MAOI for depression

August 12, 2022 Medications0

MAOIs or monoamine oxidase inhibitors are drugs used to treat several conditions, such as anxiety and depression. MAOI drugs are some of the earliest antidepressants created. Still, they are not always the best option despite successfully addressing different symptoms. In most cases, they are replaced by other drugs because. [...]

Norpramin uses and side effects

August 5, 2022 Medications0

Published research by the National Institute of Mental Health states that mental health issues such as depression are prevalent in the United States. The study further estimates that 14.8 million American adults have experienced one chronic episode of depression. Doctors frequently prescribe medications to treat this condition. [...]

How to Deal with Antidepressant Withdrawal

July 13, 2022 Medications0

Antidepressants can shift the game and significantly reduce symptoms in persons with depression and anxiety disorders. They rank among the most frequently recommended psychotropic drugs. But one thing to remember is that it's crucial to speak with a doctor before stopping an antidepressant if you're currently taking one. [...]

How Stimulants and Non-stimulants Work for ADHD

June 22, 2022 Medications0

Stimulants and non-stimulants are the two main categories of ADHD medication. Although they have different pharmacodynamics, their effectiveness is the same, and it’s not uncommon to switch between them. Stimulants have been used for ADD and ADHD treatment since the 1960s and have proven efficacy for the majority. [...]

Medications for depression and anxiety

June 15, 2022 Medications0

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health disorders in the US. Moreover, it's common to have both anxiety and depression at the same time. Statistics indicate that nearly 50% of people diagnosed with anxiety disorder are also diagnosed with depression. However, even if you receive this dual diagnosis. [...]

How Long Does Clonazepam Stay in Your System?

June 1, 2022 Medications0

Clonazepam is a drug from the category of benzodiazepines. It is used to treat anxiety, panic attacks, and control and prevent seizures due to its ability to calm your nerves and brain. The most common brand names for this drug are Klonopin and Klonopin Wafer. Clonazepam is usually prescribed as 0.5 mg, 1 mg, and 2 mg […]

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