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Uncovering The Worth Of Online Mental Health Therapy

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Counseling combined with medications is the best possible solution for your condition such as depression, anxiety, or insomnia. Today, you can get care online as telemedicine has made it convenient and accessible from diverse locations and at an affordable cost.

Online therapy services are highly effective in managing symptoms in adults. Professional counseling can further improve your recovery rate by helping to reverse your negative thought patterns and enable you to manage your emotions better. Mental health professionals recommend a combined treatment approach to deal with your emotional issues.

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Types Of Therapy
We Offer

Individual therapy helps the patient to understand certain aspects of their life that require changes, set achievable goals, and connect with themselves better. Personal talk therapy helps one to deal with depression, anger, anxiety, eating disorders, relationship problems, substance abuse, career changes, panic attacks, OCD, and more.

Personal Talk Therapy
Personal Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is a great way to discuss different topics: not just problems but also your feelings and emotions with a licensed therapist or a counselor who identifies crisis and diagnoses any underlying conditions.

Family Therapy
Family Therapy

Family therapy helps family members to figure out individual and common issues and work as a team to resolve them and strengthen family connections. This type of therapy is short-term and focuses on improving the communication aspect between those family members willing to participate. Such sessions are helpful in coping with anger, stress, conflicts, depression, etc.

Behavioral Therapy
Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy works by identifying specific behaviors that negatively affect your life. It is used to address phobias, OCD, anxiety, communication challenges, etc. The therapist develops action-oriented strategies during the consultation to boost your ability to tackle these behaviors.

Exposure Therapy
Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy offers a comfortable environment and helps people to overcome fears, phobias and anxiety. During the sessions of this therapy type, you identify your stress trigger factors and work on possible solutions. It focuses on creating vivid images of one’s phobia and uses technology to stimulate similar fears. Usually, it is used to address panic disorder, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, OCD, etc.

Mindfulness-based Therapy
Mindfulness-based Therapy

Mindfulness-based psychotherapy teaches you intense focus skills to make you deeply aware of your current surroundings and not be overwhelmed by any situation you face. Common practices and steps include yoga, observing present experience, focusing on breath and sensations, and more.

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Benefits Of Combined
Treatment For Mental Health

Mental Health Therapy

Medications improve brain function and chemistry

Mental Health Therapy

Medications provide quick relief from signs and symptoms of emotional issues

Mental Health Therapy

Counseling helps to manage your emotional dysregulation

Mental Health Therapy

Counseling improves your interpersonal, communication, and cognitive skills

Mental Health Therapy

Recovery becomes much easier when counseling is combined with medications

Mental Health Treatment Plan

Flexible treatment
Plans For You

More hours of therapy come with higher effectiveness and discounts.
The information about the number of sessions needed to achieve significant results will be set by your doctor after the initial consultation.


per session

Complete psychological evaluation by a licensed doctorIdentify the root causes of your mental health issuesLearning new self-management skills and strategiesBuilding up your self-confidence and pay attention to your strengthsSafe, secure, and confidential sessions for personality disorders treatment
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Medication Management

per visit

Complete assessment of your symptoms held by a licensed doctorGet accurate diagnosis following in-depth clinical evaluationReceive FDA approved medications prescribed the same dayGet instructions on dosage and duration of treatmentAsk for a review of the side-effects of prescribed medications and their management
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Treatment + Medication Management

per visit (save $70)

Evaluation, diagnosis, and prescription by a medical prescriberEvidence-based treatmentImplementation of self-management skills and development of treatment strategiesPrescription of FDA approved medicationsSafe, secure, and confidential online and in-person sessions covered by insurance24/7 customer support
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3 Therapy Sessions + Medication Management

per bundle. (value of $570)

You Save: $180 (31.57% OFF Regular Price)

Evaluation and diagnosis by a licensed mental health expert right from homeEvidence-based treatment and prescription of FDA approved medicationsComplete assessment of your treatment progress in follow-up visits
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Mental Health Therapy
Full Navigation Towards Recovery: A Complete Plan for Better Mental Health

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Mental Health Therapy

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Mental Health Therapy

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Book an appointment right away with our doctors specializing in a certain mental health field to begin screening.

Mental Health Therapy

Monthly Chat

Monthly text messaging chat with your healthcare provider helps you discuss progress and issues with your treatment plan and schedule follow-up appointments if required.

Mental Health Therapy

Meet Your Doctor

In the meet-up, a doctor is going to gauge a full picture of your condition and suggest a treatment plan accordingly.

Starting from November 11, 2023, getting controlled substances prescribed via telehealth requires patients to receive a referral letter from a primary care physician (PCP). Learn more here.
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Mental Health Support

Why Choose Us?

Mango clinic aims to provide the best mental health services with a patient-centered approach and accepts insurance. Integrative treatment options are employed to treat different types of conditions. Our experts provide effective therapy for mental health, potent medications, and proper counseling sessions tailored to match your needs. Although we do not offer intensive outpatient programs in a hospital, at our medical platform, you can get the following services online:

Mental Health Therapy
Individualized care planPsychotherapy and psychiatryFDA-Approved medicationsPersonalized counseling sessionsA wide network of licensed practitionersTelehealth services for video visitsPsychological education and training
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Our Doctors

Meet Our Team Of Experienced Professionals

Our professionals will assess your symptoms and how they affect your daily life, make a diagnosis, provide the best treatment options, and share the tips for the prevention of unpleasant effects.

They are dedicated to providing individualized and comprehensive treatment approach to assist our patients to deal with their emotional issues throughout their recovery process. We believe to prioritize confidentiality and privacy policy and deliver non-judgemental health care to every patient.

Dr. Umar

Dr. Umar Javed


Cheryl Lynn

Cheryl Lynn


Dr. Albert Keith Nakanishi

Dr. Albert Keith Nakanishi, MD

Emergency Medicine / Internal Medicine / Pediatric / Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez

Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez, MD

Preventive Medicine / Complementary and Integrative Medicine

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Mental health is as crucial as physical wellness. Therefore, intensive mental health therapy is essential to keep your emotional wellness in check. Contact Mango Clinic at (786)422-9327 to talk to our specialists. We offer physical and online mental health therapy to help our clients address different conditions.

Read Ahead for Answers to Your Queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the most common types of mental health treatments?
  • What is the role of medications in mental health?
  • Is medication the best way to treat mental illness?
  • What are the different types of therapy which can be used to treat mental issues?
  • Is online therapy legal or illegal?
What are the most common types of mental health treatments?

For every person, therapy and medication management plan should be personalized. However, there are standard guidelines that serve as a baseline. The following are most widely used types of mental health treatment methods and tools:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Counseling (including emergency events)
  • Medication
  • Self-help strategies
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Peer support
  • Alternative medication
  • Rehabilitation
What is the role of medications in mental health?

Medication is the first line treatment of mental issues. Often, if combined with online mental health therapy, it puts the effectiveness on a higher level. Medication helps to relieve symptoms faster and can also be combined with other treatment options to increase recovery rate. The requirements to get the most suitable medication include having an appointment (inpatient visit in the hospital or a live online session with a doctor via the internet) and going through the assessment of symptoms. After that, the doctor will conduct a research and come up with the best medication option.

Is medication the best way to treat mental illness?

Medication is the first line treatment of mental illness but is not the only way to manage them: the options range from ongoing counseling related to careers, relationships, and sexual problems to self-help tips and lifestyle changes. Every individual responds differently towards the same treatment options. There are various other therapeutic approaches which can help manage your issues and can be combined with medication such as; counseling, psychotherapy, joining a community or group therapy, and implementing lifestyle changes. Note that only a doctor can tell if you need medication, have to switch to another meds, only need counseling to overcome your symptoms, or require residential treatment.

What are the different types of therapy which can be used to treat mental issues?

The major types of therapies for treating mental issues that can help you eliminate struggle and even suicidal thoughts and live a happy life again are as follows:

  1. Psychodynamic
  2. Cognitive
  3. Holistic
  4. Behavioral therapy
  5. Exposure
  6. Group therapy
  7. Interpersonal
  8. Family therapy
  9. Relaxation techniques and mindfulness

Therapy for mental health can improve your recovery rate when combined with medications.

Is online therapy legal or illegal?

Online counseling is legal if a certified doctor is conducting it, being licensed in your state and following all the confidentiality requirements. It is important to ensure that any type of therapy must be delivered by a certified healthcare professional who also abides by the state’s rules and offers their services on a legal website.

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