5 Easy Tips on How to Start a Weight Loss Journey (1 Bonus Tip)

May 29, 2020
Tips to get started with weight loss journey

Do you get surprised when you watch overnight weight loss transformation videos on the internet and social media pages? Do you find it hard to believe that one can lose weight in a short while without spending a couple of bucks on fitness trainers and gyms? Well, if yes then this article is for you.

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Losing weight is not rocket science. With the right weight loss tricks and hacks, you can be able to get to your ideal weight easily. If you are wondering what we are talking about, read on, and learn some tips that will help you start a successful weight loss journey.

1. Believe

Believing in yourself is directly proportional to achieving. To help you believe in yourself, you should:

Visualize Your Desired Body Size Every Day

When you picture what you want to achieve and set your mind to it, there is no power on earth that can stop you. Visualizing encourages the brain to imagine and believe that you are almost into that size. It changes the way your sensations work, the way you smell, taste, hear, touch, and experience your surroundings.

Different Body Types
Different types of Human bodies

The more you visualize your future weight loss body, the more you embrace the idea of achieving it in the real world. According to research, training your brain to imagine your desired outcomes help you lose weight five times more than an unconditioned mind. Our mind is capable of burning up to 330 kcals in a day, so the more you ponder- the more you believe- the more you achieve.

Generate a Mood-Board

The next step is to have a vision board of your dream weight. You can get a sheet of paper of any size, draw your desired body size, dress sizes, or more. You can also get newspaper or magazine cuttings of pictures that have your weight loss goals and paste them on paper.

Once you have made your board, get a perfect location in your house and hang it there so that you are able to see it daily. This mood-board will motivate you to work hard to get into that cocktail dress, T-shirt, or perfect jean shorts that you have been dreaming to wear for so long.

Follow Trending weight loss Hashtags

This is easy. Just click, follow, and get motivated. People post amazing weight loss stories using popular hashtags on Instagram and other social media platforms. This will keep you engaged with the goal-centered content and also help you stay steady on the fitness track.

Reading about and seeing different successful weight loss stories will also trigger your brain and get it glued to the journey. Some examples of great fitness hashtags are #fitness, #fitFam, and #Fitspo.

Accept Your Body Type

There are some factors about you that you cannot change—for example, your genetic makeup. If you have a natural banana figure certainly there is less likelihood of you converting into a pear-shape or hourglass. This does not, however, affect your weight loss journey. You will still be able to get to your dream weight, but your body type will remain the same.

When making your vision board, consider getting pictures of people with the same body type as you so that you have a clear picture of your result. Learn to accept and appreciate your body type and pull out the best form of it. This keeps you from marginalized approaches and trims your body shape faster.

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Control Emotional Eating

Stress, or negative emotions like sorrows, shame, and guilt, tend to create a feeling of hunger, and this makes one eat more than one body needs. This is because food is the most ancient way to get temporary “full-filling” and happiness.

Take charge of your emotions to avoid stress eating. Try to stay in your happy place, surround yourself with people you love, meditate, or consider counseling.

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Reboot your organizational skills

A study showed that disorganized people are more likely to choose very high-calorie greasy food items, whereas people living in an orderly environment tend to eat healthier snacks. This happens because people who are more into organizing shelves, cleaning rooms, piling up dishes, and arranging items are less stressed. This healthy stress helps their brains to stay active and burn more calories throughout the day.

Probiotic food to lose weight
Healthy Probiotic Foods to Lose Weight

2. Do Not Give Up on Food

Losing weight does not mean that you should stop eating. It only means that you should change eating habits or pay close attention to what you’re consuming. Here are a few things that you should take note of.

Say Goodbye to ‘Keto Diet’ and Welcome Nutritional Ketosis

Keto diet is one of the most common and exciting diet plans in the world of weight loss. Some of the prominent celebrities like Beyonce and the Kardashians, introducing major weight loss tips for women, endorsed keto. If you are new, you might want to know about it. This diet, however, has lost its edge due to strict nutritional checks and balance and disease restrictions.

If you are diabetic or hypertensive, the keto diet might not be ideal for you. However, you can choose to go for nutritional ketosis way and still manage to get your body to a state of ketosis just like with the keto diet. According to Dr. Stephen Phinney, a person can get into nutritional ketosis by restricting the number of carbohydrates ranging between 20-50 grams, taking moderate proteins, and getting energy mainly from fats can keep you going with weight loss for several many months without clouding your brain.

Snack In Between Hours

Starving and fasting for hours to shed weight, is an old-school myth that has today crashed. If you stay hungry for an extended period of time, you accelerate the secretion of the hunger hormone called Ghrelin.

Instead of staying hungry, snack on small amounts of crude fibers like fruits, nuts, vegetables, and cereals in-between meals. This will keep you full by sustaining a release of sugars and inhibiting the hunger signals to the brain.

Eat more Low-Calorie Food.

When you start your weight loss journey, your body will crave the quantity of food rather than the quality. For example, imagine you have to choose between a plate loaded with six egg whites and shredded chicken breast, and another with a small homemade cheeseburger. Which one will you choose?

Some quick math will show you that six boiled egg whites having 103 calories in total, cooked shredded chicken breast with 123 calories, which ends in a total of 226 calories. One homemade cheeseburger has up to 303 calories. Trick your brain by consuming a high quantity of low-calorie food and replace your proteins and moderate fats with your previous sugary meals.

Eat Nutrition-Based and Not Memories-Based

Ask yourself, why do birthdays? Birthdays always make you think of cakes? And what about movies? Popcorn and tacos? The food industry knows that when you keep eating specific food for a certain emotional period, it generates permanent pathways in the brain. As a result, you will desire the same food every time you experience the same emotion or mood. Therefore, choose your food wisely, especially while trying to lose weight, and stick to your diet.

Stay Away From White Plates 

Most food items on the internet or in restaurants are presented on a white plate. The science behind this is that white brings out the most vibrant colors of your food items. A dish presented on a white color plate appeals to you more, and in turn, you eat more. Use a darker-colored plate and, if possible, a smaller size too.

Enjoy a Refreshing Cup of Green Tea

Green tea is a favorite among weight watchers as it has the ability to speed up the metabolism rate. Rick Hursel of Maastricht University Medical Centre in the Netherland explained that green tea has some level of metabolism-boosting benefits due to its most potent antioxidant called ‘Catechin,’ also known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG?). Catechin increases the metabolism rate and encourages fat burn.

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Cook with Spices

Spices are also known to boost up metabolism and help shed off extra calories. Adding spicy ingredients to your meals significantly reduces the appetite and produces anti-inflammatory effects. Here are some spices you should consider using:

  • Ginseng: It delays fat absorption and excretes the maximum amount of insoluble fat out of the body
  • Ginger: Has a great natural healing power. It also reduces fat absorption and decreases appetite
  • Cayenne pepper: It is rich in a compound called capsaicin that helps speed up the metabolism and allows extra calories to burn

Drink Lukewarm Water

According to Chinese tradition, drinking lukewarm water rather than cold water is a revolutionary step. Hot water replenishes the fluids level. If you squeeze some lemon juice into it, you immediately turn it into a magical detox drink.

weight loss tips by experts
7 Experts Weight Loss Tips

3. Go For a Quick Workout Instead Of a Hard Workout

You need a smart way of getting your daily exercise. Losing weight does not mean that you should have a hard workout regimen.

Maintain a 30 Minutes Workout Session

Plan for just 30 minutes. If you put this together with your diet control regimen, you will observe two times better results. Do not die in the gym just because you want to shed off some excess weight. There is a smarter way to do it. Note that the more you work out, the more you end up eating throughout the day. Thirty minutes of activity preserves enough energy to keep you active throughout the day.

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Follow the Pre-Workout Carb Shot Formula 

Thirty minutes of workout plans depend mainly on your muscle glycogen stores. They deplete really fast, making you want to quit. Consuming a small carbohydrate shot, such as fruit, glucose drink, etc. will readily increase your glycogen stores, helping you complete your workout plan successfully. In short, take a low-carb diet.

Consume a Quick Post-Workout Protein Meal

B.F Skinner, a well-known American psychologist did a study on reward and punishment. According to the study, rewards tend to pull you towards more positive reinforcement. It’s in human nature. Use this theory in your workout.

Planning to take a quick meal after working out will urge you to complete your workout more efficiently and joyfully. Taking protein before bed can readily fix all those micro-tears in your muscles, hence, minimizing the effects of workouts like delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and fatigue.

Opt For Weight Training To Burn More Fat

If you want to burn a lot of calories during your workout, you should consider weight training instead of cardio and other workout training formats. Weight training burns a sustainable amount of calories continuously throughout the day.

Target Bigger Muscle Groups To Burn Excessive Fat

Training your bigger muscle groups like your core muscles, legs, chest, and back, will give you more calories to burn. This is because these muscles are associated with multi-joint movements as well as coordinate mass movements. More muscle mass is directly proportional to more calorie burn at rest.

Upper Body Resistance Training 

Upper body resistance training tends to elevate the sympathetic nervous system activity. It puts the body in a fight and flight mode. This increases the workload to the heart and muscles breaking in more fats and sugars to generate ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) energy making it perfectly suitable for extra weight loss.

Workout at Night

Working out at night is an excellent idea because of several factors. Your body can increase your performance efficiency up to 20 times greater than the mornings. It is also the best time to work out if you have morning stiffness and pain due to diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

In the morning, usually, cortisol levels are extremely high. This hinders your muscle growth, whereas testosterone levels elevate in the evening, boosting your functional standard and activity, including muscle growth. You will also enjoy better sleep if you workout at night.

Never Skip Warm-Up Exercises

Warm-up exercises are everyone’s favorite. Warming up your body with a few exercises before your workout helps your heart pump nutrient-rich blood to the entire body, including muscles. This makes your heart rate and respiratory rate go up, hence burning extra calories.

Listen to Fast Music

If you love music, load your iPod with some upbeat music to make your workout time all the more fun. Music has a significant impact on changing the state of your mind, sad songs leave you back in the heart-breaking memories, and hip hop turns up the mood.

Fast music and loud songs accelerate the heart rate and excite the body to keep going for long durations. Music also helps in deviating your attention from fatigue and lethargy and helps to pump up the energy.

Train In Front of a Mirror

Did you know that the mirrors placed all around the gym are not just a fancy decor idea? While working out on a specific muscle group, like your core, the force applied by your core muscles produces up to nine percent more energy expenditure.

To achieve the maximum energy expenditure, work out in front of a mirror because this gives your brain the reflections of your posture, movement, and angles. Working out with the correct posture and angles helps burn more calories by training the specific muscles, excluding all the trick movements.

Get a Work out Partner

If you want to get more from your workout, bring in a buddy. Working out with a partner helps you complete the workout program. As you work out with others, your nature pulls you towards a sense of competition that deep down helps you pull a little harder than your partner.

You also gravitate towards the motivation and presence of others around you; in turn, boosting your mood and energy helps you complete your workout goals successfully.

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Beware of Adaptations

Adaptations are yet other hurdles you need to overcome very smartly. Working out without making any changes can cause your body’s hemostatic mechanisms to get adapt to your daily routine of exercising.

Once your body gets to adapt to your workout, it fails to improve or produce any further results. You will also notice calorie burn drastically going down drastically. There are a few alterations you can make to avoid body adaptations, such as repetitions, intensity, type of workout, body region, days, and more.

Active Rest

One of the secrets to weight loss is resting. If you want to optimize your calorie burn without increasing any further time, active rest is going to make a significant difference.

In between your workout sets, get reciprocal rest periods. However, instead of sitting, staying static, or doing nothing, you can jog in a place, stretch, drink some water. These techniques, simply for weight loss, will increase your stamina and strength and also recover during the workout.

As you do this, you will notice a decrease in soreness, less fatigue, and will feel light at your feet. Active rest will enable you to push harder and better on your net set.

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4. Get On The Foolproof Weight Loss Pill

There are several FDA-approved weight loss pills that you can also choose to use. Some of these pills are:


Also known as Phentermine-Topiramate, you can use this drug to control your appetite. The drug is a long extended capsule that helps with hunger management. While the sustained release of this drug keeps you feeling full, you crave food less and burn calories more efficiently throughout the day.


Found under the brand names Alli and Xanticle, the primary action of the drug is to block enzymes that convert insoluble fats to soluble fats. The insoluble fats get expelled out of the body. This drug, however, is designed to work at fats only, and it does not go around non-fatty foods.

Note: If none of these medications work for you, you can try Naltrexone for weight loss after consulting your doctor. 

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This drug is sold under the brand name Saxenda, which is a vigorous formula that has a unique design to treat obesity. It inhibits the secretion of glucagon and simultaneously increases insulin secretion. Excessive insulin secretion subsides the glucose levels successfully, shifting the body into the state of Euglycemia to a normal body glucose level. As your blood glucose levels remain stable, you can go without eating or craving food.


Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that is available as a supplement and is prescribed everywhere for weight loss. It is highly known for its water-soluble property. The supplement works well with all kinds of weight-loss diets and plans as it has very few numbers of calories.

It provides a feeling of satiety. With the exceptional properties of Glucomannan, your body will experience slow emptying and resistance towards fat absorption.

Weight Loss treatments
Effective Treatments for Weight Loss

5. Have a Budget plan

If you are one of those persons who cannot control themselves in a grocery store, then now is the time to redeem yourself. Here is how you can do it:

Filter Your Grocery List

To have a successful weight loss journey, you need to take another good look at your grocery list. Your list should only contain food items that will aid in your weight loss. To ensure you do not buy unnecessary things, try not to carry extra cash and leave your credit cards at home.

If you want to avoid buying a quick snack, do not shop on an empty stomach. Avoid free roaming around the grocery store, once you have got all that you need.

Replace Carbs with Fats And Proteins

List all the sugary items you usually consume. Replace all of them with lean proteins and fats. For example, if you like snacking on cookies around 8 pm, replace them with a chicken nugget or some nuts that can satisfy your hunger and still keep you in line with your diet.

Count Your Calories 

This is a golden step. Counting calories of every item of your meal will help you keep track of the number of calories you are consuming every day.

Keeping yourself aware of how many calories you are taking can have a significant effect on your results. Doing so will make you notice the kind of food you’re taking and how much of the quantity is ample to lose maximum weight.

To avoid the temptation of trying out everything better choose a single course meal instead of buffets. The brain can get easily overwhelmed with thousands of food choices. Fighting the temptation is not easy, so the fewer the options, the better.

Treat Hunger Pangs with Water

As absurd as this might sound, there is some logic behind it. The part of your brain, responsible for hunger signals is also responsible for thirst. Therefore, the brain can easily send a thirst signal, which can be interpreted as hunger. To avoid eating when there is a mixed-signal, drink water.

Instead of snacking or eating every time you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water first. Maybe, that could be all your body required at that particular time.

Get off the Couch

Your lazy days on the couch and bed are over. Try to keep your body active throughout the day. You can make micro-movements throughout the day, like making your bed, arranging dishes, watering the pots, etc. Such simple activities can help you burn around 350 extra calories a day.

Burning extra calories throughout the day before your workout actually motivates you to do more. Whenever you’re free just do not slouch on the couch rather rearrange your pantry, closet, and de-clutter your attic, or indulge yourself in some other activity.

Take the Stairs

While elevators are quick and easy to use, they certainly do not aid your weight loss program, however, stairs do. Choose to use the stairs. You will burn some extra calories while heading towards your apartment, gym, or office. Add some additional minutes to your workout time by opting for staircases instead of elevators.

Taking the stairs will not take up so much of your time, and it is also a free way to work out. Whenever there is an option, take the stairs and burn up to 190 calories a day just by doing so. Every little effort you make takes you closer to your goal.

Wrapping Up

The above discussed five tips for weight loss and the steps you should take in each if applied rightly can do wonders for you. These steps are extremely simple and doable. Once you set your mind to implement them effectively, they will eventually become easier to practice.

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6. Bonus Tip

Here is one last tip that you won’t want to miss. The first week of a hypocaloric diet is a game-changer. Here are some trusted hacks for you:

Eat Fewer Calories Than The Calories You Burn

If, for example, your burn rate is 300 calories per 30 minutes, eat less than that. By doing so, you will push your body into a state where it gets into the mood of burning all the extra fat to overcome the newly induced starvation.

Focus On Low Calorie

Try to focus more on low calories rather than the type of calories you are consuming. Whatever calories you choose to take, whether it is your favorite burger, a cupcake, or even fries, ensure that by the end of the day, you stay true to your diet plan and your weight loss goal. Remember, the agenda here is to take as few calories as possible.

Stay Hydrated

Drink water, brewed coffee/weight loss coffee, detox drinks, and more fluids that create an illusion of having a full stomach all the time. Avoid drinks high in calories, sugar, and soda, etc.


There you have it. Get ready for a successful weight loss journey. Do not give up. The first week might seem difficult, but your body will get used to your new fitness regime within no time making it your new way of living.

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