Disability for Depression: Are You Eligible for Disability Benefits?

September 20, 2021
Depression Disability


With mental health ailments steadily on the rise, depression happens to be one of the principal causes of disability worldwide. According to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), depression is a mood disorder that triggers a lack of interest in professional and personal interests. Presently, the condition affects approximately 15 million adults in the States. 

Sometimes depression episodes can become so severe to the extent of rendering patients helpless and unable to work. Unfortunately, although ADA offers disability for depression benefits, not all patients qualify for the same. Likewise, the Social Security Administration requires patients to undergo stiff evaluations before qualifying for disability benefits based on depression listing.

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On that note, we will delve deeper into Basic Eligibility for Benefits in the States and how to enhance your chances for long-term disability benefits.


What Is Social Security Disability?

Social security is a federal program that offers monetary or other assistance to individuals with different forms of disabilities. In other terms, they offer disability for depression benefits to you or your family members during the period that you are incapacitated. 

Remember that most patients are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) concurrently. The main disparity behind these benefits is that SSI gets determined through limited income and disability plus age assessments. On the other hand, SSDI disability determination for depression revolves around work credits and disability. 

How long can you be on disability for depression? Patients are eligible for SSDI if they are below 65 years and still considered disabled. However, the payments stop immediately after an individual clock in 65 and qualify for retirement benefits.


Disability for Depression
Medical Conditions to Qualify for SSDI


What Is the Standard of Care for Depression?

Depression management involves a broad assessment for proper diagnosis. Often, the evaluation entails detailed history, mental state tests, and physical exams. If possible, medics obtain a patient history from family, friends, or colleagues. 

Often, depression presents itself through various symptoms. Significant warning signs include fatigue, decreased energy, poor appetite, unhealthy sleeping patterns, reduced concentration, suicidal thoughts, negative thoughts about the future, and many others.

Luckily, medics can easily manage mild to moderate depression cases on an outpatient plan. For severely sick patients, therapists may recommend admission to an intensive management program. Some of the most preferred depression treatment options are electroconvulsive therapy, psychosocial interventions, and antidepressants. 

Patients suffering from resistant depression require other management forms like deep brain stimulation, sleep deprivation program, benzodiazepines, light therapy, transcranial magnetic, and vagal nerve stimulation. 

Other than that, thyroid supplements and lithium are often used when the patient fails to respond to antidepressants. In such a traumatizing situation, most patients wonder, “Do I qualify for Social Security disability?” In most cases, getting a medical allowance for depression requires the patients to exhibit roughly five major depression symptoms. In addition, your profession should be within areas under Social Security.

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Does MDD Qualify for Disability for Depression Benefits?

It is pretty unfortunate when depression renders patients incapable of fending for themselves. As a result, one of the most common questions on the matter is, “Can I get Social Security if I have depression?” The good thing is that Major depression falls under the Social Security listings. 

In a nutshell, the disorder popularly known as depression is exemplified by approximately two weeks of persistent low moods. Therefore, if a qualified mental health specialist diagnoses your condition as severe, stakes are high that the State can offer you disability for depression allowances.


Types of Depression
Depression Types


What Is the Highest Rated Comorbid Condition Associated with Depression?

Comorbidity refers to the presence of several ailments in one person during a specific time limit. In a survey done by the University of Michigan, more than 50% of patients diagnosed with MDD suffered from an anxiety disorder. Following closely on the list was obsessive-compulsive disorder, alcohol/drug dependence, personality disorders, and neurologic and physical ailments were followed closely on the list. 

Most shocking is that experts indicate that more than 90% of people with eating disorders suffer from depression as well. That said, there is a high probability of depression presenting itself with other mental health ailments. Unfortunately, the reaction from one condition can affect the outcome of the other. Thus, it is critical to recognize and treat comorbidities soonest. Bear in mind that failure to handle them on time can trigger catastrophic repercussions like suicide.

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Bottom Line

Sometimes, qualifying for disability benefits based on depression listing can be a strenuous process. You can improve your chances by booking an appointment with our competent psychiatrists to assess and document the sequence of your ailment.

If you have friends and family members around, request them to document the progression of your condition. The idea behind this is to get written evidence of your depression for easier access to State benefits. Most importantly, follow your treatment plan diligently because non-cooperation often leads to denial.

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