Healing the Human Mind With Intuition: Featuring Deborah Livingston

December 18, 2020
Healing the Human Mind With Intuition: Featuring Deborah Livingston
Healing the Human Mind With Intuition: Featuring Deborah Livingston



It is challenging to think about the way your mind works without focusing on human intuition. It is among the most deep-rooted elements within your mind. Knowing more about the mystery of the mind can be done with more discovery. And as research points out, spirituality and psychology are more connected and if further explored, can be a tool to healing undiscovered mental illness. Deborah Livingston brings more perspective on the idea of intuition and mind balance.

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Deborah Livingston:

As a well-known International Psychic Medium, Deborah Livingston accounts and examines issues about the importance of souls and the role it plays in your life.  It is a way to give illumination to human encounters and the reasons for life synchronicities.


Healing the Human Mind With Intuition: Featuring Deborah Livingston


Deborah Livingston, you are blessed with exceptional spiritual abilities. Can ordinary people learn these skills too?


Yes! We are all born this way. It is society, stigma, parents, conditioning and teachers that veil the human spirit to the energy of others spirits here and hereafter. With careful guidance and willingness anyone can unveil the energy of their spirit and allow it to blend with the universe, earth, nature, animals, other humans and spirit in the spirit world. Having said that it does not happen overnight and everyone unfolds spiritually at a different rate.

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Can faith play a positive role in mental health healing?


It is my belief depending on the faith that it can, as positive energy is healing energy. The best medicine is the energy of love. Using the word faith as a noun absolutely as it is positive thought and thought is energy. This is where the law of attraction plays a factor.


How can energy healing support mental health treatments?


Our body is made of energy. Our cells hold memory. We have meridians, chakras and acupoints all of which can be treated. Depending on the modality(s) energy healing support can be quite effective. I’ve studied Chinese Traditional Medicine and Shamanism and Mediumship for years and all are amazing healing modalities to add to western medicine or in some cases replace.
Healing the Human Mind With Intuition: Featuring Deborah Livingston


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Bereavement is one of the major reasons for depression. How does your spiritual mentorship help with closure for the loved ones?


Grief is very real and there are no rules. When you refer to my spiritual mentorship that is a service I provide not related to grief. My clients that receive a medium reading can gain some perspective of life after death. The purpose of mediumship is to prove that our spirits are eternal, bring peace, love and closure and most of all practical evidence of their life when here and a beautiful message to their loved one. Mediumship is a sacred communication between 2 worlds.
Healing the Human Mind With Intuition: Featuring Deborah Livingston


Please give ONE essential piece of advice that the world needs today for mind-spirit balance.


If I were to give one piece of advice, it would be for the mind, body and soul (spirit), as the 3 make up a whole. I wish I could give more than one but my answer is to incorporate a daily meditation. The reason why I say this is because it has been scientifically proven to improve health, anxiety, calm the mind, ease stress and bring one closer to their own spirit and intuition.


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