Common Symptoms and Treatment of Vyvanse Withdrawal

November 29, 2021
Vyvanse Withdrawal Treatment


The generic label for lisdexamfetamine, Vyvanse, is a prescribed drug for ADHD that increases your brain’s norepinephrine and dopamine levels. While norepinephrine raises your attention, dopamine contributes to pleasurable sensations, memory, learning, and motor function.

According to past research, Vyvanse is the market’s longest-acting stimulant, with its effects lasting 13 and 14 hours for child and adult ADHD patients, respectively. Vyvanse’s uses include treating binge eating disorders and ADHD. Vyvanse withdrawal occurs when you stop or reduce Vyvanse use. Vyvanse withdrawal symptoms are milder when you ease out of the drug than when you stop using suddenly.

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Vyvanse Withdrawal Symptoms

People quit Vyvanse for different reasons. While some want to manage their symptoms without drugs, others experience side effects like vomiting, sleep problems, weight, and appetite loss. The severity of your Vyvanse withdrawal symptoms depends on the length of drug use, the amount consumed, and how you stop using the drug. A 2012 study involving 116 participants revealed that Vyvanse withdrawal symptom relapse occurred one or two weeks after quitting the drugs. Here are some withdrawal symptoms to expect.

Physical Symptoms

  • Vyvanse withdrawal fatigue
  • Vyvanse withdrawal headache
  • Vyvanse withdrawal nausea
  • Vyvanse withdrawal fever

Psychological Symptoms

  • Agitation
  • Vyvanse withdrawal anxiety
  • Cravings
  • Concentration problems

Note that Vyvanse withdrawal differs from a Vyvanse crash. Unlike withdrawal symptoms that kick in when you stop using the drug, patients experience a crash when the drug’s effects wear off. A crash may also be a result of forgetting to take medicine. Apart from irritability, patients may observe a recurrence of their ADHD symptoms during a crash. You can manage the crash by taking your medication at similar times daily. Feel free to set your alarm for consistency.

Additionally, take the drugs as prescribed by the doctor. In addition to taking exact doses, avoid injecting and snorting the drug. Since it comes as chewable tablets and capsules, you can swallow the medicine or add the powder with food.


Vyvanse Withdrawal
Signs and Symptoms of Vyvanse Overdose


Withdrawal and Dependence

For ADHD patients, Vyvanse sharpens your focus by stimulating brain activity. However, the drug’s pleasant sensation can push you into Vyvanse abuse by giving you a false sense of confidence even if your performance is deteriorating. Withdrawal symptoms intensify when you’re addicted to the substance.

As a federally-controlled drug, Vyvanse presents a higher risk of dependence. Without your doctor’s close monitoring, the continuous use of controlled substances results in addiction and misuse. Vyvanse dependence can be psychological or physical. Psychological dependence affects your ability to control your behavior as you chase the drug’s high.

On the other hand, physical dependence forces you to consume the substance to feel normal. Anyone can develop drug dependence, even if they have a valid prescription. However, you’re more vulnerable to addiction if:

  • You’re treating a mental condition with Vyvanse
  • You or your family has a history of drug abuse
  • You have a mental condition
  • You have a history of psychological pain

Vyvanse addiction can be fatal. Here are some effects of abusing the drug:

  • Organ failure
  • Weight loss
  • Brain damage
  • Weight gain
  • Panic attacks
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Overdose
  • Excessive sweating
  • Malnutrition

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Vyvanse Withdrawal Treatment

Though Vyvanse withdrawal has no known medication, you can flush out the drug from your body by detoxing. However, quitting the medicines at once shocks the system and worsens withdrawal symptoms. That’s why doctors gradually reduce Vyvanse dosages until the withdrawal symptoms are manageable. They might also prescribe temporary drugs to manage withdrawal symptoms like lack of sleep and depression.

Vyvanse withdrawal treatment takes different forms. For instance, doctors may recommend outpatient treatment for individuals who have been consuming low Vyvanse doses and have mild withdrawal symptoms. Though patients travel to treatment facilities, quality rehab programs guarantee round-the-clock access to health professionals in case of queries.


Conditions Treated by Vyvanse


Conversely, inpatient treatment is ideal for patients on higher doses and those with underlying psychiatric conditions. Some patients might also need therapy if Vyvanse withdrawal causes mood changes, depression, and suicidal tendencies. If you’re dependent on the drug, you can join a Vyvanse withdrawal rehabilitation program to understand your addiction’s root cause and work on getting sober. Apart from learning relapse prevention strategies, rehab centers are an opportunity to connect with other sober individuals.

You can also take measures to reduce your Vyvanse withdrawal symptoms at home. Start by eating healthily. Besides hydrating, consume vitamins to regulate your mood. Alcohol also depresses your nervous system to worsen your Vyvanse withdrawal symptoms. Likewise, avoid stimulants like energy drinks that affect sleep quality. Other ways to get more sleep include creating a peaceful bedroom environment, exercising, and getting a comfy mattress and bed. Stress also worsens Vyvanse withdrawal symptoms. You could journal, meditate, or calm yourself with breathing techniques.

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Seek Professional Help

Though you can detox at home, you need a medical professional to guide your recovery. Otherwise, you might relapse or abandon your work and home duties because of Vyvanse withdrawal symptoms. Do you need help with your Vyvanse withdrawal symptoms? Contact us at Mango Clinic to book an appointment with us today for depression, ADHD, alcohol addiction, and Vyvanse withdrawal treatment.


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