5 Key Symptoms of High Functioning Anxiety

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Anxiety presents itself in various forms and high functioning anxiety is among them. Doctors don’t recognize this type of anxiety as a disorder but it affects a considerable number of people who can still benefit from treatment. So what is high functioning anxiety? It’s subclinical anxiety that’s hard for others to tell. The person with this anxiety appears to be functioning normally on the outside but the inside is often troubled with emotions.

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In this article, we’ll look at 5 high-functioning anxiety symptoms and how you can deal with them?


High Functioning Anxiety Symptoms

A person’s behavior can help to know what high-functioning anxiety looks like. But in most cases, this anxiety remains hidden. And there’s also limited research data in this area. However, some symptoms are similar to general anxiety disorder. High functioning anxiety symptoms are both positive and negative. Below are 5 negative and positive traits of high functioning anxiety:

1. A Successful Appearance

High functioning anxiety makes you proactive. So you’re likely to succeed in life. You may have good relationships and successful careers. Simply put, you seem to have a good life. That’s why others can’t always tell that you have high-functioning anxiety.

2. Wanting to Be Perfect

One of the characteristics of high functioning anxiety is fear. Fear of failure makes you a perfectionist. You’re constantly worried that you may not achieve particular goals. Or that your job isn’t good enough. As a result, you overwork and pay undue attention to minor details. You always want to look your best. So you dress nicely, finish your job before the deadline, and always show up at work earlier than everyone else. While this may wear you down a lot, it’s also responsible for some of the success you achieve.


High Functioning Anxiety
Different Causes of High Functioning Anxiety


3. People Pleaser

When people ask for help, you can’t say no to them. It’s doesn’t matter how busy your schedule is; you always want to help. You don’t want to disappoint others. So you end up being weighed down with tasks. The reason behind this behavior could be your need to gain others’ approval. Or you may be afraid that failure to help will ruin your relationship with others. Whatever the case, this makes you tired, overwhelmed, and may even cause more anxiety.  

4. Overthinking

You constantly think about your problems, job, and relationships, among other things. You can stay up the whole night thinking about certain aspects of your life. It’s one of the reasons anxiety comes with insomnia. Overthinking escalate your problems out of proportion. If you have an underlying health condition, you might start thinking it will get worse. Then this thought lingers in your mind for a long time. So you might complain about having a headache due to overthinking.   

5. Being Difficult to Understand

Opening up about your anxiety may not be a simple thing. Most people don’t open up. They hide their feelings inside. But high functioning anxiety symptoms often show up through your actions. Others find it challenging to understand your behavior. After all, what they see does not portray a realistic picture of you. You may end up living a false life of denial. Others may find it difficult to associate with you since they don’t understand you.

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High-Functioning Anxiety Vs. Other Forms of Anxiety

Most of the negative traits of high functioning anxiety are the same as other forms of the condition. These include insomnia, restlessness, fear, and too much worry about the future. But high functioning anxiety symptoms may also be positive. These include being organized, high achievements, and maintaining calmness. Other forms of anxiety are less likely to have many positive characteristics.

Some effects plus causes of high functioning anxiety may be slightly different. For instance, achieving overnight success can cause high functioning anxiety. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and withdrawing from activities, you become more proactive. The fear of failure in high functioning anxiety creates eustress (the good stress). But in other forms of anxiety, it would lead to distress (the bad stress). 


High Functioning Anxiety
Ways to Deal with High Functioning Anxiety


How to Reduce Stigma around High Functioning Anxiety?

Stigma is one of the challenges faced by subjects with high functioning anxiety. Statistics show that only 36.9% of people with anxiety seek treatment. One of the reasons people fail to seek help is fear of stigmatization. So how can you fight it? Educate yourself about your problem. Understand the causes, the effects, and what to do about the symptoms.

Education can help you perform a self-diagnosis. But without the knowledge, you may not be able to know you have the problem unless there’s a medical intervention. Though it may not be easy, sharing your problem can make you feel better. It’s a sign of strength and not a weakness. But if sharing is hard for you, why not start with therapy?

Therapists are professional people who won’t judge you for your condition. They’ll give you tips on how to manage your high functioning anxiety symptoms. Cognitive behavior therapy can help you understand your thoughts and how they affect your actions. If anxiety remains untreated for an extended amount of time, it can lead to depression. Therefore, you should seek treatments for high-functioning anxiety before it’s too late.

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High functioning anxiety can leave both positive and negative impacts on your life. If you’re wondering where to get help for high functioning anxiety. Well, worry no more. Mango Clinic has the right medical professionals to help you. Contact us for medical or therapeutic treatment or click the banner below to book your appointment.


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