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Domestic animals play very significant roles in our lives as human beings. They help us in terms of protection and security. Dogs protect us from some forms of harm. Cats and other animals also offer help in the protection aspects. Until now, some things we did not notice about these animals were their intelligence and ability to read our emotions. With time, research has shown that these animals can actually help us go through certain emotional phases. This is the idea behind emotional support animals

What is an emotional support animal (ESA)?

An emotional support animal is an animal that offers companionship and support to an individual living with a disability. The animal will be able to provide some form of assistance that will help overcome one or more aspects of the disability. Dogs are the most common emotional support animals. Cats and miniature horses also feature on the list. Emotional support animals are different from pets or service animals.

Many individuals are getting emotional support animals. You can contact an ESA doctor if you need one. Before you go adopting a cat or dog, there are certain important considerations for living with emotional support animals that you should know about. I will be discussing these considerations during the course of this article.


ESA characteristics
Emotional Support Animal


Here are the important considerations for living with an emotional support animal:

There are certain things you have to consider before getting an emotional support animal. It takes more than getting a dog or a cat. Although emotional support animals double as pet, they are more than just pets. These considerations will make you understand what you want better.

Eligibility for the use of ESA

A psychologist or therapist has to approve your need for an emotional support animal. A number of people tend to abuse the law that permits the use of emotional support animals. They use it as a way to bring animals into places that often place restrictions on these animals. In this regard, you can only get an emotional support animal if a therapist certifies or recommend your need for it. Before meeting a therapist, understand what it takes to be in need of an emotional support animal.

The role of the ESA

If you are able to get the first step right, you should have no problem with this step. Knowing why you need an emotional support animal will help you determine the role that animal will play. Mind you, this is an emotional support animal, not a service animal. This implies that this animal does not have any initial training and you will have to accustom yourselves to each other.

Laws concerning the accommodation of ESA

You also need to consider what the law states about accommodating an emotional support animal. The law states that you have to make certain necessary adjustments in your home to accommodate emotional support animals properly. The ESA dog is not what you adopt and tie to your gate for security. This is a companion and you will treat it as such. You also need to understand what the law states about ESA so that you will understand the restrictions your property owner can set and those he cannot set.


ESA housing laws
Emotional Support Animal Housing Policies

The temperament and size of your ESA

Size and temper plays a major role in the type of animal you can get for emotional support. You do not want to get a companion that easily gets angry and attacks people or an animal that is too big or bulky. If you want to avoid certain animal restrictions on your ESA, you should consider this factor too.

Although there are no empirical studies to prove that these little darlings work wonders more than keeping regular pets or service animals, most individuals admit that they do have certain positive effects. These effects will not take place if you do not consider these factors I stated above.

If you need an ESA letter, do not look any further than Mango Clinic for your emotional support animal letter needs. Visit our website and set-up an appointment with one of our licensed doctors today.


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Mango Clinic provides patients with genuine emotional support animal letters that are written by licensed physicians. Unlike many other websites online, we offer a legitimate service that only aims to help patients looking for aid to their health treatments. It is very easy to come across sites that only want to take your money, and we want to make sure no one falls victim to them. By identifying the right things, you will be able to know whether a site can be trusted or not.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

It is no secret that medication and therapy do not work for everyone. Even if they do have positive effects, it may not be enough; in worse cases, the medication and therapy are hindering recovery. Due to how people may react to these forms of treatment, it is no surprise that other types of treatment exist. Some of these alternative forms are more popular than others, and some are also more effective than others.

Among the more popular and well-known treatment options is having an emotional support animal. For some, this can be the most beneficial treatment option for them, providing immense calm and positivity for the owner. ESAs are not specially trained and they don’t need to be; their presence as pets for the owner is all that is required.

While it may be odd that there is not much more to ESAs, their straightforward function as vital pets to their owners makes them appealing to many who may already benefit from having a pet. It is not unusual for someone wanting an ESA to own already a pet that can qualify as their ESA. However, it is also not uncommon if someone wants an ESA but does not already have a pet, so either scenario is usual.

There is also the question of what type of animal can be an ESA. Essentially any domesticated animal that is your pet can count as an ESA, and that can include the usual cats and dogs. However, your choice of ESA does not have to be limited to the very popular; animals as diverse as rabbits, snakes, birds, and pigs can count as ESAs.


Spot an ESA scam
ESA scam

What Is An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

You may have heard a lot about ESA letters, documents, or certificates, and you may not exactly know what any of that means. It may seem complicated, but it’s fairly straightforward and easy to understand.

If you live in an apartment, you might want to get an ESA letter for housing. This letter will protect you from landlords who may want to kick you out or charge you more for having an ESA.

If you plan to go on a trip and are taking your ESA with you, a letter for travel is essential. It can be a fearful hassle to bring your ESA with you on a trip without knowing whether you will get into any complications. An ESA travel letter will protect you and your animal companion from unfair airline fees, as well as from being put in cargo.

Who Is PDSCenter?

Most websites offering ESA letters market themselves as animal-centric, meaning lots of pictures of people with their ESA (almost always a dog). But PDSC (short for Psychological Disability Service Center) is much different from any of those. PDSC presents itself as a website focused on helping people with mental ailments that can be solved by getting an ESA and letter. It’s the presentation, including the name, that makes it so unique, as so few, if any other, sites of this type put such an emphasis on the “mental health” aspect of the business.


Emotional support animal misconceptions
Common Misconceptions About ESA

Is PDSCenter Legit?

As mentioned on their homepage, through PDSC, your letter will be signed and written by a licensed physician. In fact, they point out that, if a licensed physician does not sign your letter, it is not valid. While this is true, their website does not explicitly state that you must speak with one of these licensed physicians.

However, there are more troubling things to make a note of. On their homepage (which is where almost all of the information is kept), they point out that their ESA letters do not expire and that they can be used in restaurants and stores. None of that is true; all ESA letters expire, and they cannot be used for anything except housing or travel. What’s even crazier is that they state “Other companies will try to force you to pay annual renewal fees, but our letters are designed to be expiration free.” If they are designed to be expiration free, then they are designed to be illegitimate.

On top of that, PDSC does not sell you one letter, but two; one for housing, and one for travel. This does not make sense, because if you are getting a letter for housing and travel, you only need one.

Why Choose Mango Clinic?

Mango Clinic makes it simple by having you speak directly with a licensed physician. We provide genuine ESA letters that are signed by the doctors you speak with; they are both emailed and presented in person. Whether in person, over the phone, or via video chat, getting in touch with a licensed doctor has never been easier. So call us or visit our appointment page today.


Miami Licensed ESA Doctors
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If you have always wondered what other treatment options exist for health disorders besides medication and therapy, then Mango Clinic has an answer. Emotional support animals can be extremely helpful for many patients who would rather not be taking medication or going through therapy sessions. Even if you do take medication, ESAs can be a terrific supplement as its own form of therapy. As such a positive and popular alternative treatment option, it is essential to know what to look for when trying to get an ESA letter.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

When it comes to treating a wide swath of health issues, there are many solutions that work for different people. Some treatment options work better for others, which is why so many exist in the first place. If you do not respond well to medication, you might do better focusing on therapy sessions. Maybe a combination of the two work well, or perhaps you need something more.

Alternative forms of treatment can then be implemented that further assist the patient in their recovery. One very popular and effective alternative treatment option is having an emotional support animal. Also known as ESAs, an emotional support animal is an animal that can provide the owner with the same type of relief and recovery as medication or therapy. In many ways, ESAs are their own type of therapy, as they are able to make their owners feel so much better when in their presence.

It is not unusual for a person to vent and speak with their pet, and this is the type of thing which you can do with your ESA. This is because if someone already owns a pet, they can make them an ESA. All you really have to do is let people know in case they ask, such as a doctor or therapist. There is no hard restriction on what counts as an ESA, either, as long as they are a domesticated pet. If you have a dog, cat, pig, or snake that makes you feel immensely better every time you’re with them, they can absolutely qualify to be your ESA.


Emotional support animal facts
Amazing ESA Facts

What Is An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

Many people who have emotional support animals, or intend to get one, might be aware of ESA letters. Some might think an ESA letter allows you to take your ESA with you everywhere, but this is not the case. An ESA letter permits you and your animal companion to live in residential complexes that may otherwise not allow pets. It can also allow you to board an airplane with your ESA without being hassled by airlines.

If you have a legitimate ESA letter, you will be able to evade fees that landlords may want to put on you for having an animal living with you. You will also prevent a landlord from kicking you out of an apartment, as the letter will make this type of action illegal.

An ESA letter is also helpful for when you need to go on a trip, as it will let you and your animal companion board a flight without hassle. Airlines would have no problem charging you fees for having a pet, but as a doctor recommended ESA with a legitimate letter, you should have no problem.

Who Is Certify Therapy Dog?

Even though it uses images that we have seen on many other websites, Certify Therapy Dog is not what it seems. For one thing, the website’s name is not consistent; their FAQ page has them “International Therapy Dog.” However, their homepage appears to be consistent on calling them “Certify Therapy Dog.”

According to Certify Therapy Dog themselves, they are a non-profit organization; they mention you making a “contribution” when getting your letter, but have prices set anyway. However, the bigger issue is that they mention registering your pet, which is always an easy way to know whether to trust the service or not. This is because there is no registry for ESAs; you never register anyone for anything when it comes to ESAs. If a business says you have to register your pet or something of that nature, stay away.

We mentioned Certify Therapy Dog reusing images from other sites, and by that we mean the information that conveys to the customer how you get an ESA letter. If you have seen enough of these sites, those reused images that you have no doubt seen before are a dead giveaway. There is also no mention of speaking with a licensed doctor, which is necessary if you are getting a genuine letter.

One final thing to mention is the process of actually getting pre-qualified, something else you will see on so many similar websites. After answering basic questions, you will be told that you qualify and that you can continue with the process. What is most interesting is that the results page uses a different URL from It actually uses, which is a separate website providing the same type of service. It even uses the same images featuring information that can be found on Certify Therapy Dog’s homepage.

Characteristics of an ESA letter
What an ESA letter must contain?

Is Certify Therapy Dog Legit?

After everything that has been seen and explained, it should come as no surprise that we do not recommend Certify Therapy Dog for your ESA letter needs. Not only is it too much like every other site of its kind, but the information is inconsistent. From mentioning “registration” to having a different website for its pre-qualification results page, Certify Therapy Dog is just too suspicious to consider genuine.

Why Choose Mango Clinic?

Providing an authentic service for patients, Mango Clinic makes sure each and every patient speaks directly with a licensed physician. After being evaluated and approved, your licensed physician will sign your ESA letter, which is also stamped. You will receive both a PDF and physical copy, which you can use either for housing, travel, or both. Visit our appointment webpage or call us or schedule your appointment today.

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Mango Clinic believes in giving everyone the treatment options they deserve. Many forms of treatment exist, including emotional support animals, which can be highly beneficial to anyone. As an alternative form of treatment, it can also be hard to understand what one should believe online. There are many sites that claim to provide ESA services, but they often cannot be trusted. We want to make sure you know what to look out for when you come across these types of sites, including knowing how to get a legitimate ESA letter.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

Those with health disorders are often told to take medication as treatment, and this can often be very helpful. However, some people may not respond as well to medication, along with therapy sessions. Even those that have positive reactions from medication and therapy may still need something more to better ensure their recovery.

Emotional support animals, also commonly referred to as ESAs, are animals that act as emotional support for owners. If it sounds too straightforward, that’s because it is and is supposed to be. An ESA should be nothing more than a comforting presence for their owner; in this respect, an ESA is doing its job, which means they do not have to be specially trained.

There is also no specific animal that must be an ESA, even if it seems only dogs can qualify. Any domesticated animal that can already be your pet can count as your ESA. If you already own a cat and it makes you feel safe and comfortable, then it could qualify to be your ESA. Even if you own a cute rabbit and feel so much better when you are with it, it can qualify. Most domesticated pets can be eligible as your ESA, including birds, pigs, and snakes.

Emotional Support Animal
Mental Health Benefits of an ESA

What Is An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

You have no doubt heard about emotional support animal letters, especially if you are interested in having an emotional support animal. ESA letters go hand-in-hand with ESAs nearly all of the time, but that’s only because of rules and regulations from residential complexes and airlines. A person can freely claim that their pet is an ESA; the letter just makes that more official with regards to housing and travel.

If you live in an apartment complex that would not otherwise allow pets, an ESA housing document will permit you and your animal companion to live in the apartment. This means your landlord will not be allowed to kick you out of the apartment, nor will they be allowed to charge you more per month because of your animal companion.

ESA letters can also work for travel, as airlines can easily make a trip or vacation that much more complicated. If you have a legit ESA letter, you and your animal companion can board an airplane without having to pay an additional fee. Not only that, but an ESA letter can save your pet from being thrown into cargo.


Who Is United Service Dog?

Once you have seen so many fraudulent ESA websites online, they can all start to bleed together. It sometimes can feel as though each one is no different than the other, and in a lot of cases, that’s true.

United Service Dog is yet another site claiming to offer ESA letters. However, they make the classic mistake of including service dogs in their list of services, which are a completely different thing from ESAs. And like so many of these sites, they exclusively feature dogs on their site (and site name), which makes some sense for service dogs, but not for ESAs. Additionally, the site seems to have a greater focus on service dog information and products. That they even have ESA services at all is a little surprising; the site has enough information about service dogs that it could just be that.

When it comes to actually getting for what passes as an ESA letter on this site, United Service Dog does what so many other sites do: make you fill out a form, which they say is looked over by a medical professional. You will get approved and a PDF of your letter, along with other physical goodies if you so, please. It can also depend on the package, since some versions come with additional materials, such as ID cards and vests, none of which are ever necessary or helpful.

If you just wanted to get a letter, you might be a little confused about what to do. United Service Dog appears to provide two types of documents: an “Emotional Support Animal Certificate” and a “Signed Medical Housing And Travel Letter.” This is highly confusing because all anyone ever needs is one document, whether it be a letter for housing, travel, or both.

On some other sites, having two different but similar documents effectively means one is a “registration” while the other is the actual “letter.” Seeing the word “registration” is another easy way to tell if the site can be trusted, as no registration exists for ESAs.

Fake emotional support animal service
Ways to spot a fake ESA service

Is United Service Dog Legit?

We do not recommend United Service Dog for your ESA letter needs. This stems from their website exhibiting the usual patterns associated with fraudulent websites, from their products sold to their careless association of service dogs with emotional support animals. On top of all this, their website does not contain a physical address, phone number, or email. The only way to get in touch is via a fill-out contact form, and no legitimate business for ESAs excludes an address, email, or phone number.

Why Choose Mango Clinic?

Getting an emotional support animal letter should not be so problematic. Mango Clinic makes it easy and official by having you speak directly with a licensed physician who can provide you with a legitimate recommendation. We provide authentic ESA letters that are signed by the doctors you speak with; they are both emailed and presented in person. Whether in person, over the phone, or via video chat, getting in touch with a licensed doctor has never been easier. So call us or visit our appointment page today.

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It can be difficult knowing what to do when you have an emotional support animal. Websites can say things you think are true, but might actually attempt at scamming you. Mango Clinic wants to make sure you know how to spot untrustworthy sites by explaining what an ESA and ESA letter are. We also want to go over an example of these types of sites, so that you do not get stuck with a letter you can’t use.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

Not everyone reacts that well to medication or therapy sessions. Some people do have positive effects from medication and therapy sessions, but there can be something missing. Even if you are finding positive benefits to traditional treatment forms, you might think something else might be more helpful.

Whether you need a whole new form of treatment or something to supplement your preexisting treatment, it’s hard to go wrong with an emotional support animal. Whether you already have a pet or are looking to get one, an ESA is essentially just a regular domesticated animal that provides irreplaceable comfort for their owners. Plenty of people who already have pets may already feel these ways about their pets, but identifying them as ESAs makes them much more important.

This does not mean you can call your pet an ESA and everyone abides by it. If you refer to your pet as an ESA, that means you have a severe health disorder or ailment that is treated by being with your pet. An ESA provides the type of relief and help that medication might for others, and this is why they can qualify as doctor-recommended treatment.

One of the best parts of an ESA is that they are not restricted by a type of animal. On the contrary, all kinds of animals can qualify to be someone’s ESA, as long as they are a domesticated pet. Cats and dogs are the most popular, to the point of eclipsing every other potential animal. However, rabbits, birds, and snakes are among the other options a patient might choose from.

Emotional support animal v/s Service animal
ESA and Service Animal

What Is An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

If you live in your own home with your own rules, this likely means you are not paying rent, which means no landlord. For people in these cases, an ESA housing letter may not be of use to them. A person who lives in an apartment complex, especially ones that may have rules against animals, can be in trouble if their landlord does not take kindly to them having an ESA. This is why an ESA letter is so important, as one for housing offers protection to those who may have problems with their situation.

Regardless of where you live, an ESA travel letter can do anyone some good. If you expect to take your ESA with you on an airplane, you will want to have an ESA travel letter, as airlines are more than happy to prevent you and your animal companion from flying together.

What is an emotional support animal letter
Characteristics of an ESA letter

Who Are Emotional Support Animal Co?

For a site offering emotional support animal letters, Emotional Support Animal Co has a surprisingly barren website. Their homepage contains all the information you need, such as the processes and why you might need an ESA letter. Otherwise, there is not much there to see or click on. Even the “Qualify” button doesn’t do anything but redirect you to the homepage. On the homepage, you will see the “Qualify Now” option that is on the right. Presumably, you can figure out if you qualify by giving them some information.

If you want to see any information regarding prices or packages, you can always click on the green “Already took assessment?” button that is on the top right of the screen. You may not be able to purchase anything, but at least you can see what they offer, such as housing, travel, and combination package.

Emotional Support Animal Co mentions that you can only get an ESA letter if it is from a licensed “therapist.” While it should actually be a licensed physician (not necessarily a therapist), there is uncertainty as to whether you will directly speak with one of these “therapists.” It seems unlikely, as they state that a “therapist” will look over your assessment and from there they will write and sign your letter.

Are Emotional Support Animal Co Legit?

While Emotional Support Animal Co isn’t wrong about making sure a licensed doctor signs your letter, they make the classic mistake of stating that someone will look over an assessment you filled out. The problem here is that, in order to make the letter official, you have to directly speak with a licensed doctor. If you just fill out a form and wait for someone to “approve” it, then it isn’t genuine. No matter what else they say, you can know for sure to stay away if they do not have you speaking with a licensed doctor.

One other thing to mention is that they state an ESA letter can be used in restaurants and grocery stores. This is absolutely not true, and the reason why ESA letters exist for either housing, travel or both. An ESA letter can only be used for housing or travel situations; saying they can be used in grocery stores or restaurants is a lie.

Why Choose Mango Clinic?

Unlike so many sites online, Mango Clinic provides a genuine service for those looking to get an ESA letter online. We have every patient speak directly with one of our licensed doctors, who can evaluate you over the phone, in person, or via video chat. We make it easy for you while also keeping it completely legitimate and official. If you are interested, visit our appointment webpage or give us a call today.

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For some people, regular forms of medication do not fully help them with their health disorders. These drugs can have harmful side-effects and can make the patient in question not feel any better, or feel nothing at all. Other alternatives do exist, but some of the most helpful and unique forms do not ever appear to them. Sometimes these alternatives are not as obvious as other forms of medicine and therapy, but they do exist and are significantly helpful for recovery.

Significance of an Emotional Support Animal

One of the alternatives is having an emotional support animal (ESA). Many people all around the world have unrestrained love for animals, and many of them keep pets for this reason among others. From providing love and affection to just being kind and enjoyable company, a pet can do wonders for many people and their families. ESAs exist because pets have this sort of power and have proven to be a reliable form of therapy for people suffering from certain disorders. With an ESA, a person can feel more comfortable and safe anywhere, including on an airplane. With the right documentation, you can even take your companion with you on a flight.

The reason ESA letters are important is because they allow you a level of freedom you and your pet would not have otherwise. We at Mango Clinic understand how important it is for those with ESAs to have this freedom from worry and concern when looking for a new apartment or making plans for a trip. We provide valid letters that will let you bypass any fees an airline or landlord will try to put on you. No matter where in the country you live, our licensed doctors can help you get the right documentation with no problems.

Emotional Support Animal Benefits Review

In the journey of getting your emotional support animal letter, it’s essential that you know about scam sites. It’s very easy to search online on how to get an ESA letter and come across several websites that claim to offer it, usually with the promise of the process being fast and easy. Sites like want nothing more than to take your money and provide you with invalid documentation. For these reasons and more, you will want to know what to look out for when coming across these illegitimate businesses.

Is Legit? is an interesting case since their primary form of business is related to medical marijuana. However, if you ignore pretty much everything else on their homepage, you will notice at the top right corner a small link with a paw that says “ESA.” This will send you out externally to another page that has the same URL as, but adds “/ESA” to it. Just from that page’s home, you can tell it’s fake because it mentions getting an “ESA prescription” for 12 months. Not you or your dog get prescribed with an ESA letter, so this alone should convince you to stay away.

There are other red flags across the site that are also common on other scam sites, so what you see here can often be applied elsewhere. A major one is the lack of a physical address; any clinic that provides genuine ESA letters must have a physical address. If the business can do telehealth communication for giving out legit letters, they must have a physical address where their physicians and staff work. As expected, does not feature a verifiable address. They also do not have a verifiable phone number; when the number is dialed, it goes straight to voicemail. There also appears to be no other way of contacting them aside from this phone number; any real business will have functioning numbers to dial and multiple ways to get in touch.

Another big issue is when the business provides very little info about itself. has plenty of info to let you understand what it means to get an emotional support animal and get an ESA letter. However, there is virtually nothing written about MMJDoctorOnline or its ESA division on the site. This becomes problematic when you realize no doctors are listed, something which can compromise the legitimacy of a site that claims it can provide legitimate certificates from certified doctors. Remember: To get a valid ESA letter, you must speak with a licensed doctor who can officially and legally approve you for one. Merely filling out a questionnaire and waiting for a doctor to approve it does not count.

Real ESA letter
Characteristics of real ESA letter

How Does Compare to Mango Clinic?

Qualifying Patients

In order to be a qualified patient for, you need only fill out an online exam, which is then reviewed by a “licensed doctor.” Afterward, you will receive the letter both in the mail and as a PDF file. This all sounds great, but there is no mention of speaking with a licensed doctor, which is what is required for a real ESA letter.

Mango Clinic has you speak with a licensed physician who will ask you specific questions to determine whether you qualify for an ESA letter. The addition of telehealth via video chat and the ability to get a real letter wherever you are is easier and more secure than ever before.

Cost for an ESA Letter charges $99 for either housing or travel letters while charging $149 for a letter that covers both. One thing included in the combo pack is an “ESA ID card,” which is not included with the separate housing or travel options. It should be said that, if you are getting a real ESA letter, all you need is the letter. An ID card or anything similar is wholly unnecessary and a waste of space; it will not help you if you need to prove your pet is an ESA, as it is nothing more than an accessory.

Mango Clinic makes it easy with one $199 letter that covers both housing and travel, while also providing a $99 yearly renewal. You get customer support and do not get charged for any extra pets you want to cover. You can get a physical copy of your letter mailed to you and also get a version via email.

Getting an ESA Letter says it can get you a letter in almost no time. Simply fill out that questionnaire and let someone approve it, and you have yourself a letter. If the business in question does not have you directly interacting with a licensed physician, it can not provide you with a genuine ESA letter.

Mango Clinic does things much more carefully because that is how it should be done. It may take longer, but this way you get a genuine letter that will actually give you legal leverage to take your ESA on flights or stay with you at certain residential complexes. Unlike, Mango Clinic will let you speak with a licensed doctor either in person or via telehealth, both of which can get you a valid letter.

What are the Guarantees? does not appear to offer any refunds or guarantees if an airline or landlord rejects your letter. The only sort of refund offered is if you are not approved by one of their “doctors” after having your questionnaire looked over.

Mango clinic provides a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Not only that, but we offer support no matter where you are. This means we can be reached in case you need us to speak with anyone who is disputing your ESA letter.

If you are looking to get an ESA letter, do not go to This site and so many others like it do not do things properly, all so that they can get a quick buck from unsuspecting internet browsers.

You should always get your official documentation from clinics like Mango clinic that have you speak with licensed doctors and feature a money-back guarantee, along with support in case of anything. You can call us or visit our webpage and start your application today.

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Physical and mental health disorders are a serious problem that affects millions around the world. Those who seek treatment are not always content with the common forms of recovery, such as prescription pills. These can be harmful or extremely ineffective for some, which can often do more harm for the patient. Therapy sessions with therapists, whether alone or in groups, are also not always so effective. While a combination of pills with therapy is common, it does not work for everyone. This can result in some people seeking an alternative that would better suit them. This is why some people choose to have an emotional support animal or ESA for short.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

On the surface, an ESA may appear to be no different than any other domesticated pet, and that’s because they usually are not. What makes an ESA so unique and important has less to do with the animal itself but its relationship with the owner. The person who has an ESA is comforted and calmed by their presence, and their presence alone is usually all that is needed. This is an important attribute about ESAs, as they differ from a service animal, which is trained, registered, and usually has some outerwear identifying them as such. ESAs do not need any type of special training or clothing, they only need to be who they already are in order to be effective for their owners. What’s more, an ESA is not limited to being a cat or a dog; rabbits, pigs, snakes and more are able to qualify as ESAs.

What is an ESA?
Emotional Support Animal

Why it’s important for you to have an emotional support animal letter?

Mango Clinic understands how important the relationship between owner and ESA is, which is why it’s important for you to have an emotional support animal letter. ESA letters allow you the freedom to board an airplane with your animal companion and not be hassled by the airline. This same document also allows you to room with your ESA in an apartment complex they may otherwise not allow animals. Since your ESA is so vital, these sorts of restrictions can be harmful to owners, which is why ESA letters exist. This document lets airlines and landlords know that your animal companion is important to your well-being and that they are a helpful treatment method on your road to recovery. This is also why it is important to make sure that, if you do get an ESA letter, it’s written and signed by a licensed doctor who spoke with you directly.

Is A Scam?

The reason why making sure your ESA letter is as legitimate as possible is because there are many scam sites online that will gladly take your money. Even though there are many out there that all follow similar patterns, it can be easy for those who don’t know better to fall for the scam. is a classic example of a scam site that tries to sell you false letters and unnecessary products. Like so many other sites out there, FreeMyPaws states that, in order to get your ESA letter, all you have to do is fill out a questionnaire that is then looked over by one of their therapists. Afterward, the therapist is supposed to talk to you on the phone, which will then follow the approval of the letter. Many sites offer this exact type of service, though very few of them claim that you will speak with someone directly.

The bigger issue with FreeMyPaws is that it melds together service animals, ESAs, and therapy pets under one banner (service animals). Never mind that it also seems geared towards dogs (from the website name to the pictures and titles of pages), FreeMyPaws seems more focused on providing service animal help, making it unsuitable for those looking for an ESA. This leads to people thinking that a service animal and an ESA are not so different, when they are actually quite different, including the process of getting documents and the like. Review
Is a scam?

Much of the problems with FreeMyPaws can be found when looking over their products. They seem to sell the usual products that many of these scam sites thrive on, such as vests and ID cards, none of which are at all necessary for an ESA. The products being sold for ESAs are almost no different than what you would find for a service animal, up to and including the vests and ID cards. They sell a kit that includes those two things, along with a certificate and tag. What’s very strange about this is that the kit includes a certificate, which you would think is basically the ESA letter in question. But it’s not; there is actually a “Therapist Reference Letter for Emotional Support Animals ” that you can purchase. You get this in the same way as was described earlier, so it’s very strange and suspicious that the site would sell a kit and this letter separately in the way that they do. This letter alone more or less invalidates the need for anything provided in the kit, including the “certificate.”

There are two other things about that let you know you should stay away. The first and easiest to spot is that there is no provided physical address. While they do have a phone number and email, they do not have a physical address, and this is one of the biggest red flags many scam sites share. No legitimate business should need to hide their address in this way.

The other thing that will most definitely tell you how fraudulent FreeMyPaws is comes in the form of how they go about addressing their ESA letter service. They say you can register your ESA (the same way you would a service animal), except that you don’t. ESAs are never registered, and all anyone ever needs is the signed letter. This makes the selling of the letter and kit (which includes ID cards that state “LICENSED EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL”) all the more suspect.

How Does Compare To

Without a doubt, Mango Clinic can provide a genuine ESA letter in ways cannot. While FreeMyPaws just has you fill out a form, Mango Clinic will have you speak with a licensed doctor who will be able to evaluate you properly and accurately. Not only that, but we can provide you with the only ESA letter you need; no unneeded ID tags, cards, or additional documents. With us, you get the one ESA letter you need, signed by the doctor who spoke with you directly.

FreeMyPaws sells useless kits from $49 to $139, while their “Reference Letter” goes for $125. The cost of Mango Clinic’s letters ranges from $129 for housing, $149 for travel, and $189 for both. These are higher costs than FreeMyPaws, but that’s because we do things the right way and with validation, along with including full customer support, renewal discounts, and additional paperwork and revisions.

Don’t let scammers get the better you by making sure you have with you a 100% authentic ESA letter from Mango Clinic. Call us to set up your appointment or visit our appointments webpage today.

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ESA Letter From USA Service Animal Registration – Review

Having an emotional support animal can be a huge benefit for so many people across the world. However, the information regarding ESAs and how to get a letter can be very confusing. Mango Clinic wants to make sure you understand what counts as an ESA, what a letter is used for, and how you can get one. There are many fraudulent websites online, but we are here to help you know what to look out for when you need an ESA letter.

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

If you have a health disorder or ailment that affects your day to day living, you might have already seen a doctor for medication. This can often help, but this is not the case for everyone. Some people require a different form of treatment from what is most commonly taken. In these cases, people might seek alternative treatment options.

Emotional Support Animal
An Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

Treatment with ESA

An emotional support animal can be a very effective form of treatment. Often known as ESAs, these are animals who are able to make their owners feel so much better than they would without them. It is a fairly straightforward relationship, as the ESA does not need to be specially trained in any way. A person who already owns a pet may be able to make them an ESA, as many people with pets already feel so much better when they are with them.

ESA pet

An ESA does not have to be much more than a pet. However, the pet being dignified as an ESA is a serious claim. It means the animal is of extreme importance to the owner for medical and health reasons. So while you may love your pet and feel better when you’re with them, they are not your ESA if you can easily be away with them. ESAs are for people who have a genuinely harder time functioning and doing things without their pet keeping them company.

As for what type of animal counts as an ESA, the answer is many different types. ESA cat and ESA dog count, but so do many others, such as birds, rabbits, snakes, and pigs. Each type of ESA presents advantages unique to them, such as an ESA bird being a small and pleasant company, or an ESA dog being lovable and protective. The same goes for an ESA snake.

What Is an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

You might be curious as to what an emotional support animal letter is, as it can sometimes be vague. What it amounts to is a letter that you can use for housing or travel, which permits you to be with your animal companion in any of these situations.

An ESA letter for housing

It comes in handy if you are living in an apartment complex that does not otherwise allow animals. With this letter, you will not be forced to pay additional fees or be kicked out of your apartment.

An ESA letter for travel

There is also the ESA letter for travel, which permits you and your animal companion to ride on an airplane cabin together. Airlines would not hesitate to charge you for having your ESA with you, but an official ESA letter will stop them from bothering you. You will not pay any additional fees, and your animal companion will not be thrown into cargo.

Emotional Support Animal Letter
An Emotional Support Animal Letter

Who is USA service animal registration?

We want to start this one out by saying that USA Service Animal Registration is actually USA Service Dog Registration. Both websites for these names use the same logo, but they are incredibly different from each other, appearance-wise.

The URL for USA Service Animal Registration includes “myshopify” in its name, and that’s because USA Service Animal Registration is essentially the shopping page for USA Service Dog Registration. If you manage to find USA Service Animal Registration on its own, as we did, you will encounter a homepage that has nothing on it. Nothing of legitimate value, anyway; the homepage is nothing but a placeholder that never got updated. It features static images that say things like “Example Product Title” and a price. This sight alone could convince you to leave immediately if the website’s look as a whole did not already convince you.

However, there are options near the top that allow you to look over their products. It is here where it is made abundantly clear that USA Service Animal Registration is nothing more than a store for purchasing vests, collars, IDs, and so on. If you manage to fall for the old “registration” trick and think you have to register your animal, it will just take you to USA Service Dog Registration’s website.

Registering an ESA

It should be made very clear that an ESA cannot be registered for any type of registry. This is because these registries do not actually exist; an ESA does not have to be registered in any way. This means that all those certificates and ID cards that mention a dog being registered are bogus. Even if you did get one of those ID cards, you would not be able to do anything with them. They do not actually hold up if you need prove to someone your ESA can board an airplane or stay with you in an apartment. Also, the website does not seem to care about mixing up service dogs and emotional support animals, so that’s another thing to let you know they can’t be trusted.

Is USA Service Animal Registration Legit?

We can say with confidence that the USA Service Animal Registration is extremely illegitimate. Other than being another name for USA Service Dog Registration, their insistence of registering your ESA and their USA Service Animal Registration URL being nothing but a shopping page shows what type of service they are. You do not want to get your ESA letter from websites and businesses like these, of which there are many online.

Why Choose Mango Clinic?

There are no vests, no ID cards, and absolutely no registration at Mango Clinic. Mango Clinic provides authentic ESA letters that are written and signed by licensed doctors who you speak to directly. Once you have spoken to your doctor either in person, on the phone, or via video chat, your ESA letter will be emailed to you and also presented in person. To make your appointment with Mango Clinic, visit our appointment webpage or call us today.

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Emotional Support Snake

Having an emotional support animal can be the best decision for a person struggling with a mental or health disorder. With the variety of animals at one’s disposal, there are many options for owners choosing an ESA. There is also a lot of misinformation about what qualifies as an ESA, how to get an ESA letter, and so on. Mango Clinic wants to keep you informed by providing helpful information that you can use when getting an ESA of your own.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

Some people do not respond positively to medication or therapy sessions that treat their health condition, ailment, or disorder. Some people have better reactions to some alternative forms of therapy or treatment. One of these alternative forms is an emotional support animal or ESA for short.

On the surface, an ESA is no different than a regular domesticated pet. This is because many ESAs are already pets that patients own and want to make a doctor recommended for treatment. Even if you do not already have a pet but want an ESA, you do not have to look for anything too special. ESAs are not required in any way to be trained or registered; you find your ESA the same way you would any regular pet.

As for what counts as an ESA, you will be happy to know that cats and dogs are not your only options. Cats and dogs being the most popular pet options for people are likely what makes them notable ESAs. However, your choice for an ESA can expand to include birds, pigs, rabbits, and even snakes.

ESA Snake

When you tell someone that an ESA can be a snake, they might be perplexed. In some cases, a person might be outright reviled to think that a snake could possibly be an ESA. After all, are snakes not poisonous? Are they not a dangerous animal that only strange people keep as pets? How would you feel if someone brought their snake with them on an airplane?

Rest assured, if snakes were truly as hazardous as their reputation would imply, then they would not be allowed to be ESAs. On the contrary, if you are up for having snakes as a pet, they can be very rewarding pets and ESAs.

ESA Snake Benefits 

Emotional Suppport Animal Snake Benefits
Perks of ESA Snake


  1. Less likely to spread allergy problems                                                         

One of the first things we want to mention about snakes is that they are hypoallergenic. This means that they are way less likely to give someone allergy problems, especially in comparison to so many other animals. The reason why this is so notable is that some people cannot be within any distance of a dog or cat due to allergies. Additionally, some people have allergic reactions to types of fur or some other element that prevents them from owning most types of animals. Thus, a snake can make for a perfect alternative.

  2. Odorless Animal

This benefit can be connected to a snake’s scales. Animals can be known to give off odors or scents that can be highly intolerable for some. Snakes, due to having scales, are odorless, and thus give off no smell. This can be another advantage if someone is particular about scents and how their ESA might smell.

  3. Easy to Take Care Of

Something else you may not know about snakes is how easy it is to take care of one. Due to it already being rare to know someone who owns one, it can be easy to think that snakes are high-maintenance. However, once you have gone through what a snake needs to survive, you will learn just how independent they can be. While some animals require much of your attention, snakes are more than okay with you checking in every few hours while they enjoy their alone time. This can be optimal for patients looking to get an ESA that can stay independent but keep them company when needed.

   4. Limited Living Space Needed

Unlike some animals,  ESA snakes do not need a lot of living space. Cats and dogs can roam around a house and usually need to go outside at some point. But some animals, like a rabbit, can have variable living space that does not need to be too large or too small. Snakes are the same way, as they spend most of their time in their custom tanks. These tanks do not need to be that large and can usually take up the same amount of space as a personal aquarium. The size of the snake will determine whether you need a smaller or larger tank.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal Letter?  

Emotional Support Animal Letter
Why An ESA Letter? And why to get an ESA letter?

Emotional support animal letters are already recommended for most owners, but those with snakes should especially get one.

  • ESA housing letter

With an ESA housing letter, you and your animal companion will be able to live comfortably in an apartment complex that may otherwise object to you having a pet. The letter will not allow a landlord to charge you more per month or kick you out because of your ESA.

  • ESA travel letter

If you intend to travel with your ESA, then you might also want an ESA travel letter. With this letter, you and your animal companion will be able to board airplanes without being forced to pay an extra fee. This letter will also protect your ESA from being thrown in cargo.

How To Get An ESA Letter With Mango Clinic

There are plenty of scam sites online that do not offer legitimate ESA letters. If you use Mango Clinic, you and your animal companion will reap the benefits of having an officially signed ESA letter.

To get an ESA letter, you just have to make an appointment with one of our licensed physicians. Whether in person, over the phone, or via video chat, you will be able to speak directly with a licensed physician. You tell them why you want an ESA or why your pet in question is your ESA, and if you’re approved, you will get a signed document. We will provide a PDF and physical copy of your letter to you.

If you would like to make your appointment with Mango Clinic, you can easily give us a call. Or, if you would rather do it online, you can visit our appointment webpage today.

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Emotional Support Dogs

For some people, recovering from a mental or health disorder requires something more than just medication or even therapy sessions. These can all be very helpful, but they can always be supplemented by something more. Something that can make the days feel safe and warm, something that can make a person get up in the morning and ready to take on the day, something like an emotional support animal, or better yet, an emotional support dog.

An emotional support animal is a companion for those who feel increasingly better when they have their favorite animal with them. An ESA does not have to specially trained in any way; their presence is all that is needed to be effective for the owner. All you have to do is pick a domesticated pet and consult with a medical professional who can sign you an ESA letter; your regular dog becomes an ESA dog.

Mango Clinic provides ESA letter services for those looking to get a genuine document that can be used for either travel, housing, or both. We make sure each of our ESA patients speaks directly with a doctor before being given a signed document; in this way, it is a completely valid letter. Neither airlines or landlords will be able to dismiss the letter when it is completely legit, meaning you and your ESA will be able to travel freely and find a new place to live without hassle.

Top 5 Emotional Support Dog Breeds

Among the most popular choices for ESAs is an emotional support dog, which is also happens to be a popular pet all over the world. Due to their friendly nature, loyalty, and reliability, dogs find themselves being chosen very often as one’s ESA. For these reasons, we have decided to present an unranked list of the top five ESA dog breeds that are most recommended for potential ESA owners. Each dog has its advantages, so don’t feel as though one is better than the other, or that you have to pick and choose from just these five.

Emotional Support Dog Mango Clinic
Can my dog become an ESA dog?

Golden Retriever

When you think of a big, lovable dog, there is a good chance a Golden Retriever is what you imagine. Well-known among the public, this breed is extremely popular, sometimes overwhelmingly so. Aside from shedding plenty of hair, Golden Retrievers are popular for a reason, providing much love and energy for people of all ages. Their large size can also be exceptionally comforting for some, as is their very fluffy hair.

It’s also important to remember how active Golden Retrievers can be. If you intend to get one, along with understanding how big they are, make sure you’re okay with a dog who is always up for some fun. This can make them good choices for those that want an ESA who will keep them active.

Pit Bull Terrier

There is a belief that pit bulls are inherently dangerous, that they should be avoided, and that they can easily hurt you. However, the reality of it is that a pit bull is not any more dangerous than every other domesticated dog that people own as pets.

The reputation that pit bulls have mainly comes from their history as dogs that were bred to be fighters, an unfortunate but real part of history. Dog fights would have these specially bred pit bulls go against each other in matches, but in the 21st century, dogfighting is illegal in the USA. Along with that storied past, pit bulls can still be used as dangerous animals for protection, hunting, or other related activities.

It can come as no surprise that people are hesitant about pit bulls, but the reality is that they’re a terrific choice for an ESA. Loving, caring, and always protective of their owners, a pit bull can be an excellent addition to one’s life. However, states have different laws pertaining to pit bulls, so be sure to inquire before deciding to get one.


A smaller breed type, poodles can be an excellent choice for those who want their ESA to be on the smaller side. Poodles can be very fun and loving with both children and adults, further proving them to be apt ESA choices. They are also known as one of the most intelligent breeds, which can come in handy for owners who want their ESA to be a bit more hands-on. This also makes poodles a good choice for those wanting an active ESA that might encourage them to go out and play in the park.


Pugs are another small breed of dog, which can be exceptionally comforting for many. They are known for being active, happy, and of course, loving towards their owners. While they can be fond of taking it easy, a pug can be a great ESA dog for those who want something small but tenacious.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are often mixed up with Golden Retrievers, but their shorter hair is often the main giveaway. Retrievers are a generally popular dog breed in the USA and UK, and the Labrador is no exception. Like Golden, they are a bigger breed, and the two do share a similar size, along with look, without as much shedding.

Labradors come in unique varieties based on their color, such as yellow, black, and chocolate. They are also well adapted to training and performing tasks, in case that is something an owner would like their ESA to do. In any case, Labrador makes for a great emotional support dog due to the character, history, and popularity among many.

Esa letter for your dog
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Getting Your Emotional Support Dog Certification at Mango Clinic

If you are interested in having a certification for your emotional support dog, get in touch with Mango Clinic. Before getting an ESA letter, make sure you have picked out an animal to make your ESA. From here, you can call us or visit our website to set up an appointment with one of our licensed doctors.

When getting an ESA letter, you must always speak directly with a licensed doctor; otherwise, the letter is invalid. Mango Clinic will always have you speak directly with a licensed doctor, after which they will sign you the letter which you can use for housing, travel, or both. So don’t delay and make sure you get a legitimate ESA letter from Mango Clinic. Contact us by calling (786) 422-9327 or simply go online and complete this ESA Online Form before you schedule an appointment.

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