental health coverage. During the first visit, you will be asked questions about your symptoms and get a diagnosis and a prescription, if required.

Follow your treatment plan

After having an initial appointment with a therapist or a prescriber and getting your personalized treatment plan, you can start on your path towards a better and healthier version of yourself. The best insurance companies for mental health coverage provide an excellent opportunity to resolve mental health issues at an affordable price.

Visit Mango Clinic today and use your insurance for mental health coverage.

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Benefits of Working With Mango Clinic

We recognize that mental health is just as important as physical health. Maintaining your health requires that you have access to high-quality care, and your insurance plan may provide you with some assistance and support as you look for help. Here are some of the benefits you will have when getting therapy or medications with us:


Team of experienced professionals
The medical professionals at Mango Clinic are highly committed to the well-being of the patients. We provide health care that is both prompt and effective, and we take a patient-centered approach to assist you in obtaining the necessary medical attention.


Convenient telehealth services
Telehealth is the most recent method to interact with and treat patients. It dramatically assists patients unable to leave their homes due to a medical condition or a phobia, and it is effective in helping these patients with their mental health conditions.

Affordable prices and insurance coverage
Thanks to the collaboration with insurance companies, we can offer lower costs to patients for certain procedures, and you can save money while still getting quality mental health care.


Increased accessibility
Our patients have a great opportunity to skip long lines and book appointments in a couple of clicks. We offer multiple day and time options to make telemedicine mental health care even more accessible and comfortable.


Better care
Mango Clinic doctors create personalized treatment plans for every patient, considering their symptoms, health history, and external factors that influence their mental health state. During follow-ups, these plans may be adjusted according to the patient’s progress or concerns.

variety services

Variety of services
Mango Clinic offers various services on mental health problems, including therapy and online medication management. Our team consists of doctors committed to helping patients achieve optimal mental wellness.

Our Services

Mango Clinic is an extraordinary service provider across the board. Our experts are among the best therapists in their particular fields, and they ensure you have the access to quality help when you need it. Here are some of the services we provide in the mental health field:

Mental Health Therapy
Mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness, will respond best to treatment that combines psychotherapy with the appropriate medications. Mild mental health conditions are typically initially treated using professional counseling.

Medication Management
Depending on the patient’s symptoms, their impact on day-to-day life, diagnosis, and health history, diverse medications can be prescribed. At Mango Clinic, you can get prescriptions online as well as refill them regularly and on time.

Emotional Support Animal
An Emotional Support Animal letter, or ESA letter, makes it possible for a person to manage their mental health symptoms by taking care of a dog, a cat, or another pet. PTSD, anxiety, and depression are only a few of the disorders considered qualified conditions.

ADD/ADHD treatment
Mango Clinic provides ADD/ADHD patients with treatment options that are both convenient and comprehensive. When evaluating ADD/ADHD symptoms, the doctors use a cautious approach, considering an individual’s way of life before deciding how to manage their symptoms.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment
Dealing with mental health conditions like anxiety and depression is not an easy task. The medical professionals at Mango Clinic know the efficacy of psychotherapy, antidepressants, and drugs for anxiety in assisting patients in coping with life’s challenges.

Insomnia Treatment
Our specialists can accurately evaluate and diagnose the issues associated with your sleep. They can also provide recommendations and a treatment plan that will allow you to regain your sleep quality. It could involve counseling, medications, or both.

Weight Loss Treatment
Losing weight can be challenging if you don’t have the proper support. You can get the treatment you need to reduce weight with the assistance of Mango Clinic experts. This may include telehealth visits for counseling or prescriptions and weight loss medicines. You can begin your weight loss journey right away.

Stress and Chronic Fatigue
Both stress and chronic fatigue can have a crippling effect on a person. People under a significant level of mental or physical stress are often victims of this kind of mental health issue. Contact Mango Clinic to connect with a therapist and get a personalized strategy to give your body a much-needed boost of energy.

You can also check other services we provide at Mango Clinic.

Even if you don’t have health insurance, we’re here to help. You can make appointments any day you wish, and there are no long waits. To learn more, contact us today.

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Treat your depression, anxiety, ADHD, or insomnia with the help of our therapists who accept insurance for counseling and prescription management. Get evidence-based care and follow a personalized treatment plan to see the results soon.

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Dr. Laura Purdy
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Dr. Dennis Polzin
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Mental Health Insurance Coverage | Mango Clinic Mental Telehealthcare
Mental Health Insurance Coverage | Mango Clinic Mental Telehealthcare
Mental Health Insurance Coverage | Mango Clinic Mental Telehealthcare
Mental Health Insurance Coverage | Mango Clinic Mental Telehealthcare

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