Quillivant XR (Methylphenidate) for ADHD and Anxiety

May 3, 2021
Quillivant XR


There is no way you can discuss Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) without touching on anxiety. Popularly known in other ADHD medication names as ADD, hyperactivity, Hyperkinetic Syndrome, and Dyspraxia, there is a thin line between ADHD and anxiety.  After all, ADHD patients lead an anxious life with spells of fear, hasty habits, and poor attention. Still, when diagnosing adult ADHD where anxiety is a key determinant, the unhealthy relationship becomes almost impossible to ignore.

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As the world tries to balance mental health and COVID-19 repercussions, various ADHD meds come into play. Follow as we discuss in detail the healing power of Methylphenidate.   


Why Use Methylphenidate?

On the lead Methylphenidate or Quillivant XR is an effective stimulant famous for improving behavioral issues, staying focused, sleeping problems (narcolepsy), and listening skills. There are two different stimulants; long and short-acting. While both have Methylphenidates and Amphetamines, they differ on how the body absorbs them. 

For instance, long-acting stimulants work in intervals throughout the day. Contrarily, short-acting takes around 30 minutes for the patient to notice any results. On that account, it is common for patients to ask, what is the longest-lasting ADHD medication? Amongst other leading stimulants, Quillivant XR gives an assurance of up to 12 hours.

When prescribed, the first rule is to read through the instruction sheet given by a pharmacist. Keep in mind that doctors give dosage quantities depending on the condition. Later, they may add or reduce the dosage depending on how the patient reacts to the medication. 

The best time to take Methylphenidate is in the morning after a meal. This is because the drug causes insomnia or an unhealthy sleeping pattern. Take the medication regularly or as advised by a health expert to prevent a relapse. 


Adult ADHD
ADHD Medications for Adults


With a busy lifestyle, it is not always easy to remember taking medication. Designate a particular hour, probably in the morning, to take your ADHD meds. Sudden discontinuation of Quillivant XR sometimes causes ugly ADHD medication side effects. Some of them include mood changes, suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety. When that happens, inform your doctor of the new development. 

Mostly, withdrawal symptoms affect individuals taking Quillivant XR in huge doses or long durations. On rare occasions, this stimulant may stop working or cause serious addiction. The risk is higher if the patient has a prior substance addiction. 

Before taking the first dose, brief your doctor about other addictions or ailments you have. Altogether, Quillivant XR is an approved product safe to use with children from 6 years. For that reason, it is one of the most recommended ADHD medications for kids.


Benefits of Methylphenidate as the Best ADHD Medication for Adults

Even if Quillivant XR is quite popular, there is always that question, ‘How does methylphenidate treat ADHD’? The key success of Methylphenidate starts with its capability of increasing dopamine. Dopamine is also known as a chemical messenger, is a neurotransmitter made in the human body. This is the element that the nervous system uses to communicate with the nerve cells leading to a pleasurable or feel-good effect.

In research done in 2001, experts used a group of healthy men to assess Quillivant effectiveness. After an hour, there was a noticeable increase in dopamine levels in the brain. Records show that this medication basically works by blocking excess dopamine transporters in the body. This leads to an increased ‘nice feeling’, as the body relaxes and allows the patient to pay more attention. As a result, Methylphenidate spearhead as one of the best ADHD medications for adults and children as well. 

The beauty of it all is that the medication works almost instantly. For instance, for an affected child who rarely pays attention in class, a single dose of Methylphenidate gives positive results within a short time. Further in the research, medics mentioned that if patients use the drug as counsel, they are minimal risks for unhealthy aftermaths.

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Despite all, how long does Quillivant take to work? Experts insist it takes roughly an hour for Quillivant to make access to the human brain. This comes as an advantage, as it does not lead to instant high feelings caused by other stimulants. However, if injected or snorted, Methylphenidate takes effect more swiftly.

On the other hand, medics use Methylphenidate to improve anxiety symptoms. Thanks to the dopamine effect, it is a well-tolerated and best ADHD medication for children with anxiety.

Above all, your doctor should periodically perform an anxiety and ADHD test to monitor the progress and side effects. There is no definite test to determine if a child or an adult has ADHD. Yet, a qualified specialist should make a perfect diagnosis after an exhaustive assessment. 

Mainly, experts conduct a physical evaluation and a sequence of interviews. For an underage, the doctor may opt to run interviews with or without the parents. An anxiety test is almost similar to ADHD one. The only disparity is that doctors conduct a blood test to determine if other conditions trigger anxiety.


Risks of Using Quillivant as ADHD Meds

For any qualified doctor to prescribe Quillivant there is a reason behind it. In most cases, patients rarely report any side effects. Still, medics warn of high blood pressure risks, irregular heartbeat, aggression, muscle twitching, vision changes, abrupt word outbursts, skin discoloration, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, and sleeping problems. 

If the patient suddenly exhibits heart attack symptoms, faints, sweats uncontrollably, or develops seizures, take them to medical help right away. Sometimes, male patients and young boys develop a painful erection that lasts for hours. Although it rarely happens, this is a severe side effect that calls for instant discontinuation of the drug. 

Note that it is also possible for Quillivant to react with other medications. For instance, MAO Inhibitors (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors) cause fatal and life-threatening reactions. If need be, stop taking MAO for at least two weeks prior to Quillivant treatment. Also avoid any drugs that contain Dexmethylphenidate, as it is almost similar to Methylphenidate. 


Quillivant XR
Side Effects of Quillivant XR


In case of an overdose, rush the patient to the hospital. Critical overdose symptoms you should observe include troubled breathing, unconsciousness, hallucination, sweating, vomiting, confusion, seizures, and agitation. 

Currently, there are different forms and brands of Quillivant available. Luckily, some do not trigger disturbing repercussions. Therefore, talk to an expert on the safest brand to use. Do not use drugs from different brands without your doctor’s approval. If you miss a dose within one day, take it immediately once you remember. Altogether, avoid doubling dosages to catch up for the lost days.


How to Get the Best Out of Quillivant XR?

When a loved one experiences an anxiety or ADHD attack, the first thing that comes to mind is how to get a quick remedy. Fortunately, Quillivant works almost instantly, giving results within 30 minutes. To enjoy better results, store your drug away from moisture or direct light and discard it after four months after the first opening. 

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Final Words

Given that Quillivant XR is among the best ADHD medication for adults with ADHD and anxiety, integrate the treatment with a medical center of the same caliber. True to our words, our highly skilled personnel at Mango Medical Clinic focus on restoring health through various medications and telehealth. We remain open Monday till Saturday from 11 to 6 pm.

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