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Did coronavirus come from the Corona beer? While this may sound like a crazy notion, searches on the web for ‘coronavirus beer’ have surged over the past month- an indicator of the type of questions persons across the globe have been asking about this ‘epidemic.’

For purposes of clarity, an icy cold lager is NOT the source of this disease!

This beer rumor is one of the innumerable strange theories and stories about the virus that has been circulating multiple social media platforms. Several of these notions may contain hazardous medical advice, which may potentially harm your health.

Since its outbreak, a lot of information has been rapidly circulating about the Coronavirus Disease (COVID), making it crucial to understand what is true and what isn’t.

Coronavirus Online Consultation

Here are several myths about the coronavirus you must watch out for, along with the validity of these claims to help you get a better understanding of the virus, and ultimately keep yourself and your family safe and healthy.

Myth #1: There is a vaccine that cures coronavirus (COVID)


The truth of the matter is that coronavirus has no vaccine yet. Although scientists have been busy trying to develop one, creating a vaccine that is both effective and safe for humans will undoubtedly take several months.

Myth #2: Gargling with or swallowing bleach, or taking steroids or acetic acid, or other substances will protect you against coronavirus (COVID-19)


The fact is that neither of these tips mentioned above can protect you from contracting coronavirus, and several of the recommendations mentioned could be perilous. To adequately protect yourself from coronavirus, here are some few effective ways:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, using hot water and soap
  2. Avoid any close contact with persons who are coughing, sneezing, or are sick
  3. Moreover, you can avoid spreading germs by staying indoors when you are ill and coughing into your elbow’s crook.

Myth #3: Buying or ordering products from China will make you sick.


The truth is that researchers across the globe are studying this new virus to understand how it infects individuals.  As per current findings, scientists have identified that most viruses such as this one don’t usually stay alive for long periods on surfaces. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will get coronavirus (COVID-19) from any package (from China or any other affected nation), which was being transported for a few days or even weeks.

Coronavirus Online Consultation

This disease is most possibly transmitted by the tiny droplets when an infected individual coughs or sneezes, although more information about it is coming up every day.

Myth #4: Wearing A Face Mask Will Protect You from getting Covid-19.


Various distinct models of the tight-fitting, professional respirators (like the N95 model) can effectively guard health workers while caring for infected persons,

As for the general public not suffering from any respiratory illness, wearing disposable surgical masks is not advised. Since these masks don’t ideally fit tightly, they might allow some tiny droplets to penetrate your eyes, nose, or mouth. Additionally, infected persons who have the virus on their hands can be infected if they touch their face even with the mask on.

These masks can be worn by individuals with respiratory illnesses to reduce the chances of infecting others. Remember that stocking these masks reduces the number of those available for health care workers and sick patients who direly need them.

What to Do If You Have Symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you have the coronavirus (COVID-19) or suspect that you have it, you must seek medical care immediately. What’s more, it is also vital that you refrain from taking advice or using recommendations from unverified sources.

You have a few options for getting medical assistance, including visiting your primary healthcare provider or getting in touch with us. However, the CDC recommends that you call your provider before visiting to allow them to take the necessary precautions to prepare for your visit correctly as well as protect others from potential exposure to the virus.

Need More Information about Coronavirus?

Get the necessary assistance to restore your overall health and wellbeing here at Mango Clinic. Our Clinic will gladly answer any questions you have and also share with you any information about the coronavirus (COVID-19).

While there are numerous bonkers theories about the coronavirus spreading across the globe, primarily through social media, much of it is just that: Theory! Don’t believe all that you read or hear. The best way to learn more about coronavirus, and ensure that you protect yourself is to speak to a professional or visit verified websites.

Coronavirus Online Consultation

At Mango Clinic, our top priority is restoring your health and ensuring your safety. Our 24/7 hotline and availability allow us to ease the process for you so that you can acquire the necessary information fast and conveniently. Make an appointment today to talk to one of our doctors by dialing (786) 422-9327 or schedule online.

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