7 Proven Hacks for Easing Debilitating Anxiety

January 25, 2021
Debilitating Anxiety


Anxiety is one of the most debilitating mental disorders. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 40 million American adults suffer from debilitating anxiety. Anyone who’s battling the disorder knows how terrifying its symptoms can be. Fortunately, there are strategies you can employ to mitigate these symptoms and live normally. Here are seven proven hacks for easing debilitating anxiety:

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1. Exercise

Undoubtedly, exercise is the number one antidote for anxiety. Exercising has numerous mental health benefits. You’re less likely to get worried when you’re physically active since exercising creates a calmer and less intense mental space. When you make exercising a daily habit, you’ll be able to mitigate the extreme anxiety hits that typically leave you feeling helpless and unable to do anything. Conversely, being physically inactive provides a rich breeding ground for anxiety. 


2. Set Aside Some Worry Time

When battling debilitating anxiety, the last thing you’d want to do is worry about things happening around you. However, mental health experts state that setting aside some worry time is good for your mental health since it helps you overcome anxiety. If you have anxiety, regular worry breaks can be helpful. These breaks help you learn to gain better control over worrying thoughts. You won’t carry them throughout the day. Instead, you’ll only have them on your mind during the scheduled worry times. 


Anxiety Disorder
Common Types of Anxiety Disorder


3. Practice Positive Thinking

Typically, debilitating anxiety results from negative thoughts about yourself and your circumstances. Positive thinking can help you fight anxiety by taking your mind away from things that bother you. Whenever you feel anxious, think positively about yourself since that deflects your mind away from negative thoughts and emotions. 

Practicing positive thinking is easy since you only need to focus on thoughts that leave you feeling safer, happier, honored, loved, and accepted. When you’re in a financial mess, for instance, you can fight the accompanying anxiety by reflecting on how lucky you are to be alive. By appreciating your life’s positive aspects, the negative aspects will get relegated to the backburner, which helps you fight anxiety. 


4. Track Your Emotions

Journaling your fears and situations that leave you feeling anxious gives you better control over your emotions and thoughts. You’ll also be able to control how you feel, which is vital to the healing process. You can note down different situations that make you anxious and what you felt or told yourself when faced with the situations. 

By documenting situations that make you anxious, you’ll be in a better position to anticipate and avoid them. Often, anxiety results from irrational fear. Having an idea about situations that cause your anxiety gives you clarity over them. It also guides you on what to do when you find yourself in those situations. 

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5. Accept That You Can’t Control the Universe

Sometimes, anxiety stems from the desire to control everything around you. When you fail to do so, worry sets in, thus triggering a chain of actions that ultimately cause debilitating anxiety. Certain situations and things are beyond your control. When you understand that, you’ll stop worrying too much about them. Instead, you’ll focus on things and situations you can control. This helps you to manage your thoughts and emotions better. 

If your anxiety results from the urge to control everything, and the resultant failure, it’s best to take a step back and focus on what you can handle. In doing so, you’ll realize that some of the things you want to control are irrelevant. By releasing your urge to be in control of everything, you’ll eliminate the discomfort that results from having little control over things and situations around you. 


6. Try Mindfulness

Studies have established that mindfulness can help you deal with anxiety. Practicing mindfulness entails focusing on positive emotions and accepting circumstances and people in a non-judgmental way regardless of your feelings towards them. Mindfulness trains your awareness and makes you less distracted by your thinking. Mindful individuals perceive the world and their situations with greater clarity. They also tend to feel less anxious when things don’t go their way. 


Anxiety Disorder
Physical Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder


7. Seek Help from Professionals

Talking things out with mental health experts can go a long way in easing your anxiety. These professionals handle similar cases, and therefore, they can play a role in preventing the progression of your symptoms into more anxious behaviors. A therapist will help you break away from the unhealthy patterns and behaviors that leave you feeling anxious. You’ll also learn new ways of coping with anxiety.

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Final Words

There’s nothing worse than creeping anxiety. This mental condition can drain all the joy and excitement from your life and leave you feeling helpless. Fortunately, there’s so much you can do to ease your anxiety and regain control of your life. You shouldn’t allow debilitating anxiety to take control of your life. If you’re battling the condition, talk to the mental experts at Mango Medical Clinic to start your wellness journey today.

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