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Your weight dramatically influences your health. And you cannot talk about matters of weight conclusively before delving into Body Mass Index (BMI) concept. Typically, BMI is your weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters. Your child’s weight must be directly proportional to their height. Any weight that doesn’t conform to the expected height may result in serious health problems.

Children Obesity Facts
Children Obesity Facts

What are the causes of weight problems in children?

Weight management practices require a lot of discipline and sacrifice. As a caring parent, you have to help your young ones to ensure that they continuously carry out routine practices that promote weight loss. But before you master the excellent practices that encourage weight loss, it is wise first to understand what causes poor weight management. The following are a number of the key practices that hinder proper weight management in children:

1.Lack of specific eating schedule

If your child eats in irregular schedules, then expect your weight loss management practices to go wrong. You should ensure that your child eats only at the appropriate time. Typically, a good schedule is divided into three parts; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ensure you serve only a well-balanced diet to your child at all times.

2.Consuming junk food

If your child consumes excessive junk food, then expect him or her to gain unhealthy weight rapidly. Most junk food such as sweets, chocolates, processed foods contains too many sugars that are not suitable for individuals who want to lose weight.

3. Lack of effective physical exercise

Practical exercises and workouts trigger rapid weight loss. Excess calories are burnt effectively whenever your child undertake any physical activity. If your child fails to exercise, then your weight loss efforts will amount to nothing. Therefore, you should ensure that your child engages in at least one hour of physical activity each day.

4.Impulsive eating

If your child engages in impulsive eating, naturally, he or she will gain rapid weight you should ensure that there is a clear meal plan and train your kid to be disciplined enough to follow the procedure strictly.

What Are The Consequences Of Improper Weigh Management In Children?

Weight gain is a recipe for myriads of health problems. The consequences of failing to monitor your child’s weight properly are adverse. Some of these health problems include:

  • Heart diseases and complications
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Underweight

Although these overweight problems affect the quality of life of your kid, they are not a death sentence. Additionally, your child will still have an opportunity to lose weight and reduce the health risks associated with obesity. However, you need to help your child take immediate and necessary steps that will help them manage their weight loss effectively and quickly.

9 nutrients every child should get daily
9 Nutrients Every Child Should Get Daily

Essential Considerations for Weight Loss in Children

You will be forgiven to think that weight loss is all about consuming less food. However, effective weight loss management involves much more than going on fasting. In fact, when you eat less, you run a risk of compromising your overall health because your body organs need energy and nutrients to function optimally.

A sound weight loss management program for children must involve active participation of parents or guardians. The following things that you must consider when drawing and implementing an effective weight management program for your kid:

Offering unconditional support– you should provide as much support to your child as possible. Let the kid feel that you care and that you are an equal stakeholder who is keen at finding a solution to the problem they are facing. It is wrong to deny your kids unhealthy snacks and go-ahead to consume the same in their presence. As a family, share the special diet meal the child is eating whenever you get a chance to eat together.

The fats factor– most people tend to blame fats for their weight woes. However, fats are not always an issue. Fats are an essential part of your kid’s diet. Still, you should not feed your kid on processed and saturated fats.

Eating regularly– don’t deny your child food with the false hope that they will lose weight. Instead, you should draw up a regular eating schedule. Such a plan is more effective because the body will adjust and adequately digest the food whenever your child eats at specific times.

Improve the mood of your child– your child’s mood plays a central role in weight management. You should always ensure that your child exercises more and have several fun-filled activities that improve their mood. A stressed child may end up consuming too much food that may reverse the weight loss gains.

Finally, maintaining the weight of your child is a lot easier than that of a grown-up. You should establish the right weight loss program in your child’s life that will form part of their lifestyle. Book an appointment with MangoClinic to gain professional help.


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To humans is sickness. Falling sick is a natural fact of life. You may try your very best to keep up with the best health practices, and still lose the fight against different diseases. The best you can do is to seek appropriate medication once you fall sick. Different kinds of illnesses require various forms of medicine. Some sicknesses are more severe than others. Therefore, we have to use different approaches to tackle different cases. In this effort, we seek medical help from prescription drugs.

So, what are prescription drugs?

Prescription drugs are pharmaceutical medications that legally require medical prescriptions for dispensation. Over-the-counter (OTC) medications do not require medical prescriptions. In contrast to OTC drugs, prescription medication are more potent.

How about safety? Prescription drugs are safe as long as you take them at the right time, in the right amount, and in the right way. Choosing the correct dose of the drug in the wrong form is unsafe as taking the wrong dosage. Why? Prescription drugs are quite potent. The high potency can bring about severe side effects when you ignore the physician’s instruction.

The side effects common among prescription drugs may include:

  • Constipation
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Skin rashes or reactions
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness or drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Abnormal heart rhythms
  • Internal bleeding
  • Cancer
7 medications that cause weight gain
7 Medications That Cause Weight Gain

Factors Influencing Individual Side Effects

Side effects do not always come from drug misuse or abuse. Some times, the side effects may arise from unrelated factors. In this article, we shall narrow down on dealing with weight issues as a side effect of prescription drugs. To better understand the subject, we have to talk about how prescription drugs cause weight complications.

Factors that cause weight issues:

  • Interaction between drugs in a single dose
  • Interaction between drugs and food/herbs
  • The reaction by the individual to certain ingredients of the drug
  • The reaction of an individual to the form or dosage of the drug
  • The drug inflicting damage to your tissues to eradicate the disease

How to Deal with Weight Issues Related to Prescription Drugs

Now that you know how prescription drugs work, you are in a better position to comprehend the next subject. The goal here is not to substitute prescription drugs. Instead, we will discuss how to mitigate the side effect of weight loss or gain. Your doctor has your best interests in mind. He or she can help you determine the best therapy for your situation.

Below are steps to follow when dealing with the weight fluctuations that come with prescription drugs:

  1. Consult with Your Doctor: This first step is crucial. If you observe any side effects, not just weight fluctuations, your doctor should be your first call.
  2. Adjust Your Eating Patterns: This step is necessary yet challenging to implement. Despite the difficulty, you must imply this step.
  3. Avoid Self Starvation: There is a community that believes starvation is the answer to this weight problem. Contrary to popular opinion, fasting does not help. Instead, it may bring up more health issues.
  4. Adjust Your Lifestyle and Work Out Accordingly: This is a hack worth trying. It takes more than measuring your intake to address weight issues. Your lifestyle affects many sectors of your life and health. Lifestyle may affect your mood, your sleeping habits, and mental health.
  5. Plan Out Your Meals: Some prescription medication may have you craving for certain meals. Crash eating or impulsive indulgence is an issue in weight management. At your low moments, the only thing in your mind is quenching your desire for food. Hunger is quite an active instigator. To fight impulsive eating, draft yourself a food timetable. Make the best effort to adhere to your new feeding regime. This organization should not stop you from spicing up your diet. Try to add some exciting but safe meals to your program—everything in moderation.

With the directives above, you can keep your weight in check.

Possible complications of weight gained by medications!
Possible Complications of Weight Gained by Medications.

Weight Loss Treatment, Miami

With different prescription drugs come various weight issues. Some patients lose weight; others make gains. At Mango Clinic, our doctors consider all matters before charting a path forward. Severe weight gain is not healthy. It may lead to heart disease, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and other conditions.

With our weight loss prescription, you can make significant strides in managing your weight. Our health professionals will help you set a diet and exercise program. Call our Miami offices on (305)776-28898 to book your appointment now.

Mango Clinic puts your health interests above everything.

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Childbirth can trigger several powerful emotions ranging from joy and excitement to fear and anxiety. In some instances, it can trigger depression. As a new mum, you may experience “baby blues” that is characterized by anxiety, mood swings, and difficulty sleeping. These typically begin after the first few days of childbirth and may last for up to two weeks. However, you may also experience more severe long-lasting depression known as postnatal depression. This condition is common in new mothers, and can also affect fathers or partners.


What is postnatal depression?

Postnatal depression, which is also known as postpartum depression, is a complex mix of emotional, physical, and behavioral changes that affect new mothers. Unlike baby blues, postnatal depression lasts more than a few days. If you experience the symptoms discussed below for weeks after giving birth, you should seek help. It becomes more evident that you are suffering from postnatal depression if the symptoms affect your day to day life.


postpartum depression
Facts of Postpartum Depression


What causes postnatal depression?

Not one factor causes the condition. However, one or more of the following issues may be responsible.

  • A history of mental health conditions like bipolar disorder or depression
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Serious health problems
  • Excessive worrying about parenting
  • A weak support system
  • Marital or financial challenges
  • The occurrence of a problematic event during pregnancy
  • An unwanted or difficult pregnancy
  • Being in an abusive relationship
  • Having a baby with special needs or health issues
  • Drug and alcohol misuse
  • Inadequate and unhealthy diet

Even if you do not have the above trigger factors, remember childbirth alone is a life-changing event that can trigger depression. It takes time to adjust to parenting, and being a new parent can be exhausting and stressful.


What are the signs and symptoms of postnatal depression?

When you have psychological issues, a third party should observe the signs and symptoms for you. If you do it for yourself, you might downplay or ignore the symptoms. Reach out to an expert if you experience the following symptoms or see them in someone else.

  • Persistent sadness
  • Constantly feeling guilty
  • Loss of interest in activities you would usually enjoy
  • Difficulty bonding with the baby
  • Constant fatigue
  • Rapid mood swings
  • Extreme anxiety and agitation
  • Hallucinations
  • Trouble sleeping. This could present as too much sleep or not sleeping enough
  • Thoughts about harming yourself or the baby
  • Difficulty concentrating and remembering things
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Withdrawing from people
Self-treating PPD
Dangers of Self-treating PPD


What are the treatment options for postnatal depression?

With early diagnosis, you can treat postnatal depression and continue with your daily life. Treatment options can be medicinal or non-medicinal.

If the depression becomes severe, a GP can sometimes use medicinal treatment. But, this option may not be necessary if the condition is detected early.

Mainly, your doctor might recommend antidepressants to help you sleep better and cope with feelings of hopelessness and irritation. Hormone therapy can also help you get out of depression. With hormone therapy, a physician will often administer estrogen alongside antidepressants.

However, some risks may arise with the use of hormone therapy, so ensure you first talk to your doctor about what is safest for you. Keep an open mind, and remember, it might take a little experimentation to master what works best for you.

Some of the non-medicinal treatments used to treat postnatal depression include the following:

  • Cognitive therapy to help you work out your thought pattern
  • Practicing a healthy sleeping habit
  • Exercising regularly
  • Practicing mindfulness and meditation
  • Getting out into the sunshine
  • Joining a therapy group
  • Eating well and routinely. Primarily, your medic will also recommend you take a healthy diet.
  • Talking to family and friends
  • Engaging in activities that you enjoy

How do you get help for postnatal depression?

Talk to your GP if you think that you are undergoing depression. Most healthcare providers have adequate training to detect postnatal depression. In instances where they cannot help you, they will refer you to someone who can. Do not struggle alone. Seek the help that you need. Remember, there is a range of support available and that being depressed does not mean that you are a terrible parent.

Postpartum depression can interfere with how you bond with your baby. You might experience inconsistencies in developing a healthy connection with your newborn. Else, you might also become less social and stop taking care of yourself. These will only make the situation worse.

To help cope with postpartum depression, lean on your loved ones for support when you need it, and create time to cater to your physical and emotional well being. If you are not up to chores and other physically and emotionally demanding activities, let them go. Use your energy to cater to basic needs for you and the baby.

It’s no longer baby blues if it negatively affects your daily life and continues for weeks. Remember, you can also help someone else going through it by seeking help for them earlier.

If you are seeking medical assistance to deal postpartum depression effectively then you are just where you have to be. Book an appointment with  MangoClinic to gain professional help to win the battle against PPD.


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Is there a silver bullet solution for your weight problem? No, that’s the plain truth. Is there a weight loss plan that doesn’t involve changing the way you eat and workout? If such a program exists, don’t walk away from its purveyors, run! Many biological processes must happen in the background that governs for weight loss to occur. But the weight loss industry which now has a net worth of $72.7 billion mostly thrives on hidden and twisted truths. Let’s investigate together.

Why do people need to lose weight?

According to the CDC, a healthy weight is calculated using your height and body mass index. Your BMI is your weight in kgs divided by your height. If you find that your BMI is more than 25, then you fall into the overweight category. If it is more than 30, you are considered obese.

Now, being overweight does not make you sick. Instead, it makes you susceptible to various illnesses, many among them high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart diseases. Obesity increases your risk for these diseases and conditions.


Can you lose weight in just a few weeks?

The weight loss process happens gradually. It begins when there is a calorie deficit between what you eat and what your body burns for fuel. Even with this calorie deficit, there are still fat deposits that will need to be broken down and burnt to energy.

The breakdown of fats only happens if there is a prolonged calorie deficit. It’s likely a hoax then if someone tells you that a weight loss solution will help you lose weight overnight.

Drawbacks of Rapid Weight Loss
Drawbacks of Rapid Weight Loss


Starving yourself is the fastest way to lose weight, truth, or false?

These are called crash diets, and even though they may have some significant short term results, the weight loss will not be sustainable. After going through such diets, WebMD reports that most people gain back the lost weight. Coming from a fasting session, your body will still be held up in a low metabolic state, and thus most of the calories you eat will get stored as fat.

But rebound weight gain is not the only problem with crash diets. Starving is an extreme weight control measure that denies your body the nutrients it needs for its functions. It heightens your risk for illnesses, including the ones discussed earlier.


Does going to the gym every day help to lose weight?

Weight loss is about your whole lifestyle. You lose weight by what you eat, how you work out, how you sleep, and manage emotional stress, among other things. You do not automatically lose weight if you work out for five days a week. It’s also not a guarantee that you will lose weight if you adopt a vegetarian lifestyle living off fruits and vegetables. The right weight loss program for you should focus on your entire lifestyle.


No pain no gain, right?

Yes and no. What is the definition of pain to you? If that involves going to bed hungry or working out your muscles sore every day, then the answer is no. Even so, a legit weight loss program often requires that you be ready to make uncomfortable adjustments. That may include waking up early in the morning to run, preparing your meals at home, and cutting back on beer and wine.

Tips to Lose Weight Effectively
Tips to Lose Weight Effectively

Will a celebrity weight-loss program work for me?

You can learn from their healthy weight loss tips, but you cannot copy-paste that into your life. Weight loss is personal because our biological and mental factors are all programmed uniquely. Not a single weight loss plan can work the same for two people. As you adopt other people’s ideas, it would help to customize and personalize them, and to remember that they may or may not work as you expect.

Eating fat makes you fat, mama said. Was she right?

She was right, but maybe you need to ask her what kind of fat she was referring to. The saturated fats or trans-fats, those found in junk food such as fries will expand your waist circumference, no doubt. But a healthier type of fats, unsaturated fats such as omega-three fatty acids can help you lose weight faster. So, not all fat makes you fat.


Can I lose weight with the use of slimming pills?

Most slimming pills advertised as such rarely work as expected. Even so, there are approved prescription medications that your doctor can recommend when you need to make urgent weight loss. These pills work by reducing appetite or increasing your energy levels for physical activity. Mostly, these pills are prescribed if you are unable to lose weight the natural way, and you have a medical problem related to obesity.

Behind the thriving weight, the loss industry is misconceptions and sometimes lies. But when you know the truth, it “sets you free.” You can make better choices by recognizing that weight loss isn’t about one thing but everything in your life.

If you truly want to enjoy every bit of life with great health book an appointment with MangoClinic and get yourself one-of-a-kind consultation and incredible weight loss treatments that work wonders.


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Life, as we know it, has some ups and downs, and contrary to what many of us may think, challenges are not always a bad thing. Problems are an integral part of the things that help us grow and forge ahead in our lives.

Naturally, one of the many reasons we make everyday life decisions and perform various actions is primarily because we want to overcome some challenges. The issue is not having to face challenges but is encountering problems that severely overwhelm us. Unfortunately, when the challenges of life overwhelm you, this is no longer healthy, and it transforms into stress.

What Is Stress?

Stress can simply be defined as an involuntary response to a particular external stimulus. It is a distinct reaction to a given situation where an individual feels anxious or threatened. It represents a feeling of physical or emotional tension.

Anything that places very high demands on you can usually be stressful. The pressures and circumstances that result in stress are called stressors. More often than not, we consider stressors as entirely negative, like a problematic rocky relationship or an overwhelming work schedule.

In most cases, however, stress can usually be positive (like preparing for a graduation, wedding, or party) or negative (like trying to cope with a natural calamity). In this post, we will discuss the negative form of stress, which can have a severe impact on you.

What Causes Stress?

A wide array of factors can cause stress. The undeniable fact is, we are all prone to getting stressed so long as we are alive. Nonetheless, there are some particular experiences and circumstances that make you more prone to stress. Here are some of the most common causes of stress.

  • Experiencing or being a victim of various unforeseen, traumatic events like theft, natural calamities, rape, robbery, among others.
  • Being in a financial crisis like huge pending debts.
  • The passing away of a loved one.
  • Inability to successfully accomplish a given task within a given deadline.
  • Failing in your tasks or endeavors.
  • Being in the dilemma of having to make a difficult decision.
  • An unexpected delay in endeavors you have worked hard to accomplish.
  • Experiencing personal interpersonal or relationship problems such as separation.
  • Struggling with various educational issues such as learning difficulty, poor grades, or finding it difficult to adjust to learning demands.
  • Having impractical expectations on something or someone that ends up in disappointment.
  • Transitioning into a new phase of your life like getting accepted into a college or getting married.
  • Harboring twisted, unhealthy, and uninformed perceptions of circumstances and certain things, for instance, interpreting momentary disappointment as depression.
  • Having an unhealthy perception of certain things, for example, interpreting a temporary failure as depression.

Signs and Symptoms of Stress


Signs of Emotional Stress
Signs of stress


Although stress cannot be entirely described as a sickness, it, however, similarly manifests itself like with an ailment. More often than not, when you are going through a stressful period, you will experience various symptoms just like you would when feeling sick.

The important thing to note, however, is that the symptoms you experience are not only associated with stress alone and can be signs of other issues. This, therefore, renders it crucial for you to consult with an expert before making any conclusions.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of stress you should look out for.

  • Fatigue and Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty or lack of concentration
  • Sleeping disorders. You can be oversleeping or not getting enough sleep
  • Sudden mood changes/mood swings

As we earlier outlined, the symptoms associated with stress are not unique to stress alone. As such, in case you observe a few of these mentioned symptoms, you must consult with your physician, particularly when they seem to hinder your ability to function correctly.

Stress Management: Healthy Ways of Dealing with Stress

Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can use to deal with stress. However, the primary concern is that not all stress management tactics are healthy. Learning healthy ways of coping with stress can help alleviate both stress symptoms and stressful emotions.

The most effective way of dealing with stress entails developing a habit (and a healthy one to emphasize). Certain habits like alcoholism, smoking, violence, drug abuse, and indulging in unhealthy sexual practices are some of the most popular ways we use to cope with stress, but which are not healthy.


Deal with Stress
Stress Management


To deal with stress appropriately, here are a few healthy and widely recommended approaches you can adopt to cope with stress.

  • Seeing a professional therapist
  • Adequately and regularly exercising
  • Learning to relax
  • Practicing appropriate breath control exercises
  • Participating in various healthy recreational activities that you enjoy, like traveling, reading, etc.
  • Taking some time off, if necessary
  • Transforming your physical environment and eradicating things that trigger the stress
  • Avoiding unrealistic expectations and not being too hard on yourself when things don’t go as planned

You need to seek help from a medical health professional immediately if you are stressed before you face severe health issues. Schedule an appointment today at


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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is most common among children, but it may continue into adulthood. Treatment for this condition often focuses on medicine and stimulants. Most people never consider natural supplements as an alternative.

Natural Supplement Treatments for ADHD

Some natural supplements do help with managing ADHD. They form the basis of conventional ADHD medicine. Following is an overview of natural supplement treatments for ADHD.

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids6

Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is necessary for the brain’s health. People who have ADHD have low levels of DHA, so taking Omega-3 fatty acids helps. Omega-3 fatty acids are also rich in dopamine and serotonin, which are associated with happiness and relaxation.

Mayo Clinic and the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health have officially reported that Omega-3 fatty acids help with ADHD. Studies, however, are mixed about the supplement’s efficacy.

  • Vitamins C and D

Adults who have ADHD often have low amounts of vitamins C and D. These vitamins are essential for the brain’s optimal performance, as well as for the production of vital hormones. Natural supplements help minimize symptoms such as impulsivity, albeit dismally.

  • Zinc

Zinc helps the body absorb minerals and vitamins necessary for the brain’s optimal performance. Mayo Clinic reports that zinc helps with some of ADHD’s symptoms, including hyperactivity and impulsivity. Zinc supplements, however, are only recommended for patients at a high risk of zinc deficiency.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium deficiency not only slows down mental performance, but also actively induces conditions such as a short attention span, confusion, and irritability. These conditions make ADHD worse, and these conditions seem to ease after patients take their magnesium supplements.

There are no studies on how magnesium supplements help with ADHD. Physicians also recommend these supplements only for people at a high risk of deficiency as magnesium is toxic in high doses.

  • Iron

Iron helps with the production of norepinephrine and dopamine, which help better manage stress and emotions. A study conducted in 2012 links iron deficiency to mental disorders among young adults. These disorders are thought to be more pronounced among young adults who have ADHD.

Iron supplements, however, are only recommended for people suffering from extreme iron deficiency. It can be toxic in high doses.


Natural Supplements for ADHD
Top 3 Natural Supplements for ADHD Treatment


Shortcomings of ADHD Supplements

ADHD is a chronic condition that takes time and a multi-pronged approach to treatment. It is, as such, not advisable to place too much hope on natural supplements. They are only recommended as an alternative to conventional medicine.

Natural ADHD supplements do help, but they have several shortcomings:

  • Insufficient Background Research

There is insufficient information on exactly how natural supplements help treat ADHD. Most of the studies are based on the usual benefits of these supplements, most of which overlap with ADHD symptoms.

  • Indefinite Timeframe

ADHD starts from childhood and can progress into adulthood, which makes time an essential factor for treatment. Physicians can estimate how long conventional medicine may take to work under certain conditions, but research on the working timeframe for natural supplements is inconclusive.

  • Limited Efficiency

Natural supplements are just that: supplements. They are not as strong or as efficient as conventional medicine. Their effects are mild at best and take more time to take effect compared to conventional medicine.

  • Mild Side Effects

Natural supplements may also have mild side-effects in some patients. The nature and intensity of side effects depend on the patient’s physiology and related factors, such as any additional medication. Taking some of these supplements in high doses is also dangerous.


ADHD Symptoms
Symptoms of ADHD


Best ADHD Supplements Practices

The limited capability of shortcomings, combined with their potential for side effects, makes it necessary to exercise caution when using them. Physicians recommend taking the following measures to make the most use of these supplements and stay safe doing it:

  • Consult Your Physician

Natural supplements come with some mild side effects, as mentioned. They may also give a negative reaction when used together with some conventional medicine. As such, it is recommended to consult your physician before committing to a regimen of supplements.

Periodic appointments are also recommended to follow up on the effects of these supplements. Patients should not ignore any unusual changes, especially during the first stages of using supplements.

  • Combine with Conventional Medicine

Natural supplements may not work well with some medicines, but they may help boost these medications’ efficiency in some cases. For example, natural supplements work well with cognitive behavioral therapy.

ADHD is Manageable

ADHD is not easy to cope with, but it is manageable and treatable. Adults who have ADHD shouldn’t be afraid to take hold of proven remedies. Unfortunately, natural supplements are often overlooked, despite their proven benefits against ADHD symptoms.

Natural supplements are safe. And, while they are not as effective as conventional medicine, their effects build up over time and help with the patients’ overall health. If you have ADHD concerns, it’s always better to consult a mental health professional first. Schedule an appointment with today.


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Emotional support animals can be beneficial for many patients around the world, but not everyone may know the qualifications or what to look out for. Mango Clinic wants to help all potential patients understand the things they may face when looking for an ESA letter. While we provide a legitimate service for patients, it is very easy to look online and think someone can do it better or easier. But too many of these sites are fraudulent, which is why we want to help you know what to look out for when browsing these sites.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

Some people treat their disorders or ailments with medication and therapy sessions. However, these same options do not work for everyone, which is why alternative forms of treatment exist. This is why some people choose to have emotional support animals, as they prove to be a significant help for the patient.

ESAs are not specially trained, nor do they have to be. Any domesticated pet that you may already own can qualify to be your ESA; if you feel tremendously better when you are with your pet, they can count as your ESA. Their presence providing immense calm and peace for the owner is all they really need to do.

As for what counts as an ESA, many will think that only dogs, and occasionally cats, qualify. However, these are only among the most popular, due to them already being popular household pets. The truth is that many other types of animals can qualify to be ESAs, such as birds, pigs, snakes, and rabbits.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

Due to the importance of being able to stay with these pets as often as possible, many ESA owners might fear landlords, and airlines will hassle them. This is, unfortunately, a real problem that can happen, which is a significant reason pet owners might be interested in getting one of these letters.

An ESA document ensures that you have legitimate reasons for being with your animal companion as much as you need to be. The document is signed and written by a licensed physician who will be able to confirm this recommendation when contacted. Only licensed doctors who you speak with directly are able to provide these letters; otherwise, the letter can be rejected as invalid. This is why you always want to make sure your letter is authentic, as it is easy to get an invalid document and have it be rejected.


Emotional Support Animal Letter
Legitimate ESA Letter Contents


Who Are United Support Animals?

As we have already stated, there are plenty of online sites out there that may not be the most trustworthy for getting an ESA letter. One possible site is, which features many of the things that one should look out for when wanting to get a letter.

United Support Animals appears to offer services regarding not just emotional support animals, but also service animals. More importantly, the website uses the word “registry,” which might make sense for service animals, but has absolutely no place when it comes to getting an emotional support animal. Your ESA does not have to be registered by anyone or any organization that claims to be a registry. The use of the word “register” or “registry” is one of the easiest ways to identify a fraudulent or untrustworthy site, and United Support Animals use it right on their homepage.

Their homepage also presents its prices for ESA and service animal “registration,” which range from $59 to $109. You can dig a bit further under the “Shop” page and see the various options they have, including Basic, Standard, and Deluxe. This section is something you will see on many other sites, as the packages provide the certificate, along with ID cards, collars, and of course, a red vest. The only thing you ever need when getting an ESA letter is the letter itself; vests, collars, and ID cards are entirely unnecessary.

One thing you might miss is the detail which states that these packages come with a “Lifetime ESA Registration.” We have already stated that registrations for ESAs are nonexistent, but we would also like to let you know that there is nothing “lifetime” about getting an ESA letter. All ESA documents have an expiration date lasting one year, which means you have to get it renewed yearly if you intend to keep using it after the date listed.

While the prices might seem reasonable, they are also a major warning against using their service. This is because actual ESA letters are not under $100; on average, an ESA letter should cost you between $130 and $199. What’s even stranger is that the more expensive packages on United Support Animals include a “registration” and a housing/travel letter. This makes very little sense since, in theory, you would only need one or the other, not both. It makes one wonder what the point of registering their pet is if you would still need a separate letter.



Are United Support Animals Legit?

While they do mention that you would be speaking with a “Mental Health Professional” (which is an important part of the process), there are too many things that make United Support Animals a suspicious business. Their use of referring to a “registry” and “registering” your pet are big enough red flags since no such registry exists for ESAs. Add the low prices and questionable packages, and you would be advised not to do business with United Support Animals.

Why Choose Mango Clinic?

If you want to make sure your ESA letter is as genuine as can be, make sure you get it with Mango Clinic. We make sure each patient speaks with one of our licensed doctors, who will then sign for you an ESA letter, making it official. Never worry about being asked or questioned about your letter when you get it with Mango Clinic. Visit our website, or call us to make your appointment today.


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An emotional support animal can be a great help to many people, but not everyone knows how to get one. There is a lot of misinformation about ESAs, letters, and how people go about getting them. Mango Clinic wants to make sure you know everything necessary regarding ESA letters, including how to get one and how to avoid fraudulent websites. It can be very easy to come across illegitimate services, but knowing what to look out for will help you with your search.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

For many people with mental and physical disorders, medication and various forms of therapy are among the most recommended. These forms of treatment can be very helpful and have shown to be beneficial for many patients around the world. However, while these treatment options might be helpful for many, this does not mean they will be useful to all. There are many cases where patients require something different for treatment, though they may not know what else might work.

There is no shortage of alternative forms of treatment for those going through a health disorder. One of these is having an emotional support animal, also known as an ESA. There can be a lot said and misunderstood when it comes to ESAs, but it is much simpler than many people would think. Unlike a service animal, an ESA requires absolutely no type of training, as their presence is all that is needed to make them an ESA. This means that a person with a domestic pet may already have an ESA if the pet makes them feel better the same way a form of medication or therapy session would.

As for what counts as an ESA, many would assume dogs are the only animal there is. But this would exclude cats, another highly popular domestic animal, along with many others that can qualify. These other ESA options include birds, pigs, rabbits, and snakes; each of these comes with their own unique advantages that work for some individuals more than others.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

If you have already chosen your emotional support animal, then what you might be looking for next is an ESA letter. Unless you live in your own home and don’t ever travel, there is a good chance you will be needing an ESA letter. One of these letters can work for housing, travel, or both.

This letter allows you to live in a residential complex without having to pay any unfair fees or leave the complex because of your ESA. You can also use the letter when you go traveling on a flight, where it is very easy for airlines to bar you from flying because of your ESA. If you are not restricted from boarding, you may still have to pay an unfair fee, something an ESA letter can prevent.


ESA certification
Online ESA certification Scam


Who Are Waggy?

Waggy (also known by their URL, is an online website that claims to offer ESA letters for low prices. Their homepage is very straightforward for an ESA site; everything you would want or need is there. They emphasize how low their prices are in comparison to other similar sites, as well as explaining what comes with their letter packages. Along with a “Low Price Guarantee,” their packages include a “Money Back Guarantee,” a “Customer Hotline,” and a letter “Signed by Licensed Therapist.”

They outline their process as being four steps: free qualification test, picking your plan, getting “matched” with a therapist, and receiving the letter. This all seems understandable, but if you have seen enough fraudulent websites online, then this process might look pretty familiar.

Many of these types of sites ask you to prequalify online via a free test questionnaire like thing, which always asks the same kinds of questions. The problem is that, if you were to make an appointment to get an ESA letter, you would not have to fill out a questionnaire beforehand. All the questions these questionnaires ask would be consulted with a licensed doctor who you speak with.

Another issue is that Waggy does not explicitly state whether you would be speaking directly with a licensed doctor or not. While it does say you would be “matched” with a therapist, it does not indicate if that means a therapist will speak with you or simply look over your questionnaire without your input. The most it states is that you can “Connect with your therapist whenever and wherever you are,” which could be an after-the-fact situation.

Are Waggy Legit?

There is already enough on their website to be at least a little suspicious, but there is one other thing you may not have noticed. Legitimate businesses are not shy about having their physical address on their website. The lack of an address is usually a bad sign, but since Waggy provides one, we decided to look it up.

Looking up their address lead us to a Better Business Bureau webpage, which had a few recent complaints listed. These complaints mostly stated that Waggy was not to be trusted due to lying during check out (such as charging customers for a package they did not want), not processing refunds, and for providing spotty certificates. For these reasons and more, we do not recommend Waggy for your ESA letter needs.


ESA Letter Scam
The ESA Letter Scam List


Why Choose Mango Clinic?

Getting a genuine ESA letter, signed and written by a licensed physician, is not as hard as it may seem. Mango Clinic makes it easy to get an ESA letter by making sure all you have to do is either make an appointment online or on the phone. We make each and every patient speak directly with a licensed doctor, which can either be in person or via telehealth communication, such as video chat or a phone call. Once you’re approved, we have your ESA letter emailed to you as well as physically stamped and signed. Call us or visit our appointment page today.


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The Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders did not allow a joint diagnosis of ADHD and autism spectrum disorders like Asperger’s disorder until late in 2013. The DSM plays a significant impact on the way research is conducted and this recent change paves a way for better clinical management of patients with these conditions.

Autism has always been considered a more severe condition than ADHD; hence different management practices were applied. However, recent studies show a similarity in the symptoms of both conditions, which begs the question: is there an overlap between ADHD and Asperger’s disorder? The text expounds on the issue.

ADHD and Asperger’s Disorder

What is ADHD?

ADHD is an acronym for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The condition develops in childhood and affects one’s ability to focus, communicate, and learn. Some kids experience reduced symptoms as they grow old, while for others, the condition persists into their adolescent years and adulthood.

What is Asperger’s Disorder?

It is a disorder or a syndrome that affects a child’s ability to socialize and communicate. As such, the child may develop restrictive and repetitive behavior, including attachment to a particular item. The disorder is part of the larger group of neurodevelopment conditions known as autistic spectrum disorders.

The Overlap

Studies show 30-80% of patients that have autism also exhibit ADHD symptoms. However, patients that have both sets of symptoms are less likely to respond to regular ADHD treatment. These findings have prompted scientists to make a more detailed look into the two conditions.



Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Similar Symptoms in ADHD and AS

Children with either of the conditions experience:

  • Difficulty in interacting with other people
  • Episodes of non-stop talking
  • Extreme impulsivity
  • Reduced concentration on things that don’t interest them

How the Conditions Differ

While AS and ADHD share many symptoms, there are behavioral traits that set them apart. Symptoms AS patients exhibit include:

  • Intense interest in a particular object or topic
  • Difficulty understanding others feelings and those of oneself
  • Difficulty understanding irony, humor, or sarcasm
  • Lack of rhythm when talking
  • Inability to make nonverbal communication like facial expressions, eye contact and body gestures
  • Lack of an essential motor development milestone like bouncing a basketball or catching a ball

Symptoms that Set ADHD Apart

  • Learning difficulties
  • Poor memory
  • Trouble paying attention
  • Reacting without restraint
  • Getting distracted easily
  • Need to play or touch everything in a new environment


Asperger Syndrome, AS
Asperger Syndrome Symptoms


Why is there an Overlap in Symptoms?

A detailed examination of patients’ brain structures is critical to understanding why the conditions overlap. A paper examining MRI scans from more than 500 participants with a particular interest in a brain structure called the caudate nucleus was recently published. The structure was found to predict the similarity in behavioral traits between the two conditions.

The paper also studied the globus pallidus, another brain structure that affects both conditions. Both structures are located on the front part of the brain called the striatum, which plays a critical role in decision-making, planning, and motivation.

The caudate guides the brain in selecting goals it wants to achieve, and the globus pallidus updates the reward value based on the outcome of the action. Upon examination, autistic traits were common where there were high caudate-related activities and lower globus pallidus-related activities.

Another study on autistic children found similar results in that the kids exhibited reduced connectivity between voice-selective parts of the temporal lobe and the striatum. As such, the kids did not react to voices as much as healthy children.

This overlap of ADHD and Asperger’s disorder paves the way for researchers to investigate aspects like developmental stages of kids with the conditions, treatment response, and neuropsychological measures that should be applied.

Be its ADHD or Asperger’s disorder; none of these should spell doom on you. If you have either of the conditions, feel free to contact Mango Clinic for the best professional help. Visit our website today for inquiries about our services and to schedule an appointment.


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A variety of different ADHD treatments are out there, some use medicine, some don’t. Primarily, stimulants are found to be the most effective by many medical professionals. For around 70% of ADHD patients, such alternatives are often seen to be successful.

Meanwhile, the other 30% tend to lean toward non-stimulant medication or other options where appropriate. In order to give you the clearest picture, we’ll quickly help you understand what an ADHD stimulant drug is, what it does, proper dosages, and related side effects.

What ADHD Stimulant Drugs Really Are

Essentially, if you, an adult loved one, or a child is using stimulant ADHD drugs, these tend to take effect inside a few hours of their administration. When this happens, mental shifts take place. These are notable through behavioral changes.

Whoever has taken the medication, in proper dosage, of course, will suddenly have the ability to more efficiently organize themselves. They’ll have a greater ability to focus on specific things, complete tasks with less distraction, pay close attention, and listen more actively.

There are a variety of ADHD medications out there that have varying effects like these, and one which has become notable recently is Adhansia XR. As with other, similar reviews, be advised that an article such as this represents no alternative to the advice of your doctor. When what is said in the review is different than what a doctor advises, you’ll want to go with the doctor instead. That said, consider the following information as you go about finding an effective medication for ADHD.

Specific Adhansia XR Uses

Though it goes without saying, for clarity, it’s notable that Adhansia XR is specifically designed to treat those suffering from ADHD. It is administered in capsule form. Within the capsule are many tiny beads containing medication layers which have immediate release capability.

Adhansia XR can either be taken in full as a pill, swallowed with a glass of water, or you can open the capsule and sprinkle the beads either in a drink, yogurt, on ice cream, or whatever is convenient. However it’s ingested, it’s best when swallowed whole.

Try not to chew on it, it’s best to totally consume a single dose (at whatever dosage level) inside ten minutes. If one of these capsules has been removed from the pack, there’s no use in trying to put it back. Also, be sure no alcohol is ingested when this is taken, as alcohol has a quickening effect.

Adhansia XR for ADHD
Adhansia XR

Side Effects of Adhansia XR

All stimulants have side effects, and Adhansia is not any different. Any sort of drug is apt to have some sort of side effect, that’s just part of the risk associated with such medical alternatives. That which separates Adhansia and other approved drugs from the rest as that benefits tend to be greater than said side effects.

Also, side effect reduction is possible when the doctor who prescribes this medication understands your existing medical history. Be sure you inform your doctor of any pre-existing conditions which could pose a threat to yourself, or whoever you’re acquiring the drug for.

Specifically, methylphenidate allergies must be mentioned, as should any past substance abuse issues. It’s notable that even those with a totally clean history commonly experience some of these side effects:

  • Weight And Appetite Loss
  • Sleeping Issues
  • Dry Mouth

Should any of the following affect you or a loved one taking Adhansia, be sure to tell your doctor:

  • Finger And Toe Circulation Issues
  • Heart Issues
  • Priapism
  • Manifestation Of Bipolar Disorder
  • Stroke
  • Novel Depression

Should you only take your proscribed dose, the preponderance of such side effects will be reduced or totally eliminated?


Adhansia XR Side Effects
Side Effects of Adhansia XR

Administering Proper Adhansia XR Dosage

Dosages differ per individual. Following what your doctor says fits you or a loved one is the best option. What follows in this segment basically reflects common directives doctors give associated with this supplement.

Some individuals may feel dizzy from Adhansia, meaning it’s best to avoid the operation of heavy machinery or driving after ingestion. Different brands have different compositional elements; some have sugar–diabetics should advise their doctors. Since it’s a drug, addiction is a distinct possibility. This is, again, a fundamental reason to closely follow doctor orders. Many doctors advise a lower dose at the start. Be sure you never crush, eat, or chew Adhansia XR. This initiates the full release of the drug’s effects, collaterally expanding unfavorable side effects.

Lastly, it’s fundamental those proscribed this drug do not share it with others, even if they have the same condition. Research indicates no two ADHD treatments are precisely alike between different individuals. Even for twins with the same condition, the same treatment may not work. Different minds and different physiognomies produce different results. With any pharmaceutical, guidance from your doctor must be followed.

Do you have ADHD concerns? Always get prescribed before starting any medication. Schedule an appointment today with


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