Anxiety Treatment

How to deal with anxiety

December 2, 2022 Anxiety Treatment0

Anxiety is a natural reaction to stress and can be helpful in some circumstances as it may alert a person of danger. Anxiety disorder, however, is a mental condition characterized by frequent intense feelings of dread, panic, and terror that are often accompanied by physical symptoms: rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, and others. [...]

Does cortisol cause anxiety

September 9, 2022 Anxiety Treatment0

Cortisol and anxiety are closely linked due to the role this hormone plays in the body. The two are connected with stress, and new evidence shows that high cortisol levels and anxiety can influence the occurrence of one another. To better understand the relationship between the two, let’s learn more about what cortisol is, its role...

Paxil for anxiety

July 27, 2022 Anxiety Treatment0

Although doctors often use therapy to address mental conditions, some conditions require taking medication as part of the treatment plan. And when it comes to anxiety and panic disorders, Paxil is among the most commonly prescribed drugs. Read on to know more about this medicine, does Paxil help with anxiety, how does. [...]

How to overcome social anxiety

July 20, 2022 Anxiety Treatment0

Social anxiety disorder is a condition in which people fear being judged negatively by others in social environments. People with social anxiety often have problems with public speaking, interacting with new people, meeting groups of people, and suffering bouts of stage-fright. While most people experience some level. [...]

How to Stop a Panic Attack? 7 Effective Techniques

June 28, 2022 Anxiety Treatment0

A panic attack can be a terrifying experience, especially if someone doesn’t know how to stop panic attacks. They can occur when you are alone or in public, in the daytime or at night. A panic attack often happens as a response to triggers or for no apparent reason and also might be a sign of stress or PTSD. It lasts from. [...]

15 common triggers of panic attacks

June 10, 2022 Anxiety Treatment0

Each year, approximately 11% of Americans suffer from panic attacks. Nearly 2% to 3% end up developing panic disorder. Panic attacks are frequently triggered by a specific factor. The things that cause them vary from person to person. However, if you have an anxiety disorder or have had panic attacks previously, you. [...]

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