Top 10 Emotional Support Animals: ESA Hamster

December 13, 2019


Having an emotional support animal can be the most beneficial thing for a person recovering from a health disorder or ailment. But understanding the rules regarding ESAs is not always easy, like which animals qualify or if one can have an ESA Hamster. People think only dogs and cats qualify, but there are other options that some do not even consider. Mango Clinic wants to let patients understand that animals as small and cuddly as hamsters can qualify, and provide their own unique benefits.

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What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

People know how important their pets are to them, to the point where they consider them part of their family. For many of these people, they could not possibly live a day without their pet because they mean that much to them. In more serious cases, their health could be severely affected if they are not with their animal companion.

In cases where being with their pet makes them calm, comfortable, and happy, their pet might qualify as an emotional support animal. For someone’s pet to qualify as an ESA, it must essentially be a sort of treatment for the owner. In this way, the ESA presents benefits that others might find when they take medication or go to therapy sessions. The ESA then serves as a treatment option that improves the life of the owner in a noticeable and significant way.

Any domesticated pet can qualify as one’s ESA, and it will depend on the owner. If your pet makes you happy all the time but you don’t feel any sadder when you’re away from them, you may not be able to qualify them as an ESA. This designation is for people who need their pets in order to go about their day-to-day activities and functions. This is why an ESA letter can come doctor recommended, as not everyone will understand the importance of a person’s pet, especially if it is something like an ESA hamster.


Benefits of Emotional Support Animals


ESA Hamster

It’s easy to think of dogs or cats when it comes to ESAs, though many other types of animals do qualify. Among these other animals are hamsters, which some might see as unconventional, even though it makes just as much sense as a dog or cat.

Hamsters are already a well-known pet among many, especially young children. Their small size and limited living space can make them great pets for many types of people. If you do not want a pet that may be seen as intensive to take care of, a hamster can be very ideal. They are also very adorable, as many hamster owners will attest to. Therefore, a hamster can make an ideal support animal for some people. 

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ESA Hamster Benefits

Among the biggest benefits to an ESA hamster is its extremely small size. Few mammals that people have for pets are so small, which can make hamsters very appealing for many potential owners. Hamsters do not need as many resources as a dog or a larger animal might, such as an entire bowl of water or a lot of food. This can be a very good thing for both the hamster and owner, as this means less stress on you when taking care of your ESA.

Hamsters, like rabbits, do not require as much living space as other animals might. Most people are familiar with hamsters being kept in cages, though this is not a requirement. A decent-sized living space for a hamster could be no bigger than a cage or it can a bit freer. This will depend on the owner, who will also have to make sure their ESA hamster is kept happy and healthy. If your ESA is not healthy, then you cannot expect it to be as helpful to you as it otherwise might be.


Reasons to Get an Emotional Support Hamster


An ESA hamster’s small size comes in handy when you are living in a home that is not your own. If you choose to keep them in a cage, this can make it easy for you to place them somewhere easily accessible. Since hamsters do not make nearly as much noise as other animals might, their small living space and character can be good if you do not want to bother neighbors.

If you plan on taking a trip, bringing your hamster with you will be much easier than if you had a large dog. Due to their size, the most you would ever need to bring for your hamster is a cage to keep them in. This makes them perfect ESAs for people who travel a lot or do not have a lot of living space for their pets.

What Is An ESA Letter?

If you intend to live in a residential complex or go on a trip with your ESA, you will want to consider getting an ESA letter. These are documents signed by licensed physicians who look you over and decide whether your ESA can qualify as a form of treatment. After the doctor evaluates you, they will write and sign an ESA letter for you, which you can use for housing, travel, or both, depending on which letter you choose.

With this document, landlords will not be able to force you from your apartment or make you pay additional fees. As long as you have an official ESA letter backing you up, airlines will not be able to restrict you from boarding your flight or make you put your ESA in cargo.

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How To Get An ESA Letter With Mango Clinic

Getting your emotional support animal letter does not have to be complicated. Mango Clinic makes it straightforward by asking you to speak with a licensed physician and that’s it. We make it easy for everyone, but more importantly, we do it legitimately. If you want to make sure your ESA letter is official, you have to speak directly with a licensed physician who can sign your letter afterward. Mango Clinic provides patients with a PDF and physical copy, both of which can be used at your convenience. 

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