Mindfulness counseling

People who practice mindfulness say that the exercise helps them change their views on life. Although it is still a new concept, research shows that practicing mindfulness might be a solution to lowering anxiety. It can also be the key to leaving bad habits and addictions, fighting depression, and managing pain. […]

A Guide to Understanding What Is ADHD Paralysis

March 28, 2022 Health

Decision-making is an integral part of every adult’s life. Every human has to make decisions and act on them to enjoy a successful life. For some, this is an effortless task that they can perform even with their eyes closed. As for others, it requires medical intervention to help them work on their assignments. […]

How Social Media Seriously Harms Your Mental Health

March 25, 2022 Health

Did you know that social media seriously harms your mental health? Mindless scrolling on Facebook for minutes or even hours may make you feel connected to your family and keep tabs on your favorite celebrity, but excessive use could also be a source of sadness, anxiety, and depression. […]

An Understanding and Overview of Family Theories

March 21, 2022 Health

Family is a social dynamic that shapes society in many different ways. Every family faces challenges and conflicts. However, different families face various difficulties based on the dynamics of that family setting. Various theories explain the concept of family in sociology. These are the same models used to solve conflicts […]


February 11, 2022 Health

Every person living with a mental illness issue has a certain level of protection. Besides your right to the confidentiality of personal information, you may also qualify for mental disability protection. Assuming you can’t work due to your disability, you can receive monetary compensation in various forms.

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