A Mind Healing Talk with Multi-Talented Danielle Arias

January 21, 2021
A Mind Healing Talk with Multi-Talented Danielle Arias
A Mind Healing Talk with Multi-Talented Danielle Arias



God birthed astronomy. How then did the scientific world kick it to the curb? Fewer people now practice or subscribe to astrology. Needless to state, there’s been a corresponding rise in the number of people unsatisfied with life—the world is hurting.

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There is more to life than our 3D reality. There is certainly more joy in being centered and attaining a harmonious balance in life. These are the core principles of astrology and ancient healing practices. Life unfolds in planetary alignment and the movements of the cosmos.  Astrology is a third eye perspective into the past, present, and future. It is wisdom and mental clarity.

Astrology bridges you to positive psychology to reduce stress and speed up healing. A mental health specialist’s and astrologer’s practice is based on shared principles—the uniqueness of personalities, cause and effect (karmic laws), and interpersonal relationships (our connection to the universe).


A Mind Healing Talk with Multi-Talented Danielle Arias


What made you choose astrology as a career path? Any inspiration?


I was first drawn to Astrology trying to understand why we attract and have relationships with particular individuals. I continue to be amazed at how different people bring out different facets of our personality or how our partners are reflected in our Natal/Birth Charts.

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What is the difference between Reiki Master and Astrology? How can they heal a person?


First, allow me to say I do not believe I have the ability to heal anyone. I do however believe Astrology can be used as a tool to help evaluate certain blocks or challenges a person has in this lifetime. Once that block is acknowledged it is now up to the individual to peel back the layers on how they can transcend that particular limitation. For everyone, the path to healing is different and a deeply personal choice. From an Esoteric standpoint, we are more than just our physical constitution, as a Reiki Master, I believe it is not only necessary to take care of our mental and physical health but also our Etheric or spiritual body. Reiki is an excellent tool to balance energy, promote relaxation and enhance peaceful living.


Not many people have knowledge about Positive Psych. How would you define it?


I define positive psychology as a method where individuals can focus on and savor the positive feelings we experienced during joyful moments in our life. I want to be clear that this is not about pretending to be happy all of the time and dismissing our unpleasant feelings.  But it is important to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and during difficult times acknowledging this is not our forever state.

A Mind Healing Talk with Multi-Talented Danielle Arias


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Do you believe each zodiac sign has a different impact on each individual’s mental health?


I believe each zodiac sign has different personality traits and challenges we are working out in this lifetime. For example, Aries is developing the art of compromise in this lifetime while Scorpio is likely transcending black and white thinking and Virgo is working out themes surrounding worthiness and perfectionism, etc. No sign is exempt that’s for sure, we all have our challenges.

A Mind Healing Talk with Multi-Talented Danielle Arias


You’re admired by many. What are your contributions to bringing mental peace?


We are inundated with Photoshop images and these materialistically driven posts so personally, it is important that I show up authentically. As someone that is interested in overcoming my own limitations, I try to share with others anything I am currently learning. For instance, I just completed 8 months of DBT therapy and I have shared that online so that others may research it and see if it aligns with them as a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy. I personally really enjoyed the mindfulness component of DBT and think anyone can benefit from it.



Share the best way to achieve peace of mind. How can we make our minds attuned?


I think Meditation is the go-to for calming oneself. For those that have an active mind such as myself, I like to use guided meditations I find on Youtube.


How do you define each zodiac in a word? People would love to know that.


1. Aries: Brave 2. Taurus: Dependable 3. Gemini: Versatile 4. Cancer: Intuitive 5. Leo: Warm 6. Virgo: Detail Oriented 7. Libra: Diplomatic 8. Scorpio: Intense 9. Sagittarius: Worldly 10. Capricorn: The Boss 11. Aquarius: Innovative 12. Pisces: Empathic


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