Reactive depression

April 6, 2023 Depression

When talking about depression, people usually mean major depressive disorder that affects about 21 million U.S. adult population. This mental health condition affects a person's thoughts, mood, and behavioral patterns. It is characterized by lethargy, anxiety, anger, guilt, changes in eating or sleeping habits, and suicidal thoughts. [...]

What does depression feel like

March 29, 2023 Depression

Depression is a mood disorder known as clinical depression or major depressive disorder. It causes an individual to experience constant sadness and loss of interest in usual and previously satisfying activities. Depression has many effects and influences how someone thinks, feels, and behaves. It can lead to various physical and emotional problems. [...]

Depression vs sadness

January 27, 2023 Depression

It’s easy to confuse sadness and depression. They may have similar causes and evoke similar feelings, but the two aren’t the same. Everyone experiences sadness at some point in life because of misfortunes of any kind: losing a job, divorce, demise of a loved one, failing to get a job, or financial difficulties. However, not all people experience depression. [...]

Chronic pain and depression

December 30, 2022 Depression

The relationship between chronic pain and depression is very real but quite complex. And in most cases, experts use the same techniques to treat the two co-existing disorders. However, as you explore this connection, it is essential to understand that the consequences of clinical depression may go beyond chronic pain and impact physical. [...]

How to help someone with depression

September 16, 2022 Depression

According to data from the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 21 million adults in the US have experienced at least one severe episode of depression. That adds up to about 8.4% of the total adult population. Due to the prevalence of this mental health condition, there are chances everyone knows someone who. [...]

Depression and headaches

August 17, 2022 Depression

Headaches and depression are two conditions that affect millions of people around the world. Depression is a mental disorder that causes feelings of sadness, despair, anxiety, guilt, worthlessness, hopelessness, loneliness, helplessness, and even suicidal thoughts. In 2020, roughly 14.8 million adults in the US suffered from major. [...]

Depression and substance abuse

July 15, 2022 Depression

Depression and substance abuse affects people of different ages and backgrounds. Although these problems can get severe, many patients have experienced recovery from these illnesses. The two conditions, drug addiction and depression, can influence patients’ thoughts, emotions, behavior, and decision-making and may cause a. [...]

Physical symptoms of depression

July 6, 2022 Depression

Even though depression is a mental condition, people can experience its physical signs too: for example, fatigue, headaches, pain, and sleep disorders. “Can depression cause physical pain?” is a question that raises the need for a deep understanding of the relationship between what the human brain feels and the body's response. [...]

moderately severe depression

May 23, 2022 Depression

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, nearly 10% of adults in the United States suffer from depression each year. We all feel different from time to time and may have short-term periods of sadness, but depression is a condition that makes it hard for a person to perform their daily activities. The good news is that depression. […]

Helping Someone With Depression

January 31, 2022 Depression

Knowing what to say and what not to say to someone with depression is not easy. A depressed person is usually very vulnerable and needs mindful and loving support. That is why you should be careful with your words when talking to a depressed person. This guide looks at what to say and what not to say to someone with depression. [...]

Depression Treatment

December 10, 2021 Depression

There are many types and brands of drugs that are used to treat depression. Wellbutrin and Prozac are two types of medication or antidepressants to treat depression. These two drugs that are in a wide spectrum of antidepressants are two of the most commonly prescribed drugs. A look at each one of them will illustrate. [...]

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