Five Powerful Healing Crystals for Depression

April 23, 2021


Crystals have been used for their energetic, powerful healing properties since ancient times. There are unique healing volatilities to each stone or crystal, but some are better used for prosperity and abundance. Other crystals are better suited for harmony, relationships, and love, but each crystal provides something special. The most significant and beneficial provision from crystals is their ability to help heal deep-seated issues. Two of the main issues include anxiety and depression.

Crystals for depression help you fight the feeling of being engulfed in negative energy. Crystals for depression also help you clear the fog over your mind. Depression can leave you feeling in a rut, and in need of motivation. This mental health issue can have you feeling in a constant state of worry and stress. Whatever negative feelings you are dealing with, crystals for depression can help you.

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Following are the top 5 crystals for depression:

1. Smokey Quartz Crystal for Depression

The smokey quartz crystal will help you to get grounded, move forward, and detoxify. This crystal gives you the will to draw closer to positive energies with the will to get up, open your heart, and let go of negative energy. 

When you work with the smokey quartz, you are able to overcome negative emotions while keeping your feet on the ground. You will easily recognize things that don’t make you happy and get them out of your life. This crystal for depression enhances your concentration and helps you resolve issues and get past them. Using the smokey quartz crystal takes you back to a natural state of joy. 

2. Amethyst Crystal for Depression

Amethyst crystals contain healing properties as a calming stone. This crystal is meditative and works well in the spiritual, emotional, and physical planes to help you find balance, peace, and a sense of calm. This crystal is one of the few gemstones used to improve cerebral and intellectual thought. It is thought to create sobriety of the mind. It is said to clear your mind of all emotions clouding it. 

The amethyst crystal is linked to the crown chakra and will help clear away negative thoughts and purify your mind. This crystal will clear away your negativity associated with anxiety and stress. Many use this crystal for meditation as it helps you to rid yourself of the darkness surrounding negativity. 

3. Rose Quartz Crystal for Depression

The rose quartz crystal for depression is typically used for the hopeless romantic, but it can also help with depression and anxiety. The rose quartz can open your eyes in ways that will help you start to heal yourself. 

The rose quartz crystal helps you recognize that you need compassion and shows you that you deserve forgiveness, love, and understanding from yourself. It helps you realize that if you are suffering from mental health issues, you need to be gentle with yourself and express self-love during difficult times. The rose quartz for depression gives you a sense of healing and comfort. 


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4. Citrine Crystal for Depression

Citrine will bring sunshine into your life. This crystal contains radiant energy and cultivates positivity, abundance, and growth. There is no negativity in this crystal and is the perfect choice if you working on depression or anxiety

When you work with the citrine crystal, your mind will become clearer and allows you to see the positive possibilities and opportunities that are waiting for you. The citrine crystal can be thought of as your friend you would call on to help you when in need of a pick-me-up. Just as your friend will do, so will the citrine crystal- bring light into your day. 

5. Opal or Angel Crystal for Depression

The opal or angel crystal for depression is gorgeous quartz that posses loving and sweet energy that will stimulate and enhance your mood. This crystal has an effective aura cleanser, and if you use it during meditation, it will put you in a state of peace and serenity. 

The opal or angel crystal for depression provides you both physical and mental self-sense of rest which is why it is perfect for depression and anxiety symptoms. With the opal or angel crystal for depression, you are able to reach a higher state of consciousness. 

What Is the Most Powerful Crystal on Earth?

Moldavite is a rare green-colored tektite that naturally forms small glass rocks. It is formed by the impact of meteorites on Earth. The moldavite is considered the most powerful crystal on Earth, even though, technically because of the glass characteristic, it is a rock. 

The moldavite is a specific tektite and found in the Czech Republic in the Vltava River basin. Scientists believe it can be found in this area as it was impacted by a meteorite about a million years ago. The green color of this crystal is due to the iron content it contains and possibly some residue from the original meteorite. 

Moldavite’s physical healing energy supports and releases your healing process. This crystal has high vibrational energy to help you re-establish any blocked areas, and encourages your cells to return to their original state.

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The Most Powerful Healing Crystals

Have you met someone and been instantly drawn to them, or the reverse, didn’t get along with them. These types of ‘vibes’ can also apply to healing crystals and their energy fields which bring about measurable changes in people. Whether the power is from your mind to the healing crystal’s energy, people credit significant life changes from these powerful healing crystals:

1. The Master Healer – Quartz

Quartz is best known for its master healing abilities as many believe it is the most powerful. The quartz is said to absorb, store and regulate its release of energy. This power will bring you:

  • A sense of balance
  • Hone your concentration
  • Spark your memory
  • Amplify your emotions and energy
  • Increase your creativity
  • Support your immune system
  • Protect you against negative energies
  • Enhance your spiritual awareness and growth

2. Agate

The agate is slightly different than other varieties of quartz. The agate is a variety of chalcedony which is a form of quartz. Chalcedony happens in a variety of forms including jasper, onyx, and agate which are all healing crystals. When the agate forms, it creates bands that naturally occur in pink, black, white, yellow, or brown coloring. The healing properties of the agate include:

  • Improve your concentration
  • Rebalance your spirit, mind, and heart
  • Heal your inner tension and anger
  • Transform your negative energy
  • Cleanse your aura
  • Heal your uterus, stomach, and eyes

3. Carnelian

The carnelian is like an agate as it is also a variety of chalcedony. The carnelian is considered a gemstone to many with healing properties that include:

  • Sharpen your mind
  • Stabilize your emotions
  • Protect you from negative emotions, such as envy
  • Give you the courage to make the right decisions
  • Help you break away from negative habits and patterns


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The Best Crystals for Depression and Anger

We all experience anger and stress in our lives at some point. Problems can arise that you don’t know how to deal with and you end up depressed, anxious, or angry. It is important for you to keep your anger under control, and fortunately, there are methods you can use. These crystals for depression can also help you deal with anger:

  • Bloodstone
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Peridot
  • Howlite
  • Amethyst

If you feel overwhelmed with negative emotions such as frustration, resentment, rage, hatred, or anger, you should contact the professionals at Mango Clinic. We can help you deal with and find relief through anger management and stress relief. Our trained staff can help you through these difficult times and find the best crystal for depression or anger. 

The Best Crystals for Addiction

Recovery from an addiction will require healing your whole person. Spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health all connect and make the healing process more challenging. A holistic approach to your recovery will have a substantial influence on your healing process.

Although crystals have deep and ancient roots in several cultures, they appear to have been found as a new-age trend in many healing processes, including addictions. These crystals are the best when you are dealing with addiction recovery:

  • Carnelian for marijuana
  • Celestite for alcohol
  • Selenite for cocaine
  • Lepidolite for heroin
  • Ruby for all addictions
  • Amber to restore self-esteem while in recovery

Healing crystals for addiction have one thing in common and that is they help you tap into your positive, healthy energy. They all help and support your efforts while in recovery. Crystals are a supplemental tool, and ones you should use to reach potential benefits and recovery. You also have to put in substantial work with a reputable treatment program to address all your needs. 

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Final Words

The Mango Clinic offers services to people from all walks of life. We are here to provide long-term care as well as walk-in services. We are committed to delivering quality medical care through integrative medicine and the newest medical technology. We take pride in our patient care and are here to answer any questions including those surrounding the benefits of crystals.

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