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November 3, 2018
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Having a few extra pounds can’t really hurt, some might argue, and it can even make one appear more attractive to a certain extent. Nevertheless, being overweight, let alone being obese, carries many health risks ranging from high blood pressure and heart diseases to various types of cancer according to researchers at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Changing public perception of a healthy weight and the importance of understanding how to maintain the latter could be a game-changer for those struggling with the issue.

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What Does It Mean Being Overweight?

One simple way to find out whether you are overweight is to calculate your body mass index (BMI). BMI measures a percentage of your body fat based on your actual body weight in relation to your height. You can calculate it yourself, or you can go online and find countless BMI calculators, tables, and such to help you.

Generally, if you are somewhere in the area between 18.5 and 24.5 you can stop reading this article right now and carry on; you are “in the green” when it comes to your weight. If your BMI is 25 -29.9 you should probably consider altering your diet and/ or lifestyle as it falls within the overweight range.

And, finally, if your BMI is 30.0 or more, you’re in the dangerous obese orbit and need to act now to prevent serious health complications. Waist size is another essential indicator to be on the lookout for if you are watching your weight. Studies demonstrate that a waist size exceeding 40″ for men and 35″ for women could potentially put you at risk of acquiring an obesity-related condition.


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5 Diseases Related to Being Overweight that Miami Weight Loss Clinic Can Help You with

There are multiple health risks and dangerous diseases that can be caused by or attributed to obesity. Here are a few examples:

1. High Blood Pressure

Your blood is pushed through the arteries by your heart which works as a pump. The more you weigh, the more force your heart needs to apply to ensure blood reaches every cell in your body. Studies have shown that high blood pressure, or hypertension, is prevalent among individuals struggling with overweight or obesity. Incidentally, it tends to decrease to that of recommended 120/ 80 as they work their way through diets and exercises supplemented by medical treatment when appropriate.

2. Kidney Disease

Kidneys are best described as the natural filter cleaning your blood and passing waste by producing urine. Hormones produced by kidneys help control calcium metabolism as well as blood pressure. In many instances, overweight or obesity can cause hypertension, diabetes and subsequent kidney disease, and even kidney failure. Working on decreasing your weight could be vital in keeping the kidney functional, specialists agree.

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3. Type 2 Diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes experience abnormally high levels of blood sugar correlated with deficiency of naturally produced insulin and the inability to use it properly (insulin resistance); it is a long-term metabolic disorder. It is believed that developing type 2 diabetes is linked directly to lack of exercise and obesity, though some are genetically predisposed and are more at risk than others. The condition is easily preventable by maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, many doctors believe.

4. Stroke

If a part of the brain gets cut off from the blood flow and, therefore, from getting a sufficient amount of oxygen brains cells will begin to die; it is known as ‘stroke.’ Stroke may result in serious conditions such as long-lasting or permanent disability, inability to function, loss of memory, mobility or speech to name a few, and even death. Far too often it is caused by a blood clot. High blood pressure and blockage of arteries caused by obesity are among the leading reasons leading to stroke. A healthy diet and losing weight are essential for decreasing the risks of stroke.


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5. Cancer

Cancer is characterized by abnormal cell growth in one’s body. It has the ability and potential to spread throughout an organism and is invasive in its nature. There are many known types of cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, there are at least 13 known types of cancer that could be linked, directly or indirectly, to overweight and obesity. Something as simple as watching your weight or working to lose those “few extra pounds” could potentially save you from a terminal illness, although there are currently no conclusive studies proving this statement.

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Healthier and Happier Feel Is One of Many Benefits of Losing Weight

Losing even a small amount of weight will improve your overall health and be emotionally rewarding. Evidently, having as little as a 5 to 10 percent decrease in your total weight could significantly improve your health and have a positive effect on your life. Talking to a medical professional about your weight loss treatment is something many people like to put off or even avoid thinking about it altogether. If you are struggling with obesity and feel like you can’t deal with this on your own don’t contemplate, act now and take control of your health.

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