Why Weight Loss Treatments and Dieting Usually Fail?

September 14, 2020
Weight Loss

For years nutritionists and doctors have told patients that weight loss is a pretty straightforward process: Move more and eat less! But is this the reality on the ground? Weight loss is more sophisticated than those two words. There are tons of underlying factors that can make a weight loss journey very difficult or even impossible if those factors are not addressed.

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Apart from nutritional deficiencies or excesses, conditions like insomnia, diabetes, hormone imbalances, and emotional issues can counter your efforts to shed extra calories.

What’s more, when a person commits to go on a strict diet or exercise schedule, it is like they deny themselves something that they really want. And what does that make most of them feel? miserable and confined! Actually, this is one of the main reasons why 2 out of every five people dieting, quit within the first week, and only 1 or 2 ends up surging on after 30 days!

So if you want to lose weight, the most effective approach is first to identify any underlying or hidden issues you might have and then customize the right plan that addresses them, if any.

Also, creating healthy eating or exercising habits is one of the best ways to lose weight and keep it off. Read on to find out more on why weight loss treatments and dieting mostly fail:


Underlying Physiological Problems

Perhaps you have done almost everything right, but weeks or even months later, you are still not losing weight. This is where functional medical therapy comes in handy. Issues like adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunctions, hormonal imbalances, or toxicity issues can easily thwart the weight loss efforts of even the most committed person. But this doesn’t mean it is your fault.

Clinically identifying these conditions can give solutions to your weight loss struggle. When the causes are finally found, they can be addressed easily and quickly.

Effective dieting programs
Effective Dieting Programs for Weight Loss

Dieting Doesn’t Last

The main problem with dieting or weight loss treatments is their short-term approach. Many people approach dieting as an all-around fast solution to the problem.

So you go in full blast within a short period. Instead of making small, gradual adjustments to your lifestyle, diets encourage you to turn your life around for about a week or even a month. But what happens after that one month or two weeks?

Certainly, your body will return to its initial state. That essentially means that no fast or one approach fits all when it comes to weight loss. It’s the small adjustments over time that last, not the big ones within a month or so.

It is okay to change everything you are doing wrong from now on for a few weeks. However, that will not change your hidden conditions or behavior patterns. It is the steady and slow changes that will eventually lead to success.

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Not Understanding Calories

Your body’s processes need the energy to function optimally. And healthy diets (not necessarily dieting) gives your body essential nutrients like vitamins, adequate calories, essential amino acids, and fluid.

So if you minimize your calorie intake to lose weight, it will likely make you more tired than usual. This means you will not have the energy to exercise, eventually affecting your weight loss efforts.

So what is the best way to approach? Time your meals well, and get enough rest to allow your body to burn more calories than you are taking. Combine that with exercising, even light exercise like, however, choosing to bike or walk instead of driving or taking stairs instead of an elevator will do the magic.

A healthy diet blended with exercising is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and reduce risks of conditions like obesity, diabetes, cancer, and even heart disease.


How to lose weight quickly?
4 Simple Steps to Lose Weight Quickly

Unrealistic Weight Loss Goals

There are thousands of dieting schedules and weight loss treatments out there that make many illogical promises. The best you can lose in a week healthily according to clinical studies and research is one kilogram. Obesity calls for new efficient strategies.

And you can only achieve that by taking at least 500 calories fewer per day to create a deficit of 3000 calories and eventually lose 1 kilogram. So if any dieting supplement or treatment promises more than that, just pass. It is not healthy and is almost impossible to achieve.

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