What Are the Most Prominent ADHD Signs?

September 11, 2020
ADHD Signs


Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is a mental condition characterized by fidgety, squirmy, and disorderly children and sometimes quiet, withdrawn, and hyper-focused adults. It’s estimated that more than 6.1 million children in the United States have an ADHD diagnosis. These children eventually grow into mature adults. However, despite the prevalence of this neurobehavioral disorder, tracking the symptoms still proves challenging. In this post, we discuss common ADHD symptoms you should look out for in both children and adults.

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Children with ADHD often struggle with focus and maybe inattentive in class and at home. While most children have short attention spans, they still manage to pay attention to activities. Kids with ADHD are often hyperactive and impulsive. The signs of hyperactivity include:

  • The inability to sit still, especially in tranquil spaces. The child may fidget and move their hands, body, and legs
  • Excessive talking
  • Being unable to wait to take turns. For example, when answering questions or picking items
  • Constantly interrupting conversations
  • Impulsive actions
  • Having little sense of danger around them


  • Inability to focus on activities
  • Being easily distracted when performing activities
  • Making simple and careless mistakes, especially on schoolwork
  • Constantly moving between activities, which leads to multiple unfinished tasks
  • Experiencing difficulty in planning and organizing tasks
  • Inability to focus on tasks that are time-consuming and hard
  • Losing things and often forgetting things
  • Being unable to follow instructions or remember them

Lack of Emotional Control

Children with ADHD may often struggle to control their emotions. They may experience temper tantrums– sudden outbursts of frustration and anger. These outbursts may start early in childhood, as young as one year, and may progress until adulthood

At two, the tantrums are extreme because the child may not speak well enough to describe their problem, but has developed assertiveness, leading to tantrums. Being hungry, tired, and sleepy can exacerbate the outbursts.

Daydreaming and Withdrawal

Sometimes, children with ADHD may withdraw and start daydreaming in the middle of classes and other events. They may ignore what’s around them and focus on their thoughts. Sometimes, the child may withdraw and focus too much on one task, which causes them to forget other activities.


ADHD causes
Causes of ADHD Among Adults


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ADHD Symptoms in Adults

Some people with ADHD experience less severe symptoms as they age. However, the condition carries on into adulthood, and if not detected early, can cause significant problems. Adults with ADHD struggle with the same symptoms children have, in mild to severe forms.


An impulsive person makes decisions without much thought. The person may often find themselves taking risks without considering the consequences and also interrupt others when they speak. They may also blurt out answers before questions are complete.


On the opposite of hyperactivity is hyperfocus. A person with ADHD may become completely engrossed in an activity that interests them. The ability to focus may be so strong that they ignore other activities around them, lose track of time, and ignore other responsibilities.


A person with ADHD may find it challenging to stay organized, both physically and mentally. Their space may often appear disorganized.


A person with ADHD may often have a low tolerance for frustration. If something irritates them, they may blow up the situation more than is necessary due to emotional control challenges.

Poor Time Management Skills

Due to mental disorganization, a person with ADHD may often find it challenging to manage time and plan for activities. This may lead to missing deadlines at work.


People with ADHD may often forget things and activities.

Excessive Restlessness

A person with ADHD may find it challenging to stay still and focus, especially in a quiet place.

Trouble Coping With Stress

A person with ADHD may find it challenging to handle stress, emotions, and rejection.

Trouble Multitasking

Due to poor planning and poor time management skills, handling several tasks simultaneously becomes hard for a person with ADHD.


A person with ADHD may find it challenging to focus on a task, particularly when they’re uninterested in an activity. They may also start different projects and dump them before finishing them or avoid and dislike specific projects.

Trouble Listening

A person with ADHD may struggle to listen to you directly.


Hyperactive ADHD
Hyperactive ADHD signs

Positive ADHD Symptoms

However, not all ADHD symptoms are negative. On the positive side, you may observe the following:

Creativity and hyper-focus: People with ADHD often withdraw into their thoughts and focus on single tasks, which makes them extremely creative and good problem solvers.

Elasticity: A person with ADHD may find it easy to move between tasks and enjoy different tasks equally.

Spontaneity: People with ADHD may become excited, especially when interested in something. They become spontaneous and exciting to be around.

Enthusiastic: A person with ADHD may be extremely energetic, especially when performing an activity, they’re interested in. This makes them hands-on team players and great to work with.

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Seeing a Doctor

If you have any of the above symptoms or know someone struggling with the above, it helps to schedule an appointment with a doctor at Mango Clinic in Miami. A proper diagnosis is the only way to determine if you have ADHD and if you need treatment to help you handle symptoms.

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