An in-Depth Overview of Weight Loss Coffee – Is It worth Considering?

February 15, 2021
Weight Loss


Probably, you have heard that taking coffee is bad for your health – and that drinking a cup of coffee every day will cause significant health problems, including diabetes and heart failure. However, with more and more studies pointing out the benefits of coffee to the body, is it time to reconsider your drinking habits yet? Whereas there is no doubt that taking too much caffeine is harmful to your body, do you know that coffee contains antioxidants efficient in delaying and preventing cell damage? Or, do you know that the caffeine found in coffee can help in weight loss?

Weight loss coffee has gained significant popularity in recent years. Nowadays, it is hard to browse through your favorite social media profile without coming across a weight loss coffee recipe. Weight gain and obesity are serious problems affecting millions of people in different parts of the world. Almost everybody struggling with weight loss would jump on to any weight loss offer available, which explains why weight loss coffee is a social media hit.

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Before you starting asking is Nescafe coffee good for weight loss, read on to learn more about weight loss coffee, the best weight loss coffee, and whether coffee is good for weight loss. 

What Is the Best Weight Loss Coffee?

Perhaps, you have come across different types of coffee such that you are wondering which is the best weight loss coffee. One of the recommended steps to avoid falling victim to weight loss scams is to read as many weight loss coffee reviews as possible. Such a strategy helps you learn more about a given coffee from other people’s experiences so that you can make an informed decision. 

Regardless of the number of coffee types out there, coffee efficiency in weight loss depends on various factors, including the calorie quantity and how you take it. 

Black coffee is considered to be the best weight loss coffee. Besides its ability to boost your body’s metabolism rate, it contains a low amount of calories, making it appropriate to aid in burning excess fat. Even with its low-calorie content, black coffee will be effective for weight loss if you brew it with water only.


Is Nescafe Coffee Good for Weight Loss?

Nescafe coffee is available in various types such as Nescafe 3in1, Nescafe gold, Nescafe classic, and Nescafe sugar-free. Each of these types of Nescafe coffee differs in terms of the contents. For example, you will find a type, which is rich in proteins and others that are low-fat or cholesterol-free. The implication of this is that whether Nescafe is good for weight loss depends on its components. Therefore, if you are looking for coffee that will help you cut down some pounds, you better go for the one that has lower quantities of calories. 

It is also critical to remember that any coffee’s efficiency when it comes to weight loss depends entirely on its contribution to your body’s metabolism. Usually, by the virtue of having caffeine, most coffee types will boost the metabolic rate, increasing the chances of reducing your weight. Despite this, learn how coffee works in the body can help you make an informed decision when it comes to weight loss coffee. 


Black Coffee
Health Benefits of Black Coffee


Is Coffee Good for Losing Weight?

Is coffee good for losing weight? You have probably asked this question so many times, but you haven’t gotten a satisfactory answer. The truth is that answering this question isn’t as straightforward as saying, yes, coffee is a significant weight loss booster. 

Usually, when you follow a given diet, anything that gets into your stomach receives a complete makeover. For instance, you may decide to focus on a whole-grain, lean protein, low-sodium soups diet, or even low-sugar snacks. But, then other foods such as veggies and fruits get a pass. However, when it comes to the morning cup of coffee, various diets will allow you a cup or two, provided you are not using tons of sweetened flavorings, sugar, and creamer. 

Even with its current label as a good diet drink, many people continue to ask, is coffee good for losing weight? If you are confused about whether coffee can help you lose weight, you are not alone. Several preliminary studies show that there is a significant relationship between weight loss and coffee intake. However, before you jump into a coffee diet, make sure you engage a qualified nutritionist or dietician to guide you.

If you want to lose weight and occasionally take coffee, it will help you learn how your daily coffee intake could fit into your healthy lifestyle. 

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So, How Does Coffee Influence Weight Loss?

Coffee has numerous nutrients that could help in your weight loss journey. For example, the beverage contains magnesium, potassium, niacin, and antioxidants necessary to improve digestive health, support muscle function, and lead to better heart health. Additionally, coffee has caffeine, which is useful in improving energy, boosting metabolism, and promoting weight loss. 

Here are a few insights into how coffee enhances weight loss:

  • Black Coffee Contains a Low Amount of Calories

To lose weight, your body should be deficient in calories. However, to achieve this, the body needs to consume fewer calories than its usual quantity.

Unlike most other beverages, black coffee is a low-calorie drink; for every black coffee serving, you will be consuming around 5 calories. However, you should not add any other thing to be low-calorie – no sugar or milk. Adding any of these will increase its calorie content significantly. 

  • Boosts Metabolism Rate

Coffee is rich in caffeine, a component that stimulates your body’s metabolism. Usually, how the body uses calories or breaks down nutrients differs depending on many things, including the food you have taken. Caffeine increases your basal metabolic rate pushing your body to use more calories and break down food nutrients faster. 

According to a 2018 study, taking coffee increases your metabolites. Thus, whether at rest or during exercise, a higher metabolism will cause calorie deficiency, leading to significant weight loss.

  • Hunger Feelings Reduction

Several factors influence the feelings of hunger. Some of these factors include your hormones, level of physical activity, and the type of food you eat. Many studies have linked caffeine intake to reduced appetite. Such results can be attributed to the possibility that caffeine interferes with ghrelin level, the hormone responsible for hunger feelings.

Drinking coffee will increase the feelings of fullness and reduce your urge to eat. Additionally, caffeine is known to stimulate the hormone peptide YY (PYY), responsible for the feeling of satisfaction and less hunger. 


Weight Loss
Pros of Coffee for Weight Loss


Does Coffee Help Burn Belly Fat?

Coffee is considered to be a natural stimulant and fat burner. Besides burning fat, coffee plays a significant role in improving your overall health. Caffeine is commonly used as one of the crucial ingredients in many commercial supplements used for burning fat. Similarly, it is a critical ingredient in numerous weight loss products.

To burn belly fat, coffee naturally increases your metabolism, enabling your body to better oxidize fat, especially during exercises. A higher metabolic rate implies that your body is burning calories fast. 

Several studies have indicated that taking coffee can increase your metabolism rate by 29%, especially for lean individuals, and 10% if you are obese. Thus, coffee can help you burn your belly fat because it stimulates your body to burn more calories even while at rest.

Moreover, coffee is effective in mobilizing fats from different fat tissues. The caffeine found in coffee can stimulate the nervous system, signaling the fat cells to break down excess fat in the body. 


How to Take Coffee to Enhance Your Weight Loss?

How you take your coffee can break or make your weight loss journey. For instance, several studies have linked caffeine intake to reduced appetite. Such results can be attributed to the possibility that caffeine interferes with ghrelin level, the hormone responsible for the feelings of hunger rising your chances of weight gain.

If you want to lose weight by taking coffee, you must learn how to take it appropriately.

Even though numerous studies have shown the importance of coffee for the body, taking too much of it even without fat or calories can negatively impact your health.  

For maximum health benefits of coffee, including a weight reduction, you should limit your daily coffee intake to four 8-oz cups. Such quantities will allow you to remain awake as required and enhance proper fat metabolism. Besides, this quantity isn’t too much to affect your hunger or sleep. 

You can drink coffee in given intervals, such as a cup for each hour, to experience the lasting feeling. Nevertheless, if you are a strong drinker of coffee, you should opt for a lower number but still stick to the recommended daily coffee intake of 400mg.

Whereas taking coffee increases metabolism, it can’t help you lose weight in itself; it is only a catalyst to a process you have started. So, ensure that you have a robust weight loss plan that includes taking a healthy and balanced diet and exercising regularly.

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Get Professional Help with Weight Loss

There you have it – an informative guide on how to use coffee to lose some weight. However, remember that weight loss isn’t something that you achieve overnight or by subscribing to any supplement or coffee weight loss program you come across. It takes careful consideration of numerous factors such as your dietary intake and body metabolism to determine the best weight loss plan for you. 

One of the reasons you have not achieved your weight loss goals is that you don’t know what it takes to lose weight. With so many people and companies out there advertising diverse weight loss programs, it is becoming easy to fall victim to any weight loss coffee pyramid scheme. Thus, you need a professional to guide you throughout the weight loss journey. 

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