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Belly fat not only affects the way you look but also ruins your confidence and predisposes you to a host of diseases like heart attack, diabetes, and colorectal cancer. Luckily, you can get rid of belly fat by eating healthy and exercising. While cardio is more instrumental in burning fat, strength training helps you build muscle, strengthen your core, and burn belly fat to give you flat and toned abs.

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If you can’t go to the gym and you have no equipment to use in strength training, you can utilize your body’s weight to provide resistance through bodyweight exercises. Below are 6 bodyweight exercises that you can incorporate into your workout routine to achieve flat abs.

1. Side-Plank Crunches

Side-plank crunches target your waist area and help you get rid of your muffin top as they engage the side area of your body. To perform a side-plank crunch,

  • Lie down on your side and keep your feet straight and stacked on each other.
  •  Prop your body up using the right hand/elbow and hold your left hand on your head. In this position, bend your left leg and bring it to meet the elbow while keeping your body lifted and in a straight line before returning to your original position.

For the best results, do at least 3 sets of this exercise with 5-10 back and forth movements? Don’t forget to switch your position.

2. Sit-Ups

Being one of the endurance exercises that work abdominal muscles, sit-ups can make your abs flatter and more toned. To perform sit-ups, do the following.

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees and keep your feet flat against the floor
  • Place both your hands at the back of your head, engage your core, and lift your upper body to bring your head towards your knees.
  • Lower your body back to the starting position and repeat.10-15 sit-ups are ideal for flat abs.

You can also opt to lie down flat instead of bending your knees, or do sit-ups with twists to better engage your oblique muscles depending on how challenging you want them to be.


Benefits of Exercise
Exercise can improve muscle health.


3. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers give you the benefit of both strength training and cardio.

  • Start with both of your hands on the floor in front of you like you are doing a high plank.
  • While keeping on your toes, draw your right leg forward to your torso then take it back to the original position.
  •  Repeat the movement with your left leg and keep alternating for as long as you deem necessary to make it look like you are running.

When doing this exercise, try as much as possible not to move your upper body. Once you are comfortable enough with the exercise, you can challenge yourself by increasing your speed.

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4. Dead Bug

The dead bug pose targets your deep abdominal muscles to flatten your abs and narrow your waist.

  • Begin by lying down on your back with your hands raised to the ceiling and your legs bent at 90 degrees over your hips.
  • Stretch out your right leg slowly while at the same time lowering your left hand until both are just above the ground, then bring them back to the starting position.
  • Repeat the process with the left leg and right hand and avoid arching your back during the exercise.

To make it more difficult, try holding your leg and arm just above the ground for between 5 and 10 seconds.

5. Boat Pose

The boat pose targets your lower abs.

  • Start by sitting upright, bending your knees, and maintaining your feet flat on the floor.
  • Lean back slightly while your knees are still bent, and then raise your legs until your body is in a V-shape.
  • To complete the pose, stretch out your arms with your palms facing inwards and hold this position for at least 30 seconds. Repeat as many times as you desire

Challenge yourself by keeping your stretched out legs closer to the floor and holding the position for longer.


Belly Fat
Foods to lose belly fat


6. Burpees

Burpees are used both for strength training and in aerobic exercise as they work the entire body. This means that they are all-rounded and will help you burn belly fat and tone your abs at the same time.

  • Start your burpees by going into a squat position and placing your hand on the ground just in front of you.
  • Kick your feet back to get into a plank position before jumping back towards your hands so that your feet are slightly outside your hands.
  •  Lastly, leap into the air with your arms above your head before getting back to the starting position and repeating the whole process.

You can incorporate a push up while in the plank position to make it more challenging, or step into the plank position instead of jumping to it to make it easier.

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Incorporating the above exercises in your workout routine will give you flat and toned abs. If you are trying to lose weight, it is necessary to consult a professional for the best advice.

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According to the 2019 American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) report, 265,209 people got Liposuction, a 3% jump from 2018. In 2019, the average cost for this procedure was $3,548. Also, despite there being several body contouring procedures in the market, Liposuction is the buzz “item” today.

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What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that targets stubborn fat pockets. Most people opt to get it as a simple way to get rid of fat. But for some people, it’s the second line-option, especially when dieting and constant exercise fails to yield results. Mainly, the abdomen hips, and arms are among the most suitable areas for Liposuction.

Dr. Charles Dujarrier performed the first procedure in 1921. Over time, owing to advancements in technology and techniques, Liposuction has become a safe and effective fat removal procedure.

There are different liposuction procedures; these include:

  • Tumescent Liposuction A procedure that involves injecting a specific fluid to unbind fat cells.
  • Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) This type uses a medical rod to break up fat cells.
  • Ultrasound Liposuction A procedure that uses sound waves to break the fat cells apart.
  • Laser Liposuction This procedure utilizes laser energy to target stubborn fat cells.


Techniques for Liposuction


How Liposuction Has Become the New Norm

1. It’s a Safe Surgical Procedure

According to the literature, the overall complication rate for Liposuction is relatively low at 2.4%. While every surgery has potential risks, complications are quite rare, especially when undergoing Liposuction alone and not combining other aesthetic procedures.

Also, recent advancements have made it less invasive, meaning that the surgeon makes a small incision unlike before. Besides, the recovery period is relatively short and depends on the type of procedure. Some people will go back to their work routines three days after getting lipo. Following your doctor’s postoperative instructions certainly helps to reduce downtime.

2. Lipo Has Excellent Health Benefits

Liposuction is not only done for aesthetic purposes but can treat several medical conditions, including:

  • Gynecomastia If you’re a man going for a breast reduction procedure, your doctor may recommend Liposuction instead of getting gynecomastia surgery- which is more invasive.
  • Hyperhidrosis Excessive sweating can cause anxiety due to the constant fear of sweat patches and bad odor. Liposuction deactivates the sweat glands without destroying the tissue. It’s more effective in treating the armpit as it is more straightforward and requires no downtime.
  • Lipodystrophy People with this condition can’t store or utilize fat properly. As a result, they might experience changes in their body shape and also suffer metabolism problems. Note that Liposuction can treat this abnormal fat gain on the neck area alone and not the abdomen—this is because it only targets subcutaneous and not visceral fat.

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3. Produces Long-Lasting and Satisfactory Results

Liposuction offers long-term results as it lastingly gets rid of troublesome fat cells, which won’t regenerate. However, to maintain these results, you are advised to live a healthy lifestyle to avoid fat gain on untreated body parts. It would help if you exercised consistently and avoided over-processed food.

4. Improves Confidence

Gone are the days when you had to be content with “love handles” and flappy arms. For some women, this would mean not wearing your favorite bikini. While for the men, it meant avoiding your treasured comic t-shirt to avert the stares. Liposuction helps to boost one’s self-esteem, hence why it has become so popular.

5. It’s Customizable and Can Be Performed Together with Other Procedures

You can get Liposuction on virtually all areas of the body. For instance, you may choose to get rid of the stubborn fat on your buttocks to reduce dimpling. Additionally, you can decide to get rid of neck and cheek fat to get that contoured look. What’s more, your doctor can perform lipo alongside other cosmetic procedures such as a tummy tuck or butt lift.


Conditions treated with Liposuction


6. Boosts Collagen Production

As we grow older, our body gradually stops producing collagen, a protein responsible for keeping our skin supple. Today, more people are looking to stay and feel younger, and have resorted to procedures that will help reduce wrinkles. The laser energy used in Liposuction boosts collagen production, making the skin look firm.


Potential Risks of Liposuction

As mentioned earlier, postoperative complications are infrequent, though not impossible. Some of these may include:

  • Contour Deformity Some patients have experienced folds, depressions, and wrinkles after getting Liposuction. These deformities are preventable through proper techniques and by using smaller tubes for the incisions
  • Infections Infections of the surgical site are very uncommon, especially if a skilled surgeon carries out the procedure. Inpatients are also safer because of constant monitoring.
  • Fat Embolization If you get a gluteal fat transfer, the risk of getting fat embolization is quite significant. Also, fat embolism has a high mortality rate compared to other complications. Close monitoring during the first 72 hours after Liposuction can help to detect and prevent this condition from escalating.

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Liposuction is currently the second most popular aesthetic procedure in the US. Its high efficacy, safety, and health benefits are, perhaps, why it is now becoming a new norm. If you are thinking of getting a Liposuction, you should visit a licensed doctor.

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Two out of three adults in the US are overweight or obese. Shedding the extra pounds is not always easy, and sometimes the most common solutions of exercise and dieting fail to deliver the desired results. If working out and changing your diet isn’t working for you, there are always other methods you can explore. Below we will take you through some methods people use and guide you on the best path you should take.

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Herbal Teas for Weight Loss

Many people around the world take herbal teas such as green tea, white tea, and peppermint tea. Some take these beverages to help them relax, others to improve sleep patterns, while others to lose weight. Herbal teas have a lot of health benefits, but it’s not the best option when it comes to losing weight.

Research shows these teas have compounds that can help you break down fats, but the impact is minimal. Therefore, the notion that herbal teas alone can help you lose weight rapidly isn’t accurate. Instead of relying on one method, experts recommend you should also deploy other methods to reduce your weight.

Weight Loss Medication

When you want to lose weight, the best place to begin your journey is at a professional doctor’s desk. When you come to Mango Clinic, our health care provider will first perform various tests to determine whether you are overweight or obese. To determine which category you fall in, the health practitioner will check your body mass index (BMI).  If you score between 25 and 30, you are overweight, and above 30 means you are obese.

The doctor will then ask you some questions and try to learn whether you have tried dieting and exercise to shed some weight. If you have tried both methods but haven’t been able to achieve significant weight loss, our specialist may consider prescribing weight loss medication. However, we also take a lot of other aspects into consideration before making any recommendations.


Weight Loss
Recommended blood tests for weight loss.


Other Details the Doctor May Need from You

Just because you have a high BMI doesn’t mean you can start using weight loss medication. Doctors mostly reserve these medications for individuals with a BMI that is above 30 or for people living with obesity-related health issues, like diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, or high blood pressure. To determine what is best for your situation, the doctor may conduct other tests such as:

  • Assessing your weight history, physical activities you engage in, and diet patterns.
  • Checking your health history and genetics to understand whether you have an underlying condition.
  • Learning the medications you take.
  • Performing a general test to check your blood pressure, heart rate, blood test, and waist circumference measurement.

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Medication-Assisted Weight Loss

If lifestyle modifications aren’t offering any help, then our doctor may recommend you take the medication approach. There is a wide range of medications, and each one works differently. Some make you feel fuller quickly, others limit the ability of your body to take in and store fat from what you eat, while others reduce your urge to eat. At Mango Clinic, all the medications we recommend are approved by the FDA, and they are safe to use. They include:

  • Orlistat – Minimizes the fat your body takes in from the food you take.
  • Saxenda – This makes you feel less hungry or full sooner.
  • Qsymia – Decreases appetite and breaks down food to allow the body to lose weight.
  • Contrave – Reduces cravings and makes you feel full sooner.
  • Belviq – Works on the brain receptors to make you feel full sooner.


Weight Loss Medications
Benefits of Diet Pills


How Well do Weight-Loss Drugs Work?

All the approved prescription weight-loss drugs offer considerable benefits to people looking to shed weight. When compared with other methods such as placebos and herbal tea, these treatment options lead to significant weight loss. Research shows that when such drugs are combined with a diet and exercise regimen, they lead to increased weight loss than what lifestyle changes produce on their own.

How Long will the Drug Therapy Last?

The period you will need to take weight-loss drugs will be determined by how much weight you shed and the emergence of side effects. Note that some of these drugs are meant to only be taken for a short period, while others can be taken over a long time. If you are shedding weight at a good rate and there aren’t any side effects, the doctor may recommend you continue the medication.

If the doctor determines that you have only lost less than 5 percent of your body weight after taking the full dosage for three months, he/she will review your treatment plan and probably introduce a different type of medication. At Mango Clinic, we advise our clients to adopt a healthy lifestyle even after successfully completing medication to ensure they don’t gain back weight.

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Mango Clinic is Here For You

If you have tried various weight loss methods and failed to achieve the desired results, Mango Clinic may have the solution you are looking for. Here, we have a team of highly trained, experienced, and professional specialists who can develop for you a personalized roadmap that will help you shed the extra pounds. To reach your weight loss goals, you can take advantage of our telehealth medicine and get advice from our doctors from the comfort of your home.

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Weight loss treatment clinic
Weight loss treatment



Obesity has become an epidemic in the US and around the world, with 40 % of adults and 20 % of children in the US having weight challenges, which has been the highest rates recorded in US history.

The steady growth of online weight loss programs has not just come out of the blue. It is a cause and effect response to the steadily increasing number of people with weight challenges in the US.

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Advancements in technology have changed the way people lose weight and how they gain access to services offered by experts in weight loss companies. There are plenty of online resources for weight loss from Apk platforms, video coaching, social media platforms, text messages, blogger sites, online courses, etc.

The online weight loss business community is a vast oasis filled with diet and weight loss specialists.

What’S the Market Value?

There has been a significant market value growth rate witnessed way back from 2006 to the present and is at the moment (2020) valued at more than US$189.8 billion globally and US$72 billion in the US and rising at an annual rate of 3.9% to every 1.6 billion. These increasing profits only go to show the number of people struggling with weight loss in this country.

However, consumer focus has shifted from counting calories and weight loss to living a healthy lifestyle, prompting weight loss businesses to develop a more holistic approach by promoting healthy lifestyle practices.

Franchises have evolved by incorporating technology and medical practice to carve out a portion of the profits.


Weight Loss
Weight loss market value


Why Has There Been Such Tremendous Growth in This Niche?

Forty-five million people go on a diet every day in the US alone. Of these, around 70% of them will quit within the first 90 days. Eighty percent of the 30 percent who stick to their diet and successfully lose weight will probably still gain it back within five years, with many of them gaining more than they lost. These have driven more and more people to enroll and re-enroll in weight loss programs.

However, the market is changing, and new players are getting in. They come with different sets of weight loss programs that are meant to offer variety and accommodate different groups.

  • Lots of competitors

There are many companies in the dietary and weight loss business and even more startups; however, some have been in the game for quite some time. Some of these are who raked in $567 million in 2018 alone, with $155 million, and MyFitnessPal for $120 million.

Other leading online weight loss and diet companies specialize in selling non-prescription diet pills and online pill replacements. Most companies these days, however, come with tailor-made diet plans for specific niches hence the huge variety offered in the marketplace today.

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  • Competitive strategies

Due to the massive number of companies available on the market today, most companies have to develop competitive strategies to sell their products. Most companies have come up with ultra-modern apps that offer many different functionalities to benefit their users.

  • Online sales

Meal replacement techniques and non-prescription dietary pills are trendy do-it-yourself weight loss alternatives, and they represent around 80 percent of all dieters. The increased growth of online connectivity through the internet and ease of delivery of ordered items from retail stores is likely to lead to even more growth in these online weight loss programs.

  • Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the new outreach technique mainly used by healthcare providers, but weight loss providers are not too far behind. It allows you the opportunity to work on losing your weight from virtually anywhere. A dietary specialist, weight loss coach, nutritionist, or medical doctor is always a phone call or video call away to help you whenever you need them.


Benefits of Bariatric Telehealth


So, What You Should Look Out when Choosing Weight Loss Programs

  • Weight loss programs have become fraught with misinformation meant to convert sales without actually offering any help. You should, therefore, be careful and only buy dietary supplements from licensed medical institutions.
  • Competition has become more vicious. Companies may advertise dieting regimens that may not work to get more profits. Therefore, you should take more precautions when choosing a weight loss program and ask for advice from professional medical practitioners and nutritionists on what dietary regimen may be right for you.
  • The sale of do-it-yourself diets has stormed the market, and diet information is now easier to find than ever. Do some research before embarking on any of these weight loss programs.

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The Takeaway

With the hundreds of weight loss programs available out there, it would only be best for you to do some careful research and determine which regimen best suits your needs. Look for services from an accredited institution you can trust: licensed MDs, nutritionists, and weight loss coaches who can help you lose weight.

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Your weight may be presenting health challenges such as diabetes or hypertension.  The weight could be because of eating disorders, no exercise, or genes. Whatever it is, Mango Clinic’s weight loss and obesity plan are available to deal with your weight issues.

The program will help you modify your mindset on lifestyle and eating habits. This shift in life involves interventions targeting overweight and obese individuals like you.

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The Motive of the Plan

The Mango Clinic plan for weight reduction ensures shedding off your surplus weight using a convenient method. It entails watching your diet and incorporating behavioral modifications of losing and later managing your ideal weight. You can achieve this through awareness and self-motivation. Your final success is when you hit reasonably set weight loss milestones.

Why Use This Plan

It is prudent to use Mango Clinic’s professional services as you seek to shed weight. They are skilled in weight reduction and obesity affairs. Their guidance will enable you to stay on track until you achieve your objective. Here are some reasons why this weight loss plan is appealing:

  • Receive advice on what health plan to follow in terms of dieting
  • Committed staff to take you through customized sessions
  • Comprehensive information on why you should avoid harmful lifestyle practices
  • Telehealth services where you access a doctor fast
  • Availability of quick treatment for weight reduction
  • Guaranteed safety and confidentiality


Healthy Foods
Best Fat Burning Foods


Plan Details

Early intervention of weight reduction can save lives. At Mango Clinic, we aspire to bring this down to acceptable levels by concentrating on what goes into your system and how you treat your body. We propose customized diets to enable you to reduce weight systematically.

Through healthy eating, you start to lower your weight and feel lighter within the first four weeks. You see the results when you persist with the set regime. To sustain a healthy balance and shed pounds consistently, we advise that you combine a calorie-deficit diet and working out.

This will help you burn fat which leads to proper weight reduction. Manage it once you hit your ideal weight. Mango Clinic also takes into consideration those who may not be able to diet or exercise due to health issues and age.

We offer weight loss medications that are FDA-approved prescriptions. They boost your appetite and jump-start the weight reduction process. The prescriptions are such as Phentermine-topiramate, Lorcaserin, and Orlistat.

These programs will rejuvenate your body by raising your metabolism. Your belly fat will melt away and you will achieve your absolute weight faster. You save money since you will drop all junk food and unhealthy cravings.

You will have less need for health care. This is because, with reasonable weight and adhering to a strict health regime, diseases like hypertension and high cholesterol disappear. You will not require medication anymore. By maintaining this healthy routine, you make wise decisions on your expenditure.

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How to Program Your Mind to Lose Weight

Unless you realign your mind to your new program routine, all your effort may be in vain. The following mental strategies will ground you as you focus on losing weight:

  1. Stop using the scales daily. Weigh yourself weekly or fortnightly.
  2. Focus on your accomplishments however small such as eating according to the plan.
  3. Note all you do daily in a journal to track your achievements such as what foods you eat, the exercises you do, and your emotions.
  4. Visualize yourself thin to motivate you to work towards that goal.
  5. Be realistic in your expectations ensuring you have achievable and sustainable targets.


Best Diet Plans
Best diet plans to shed weight.


How to Lose Weight Permanently but Gradually

If you are serious about losing weight, do not be tempted to rush the process, as it will be short-lived. The best way is to lose weight slowly but surely. This way, you will be able to maintain it once you attain your goal.

  • Embrace your dieting plan systematically –  Do this by changing what you eat. Reduce your portions so that ultimately you are cutting off 500 calories daily.
  • Nothing beats exercising – Combine it with dieting to post consistent results. Choose to work out, run, swim, or walk around the block or up the stairs.
  • Maintain whatever weight you achieve –  Do not lapse into your earlier lifestyle of sedentary living or poor eating habits. Once you achieve your weight, continue with your newly acquired routine.

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Adhering to Mango’s Clinic weight loss program is advantageous as has been illustrated above. You will experience a complete lifestyle change once you achieve your goal. Your new behavioral patterns will inform your maintenance of the new weight, which can remain that way for life.

Contact Us at Mango Clinic to lose weight healthily and sustainably or click the banner below to book an appointment.


Weight loss treatment clinic
Weight loss treatment



How to lose fat in your face is one of the most searched terms on Google with regards to weight loss. So, if you have been looking for an answer to this problem, at least you know you are not alone. While there isn’t a single way of addressing weight loss in just one section of the body, the most straightforward strategy to lose fat in your face is to cut your overall weight. The simple explanation for this is that gaining weight around the face is due to excess fats in the body. Be that as it may, experts point out that you can tackle facial fat by drinking water. In this post, we will highlight how water can help reduce facial fat. 

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Drinking Lots of Water Improve Hydration

Water plays a crucial role in weight loss, so keeping tabs on the amount of water you take daily will not only improve your overall skin outlook but also help you shift the extra pounds. A 2008 study concluded that there is a strong correlation between drinking several glasses of water a day and shedding pounds

Sometimes, when you don’t take water, the body might mistake it for a shortage. In the process, it may desperately store more water to stave off dehydration. Improper hydration usually leads to puffiness and bloating in your face. With this in mind, make it a routine to drink about 64 ounces of water per day. If you have an issue consuming this meeting this daily intake amount, at least eat more fruits and vegetables. These foods have a lot of water, which can help the body meet hydration needs. Moreover, they have essential nutrients and minerals that promote good health. 


Losing Weight
Water increases calorie burning.


Drinking Water Suppresses Appetite

Drinking water before a meal will help you feel fuller because water can help fill the space in the stomach. This means that you will likely consume fewer calories. So, indirectly, drinking a glass of water before meals will lead to gradual weight loss. Naturally, when the stomach senses that it has enough food, it triggers the brain to stop eating. After all, we sometimes confuse thirst for hunger. 

In one study, 62% of the participants responded inappropriately to their hunger or thirst cues. Unsurprisingly, some of them chose to eat when they actually needed water, thus increasing unnecessary calories. The participants who took water before meals experience a reduction in body weight. 

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Drinking Water Improves Metabolism

Scientists have found out that drinking water can temporarily improve metabolism by up to 24%. Specifically, they burned more calories than usual within the first 90 minutes of drinking water. And as you know, burning more calories in a day will help boost weight loss

A 2016 study also found out that consistent water intake enhances lipolysis. This process occurs when your body breaks down stored fat into fatty acids. This way, the body will use fat as energy. As you know, making use of the excess fats is key to losing weight

It has also been found out that drinking water may temporarily boost your body’s resting energy consumption. Drinking cold water will also trigger your body to respond to temperature changes by increasing more energy to warm the water to body temperature.   


Weight Loss
Drink water before meals for successful weight loss.


Water Helps to Get Rid of Body Waste

A dehydrated body cannot remove body waste effectively. Water helps your kidneys to get rid of waste and toxins while retaining essential nutrients. Sadly, when there is insufficient water in the body, the kidney will retain fluid. 


Supplement Water Consumption with Diet and Exercise

Besides drinking water, be sure to exercise and improve your overall diet. In this case, reduce foods that are likely to increase fat deposits. Typically, processed foods usually have more sugar, salt, and calories than most whole foods. During processing, foods lose some nutrients and crucial fiber, resulting in a lot of empty calories. Besides this, you should be keen on how many calories in salads you consume. In short, you need to get fit from the inside. You need foods, such as red foods, that will help boost your skin completion. For better results, stick to a chosen diet – for instance, a 3-week diet rich in minerals and nutrients.    

You can lose most of the fats by simply massaging your upper body muscles in circular motions. Massaging your face improves blood flow in the targeted areas, which in turn boosts the number of nutrients and oxygen getting to your face. 

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Key Takeaway

Chances are that your chubby face is cute. But if it is bothering you, then you can adopt some of the above-recommended adjustments. While exercise and diet are the foundation of fat control, you can achieve a lot by just drinking enough water throughout the day. And if you are still struggling to lose weight or planning to take drastic measures, then you should seek professional help. Our certified team of physicians and dieticians are skilled at diagnosing weight issues and formulating practical weight management plans.

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Weight loss treatment clinic
Weight loss treatment



It’s no longer a secret that America is grappling with an obesity problem. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity affects 42.4% of American adults. There are many ways of losing weight. However, most people only achieve short-term results.

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The obesity interventions you’ll come across typically result in rapid, short-term weight loss, followed by a weight plateau and unnoticeable regain. Even so, extensive studies show that early-stage weight loss is an indicator of things to come. If you consistently shed weight in the tentative stages of your weight-loss journey, you’re likely to achieve long-term results.

Fast Weight Loss Results Vs. Long-Term Results

If you’re looking to shed weight, the results will be proportionate to the methods you choose. Substantial weight loss can be achieved across a broad range of methods. However, the perception of the public is that one can never succeed at long-term weight loss.

Many people embark on their weight-loss journeys with gusto. As a result, there’s always a sharp weight loss at the start of each journey. When the weight plateau is attained, most people become disheartened and lose sight of their goals.

Rather than focusing on rapid, short-term results, it’s best to have the bigger picture in mind. In this regard, start by developing stable and repeatable workout and food intake-related behaviors early. This will help you fashion a weight-loss journey that helps you achieve both short-term and long-term goals. Besides, it will also be easier for you to maintain the desirable changes in the long run, rather than regaining the lost weight.


Weight Gain
Unintentional Causes of Weight Gain


What Does Science Tell Us?

A recent study by Drexel University researchers highlighted the significance of developing repeatable diet and workout behaviors. Study participants were subjected to weekly treatments during which they got weighted. Two years later, the participants returned for the final weigh-in. They were also asked to report on diet-related behaviors and attitudes such as emotional eating, food cravings, and food intake regulation.

The researchers established higher weight variability during the first 6 to 12 months of the program. In the subsequent weeks, there was poorer long-term weight control. For instance, someone who shed four pounds during the first week regained two pounds during the second week before losing one pound in the third week.

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Such individuals fared worse than those who consistently shed one pound weekly for three weeks. At the end of the study period, those who lost small amounts of weight consistently attained their goals. The same cannot be said of individuals who kept losing weight rapidly and regaining some of it after that.

Interestingly, participants who reported less binge eating, emotional eating, and preoccupation with food than at the beginning of the study showed more weight variability and even less weight loss. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that initial weight change, instead of behavior towards food, is essential in predicting the success of your weight-loss journey.


Weight Loss
Scientific steps to lose weight.


How to Achieve Your Long-Term Weight Loss Goals Effortlessly

To ensure that you maintain the early-stage weight loss results till the end, it’s best to settle on a consistent weight loss plan. Losing small bits of weight over a long period is healthier than shedding weight drastically at the start of your journey, and regaining some of it after that. It will be easier to attain your weight-loss objectives if you:

  • Choose a suitable rate of loss, and stick with it consistently
  • Consciously choose a weight-loss rate that will furnish you with sufficient calories each day so that you neither feel hungry nor deprived
  • Set achievable weight-loss goals rather than trying to go too fast

As you embark on your weight loss journey, it’s best to keep in mind that your main challenge is falling off the wagon. Shedding weight in small bits over a long period gives you control of the weight loss journey. Conversely, when you experience fluctuating weight loss/gain, you’ll feel less motivated, and this has a detrimental impact on the attainment of your goals.

Scientists advise that to ensure consistent weight loss, first understand the underlying causes of weight gain. Many weight loss journeys fail to realize the intended objectives because most people primarily focus on dieting rather than weight management. Primarily, weight management is all about exercising more and eating less.

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Final Words

Losing weight can be challenging, more so if you fail to set short-term and long-term goals. Cumulatively the short-term goals contribute to the attainment of the long-term goals. Losing weight during the early stages of your journey health and wellness journey spurs you on, thus the need to find a program that offers immediate results right from the start.

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When you wake up in the morning, you’re usually going to be a little bit hungry. This isn’t a bad thing, and you should pay attention to what your body is saying. However, you should also incorporate a little strategy into your morning calorie consumption. Your body is hungry, but your body may not know what it wants.

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If you eat the wrong foods, there’s a high likelihood you’ll give the body calories that either aren’t burned or aren’t good for you. Starch and bread in the morning aren’t as good an idea as you might think. Cereal is full of both and has carbohydrate energy. Carbohydrates tend to become fat.

If you want to lose weight, this isn’t the way to go. If you don’t need to lose weight, that’s another story. All that being said, here is what modern nutritionists have discovered: a breakfast high in protein actually contributes to weight loss. In this writing, we’ll explore a few reasons why that is, including:

  • A Metabolic Kick-Start
  • Satiating Your Body’s Hunger Cravings
  • Reducing Muscle Loss Through High Metabolic Rate


A Metabolic Kick-Start

If you want to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you regularly ingest on average. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that average adult women will burn 1,600 to 2,400 calories a day, while average adult men will burn 2,000 to 3,000 calories a day. So if you’re an average-sized lady who is active in an average way, try not to ingest more than 1,600 calories a day.


Calorie Foods
Low-calorie foods can help to lose weight.


For a man, the number is 2,000. Here’s the thing: you can have a massive breakfast, feel fully satiated, then have a dinner salad or something in the evening to tide you over. The big problem people have with a diet is hunger pangs. But when you have a high-protein breakfast in the morning, your metabolism is kick-started with hard-to-digest compounds. Accordingly, you feel full all day from just one meal. That can make something like a 3-week diet much easier to stick to.

A reason many swear by a 3-week diet is that it takes approximately 21 days to form a neuro-pathway in your mind, at least according to Dr. Caroline Leaf. Three weeks is the approximate time necessary to form a habit in your mind at the physical level. Psychologically, you’ve just got to keep it up from that point.

So if you have a high-protein breakfast that is under your daily caloric intake, then only a light salad in the evening, you can see serious transformation inside three weeks; and even stick to it. It all starts with your metabolism. Protein kick starts it, and maintaining associated healthy habits keeps “the ball rolling”, as it were.

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Satiating Your Body’s Hunger Cravings

Red foods tend to contain antioxidants, and these tend to help stimulate your body’s metabolism as well. What does that mean for breakfast? One word: BACON! Bacon in the morning is very good for you. It’s a high-protein super-food chock full of antioxidants which actually are very good for your metabolism. If you don’t eat pork, you won’t get the same level of antioxidants from steak and eggs; but you’ll still get some.

At any rate, when you’ve got a lot of red foods early in the morning, you’re getting protein and antioxidants simultaneously. This satiates hunger cravings while stimulating your immune system with compounds that are hard to break down.

It’s additionally considerable that, if you plan on working out, you need “fuel” to repair your muscles. Protein is that fuel. If you’re doing a lot of work on upper body muscles, a heavy breakfast is a fine idea. If it’s leg day and you’re working on your thighs, this is doubly true.


Protein Foods
Protein helps you to lose weight.


Reducing Muscle Loss Through High Metabolic Rate

When you’ve got a lot of protein providing antioxidants and metabolic stimulation, then your body doesn’t “eat” muscles. When you’re malnourished, the body moves beyond fat deposits and begins to consume muscle. So just dieting can actually reduce muscle mass, but high protein breakfasts help counteract this.

But what do you do when it’s suppertime? Well, a salad was mentioned earlier-but you can’t have just any salad; you want one designed to assure you continue losing weight. So how many calories in the salad are “good” calories, and how many are “bad”?

Well, here’s a handy chart to help you determine which specific salad ingredients best match your proclivities. Essentially, creamy dressing is your enemy; but nuts, meats, and vegetables are your friend.

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A Healthy Way To Lose Weight Without Feeling Constantly Hungry

With a high protein breakfast in the morning, you set yourself up for weight loss success by kick-starting your metabolism, satiating hunger cravings, and reducing muscle loss. To learn more, or to get in-depth information into your personal physicality, contact our expert physicians today.

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Ginger has been used for centuries to cure inflammation, relieve joint pain, and aid digestion. But over the last couple of years, it has attracted the attention of many dieticians and weight-watchers for its weight loss properties. It is a root that has a strong, unique taste. In fact, its taste alone could give you a hint of what is inside. This plant has a lot of antioxidants such as gingerol and 6-paradol that could be beneficial to weight management. So, if you are curious about how ginger could help you solve your weight problem, please read on. 

Antioxidants work as cellular peacekeepers. Their main function is to neutralize free radical molecules that have accumulated in your body. If these radicals are not controlled, they could easily cause issues on a microscopic level. In other words, they can cause inflammation that could trigger heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and weight gain.

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Several studies have found out that ginger compounds such as gingerol and shogaols have been linked to fat reduction, weight loss, and improvement in HDL cholesterol. One study found out that 6-paradol contributed to increased metabolisms. It causes more rats to burn more fat to regulate body temperature. These antioxidants trigger the same reaction as cold, signaling the body to burn more calories and fats for warmth. 

Ginger also can suppress hunger. For this reason, ginger can be used to induce weight loss. A majority of scientific literature indicates that ginger works best when it is used with other ingredients. 

Here are some of the best combinations that can help you reduce weight:


1. Ginger and Lemon

When you combine these two ingredients, you are not only getting a weight loss boost but also a healthy drink that protects your body and boosts your immunity. A lemon diet has a lot of vitamin C, but just like ginger, it can also work as an appetite suppressant. 

How to Use Lemon and Ginger for Weight Loss

Simply add a squeeze of lemon to your ginger drink. This will trigger your body to take more liquids. The good thing is that taking this combination will help your body stay hydrated while keeping hunger at bay. For maximum benefits, drink this healthy beverage two to three times a day. 


Constituents In Ginger
Ginger owns 50–70% carbohydrates.


2. Green Tea and Ginger

Just like ginger, green tea comes with lots of weight loss properties. It has been found to speed up metabolisms. In fact, it is one of the most popular ingredients in weight management supplements

How to Make a Ginger and Green Tea Drink

First, prepare your green tea as you normally do, then add ground ginger into the drink. Alternatively, you can put a green tea bag and a ginger tea bag into a cup of hot water. This drink will work wonders when you take it once or twice a day. But keep in mind that green tea contains caffeine

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3. Ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar

You have probably read this phrase many times: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is absolutely true, especially with regards to weight issues. The same can be said of other red foods like raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries. 

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has several weight loss properties. So, combining it with ginger will complement the antioxidant and anti-glycemic properties of both ingredients. One of the silent benefits of apple cider vinegar is that it comes with powerful probiotics, which can boost your gut health as you manage weight issues. 


Benefits of Ginger
Ginger has powerful medicinal properties.


How to Mix Ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar

The simplest way to introduce these ingredients into your diet is to blend them as a drink. To prepare ginger tea, simply add a tea bag to hot water. Let the drink cool down before you can introduce apple cider vinegar. If you add ACV when the water is too hot, it might kill the bacteria in the mix. 

You may want to add a squeeze of lemon or a little honey into the brewed drink. After that, take the mixture once per day, preferably in the morning. 


4. Ginger Juice

Another way to take advantage of the weight loss properties of ginger is to drink ginger juice. Ginger juice has several other ingredients to neutralize the spicy taste of pure ginger. So, you can add lemon juice, honey, ginger ground, and water to create a powerful juice with hydrating and antioxidants properties.  

Your dietitian may also recommend several other weight control measures such as the 3-week diet, which is not only effective but also one of the most research diet systems globally. Some might prefer exercises, especially the ones that work on upper body muscles. Also, make sure to watch your calorie intake. Check calorie content on the packets of processed food. But you will probably find that most foods convert cal to kcal in their packaging.

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Ready to Lose Weight? 

Ginger is generally safe for most people. So, next time you are choosing a drink, make sure to add ginger into the mix. But if you feel the weight problem is getting out of control, seek professional help. Mango Clinic’s dieticians and physicians will work with you throughout your weight loss journey. 

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Are you looking for a way to shed some weight? If you want to get rid of a few pounds in the fastest way possible, then this article gives you some simple weight loss life hacks that you can replicate to achieve your goal.  By following the practices listed below, you can expect to see some positive results in no time.

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1. Combating High-Carb and Sugary Drinks

Carbohydrates, other than providing some level of energy for your body, are an unpleasant addition to your body. According to the department of agriculture (USDA), a single gram of carbs gives your body about 4 calories. With potatoes being the staple food in America, then you can only imagine the number of calories you take in a single bite of mashed potatoes, French fries, or even chips.

So, by cutting down on the number of carbohydrates you consume every day, you are inevitably reducing your weight. So, what happens to your body when you reduce carbs in your diet?

The human body processes calories to release energy. Therefore, by cutting down their intake, the body turns to the stored calories, including fats, proteins, and glycogen. And once your body starts using the fat stored in your body, that process contributes to weight loss.

What about Taking Sugary Drinks or Blended Juice in Place of a Fruit?

In your quest to lose some weight, there are a few things that are important to know. One of them is the calorie count in the drinks. Can you believe that there are about 38grams of calories in 10 ounces of club soda? Once this is clear, then you understand that taking sweetened drinks while trying to lose weight could take you back a long way, which inevitably cancels out your hard work.


Carbohydrates are main source of energy.


How Do You Cut off Carbs in Your Diet?

  • Remove Any Sugary Drinks from Your Diet

Sugar is a pure carbohydrate. By drinking more sugary drinks, you add to the total amount in your body, resulting in a negative outcome than what you intended. Even so, removing any sugary drinks, be it soda, milkshakes, ice cream, or any other sweetened drink from your daily diet is a weight-loss hack that has over time proven relatively sufficient.

Instead of getting the soda during lunch, you can opt for a glass of water or freshly squeezed lemonade.

  • Get Rid of Bread

Bread is among the most readily available foodstuffs around the world. You find it in your nearest outlet and at some of the most affordable prices. Unfortunately, it packs some of the highest calorie content with a few specks of fibers.

Isn’t whole-grain bread better recommended compared to white bread? While this is true, since the white bread contains a lot of highly processed grains, there are always better options to replace your whole grain bread. A vital weight-loss hack is to replace the bread with whole grains, nuts, and herbs.

  • Eat the Fruit, Don’t Blend It

Although it seems like a good idea to blend those fruits and have a glass of juice, it is not a welcome idea for your body. You see, when taking the fruit wholly, you get to take in most of the fibers from the fruit. However, by blending it, you lose most of these fibers when sieving the juice. Also, you could be tempted to add in a spoonful of sugar, which is not a healthy option.

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So, What Do You Take in Place of Your Favorite Juice?

The list is endless. For instance, instead of taking a glass of apple juice, which contains high proportions of sugars, you can go for;

  • Almonds – These are a beneficial option if you’re trying to lose weight. For 6 grams of carbs, half of them contain fibers.
  • Macadamia Nuts – These are also a good substitute because 50% of their total intake contains fibers.
  • Pecan Nuts – Out of 4 grams of carbs contained in pecans nuts, 3 of them are fibers.
  • Hazelnuts – These contain 60% fibers, which makes them an excellent addition to your diet.
  • Cheese – With less than 1 gram of carbs contained in cheese, you can never go wrong with cheese.
  • Walnuts – Walnuts, like pecans, have 50% fiber content, which is a valuable substitution for the high-carb foods in your diet.

Generally, transitioning from a high-carb diet to a low or non-carb diet is a weight-loss hack that is guaranteed to work and impacts your weight almost immediately.

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Weight loss treatment clinic
Weight loss treatment


2. Glucomannan Supplements

Experts often recommend weight-loss tactics that take considerable time to bring forth results. One prominent option is the glucomannan supplement.

So, What Is This Glucomannan Supplement?

This is a natural, water-soluble dietary fiber supplement. You can ingest it in a capsule or tablet form. When taking it, you could mix it with your food, drink or swallow with a glass of water.

How Does Your Body Benefit from the Glucomannan Supplement?

The glucomannan supplement improves your satiety and prevents the absorption of many calories. By taking about 1-4 grams of the supplement daily, your body can successfully start shedding some weight almost immediately.

The scientific perspective makes it more straightforward. According to research, a more viscous and gel-like fiber option acts better in your body when it comes to weight loss. Typically, it acts to suppress your appetite, which, in turn, changes your eating patterns. The glucomannan supplement works on three principles:

  • Controlling Appetite Hormones: Therefore, you feel hungry less often, which in turn results in fewer carbs intake.
  • Taking up the Physical Room in the Gut: Since you take the supplements with water, it takes up a significant amount of space in your guts. As a result, you eat less food.
  • Delays the Absorption of Food and Increases Defecation: If your body fails to absorb many carbs, it keeps less to store in the body, which translates to less weight and increased defecation.

The glucomannan supplement contains positively charged indigestible polysaccharides called chitin. These positively charged particles then bond with negatively charged lipid particles in your digestive tract. They then drag them along the gut, preventing their absorption. As a result, your body absorbs less fat and hence less fat to store or break.


Glucomannan is dietary fiber.


The glucomannan supplement is a plant-based supplement. It is extracted from ‘konjac’ roots, which contain almost zero calories. So, by taking the supplement, there is no risk of getting any adverse results; therefore, you can agree that it is a weight-loss hack that is not only fast but also effective.

Remember how much gel-like fibers are effective? Well, the glucomannan supplement absorbs water to form a gelatinous form. When taken with lukewarm water, the process speeds up. Once it is in the stomach and small intestines, you start to feel full.

It does so by taking up room in your gut, both stomach, and intestines. The gelatinous form of the supplement mimics food. So, you feel full and take in less food in a day.

Also, due to their low-calorie content, you can take the supplement multiple times a day. For instance, 4-5 capsules of the glucomannan supplement contain only 5 calories.

In terms of delayed defecation, the supplement doubles in size when it changes states, from solid to gelatin. Also, it increases the mass of fecal products.

Additionally, by delaying the time taken by the food to reach the end of the gut system, you remain full for more extended periods. This way, you eliminate the snack cravings, which are often the highest source of calorie intake in your body.

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3. Low Sleeping Temperatures

The human body is highly adaptable.  It changes body mechanisms to suit your environment. For instance, if you are in a cold environment, your body breaks down relatively more fats to generate energy. If you want to lose some weight, one useful weight-loss hack is to endure the cold. When you sleep in the cold, your body’s metabolism changes to protect itself from adverse temperature fluctuations.

So, How Are Cold Temperatures Good for You?

Data and analysis have proven that a young person’s metabolism increases by up to 98% when temperatures drop to 68°F. When the temperature drops to 58°F, there is a further increase in metabolism up to 350%.

When the same person remains in a warm environment, there is no rise in metabolism.

To fully grasp how cold temperature can be helpful, you need to start from the beginning. First, cold temperature increases metabolism. It achieves this by prompting shivering. When your body is exposed to cold, the muscles start to shiver, an involuntary thermogenesis process.

So, How Is Shivering Related to Weight Loss?

Once your body is exposed to cold, the muscles go into thermogenesis mode. They quiver, and in response, the body generates heat. However, body heat comes as a by-product of metabolism, a process in which stored fats are broken down. So, when you shiver, fats break down; consequently, you lose weight.

So, does that mean that shivering is the only way to boost weight loss? Well, no, there is a scientific concept that explains weight loss in the human body. This is called the brown-fat concept, and it is a non-shivering process.

  • Brown-Fat Concept

Compared to shivering thermogenesis, brown-fat is proven to be a better and faster way to lose weight. It burns more fat and keeps your body warmer compared to shivering. How does it achieve this? It all boils down to the biochemistry composition of the brown fat. Compared to the other type of body fat, brown fat contains countless numbers of mitochondria (The energy-generating cells in the human body).

Actually, having more brown fat in your body is considered healthy because the higher the amount, the more the calorie burn. People with obesity and unhealthy lifestyles have less brown fat content in their bodies and a slower metabolism.


Thermogenesis is the procedure of heat production.


The high number of mitochondria in brown fat promote a higher rate of metabolism. As a result, you end up burning more calories, and in turn, you lose more weight.

In the same context, it is essential to understand that fats are not the only source of energy during the non-shivering thermogenesis process. Carbohydrates are also involved and contribute to the energy generation process. Therefore, with a slight drop in temperatures in your environment, your body fat and sugar composition decrease.


4. Raisin Trick

On first look, raisins don’t seem to be that much of a weight-loss hack. However, once you understand how they work in your body, you’re likely to welcome the highly undervalued alternative to candy.

Raisins are rich in fiber. That is why they should be incorporated into your weight loss plan.

But They Have Sugars, Won’T that Affect Your Overall Results?

Well, raisins have natural sugars, which have proven to be the best alternative when you are in a weight loss quest. Also, they have high fiber content, which puts them far ahead of any processed product. However, to fully enjoy the benefits packed in the raisins, you should follow up with an adequate amount of workout.

How Are Resins a Weight-Loss Hack?

Resins do not cut down your fat content directly. Instead, they work around other plans to help you lose much weight when taken regularly. So, how do they achieve this?

  • They Speed up Digestion

Poor digestion is very harmful to the human body. That is because the body ends up storing fats, rather than converting the nutrients into energy. The major casualty of slow digestion is the people prone to being obese.

Scientists have proven that slow digestion and low metabolism are what contribute to obesity. With slow digestion, the metabolic rate drops, and the body prompts you to eat more to fulfill its energy requirements. And the more you eat, the faster you store fats in the body, consequently more weight.

Resins, on the other hand, are packed with fibers. These fibers are essential in the body because they speed up the digestion process and clear out your guts. Therefore, the chances of eating more food or fat deposits decrease. As for the waste, the fibers improve bowel movements, which removes the waste and toxins from your guts more efficiently.


Resins are safe food.


  • Resins Are an Energy Boost

Whenever you get into a weight loss program that is workout intensive, you need much energy to push through. However, with the wrong source of energy, you could end up nullifying all your efforts. These include the sugary drinks and foods discussed earlier.

Resins, on the other hand, provide the ultimate alternative. Being a natural sugar, mainly fructose and sucrose, and rich in fiber content, the resins supply the required energy without involving extra carbs. Therefore, you can stick to your meal plan without craving that milkshake to keep you going.

Resins are the alternative that has no strings attached. You get to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping a tight check on your calorie intake. So. It is a win-win situation for you.


5. The Chicken Cabbage Soup Diet

If you are looking to jump-start your weight loss journey, then the chicken cabbage soup is a weight-loss hack that you must try. Not only does it provide a strict low-calorie intake, but it also is the perfect kick-starter to your goal.

The only requirement is to dedicate a week to the chicken cabbage soup diet every month. When consistently followed, the diet helps you lose up to 10 pounds per week.

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How Does Cabbage-Chicken Soup Work?

When you want to lose weight in a short time, a crash diet is a way to go. This is the type of meal that contains minimal calories, with a bowl having less than 100 calories.

Well, the chicken cabbage soup diet is the best example of a crash diet. When taken consistently for a week, it shifts your body’s metabolic system. Since your body no longer has calories coming in, it results in breaking down the stored fats and carbohydrates to supply your body with energy. Also, the metabolism goes for the body muscles.

So, by the end of the week, you lose weight in water, fat, and muscle content.

What Is the Recipe for the Soup?

A cabbage chicken soup consists of a single cabbage head, chicken, tomatoes, and various herbs and veggies. Just because it has a low-calorie count, it should not taste bad. Also, the vegetables added to the soup supplement for the fibers make it suitable for your digestion and cleaning of your digestive tract.

Shortcomings of the Cabbage Chicken Soup Diet

Although the diet is guaranteed to work when taken consistently, it comes under some heavy criticism because of its extreme calorie deficiency. Health experts advise that you only exercise this diet for one week in a month because you would otherwise be risking malnutrition, which is never a good thing if you want to keep a healthy body.

According to nutritional experts, this diet is not sustainable. Any weight you lose can be quickly gained. Also, it focuses on proteins and vegetables, which means they cut off carbohydrates. This is harmful because you risk a nutrient imbalance in your body.


Crash Diet
A crash diet can harm your heart.


Benefits of the Chicken Cabbage Soup

If you are looking for the ultimate weight loss hack, then this is it. It guarantees weight loss of up to 10 pounds in a week. If that doesn’t get you excited, then you would be pleased to know that it is a simple recipe, making it easy to maintain and follow. If you are busy or short on cash, then this is the diet for you. It takes a short time to prepare and is economical.

If you want that great start to your weight loss process, you can start with a week of the chicken cabbage soup diet and follow up with exercise and a healthy diet for the rest of the month.


6. The Harm of Food Commercials

Believe it or not, the ad you see on TV or your phone has a significant effect on your weight. The idea is also well known to the advertising companies. Their goal is to feed you with the visual representation of the fattening food, which often leads to you indulging. Eventually, all the posts create a trance that inflicts your food choices, and in return, impacts your eating pattern.

That is why you go to your phone and order a pizza shortly after watching the cheese melt in a Domino’s Pizza, or go to your fridge to get a cold Coke when you hear the sizzling sound on the TV.

How Do Food Commercials Affect Your Eating?

Food commercials are often visual images that trick the brain into taking immediate action. Even if it is not the same food as advised, you find yourself eating soon after the food commercial ends. The brain generates a reaction to the food in front of you. And this is not limited to junk foods; even the healthier options, such as fruits and vegetables, fall victim.

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Weight loss treatment


So, What Is the Science behind the Behavioral Shift?

Once your eyes see the savory food shown on the ads, the brain processes it as real food and prompts more release of the hunger hormone. So, you eat, even when you would not normally eat at that hour. The body starts to receive signals from the brain to prepare for an incoming meal. Then, you start salivating, and the stomach produces gastric juices.

As a result, your appetite goes up, and you end up ordering some food because you think you are hungry.


7. How Your Clothes Affect Your Weight Loss

If you sit and think about it, clothes rarely come up as something that affects your weight. However, that is where you go wrong. In addition to the healthy diet, the treadmill, and all the exercises you do, the right choice of clothes ultimately affects your weight.

Clothes affect your eating habits and, in turn, your weight gain and loss.

How Do Clothes Affect Your Weight?

Clothes play an essential role in the day to day life of any individual. Regardless of what you consider to be right or wrong, you always find yourself thinking about your weight when you are choosing the clothes to wear. For instance, when you are going out with your friends, you go for the attire that hides the parts you consider undesirable. So, if you have any hanging fat, you find yourself going for the baggy shirt or dress, rather than the tight-fitting.

Also, when you are eating, you consider how you look. That is why you don’t hesitate to take an extra slice of pizza when you are in a loose t-shirt since it hides the food tummy.

Although they are some of the most comfortable clothes to spend your time in, the baggy clothes are the enemy, and regularly changing to other clothes could greatly influence your weight loss plan.

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Which Clothes Should You Wear?

Choosing the right clothes to wear could be a useful weight loss trick. When you are planning to lose weight, and you need the motivation to get going, a closet update is sure to get you there. With a wardrobe change, you get a clearer perspective of where your body needs to be, and you work towards that.

So, what is this wardrobe change? The first step is to get better fitting clothes for yourself. This way, you see how your body looks, and you can get down to laying out a plan to give you the body type you need to look fabulous. Some of these clothes include:


If you have ever looked at Kim Kardashian or Jessica Alba and wanted a similar waist, then a corset is the way to go. Wearing a corset will not magically slim your waist in a few days. You need to follow a strict corset diet plan. The corset acts as a tool to measure your improvement and give you the standard measurements to get to your desired transformation.

The corset diet has the potential to give you the perfect body. So, what can you expect when you follow a scientifically planned corset diet?

  • You Cut Your Meals in Half

One primary approach taken when going into a corset diet is to reduce your meals in half. Now, you no longer have the daunting task of calculating your calories. With a half meal, your body uses up the extra fat and carbohydrates to substitute the energy requirements that would require you to eat more. For overweight people, cutting the meal into half trims the meal into the right proportions, and you start to lose weight very quickly.

  • Prioritize Low-Calorie Foods

As discussed earlier, carbs are the enemy of weight loss. By getting rid of the carbs-intensive foods, drinks, and snacks, you are on the right track to getting the body of your dreams. Alternatively, you add some low-calorie foods to your plate. These substitute foods make you full faster and for longer, which means you eat less.

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  • Go for a Smoothie Instead of Juice

If you feel hungry in the middle of the day, you will most likely go for a snack and chase it down with sugary juice. Well, both of these options are bad for your weight loss goals. Alternatively, you can try a highly recommended weight loss hack, a low carb smoothie.

Despite the juice being a highly-rated product, it only works to add a significant amount of carbs and calories to your meal. Replacing it with a smoothie makes you full faster than the juice, and you take in fewer calories, which is in line with the goal of the corset diet.

  • Use the Stairs

If you plan on getting into a corset diet to shed off the extra fat, then one useful weight-loss hack is always to take the stairs. Although going up fleets of stairs does not cut down your overall weight, you come out of it with toned legs. Now, you can wear that short dress you wanted to try out and feel confident.

  • Take a Bowl of Broth before a Meal

The main aim of getting a corset is to get the waist and body you desire. And to achieve this, you need to keep a stronghold on the number of carbs and calories you consume in every meal. For some meals, the quantity of calories is low, but when taken in huge volumes, the calories shoot up. So, what can you do to ensure you take fewer portions of food?

The best trick is to take a bowl of broth before a meal. Before you sit down for lunch or dinner, a bowl of cabbage, chicken, fish, beef, or vegetable broth could be a nice treat. It curbs your hunger, and you eat less when it comes to the main meal.

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Weight loss treatment


Workout Clothes

If you visit the gym, take some time to consider the clothes you wear for your workout. By choosing fitting clothes, you gain self-awareness about your body, which prompts you to work harder towards your goals.

After some time, you notice some positive changes in your body. For instance, you may notice the t-shirt is not as tight as it used to be around the stomach, which is a positive indication that you are losing belly fat. While noticing your body improvements, you are more likely to visit the gym until you reach your intended goal.

Compression Gears

Most people give up exercise and gym workouts because they experience muscle damage. However, with improvement in technology, you longer have to worry about your muscles wasting or hurting during a workout. Compression gears are specially designed to hold and support your muscles during a workout. Therefore, you can go for longer and burn more calories than ever before.

A necessary disclaimer to note is that the gears do not shed the weight themselves. Instead, they help you push through your sessions to stick to your weight loss plan.

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8. Benefits of Disrupting Your Meal Patterns

There is nothing as dangerous as a body falling into habits. And these do include not only your eating patterns but also the preferences you make. How strongly do you have to be to choose the bowl of salad instead of reaching for the pizza with extra cheese and toppings? The sad part is that you only realize that you have taken many calories when halfway done with your meal.

If you are looking for a great weight-loss hack, stop ignoring the power of your decision. The choices you make every day impact your overall goal. They could be as small as taking a glass of water instead of soda, to changing the number of snack breaks you have.

Some Tips to Get over Habitual Eating

When trying to break away from a habit, anything small could break or make your streak. So, what are some of these things you can do to help you overcome eating habits?

Use Your less-Dominant Hand

According to Neil and his colleagues, a habit forms when you repetitively perform a task, to a point where you do it subconsciously. According to the study they conducted, a group of people eating popcorn while watching a movie barely noticed that it was stale and watery. However, when asked to use their less-dominant hand, they paid attention to what they were eating.

The same applies to your daily life. When you change your hand to the less-dominant one, you are bound to involve your consciousness when eating. This way, you are aware of the calorie content you eat.


Healthy Foods
Healthy eating for healthy weight.


Look for Constructive Disruptions

If you have stayed idle for a whole day, you are bound to eat more often than when you were busy. When you are working towards weight loss, find a constructive way to spend your time, and you end up making fewer trips to the kitchen or pantry.

Your Will Power Could save You

Having strong willpower goes a long way when it comes to losing weight. You need to will your strength not to stop by the drive-thru on your way from work. When you go to a supermarket, you need to be strong enough to avoid all the sugary pastries and stick to your meal plan. Say no, change the route, and drive home. Soon, you will notice a shift in your cravings, and consequently, your weight.

Be Mindful When Eating

One common phrase among chefs is that you need to appreciate your food to gain its value. So, rather than eating aimlessly, anywhere, you go, take your time and be mindful of your eating habits. For instance, you could take keen notice of your body cues, which alert you when you are full. Also, by observing the effect of your food on your moods and body, you can select the ones that have adverse effects.

Finally, seeking out help from a therapist when experiencing food anxiety is one way to be mindful of your diet. You could also learn to bluff your hunger with smell and textures.

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Weight loss treatment clinic
Weight loss treatment


9. How You Chew Your Food

When you hear that how you chew your food affects your weight, you are reluctant to agree. However, the majority of the overweight population tend to eat food fast and carelessly. As a result, they end up with slow and poor digestion, which leads to health complications.

If you heard that fast eaters have a 115% higher chance of being obese, you would pause and learn about the benefits of chewing your food slowly.

How Does Slow Chewing Help in Your Weight Loss Plan?

Slow chewing makes you intake fewer calories.

Once you get hungry, your body produces ghrelin, a hunger hormone that spikes rapidly, making you feel even more hungry. As you consume your food, the hormone gets suppressed, and you start to feel full.

Now, imagine you feeling hungry, and gobbling down all your food immediately. The result is that you feel full faster, but you also take more food. On the other hand, a slow eater tricks the hunger hormone to believe that you are full, even before finishing your full plate. As a result, you end up taking fewer calories.

Also, by eating slowly, your mastication muscles tire eventually, and at that point, you stop eating.


Calories Foods
Too many calories can lead you to weight gain.


Bottom Line

Expensive and intensive weight loss exercises often discourage you, and you find yourself going back to the starting point. However, you do not have to work yourself to the brink, just to shed some weight. With the above-mentioned hacks to lose weight, you can achieve your desired body type and weight by making simple adjustments to your daily life.

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Weight loss treatment clinic
Weight loss treatment



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