How Long Does Valium Last in Your System?

March 7, 2022
Use and Abuse of Valium


Diazepam was patented and first synthesized in 1959 by Hoffman-La Roche and marketed under the brand name Valium. After the patent expired in 1985, Diazepam became a generic drug, as over 500 brands have appeared on the market since then. Keep in mind different brands of Diazepam may have different effects, including how long they last.

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Valium Uses

After its launch in 1963, Valium became a well-known medical brand for treating a wide range of health conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms, panic disorder, and seizures. The different ways in which Valium can be administered include oral tablets, liquid, injections, and nasal spray.

Valium Pill

The Valium pill can be taken with or without food, depending on your doctor’s instructions. Taking the proper prescribed dosage based on your age, medical condition and response will minimize the risks of overdose or addiction.

How Fast Does Valium Work for Anxiety?

Valium is often used as a short-term solution to treat anxiety. Its effects when taken orally can be felt as quickly as within 15 minutes, but can take up to an hour, depending on various factors.

Valium 5mg Uses

Patients with sleeping disorders or muscle spasms are typically prescribed 5mg (up to 15mg) of Valium once per day.


Valium Drug Tests
Types of Valium Drug Tests


Valium Metabolites

The body metabolizes Valium, breaking it down further into metabolites. It either becomes nordiazepam or temazepam.

How Long Does a Valium Tablet Last?

How long does 5mg Valium last? Even though Valium can stay in the body for weeks, the effects of 5mg wear off after about four hours.

How Long After Taking Valium Can I Drive?

While the timetable of effects from Valium varies among individuals, it’s best to wait at least 5-7 hours due to drowsiness.


How Long Does Diazepam Stay in the System?

Even though the effects of Valium are only felt for a matter of hours, the drug can stay in your body for up to six weeks. Valium has a half-life of about 48 hours, which reflects how long it takes a half dose to exit the body after being broken down into metabolites.

How Long Does 10mg Valium Last?

A dosage of 10mg taken at one time is generally on the high end of the range a physician prescribes, with effects lasting up to 6 hours.

How Long Does Oral Valium Last?

The effects of Valium taken orally usually last 4-6 hours if you have not built up a tolerance to the drug. But its long-term effectiveness after four months is questionable and requires a doctor’s assessment.

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How Long Does a Valium High Last?

The euphoric effects associated with Valium High usually last for 4-6 hours.

How Long Does It Take for Diazepam to Wear off?

How long does 2mg Diazepam take to wear off? Usually a few hours. How long does 10mg Diazepam last? Up to 6 hours.

Is 5mg Diazepam Strong?

A typically prescribed Diazepam dosage is 2-10mg, so 5mg is considered a moderate dose.

How Long Does It Take Valium to Peak?

The peak effect of Valium usually is experienced after 1-1.5 hours of ingestion.

How Long Does Valium Stay in Your Urine?

Diazepam urine detection time may last up to three weeks.


Valium Kickin Factors
Factors that Influence How Long Valium Stays in System



Valium Drug Test

Workplace drug screening tests are done to detect drugs such as Valium, which can show up on hair test results up to 90 days after use. But urine tests are the most common, in which Valium can appear in test results up to 7 days after ingestion. In a saliva test, Valium may appear for up to 48 hours (but sometimes 10 days), while it may be detected in a blood test for 37-48 hours.

The factors that generally affect drug test results include age, dosage, ingestion method, and frequency of use. Other factors may include your existing health condition, use of other drugs, and amount of body fat. Valium can be eliminated from the body faster with hydration, proper diet, and exercise.


How Does Valium Work?

Scientists believe Diazepam works by enhancing an inhibitory neurotransmitter known as GABA in the central nervous system.

How Long Does Valium Last before It Expires?

Valium should be used within a year from when it was prescribed.

What Does Valium Feel like?

Most people who take Valium/ Diazepam feel calm and relaxed with a euphoric state of mind. Those who feel emotionally numb may have received too high of a dosage.

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As a popular multi-purpose drug since the sixties, Valium creates a sensation of euphoria and drowsiness. Although it’s one of the safest benzodiazepines on the prescription drug market, overdose can be fatal. The effects of 2-10mg of Valium wear off after 4-6 hours and can be taken up to 4 times in a day. The drug stays in the body for several weeks. If you are suffering from mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and ADHD, professionals at Mango Clinic can help you with them via proper treatment options.

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