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Pets are kept in many households. We regard these furry friends as companions, but did you know that a cat or dog can help you deal with stress, anxiety, and depression? Over the years, pets have become attuned to human behavior and emotions.

They understand your feelings, body language, the tone of your voice, and even your gestures. By merely looking at you, a pet can interpret your emotional state. So, let’s take a closer look at how an emotional support animal can help you cope with anxiety and depression.


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They Stimulate the Production of Neurotransmitters

Traditionally, people who suffer from depression and anxiety receive antidepressant medication. However, antidepressant medication increases serotonin levels. Research has established that spending time with pets stimulates the production of dopamine and neurotransmitters linked to love and bonding. This can be a double win for you since you’ll feel less depressed, and your capacity to show love and affection will increase.

When you spend time with emotional support animals, you’ll notice that they live in the moment without worrying about the past or the future. This is something that we humans should learn. Typically, our anxiety and depression arise from worrying too much about the uncertainties of life. Spending time with a pet will make you appreciate the joys of the present. You’ll even become more mindful of yourself and others.

How ESA reduces anxiety
How ESA Reduces Anxiety and Help with Sleep


Reducing Anxiety When Flying

It’s common to see people flying with their pets. Contrary to what you might think, most of them don’t do this to show off, but to reduce anxiety. For such people, having emotional support animals in-flight is vital since they make them less fearful about flying. Next time you see someone flying with a dog, you should keep in mind that it’s not always for ostentatious purposes.


They Add Routine and Order to Your Day

Many people who suffer from anxiety and depression don’t have a daily routine. They end up getting stressed, anxious, and depressed because their lives lack order. This can be a thing of the past if you get yourself an emotional support animal. Most pets, more so dogs, need a regular exercise and feeding schedule.

Maintaining a consistent routine goes a long way in keeping the animals calm and balanced, and it also works for you. When you rear a pet, you’ll also find yourself following a constant routine. No matter how anxious, stressed, or depressed you are, you’ll always find yourself in better moods when caring for your pet.


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Animals Provide Sensory Stress Relief

Anyone who has ever stroked an animal knows how stress-relieving it is. Scientists recommend touch and movement as two healthy ways of managing stress effectively. Stroking an animal leaves you feeling less stressed and calmer, besides lowering your blood pressure. Moreover, the companionship of an emotional support animal offers comfort besides boosting your self-confidence.


They Provide Unconditional Love

People who suffer from anxiety and depression need to be shown, love. No one is better at this than emotional support animals. These furry companions can provide the unconditional love that you might be struggling to get from others. If you’re feeling alone, for instance, a pet will always be there to cheer you up and help you reconnect with the world. Creating a bond with an emotional support animal can help you have meaningful human relationships.


They Compliment Other Treatments for Anxiety and Depression

When it comes to treating most mental illnesses, no intervention works alone. A polygonal approach helps to achieve long-term benefits. Emotional support animals can get integrated into most treatment strategies for anxiety and depression to provide patients the much-needed relief. The animals are not therapy in themselves, but you can use them to manage some symptoms of anxiety and depression.


How ESA help improve social skills
5 Ways ESA Help Improve Social Skills


For instance, you can utilize an emotional support animal in mindful techniques to reconnect yourself with those around you. Trauma Resiliency Therapy entails the use of emotional support animals as a resource to treat emotional highs and lows among individuals with anxiety and depression. This attests to the healing power of pets.


Animals Provide Social Support

Those who keep pets regard them as social companions. With time, you’re bound to develop a psychological bond with your animal. As you grow psychologically close to a pet, it will provide the wellbeing benefits that you’d get from socializing with other people. The psychological bond and daily interactions with your emotional support animal help to relieve your anxiety and depression even without talking to anyone.


Getting Your Emotional Support Animal Recommendation

Nearly 20% of American adults suffer from anxiety, while 7% battle depression. However, many don’t know that they can manage their anxiety and depression by using emotional support animals. These snugly companions can help restore your health and wellbeing. Contact Mango Clinic today for help with acquiring an emotional support animal.

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Dogs are human’s best friends in many ways. One particular way is when they function not only as companions and members of the family but in addition, as a personal assistant in healthcare situations. If you suffer from a disease or disability, you may benefit greatly from the support of a trustworthy and loyal animal. Our canine friends are well able to serve us when we need their help.


How ESA keeps you calm
How ESA Helps in Keeping you Calm


Dogs that help us with physical or emotional conditions can be divided into two main categories: Service dogs and Emotional Support Animals (ESAs):


ESAs Vs Service Dogs: What’s the Difference?

  • There is a Difference Between the Two

ESAs and service dogs are often mistaken for one another. They do indeed perform similar functions. There are clear distinctions, however, between the two. It is important for you to learn about these differences so that you will be able to obtain the help you may need from these specialized animals. The main differentiating factor regards their functions.


  • How do They function?

 Service and ESA dogs provide different types of care for their human companions. They are trained for separate tasks. A service dog is specially taught how to perform specific jobs and key tasks for a person who suffers from a physical, emotional, or cognitive disability and cannot do these actions for themselves. A few examples of the tasks that service dogs perform include visual functions for those without sight and hearing for those who are deaf. By contrast, an ESA functions as a highly specialized and trustworthy companion for someone needing emotional or cognitive therapeutic support. ESAs help people heal.


  • Are They Certified?

Because these two types of caring animals perform different service functions, they are certified differently as well. Only specially trained dogs qualify to be service dogs. These dogs are generally acquired through a service dog agency. On the other hand, an ESA can be almost any dog or even another animal such as a cat or horse. In the case of a person who needs an ESA, a mental health professional or a doctor will provide a diagnosis of the condition being helped by the animal. Additionally, they will provide a letter certifying how the ESA will benefit the individual.

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  • Do They Receive Special Protections?

As a general rule, service dogs are offered legal protections while ESAs are generally not. The legal protection for service dogs is provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act. ESA’s do not receive this type of federal protection.


Examples of Therapy Provided by ESAs

ESAs in particular can be extremely useful for those with emotional issues. In addition to providing unconditional love and affection, animals perceive human moods by people’s body language, actions, and tone of voice. ESAs can be helpful for those suffering from depression, PTSD, anxiety, agoraphobia (fear of being away from home), aerophobia (fear of flying), and social shyness, to name but a few. Many doctors have noted vast improvements in their patients after developing a relationship with an ESA. Patients report increased confidence and comfort, a boost in self-esteem, decreased shyness, and higher degrees of motivation.

The majority of ESAs are dogs. In a typical example, a young lady presented that her biggest fear was flying. She complained that her anxiety started from the time she obtained her tickets until the time of the flight itself. Since she found out about emotional support digs and teamed up with one, her anxiety about flying has been greatly reduced. The dog accompanies her on every flight.

ESAs are not restricted to our canine friends. Horses can be excellent ESAs. Horses used in therapeutic work demonstrate exceptional patience, perception, and gentleness. Therapeutic horses may be large animals or smaller ponies. They are particularly selected to be able to put people at ease in their presence.


Can ESA helps with mental conditions
ESA Can Help you With Number of Mental Illnesses


Let Your Helper Dog Be Visible to Others

Whether you have a certified service dog or an ESA, it is often useful to help other people understand that your dog is performing special functions for you. You’d like it to be distinguished from other types of dogs.

If you are using a service dog, let them stand out by giving them a special-colored vest to wear. This makes the dog easily identifiable, and will likely enable you to enter places of business and other venues free of hassles.

If you have an ESA, consider carrying a medical ESA letter regarding the utility of your dog. By doing so you will clearly be able to communicate that your dog is a personal assistant if the need should arise.


About Mango Clinic

At Mango Clinic, your health, and wellbeing are extremely important to us.  We offer low-cost options, reliable care, and flexible solutions for your treatment plans. We can help you obtain an ESA letter as needed. You will find us to be very flexible in the ways we can work with you. Please contact us today.

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If you are interested in getting an emotional support animal letter, you can count on Mango Clinic to provide you with a genuine product. There are many websites online that claim to offer a legitimate service for ESA letters, but too many of these sites cannot be trusted. More often than not, they provide inauthentic products that end up giving patients more problems than solutions. We at Mango Clinic want you to make sure you are getting a genuine product, which includes looking out for potentially fraudulent websites.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

People recover from disorders and ailments differently, as no one treatment option works for everyone. For some people, prescription pills and one-on-one therapy sessions get the job done. But these treatment options have their limits, as not everyone will respond positively to these more common forms of treatment. A person with a disorder or ailment must seek and stick with a treatment that helps them recover in a healthy way.

This is where emotional support animals come in, as they function as a viable treatment option for many. If medication and other traditional forms of therapy are not helping you, an ESA might. If you already own a pet who makes you feel so much better than you would feel otherwise without them, they can qualify as an ESA. No special rules govern what sort of animal can be an ESA or whether they should have any specialized training. If the animal makes you feel significantly better just with their presence, they qualify. All the animal needs to be is themselves; it’s more about how they make you feel that makes them an ESA.

how to spot fake ESR letter
5 Smart Ways to Spot Fake ESR Letter

What Is An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

Having an animal that makes everything better is terrific, but not everyone sees it the way you do. Plenty of landlords would be more than happy to prevent you from keeping your pet with you in residence, regardless of how it makes you feel. That goes for airlines, too, who would be more than okay with charging you extra for having your animal with you on a flight.

However, it does not have to be as problematic as it sounds. With an ESA letter, you and your animal companion will be allowed to stay in apartments and board airplanes without hassle. Neither landlords nor airlines will be allowed to deny you and your pet when you have a legitimate ESA letter with you. This letter provides a licensed doctor’s recommendation for you to have your animal with you. Depending on the letter you have, you can use it for either housing, travel, or both.

Who Are American Service Pets?

It is effortless to come across questionable ESA sites online. The internet seems to be overpopulated with them, and they can vary in quality. However genuine or valid they may appear, they are almost always fraudulent, offering inauthentic services that will not help you in tricky situations. Luckily, it can be very easy to discern these types of websites and what to generally lookout for.

American Service Pets is an interesting example of these types of websites, mainly because of what it lacks in comparison to so many other sites. It is not uncommon to find ESA sites that have many pages and things for you to look through. However, at first glance, American Service Pets has almost none of these, as the homepage will mostly just direct you to the qualification section via buttons scattered throughout.

It is only at the bottom that you are provided with pricing and package options, along with a few other options, such as an about us page, a blog, and an FAQ. Once you click on any of these links, a new type of page will be introduced which features a top portion where you can easily access the other pages.

How to avoid ESA internet scams
How to avoid ESA internet scams?

As for the homepage itself, it otherwise has information pertaining to ESAs and letters, like how they can be used, as well as the website’s steps to getting your letter. Their homepage also mentions them being “the nation’s leading all-in-one online solution for approving emotional support animals for housing and travel.” It is in the steps provided where you can usually spot whether a website has a service that you can trust or not.

According to American Service Pets, you do not have to have direct contact with a doctor in order to get an ESA letter, which is completely untrue. For your letter to be legitimate, you must directly speak with a licensed doctor, who will then write and sign the letter for you. In the case of American Service Pets, however, not speaking to a doctor is just one of the steps, since all you have to do is fill out a questionnaire and let someone review it. From here, you will get a response back which includes some version of your ESA letter, such as a PDF.

Are American Service Pets Legit?

American Service Pets could already be seen as questionable if you are familiar with these types of sites and know what to look out for. However, if you visit and think everything looks good, keep in mind that in order for an ESA letter to be genuine, you must speak directly with a licensed doctor. Since American Service Pets explicitly state that you do not do this nor have to do this, we cannot recommend American Service Pets for your ESA needs. So beware of fake ESA letters.

Why Choose Mango Clinic?

Mango Clinic makes sure that each patient that wants to get an ESA letter gets to speak directly with a licensed physician. The physician they speak with, either in person or over the phone, will then be able to officially sign an ESA letter for them. If you want a legitimate ESA letter, then make sure you get it with MangoClinic. Visit our website, or call us to schedule your appointment today.

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Emotional support animals can be beneficial for many patients around the world, but not everyone may know the qualifications or what to look out for. Mango Clinic wants to help all potential patients understand the things they may face when looking for an ESA letter. While we provide a legitimate service for patients, it is very easy to look online and think someone can do it better or easier. But too many of these sites are fraudulent, which is why we want to help you know what to look out for when browsing these sites.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

Some people treat their disorders or ailments with medication and therapy sessions. However, these same options do not work for everyone, which is why alternative forms of treatment exist. This is why some people choose to have emotional support animals, as they prove to be a significant help for the patient.

ESAs are not specially trained, nor do they have to be. Any domesticated pet that you may already own can qualify to be your ESA; if you feel tremendously better when you are with your pet, they can count as your ESA. Their presence providing immense calm and peace for the owner is all they really need to do.

As for what counts as an ESA, many will think that only dogs, and occasionally cats, qualify. However, these are only among the most popular, due to them already being popular household pets. The truth is that many other types of animals can qualify to be ESAs, such as birds, pigs, snakes, and rabbits.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

Due to the importance of being able to stay with these pets as often as possible, many ESA owners might fear landlords, and airlines will hassle them. This is, unfortunately, a real problem that can happen, which is a significant reason pet owners might be interested in getting one of these letters.

An ESA document ensures that you have legitimate reasons for being with your animal companion as much as you need to be. The document is signed and written by a licensed physician who will be able to confirm this recommendation when contacted. Only licensed doctors who you speak with directly are able to provide these letters; otherwise, the letter can be rejected as invalid. This is why you always want to make sure your letter is authentic, as it is easy to get an invalid document and have it be rejected.


Emotional Support Animal Letter
Legitimate ESA Letter Contents


Who Are United Support Animals?

As we have already stated, there are plenty of online sites out there that may not be the most trustworthy for getting an ESA letter. One possible site is, which features many of the things that one should look out for when wanting to get a letter.

United Support Animals appears to offer services regarding not just emotional support animals, but also service animals. More importantly, the website uses the word “registry,” which might make sense for service animals, but has absolutely no place when it comes to getting an emotional support animal. Your ESA does not have to be registered by anyone or any organization that claims to be a registry. The use of the word “register” or “registry” is one of the easiest ways to identify a fraudulent or untrustworthy site, and United Support Animals use it right on their homepage.

Their homepage also presents its prices for ESA and service animal “registration,” which range from $59 to $109. You can dig a bit further under the “Shop” page and see the various options they have, including Basic, Standard, and Deluxe. This section is something you will see on many other sites, as the packages provide the certificate, along with ID cards, collars, and of course, a red vest. The only thing you ever need when getting an ESA letter is the letter itself; vests, collars, and ID cards are entirely unnecessary.

One thing you might miss is the detail which states that these packages come with a “Lifetime ESA Registration.” We have already stated that registrations for ESAs are nonexistent, but we would also like to let you know that there is nothing “lifetime” about getting an ESA letter. All ESA documents have an expiration date lasting one year, which means you have to get it renewed yearly if you intend to keep using it after the date listed.

While the prices might seem reasonable, they are also a major warning against using their service. This is because actual ESA letters are not under $100; on average, an ESA letter should cost you between $130 and $199. What’s even stranger is that the more expensive packages on United Support Animals include a “registration” and a housing/travel letter. This makes very little sense since, in theory, you would only need one or the other, not both. It makes one wonder what the point of registering their pet is if you would still need a separate letter.



Are United Support Animals Legit?

While they do mention that you would be speaking with a “Mental Health Professional” (which is an important part of the process), there are too many things that make United Support Animals a suspicious business. Their use of referring to a “registry” and “registering” your pet are big enough red flags since no such registry exists for ESAs. Add the low prices and questionable packages, and you would be advised not to do business with United Support Animals.

Why Choose Mango Clinic?

If you want to make sure your ESA letter is as genuine as can be, make sure you get it with Mango Clinic. We make sure each patient speaks with one of our licensed doctors, who will then sign for you an ESA letter, making it official. Never worry about being asked or questioned about your letter when you get it with Mango Clinic. Visit our website, or call us to make your appointment today.


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An emotional support animal can be a great help to many people, but not everyone knows how to get one. There is a lot of misinformation about ESAs, letters, and how people go about getting them. Mango Clinic wants to make sure you know everything necessary regarding ESA letters, including how to get one and how to avoid fraudulent websites. It can be very easy to come across illegitimate services, but knowing what to look out for will help you with your search.


What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

For many people with mental and physical disorders, medication and various forms of therapy are among the most recommended. These forms of treatment can be very helpful and have shown to be beneficial for many patients around the world. However, while these treatment options might be helpful for many, this does not mean they will be useful to all. There are many cases where patients require something different for treatment, though they may not know what else might work.

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There is no shortage of alternative forms of treatment for those going through a health disorder. One of these is having an emotional support animal, also known as an ESA. There can be a lot said and misunderstood when it comes to ESAs, but it is much simpler than many people would think. Unlike a service animal, an ESA requires absolutely no type of training, as their presence is all that is needed to make them an ESA. This means that a person with a domestic pet may already have an ESA if the pet makes them feel better the same way a form of medication or therapy session would.

As for what counts as an ESA, many would assume dogs are the only animal there is. But this would exclude cats, another highly popular domestic animal, along with many others that can qualify. These other ESA options include birds, pigs, rabbits, and snakes; each of these comes with their own unique advantages that work for some individuals more than others.


What Is An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

If you have already chosen your emotional support animal, then what you might be looking for next is an ESA letter. Unless you live in your own home and don’t ever travel, there is a good chance you will be needing an ESA letter. One of these letters can work for housing, travel, or both.

This letter allows you to live in a residential complex without having to pay any unfair fees or leave the complex because of your ESA. You can also use the letter when you go traveling on a flight, where it is very easy for airlines to bar you from flying because of your ESA. If you are not restricted from boarding, you may still have to pay an unfair fee, something an ESA letter can prevent.


ESA certification
Online ESA certification scam


Who Are Waggy?

Waggy (also known by their URL, is an online website that claims to offer ESA letters for low prices. Their homepage is very straightforward for an ESA site; everything you would want or need is there. They emphasize how low their prices are in comparison to other similar sites, as well as explaining what comes with their letter packages. Along with a “Low Price Guarantee,” their packages include a “Money Back Guarantee,” a “Customer Hotline,” and a letter “Signed by Licensed Therapist.”

They outline their process as being four steps: free qualification test, picking your plan, getting “matched” with a therapist, and receiving the letter. This all seems understandable, but if you have seen enough fraudulent websites online, then this process might look pretty familiar.

Many of these types of sites ask you to prequalify online via a free test questionnaire like thing, which always asks the same kinds of questions. The problem is that, if you were to make an appointment to get an ESA letter, you would not have to fill out a questionnaire beforehand. All the questions these questionnaires ask would be consulted with a licensed doctor who you speak with.

Another issue is that Waggy does not explicitly state whether you would be speaking directly with a licensed doctor or not. While it does say you would be “matched” with a therapist, it does not indicate if that means a therapist will speak with you or simply look over your questionnaire without your input. The most it states is that you can “Connect with your therapist whenever and wherever you are,” which could be an after-the-fact situation.

Are Waggy Legit?

There is already enough on their website to be at least a little suspicious, but there is one other thing you may not have noticed. Legitimate businesses are not shy about having their physical address on their website. The lack of an address is usually a bad sign, but since Waggy provides one, we decided to look it up.

Looking up their address lead us to a Better Business Bureau webpage, which had a few recent complaints listed. These complaints mostly stated that Waggy was not to be trusted due to lying during check out (such as charging customers for a package they did not want), not processing refunds, and for providing spotty certificates. For these reasons and more, we do not recommend Waggy for your ESA letter needs.


 ESA Letter Scam
The ESA Letter Scam List


Why Choose Mango Clinic?

Getting a genuine ESA letter, signed and written by a licensed physician, is not as hard as it may seem. Mango Clinic makes it easy to get an ESA letter by making sure all you have to do is either make an appointment online or on the phone. We make each and every patient speak directly with a licensed doctor, which can either be in person or via telehealth communication, such as video chat or a phone call. Once you’re approved, we have your ESA letter emailed to you as well as physically stamped and signed. Call us or visit our appointment page today.


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Emotional support animals offer various benefits to individuals with a form of disability.  For example, people with visual impairments, mobility impairments, deafness, and seizures. These animals are specially trained to offer support and companionship while alleviating one or more aspects of the disability. Dogs and cats are the most prevalent emotional support animals. Other fascinating and unusual animals that provide emotional support include;

  • Turkey
  • Kangaroo
  • Peacock
  • Squirrel
  • Miniature pigs
  • Hamster
  • Miniature Horses
  • Duck
  • Parrots
  • Rats

Which is the best emotional support animal?

Like most people, you are probably wondering which is the best emotional support animal. The debate has been there and is still ongoing.  In search of enlightenment and knowledge to make better decisions, individuals follow these debates and arguments.


ESA dog
Emotional Support Dog- Facts


As much as there are numerous emotional support animals, dogs and cats take the lead in the discussions. So, which is the best between the two? We won’t take sides; however, we will give you adequate information that will help you make the best decision based on your needs. Below are some of the things to consider when selecting your emotional support animal.

1. Purpose of the emotional support animal

Every animal comes with unique benefits. Individual breeds within dogs and cats are also as diverse with a range of attention requirements, temperaments, and energy levels. Besides companionship, these animals calm feelings of isolation and encourage you to be more active.

They can also lessen feelings of anxiety in certain situations. You need to choose an animal depending on what you expect it to do for you. Dogs and cats behave differently. For instance, if you love a bubbly life, you will pick a different animal from that which will suit your needs if you are just looking for a cuddle.

2. Physical benefits

Both cats and dogs are active, but their level of activity differs. Emotional support dogs boost your physical activity. They love walking, running, and playing outdoors. In the long run, you will have a healthier heart and minimize the chances of a heart attack. If you have suffered a heart attack, an emotional support dog can improve your recovery by more than 70% compared to individuals who don’t own a dog.

Cats are active as well, but they need less exercise and prefer playing in the house. The activity can be fun and vigorous. If you own a cat, you are less likely to die of a stroke or heart attack compared to individuals who don’t have one. Emotional support cats are a perfect choice if you have immobility issues since you will remain active with low strain activities.


Emotional Support Cat- Facts


3. Animal Features

Before picking an emotional support animal, understand what benefits or support you want from the animal plus the features you prefer. For instance, if you dislike big animals, then the alternative should be a small dog or a cat.  Do you want silence or some noise? When you specify what you want and what will give you peace, choosing the right animal becomes easy.

4. State laws in regards to emotional support animals

Before getting an emotional support animal, ensure you find out what the law states. You will weigh your options depending on your ability to keep up with the demands of your State law.

5. Your schedule

Both dogs and cats require attention, care, and love. If you want to keep an emotional support animal, you should be ready and willing to take care of them. It’s selfish just to receive emotional support while you neglect the animal. Every animal requires individual attention.

For this reason, you should only choose what you can handle effortlessly. Cats are shy animals; therefore, they demand more attention than dogs. It’s almost impossible to carry a cat to your office and expect it to remain inactive. If you don’t operate under a tight schedule, or you work from home, a cat will be an excellent choice.


Whether it’s a cat or a dog, choosing your emotional support animal is purely up to you. The most important thing is to ensure that you pick an animal you can take care of without straining.

All animals have needs and feelings as well. Loving a specific animal isn’t enough; find out whether it can offer the emotional support you need. In case you are unable to decide, feel free to have both, and enjoy maximum benefits.

You can reach out to a licensed professional at Mango Clinic to get an ESA letter for your emotional support animal. You can also contact us by using an online ESA letter application.

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If you have a physical or mental health disorder, you might be wondering what the best forms of treatment are. It all, of course, depends on the severity of your situation since some disorders are easily treatable while others are more complicated. It also comes down to the individual, since while certain types work best for some, other people may react very negatively to a type of medication. There is no one right choice for everyone, which is why so many alternatives exist. Just like how everyone has a different body, the individual minds of all people result in everyone reacting to even the most common of medication differently, be it to no effect or severe side-effects. As such, some patients of disorder might avoid the most traditional forms of medicine entirely for something safer and maybe less conventional.

What Is an Emotional Support Animal?

When it comes to alternative treatments, unique forms of therapy exist for those with mental and physical disorders. While there are traditional forms, such as one-on-one and group sessions, patients are also recommended emotional support animals. It is not the most standard or well-known form of treatment, but it can be highly recommended for some patients. One of the most apparent things about an ESA is that it’s not a prescription format, nor does it involve pills.

How ESA differs from a service animal?

ESAs, unlike service animals, are not specially trained for anything in particular. Where a service animal is meant to assist someone with specific living situations, an ESA exists primarily for keeping a person company. The presence of the animal is all that is needed for the patient, and this also makes the recommending of an ESA more accessible. Knowing you do not need a specific type of animal makes getting an ESA easier, as various animals qualify, from cats and dogs to pigs and snakes, each bringing their own unique advantages and benefits. In these different aspects, ESAs end up becoming some of the most versatile options for treating health disorders and can arguably be more helpful for some than more traditional forms of treatment. This is why getting an officially signed emotional support animal letter from Mango Clinic is so vital.


ESA Vs. Service Animal
Emotional Support Animal Vs. Service Animal

What are the advantages of an ESA letter?

ESA letters allow you to live in residential complexes that might otherwise forbid you from having an animal or may charge you extra for having one. With this letter, signed by a licensed doctor, you would be allowed to keep your ESA without being charged additional fees or being hassled by landlords. This document can also work for when you are traveling on airplanes, trains, or boats; you will not have to put your ESA in cargo, and you will not be forced to pay any extra fees of any kind. Getting one is also simpler than ever; speak directly with one of Mango Clinic’s licensed doctors and get approved with an electronic copy of the letter, all in the same day.

Is Legit?

There are many websites that you will come across online that claim to offer emotional support animal letters, but many of these are scams and untrustworthy. Even if they seem genuine, it can sometimes be tough to verify information on their site. However, if you visit enough of these sites, you will recognize the patterns that out them as scams. More often than not, no matter how different they may seem on the surface, these websites have strong similarities between them. appears to be reasonably professional on the surface, claiming to be mentioned in certain publications and includes testimonials on the homepage. But if you look into some of the details surrounding the product of ESA letters and how you get one, you start to see why you should be suspicious.

Spot a fake ESA service
Characteristics of a Fake ESA Service

Like many other sites of this type, provides its service by asking you to fill out a questionnaire (which they call an exam). This is followed by a payment, which is then followed by awaiting approval by a doctor (or as they call it: The DOGtor). They claim you do not speak with the doctor, and that it’s rare for a doctor to request to speak with you directly. From here, if you are approved, you will be sent your electronic ESA letter through email, with a physical hard copy a few days later. The biggest issue with this process is that they do not require you to speak with a doctor. In order to get a legitimate letter, it must be signed by a licensed doctor who has spoken with you directly. If you receive a letter from someone you never had contact with, then that letter is invalid and won’t be accepted.

While that alone can be a cause for concern, there is also the issue relating to the pricing plans. They feature a separate housing and travel plan, which is normal, and nothing stated in the plans seems out of the ordinary, other than naming the housing plan the “Care Plan.” Then there is the “Compassion Plan,” which combines the housing and travel plans; according to, this plan has no expiration date. Now, before going into it, it should be said that all real ESA letters have expiration dates; they are valid for up to 12 months and must be renewed annually. For a site to say that one of their plans has no expiration date is an easy way to demonstrate how disingenuous their product is. To make it even stranger, this same plan still separates the housing and travel letters by claiming that the housing letter has no expiration and that the travel letter is included, but does not specify if both have no expiration dates or just the housing letter. The plan even says it comes with a “Discounted Annual Fee to Update Letter,” which would not make much sense for something that also claims it has no expiration date.

One other thing you can look for on these sites is the lack of a physical address and questionable contact information. A legitimate business tends to have its physical address stated at the bottom of a webpage, or at least its homepage. does not do this, and in fact, shares no physical address whatsoever. While providing a phone number, their contact page also features a fill out form and no email address.

How Does Compare to

Due to its sketchy nature, we cannot recommend for your ESA letter needs. The way you get an ESA letter is not the best, asking you to fill out a form and then wait for someone to approve you, all without directly speaking to a doctor. While the prices are not too low or too high, the details described in the plans featured is inconsistent at best and flat out wrong at worst. Then there is the matter of not featuring a physical address or even an email that you can reach. But worst of all, and most importantly, they do not require you to speak with a licensed medical professional; at best, speaking with a doctor is “possible” but not required.

With Mango Clinic, we can assure you of full customer service, support, and discounted annual rates. We also have a physical location, phone number, and email address, all of which are accessible and verifiable. Our prices range from $129 for housing, $149 for travel, and $189 for both, each signed by a licensed doctor who will always speak with you first before approval.

It can be tempting to find a random website and getting an ESA letter from there, but if they don’t have you speak with a licensed doctor before approval or claim to have no expiration dates, then they shouldn’t be trusted. Visit to learn more about ESA letters and to schedule your appointment to speak with one of our licensed doctors, whether that is in-person or via telehealth over the phone or video chat.

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It is difficult to imagine life without domestic animals. The animals have provided us with companionship, protection, and security for centuries. Did you know that these animals significantly improve our health and well-being? Studies show that they can help in the recovery of patients undergoing physical rehabilitation and occupational and speech therapy.

This discovery brought about the idea of emotional support animals.

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What is an emotional support animal (ESA)?

Emotional support animals refer to animals that provide companionship and comfort to people with emotional or mental disabilities. An emotional support animal (ESA) can help you to overcome a part of your disability or relieve its symptoms.

Most people who keep animals for emotional support prefer dogs. However, there are many other animals you can choose from, and examples include cats, birds, rabbits, pigs, horses, and hamsters.

Many individuals confuse service animals with emotional support animals. Service animals receive specialized training to enable them to perform tasks like guiding a blind person. Emotional support animals, on the other hand, are not trained and are there to provide you with companionship and affection.

ESA characteristics
Emotional Support Animal


Important considerations for living with an ESA

The number of people getting emotional support animals keeps rising as more individuals become aware of the health benefits associated with them. You can get yourself an emotional support animal by contacting an ESA doctor.

You need to consider some things before you take steps to get an emotional support animal. They include:

Are you eligible for an ESA?

You can’t just walk into a market or go online and buy an emotional support animal. There is a procedure that needs to be followed. For you to get one, you need approval from a licensed therapist or psychologist—the recommendation from a professional show that you need an ESA for your emotional and mental well-being.

These guidelines have been put in place to prevent individuals from abusing the law and the privilege of having an ESA.

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Why do you need an ESA?

Having an animal to keep you entertained and take cute photos sounds nice. However, this is not the role of an emotional support animal.

Before you request an emotional support dog, cat, or rabbit, you need to ask yourself why you need it. Are you in college, and the pressure of studying is giving you significant anxiety and depression? Did you go through a traumatic experience that you haven’t recovered from? Are you going through an emotionally draining journey in your life? Knowing the role you want an ESA to play in your life will help you and your mental health professional to determine whether you need the animal or if you can get alternative ways to deal with your situation.

As I have stated earlier, these animals do not have any training, and they are not there to perform activities that services animals perform. Therefore, you should be prepared for the process of getting accustomed to each other.

Laws on accommodation of ESA

It is vital to know the regulations governing having an emotional support animal to make your life easier and avoid getting in trouble with law enforcement. For example, the Fair Housing Act (FHA) gives you have the freedom to rent a condo, home, or apartment in the United States with your ESA. This applies even to buildings that do not allow one to live with pets.

The Act directs property owners to provide reasonable accommodations for individuals living with disabilities and requiring ESAs. What you need to do is provide your ESA letter.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) property owners are required to make their buildings accessible to animals to accommodate those with emotional support animals.

You should know that you should not be denied housing because of your ESA. Additionally, your landlord cannot restrict the size, type, or breed of an emotional support animal you should have.

Knowing the laws on accommodation of ESA will prevent you from being bullied or discriminated against when living with your ESA. It will also help you understand the restrictions your landlord is allowed to set.

You can’t take an emotional support dog and tie it to your gate to provide you with security. Such actions will land you in trouble because these animals are there to provide emotional support.

ESA housing laws
Emotional Support Animal Housing Policies

The size and temperament of your ESA

The temperament and size of your ESA matter a lot. Imagine hosting friends or taking your dog for a walk, and they keep on attacking people? This will put restrictions on where you can go. You can avoid this kind of stress by getting a dog that is stable, friendly, and easy-going.

Now, imagine a scenario where your dog is too big for you to carry if they get tired or one that scares people because of their size. This is not an ideal situation.

Although there are no studies on it, some people who have adopted small emotional support animals say they come with advantages. You can also enjoy these advantages, especially if you consider the factors discussed above.

Mango Clinic provides services on emotional support animals. For example, we can give you an ESA letter to get you started on the journey to having an emotional support animal. Set up an appointment with our licensed doctors through our website.


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Mango Clinic provides patients with genuine emotional support animal letters that are written by licensed physicians. Unlike many other websites online, we offer a legitimate service that only aims to help patients looking for aid to their health treatments. It is very easy to come across sites that only want to take your money, and we want to make sure no one falls victim to them. By identifying the right things, you will be able to know whether a site can be trusted or not.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

It is no secret that medication and therapy do not work for everyone. Even if they do have positive effects, it may not be enough; in worse cases, the medication and therapy are hindering recovery. Due to how people may react to these forms of treatment, it is no surprise that other types of treatment exist. Some of these alternative forms are more popular than others, and some are also more effective than others.

Among the more popular and well-known treatment options is having an emotional support animal. For some, this can be the most beneficial treatment option for them, providing immense calm and positivity for the owner. ESAs are not specially trained and they don’t need to be; their presence as pets for the owner is all that is required.

While it may be odd that there is not much more to ESAs, their straightforward function as vital pets to their owners makes them appealing to many who may already benefit from having a pet. It is not unusual for someone wanting an ESA to own already a pet that can qualify as their ESA. However, it is also not uncommon if someone wants an ESA but does not already have a pet, so either scenario is usual.

There is also the question of what type of animal can be an ESA. Essentially any domesticated animal that is your pet can count as an ESA, and that can include the usual cats and dogs. However, your choice of ESA does not have to be limited to the very popular; animals as diverse as rabbits, snakes, birds, and pigs can count as ESAs.


Spot an ESA scam
ESA scam

What Is An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

You may have heard a lot about ESA letters, documents, or certificates, and you may not exactly know what any of that means. It may seem complicated, but it’s fairly straightforward and easy to understand.

If you live in an apartment, you might want to get an ESA letter for housing. This letter will protect you from landlords who may want to kick you out or charge you more for having an ESA.

If you plan to go on a trip and are taking your ESA with you, a letter for travel is essential. It can be a fearful hassle to bring your ESA with you on a trip without knowing whether you will get into any complications. An ESA travel letter will protect you and your animal companion from unfair airline fees, as well as from being put in cargo.

Who Is PDSCenter?

Most websites offering ESA letters market themselves as animal-centric, meaning lots of pictures of people with their ESA (almost always a dog). But PDSC (short for Psychological Disability Service Center) is much different from any of those. PDSC presents itself as a website focused on helping people with mental ailments that can be solved by getting an ESA and letter. It’s the presentation, including the name, that makes it so unique, as so few, if any other, sites of this type put such an emphasis on the “mental health” aspect of the business.


Emotional support animal misconceptions
Common Misconceptions About ESA

Is PDSCenter Legit?

As mentioned on their homepage, through PDSC, your letter will be signed and written by a licensed physician. In fact, they point out that, if a licensed physician does not sign your letter, it is not valid. While this is true, their website does not explicitly state that you must speak with one of these licensed physicians.

However, there are more troubling things to make a note of. On their homepage (which is where almost all of the information is kept), they point out that their ESA letters do not expire and that they can be used in restaurants and stores. None of that is true; all ESA letters expire, and they cannot be used for anything except housing or travel. What’s even crazier is that they state “Other companies will try to force you to pay annual renewal fees, but our letters are designed to be expiration free.” If they are designed to be expiration free, then they are designed to be illegitimate.

On top of that, PDSC does not sell you one letter, but two; one for housing, and one for travel. This does not make sense, because if you are getting a letter for housing and travel, you only need one.

Why Choose Mango Clinic?

Mango Clinic makes it simple by having you speak directly with a licensed physician. We provide genuine ESA letters that are signed by the doctors you speak with; they are both emailed and presented in person. Whether in person, over the phone, or via video chat, getting in touch with a licensed doctor has never been easier. So call us or visit our appointment page today.


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If you have always wondered what other treatment options exist for health disorders besides medication and therapy, then Mango Clinic has an answer. Emotional support animals can be extremely helpful for many patients who would rather not be taking medication or going through therapy sessions. Even if you do take medication, ESAs can be a terrific supplement as its own form of therapy. As such a positive and popular alternative treatment option, it is essential to know what to look for when trying to get an ESA letter.

What Is An Emotional Support Animal?

When it comes to treating a wide swath of health issues, there are many solutions that work for different people. Some treatment options work better for others, which is why so many exist in the first place. If you do not respond well to medication, you might do better focusing on therapy sessions. Maybe a combination of the two work well, or perhaps you need something more.

Alternative forms of treatment can then be implemented that further assist the patient in their recovery. One very popular and effective alternative treatment option is having an emotional support animal. Also known as ESAs, an emotional support animal is an animal that can provide the owner with the same type of relief and recovery as medication or therapy. In many ways, ESAs are their own type of therapy, as they are able to make their owners feel so much better when in their presence.

It is not unusual for a person to vent and speak with their pet, and this is the type of thing which you can do with your ESA. This is because if someone already owns a pet, they can make them an ESA. All you really have to do is let people know in case they ask, such as a doctor or therapist. There is no hard restriction on what counts as an ESA, either, as long as they are a domesticated pet. If you have a dog, cat, pig, or snake that makes you feel immensely better every time you’re with them, they can absolutely qualify to be your ESA.


Emotional support animal facts
Amazing ESA Facts

What Is An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

Many people who have emotional support animals, or intend to get one, might be aware of ESA letters. Some might think an ESA letter allows you to take your ESA with you everywhere, but this is not the case. An ESA letter permits you and your animal companion to live in residential complexes that may otherwise not allow pets. It can also allow you to board an airplane with your ESA without being hassled by airlines.

If you have a legitimate ESA letter, you will be able to evade fees that landlords may want to put on you for having an animal living with you. You will also prevent a landlord from kicking you out of an apartment, as the letter will make this type of action illegal.

An ESA letter is also helpful for when you need to go on a trip, as it will let you and your animal companion board a flight without hassle. Airlines would have no problem charging you fees for having a pet, but as a doctor recommended ESA with a legitimate letter, you should have no problem.

Who Is Certify Therapy Dog?

Even though it uses images that we have seen on many other websites, Certify Therapy Dog is not what it seems. For one thing, the website’s name is not consistent; their FAQ page has them “International Therapy Dog.” However, their homepage appears to be consistent on calling them “Certify Therapy Dog.”

According to Certify Therapy Dog themselves, they are a non-profit organization; they mention you making a “contribution” when getting your letter, but have prices set anyway. However, the bigger issue is that they mention registering your pet, which is always an easy way to know whether to trust the service or not. This is because there is no registry for ESAs; you never register anyone for anything when it comes to ESAs. If a business says you have to register your pet or something of that nature, stay away.

We mentioned Certify Therapy Dog reusing images from other sites, and by that we mean the information that conveys to the customer how you get an ESA letter. If you have seen enough of these sites, those reused images that you have no doubt seen before are a dead giveaway. There is also no mention of speaking with a licensed doctor, which is necessary if you are getting a genuine letter.

One final thing to mention is the process of actually getting pre-qualified, something else you will see on so many similar websites. After answering basic questions, you will be told that you qualify and that you can continue with the process. What is most interesting is that the results page uses a different URL from It actually uses, which is a separate website providing the same type of service. It even uses the same images featuring information that can be found on Certify Therapy Dog’s homepage.

Characteristics of an ESA letter
What an ESA letter must contain?

Is Certify Therapy Dog Legit?

After everything that has been seen and explained, it should come as no surprise that we do not recommend Certify Therapy Dog for your ESA letter needs. Not only is it too much like every other site of its kind, but the information is inconsistent. From mentioning “registration” to having a different website for its pre-qualification results page, Certify Therapy Dog is just too suspicious to consider genuine.

Why Choose Mango Clinic?

Providing an authentic service for patients, Mango Clinic makes sure each and every patient speaks directly with a licensed physician. After being evaluated and approved, your licensed physician will sign your ESA letter, which is also stamped. You will receive both a PDF and physical copy, which you can use either for housing, travel, or both. Visit our appointment webpage or call us or schedule your appointment today.

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