Adhansia XR for ADHD: Uses, Side Effects and Dosages

April 24, 2020
ADHD Medication


A variety of different ADHD treatments are out there, some use a medicine, some don’t. Primarily, stimulants are found to be the most effective by many medical professionals. For around 70% of ADHD patients, such alternatives are often seen to be successful.

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Meanwhile, the other 30% tend to lean toward non-stimulant medication or other options where appropriate. In order to give you the clearest picture, we’ll quickly help you understand what an ADHD stimulant drug is, what it does, proper dosages, and related side effects.


What ADHD Stimulant Drugs Really Are?

Essentially, if you, an adult loved one, or a child is using stimulant ADHD drugs, these tend to take effect inside a few hours of their administration. When this happens, mental shifts take place. These are notable through behavioral changes.

Whoever has taken the medication, in the proper dosage, of course, will suddenly have the ability to more efficiently organize themselves. They’ll have a greater ability to focus on specific things, complete tasks with less distraction, pay close attention, and listen more actively.

There are a variety of ADHD medications out there that have varying effects like these, and one which has become notable recently is Adhansia XR. As with other, similar reviews, be advised that an article such as this represents no alternative to the advice of your doctor. When what is said in the review is different than what a doctor advises, you’ll want to go with the doctor instead. That said, consider the following information as you go about finding an effective medication for ADHD.


Adhansia XR for ADHD
Adhansia XR


Specific Adhansia XR Uses

Though it goes without saying, for clarity, it’s notable that Adhansia XR is specifically designed to treat those suffering from ADHD. It is administered in capsule form. Within the capsule are many tiny beads containing medication layers that have immediate release capability.

Adhansia XR can either be taken in full as a pill, swallowed with a glass of water, or you can open the capsule and sprinkle the beads either in a drink, yogurt, ice cream, or whatever is convenient. However it’s ingested, it’s best when swallowed whole.

Try not to chew on it, it’s best to totally consume a single dose (at whatever dosage level) within ten minutes. If one of these capsules has been removed from the pack, there’s no use in trying to put it back. Also, be sure no alcohol is ingested when this is taken, as alcohol has a quickening effect.

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Side Effects of Adhansia XR

All stimulants have side effects, and Adhansia is not any different. Any sort of drug is apt to have some sort of side effect, that’s just part of the risk associated with such medical alternatives. That separates Adhansia and other approved drugs from the rest as the benefits tend to be greater than said side effects.

Also, side effect reduction is possible when the doctor who prescribes this medication understands your existing medical history. Be sure you inform your doctor of any pre-existing conditions which could pose a threat to yourself, or whoever you’re acquiring the drug for.

Specifically, methylphenidate allergies must be mentioned, as should any past substance abuse issues. It’s notable that even those with a totally clean history commonly experience some of these side effects:

  • Weight and Appetite Loss
  • Sleeping Issues
  • Dry Mouth

Should any of the following affect you or a loved one taking Adhansia, be sure to tell your doctor:

  • Finger and Toe Circulation Issues
  • Heart Issues
  • Priapism
  • Manifestation Of Bipolar Disorder
  • Stroke
  • Novel Depression

Should you only take your proscribed dose, the preponderance of such side effects will be reduced or totally eliminated?


Adhansia XR Side Effects
Side Effects of Adhansia XR


Administering Proper Adhansia XR Dosage

Dosages differ per individual. Following what your doctor says fits you or a loved one is the best option. What follows in this segment basically reflects common directives doctors give associated with this supplement. Some individuals may feel dizzy from Adhansia, meaning it’s best to avoid the operation of heavy machinery or driving after ingestion.

Different brands have different compositional elements; some have sugar–diabetics should advise their doctors. Since it’s a drug, addiction is a distinct possibility. This is, again, a fundamental reason to closely follow doctor orders. Many doctors advise a lower dose at the start. Be sure you never crush, eat, or chew Adhansia XR. This initiates the full release of the drug’s effects, collaterally expanding unfavorable side effects.

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Lastly, it’s fundamental those who proscribed this drug do not share it with others, even if they have the same condition. Research indicates no two ADHD treatments are precisely alike between different individuals. Even for twins with the same condition, the same treatment may not work. Different minds and different physiognomies produce different results. With any pharmaceutical, guidance from your doctor must be followed.

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