Common Distractions for People Who Struggle with Focus-ADHD

November 9, 2020
Common Distractions


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly known as ADHD, is diagnosed in 1 out of 25 adults with statics showing that 4.4% of adults in America have the condition. One of the main symptoms of ADHD is a lack of focus. As you know distraction dilutes focus and people diagnosed with ADHD struggle with focusing on tasks. They’re easily distracted by the world around them. However, if you discover that your level of distraction is higher than normal and you have been diagnosed with ADHD, you can watch out for some of these common distractions.

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1. Restlessness

Children and adults can become restless from time to time. When you’re restless, you have much energy, and you’re having trouble calming it down. Hyperactive children are not only a distraction to themselves, but they can distract other children, especially when they can’t sit still. The best way to bring the excess energy back to normal is by redirecting it to doing something else like fidgeting. You can give a child a fidgeting ball, or an adult can chew gum. These strategies will have a calming effect, and you will be able to focus on a task.


2. Noise Disruptions

People with ADHD can easily be distracted by any amount of noise around them. Any little noise interferes with their concentration from the phone ringing to people’s voices. Their brain is not able to pick which noise requires their attention and which one is unnecessary. Any amount of noise quickly disrupts them from what they are doing, and they’re unable to focus. If this is you, you have discovered by now that distraction dilutes focus. You will need to tune off distractions, especially when working on important projects. Put your phone on silent mode or lower the volume of your gadgets.


ADHD is a mental disorder.



3. Physical Sensations

Physical sensations can be a huge disruption to people with ADHD condition. Any feeling of discomfort on their skin can cause itchiness and lack of concentration. If you are sensitive to touch, then this can easily interrupt your concentration. Ensure that your clothes are soft and comfortable and keep distractions away. Rough, itchy clothes will disrupt your work and interfere with your productivity.


4. Sight Disruptions

Any slight movement around a person with ADHD can easily draw their attention. If you’re working and someone moves, it can cause you to lose focus and instead look at the movement. Recovering your focus back may not be easy, so to limit sight distractions, stay away from moving objects or people. If you are in an office set-up, stay away from the window, or frequent movement the distraction dilutes focus.

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5. Internal Distractibility

Distractions not only come from outside, but they can also have their source from within. Most people with ADHD condition can find themselves having competing thoughts all at the same time. You might be doing something, and suddenly a completely unrelated thought disrupts your current thoughts. Sometimes you may appear to be daydreaming or lost in other thoughts when you should be discussing something else with a colleague or friend.

Such disruptions can manifest in a conversation where you move from one topic or activity to a completely different and unrelated one. This is often shocking to the people around you. To avoid such tendencies, always make eye contact when engaging in conversations.


Distraction is the extreme agitation of the mind.


How to Cope with ADHD Distractions?

It’s a relief to know why certain things affect you extensively, and not others. The good news is that knowing and seeking help will improve the quality of your life and relationships. Distraction dilutes your focus, so here’s how you can keep the focus:

  • Self-Awareness

Self-awareness of what triggers disruption is the first step to boosting your work productivity and your social life. When you’re aware of these triggers, you can avoid them before they fully manifest and interrupt your life.

  • Eliminate Distractions and Find Alternatives

Tune off any distractions, especially when you want to concentrate on an important task fully. Alternatively, you can have some white noise that will have the opposite effect on you. White noise can help you focus better on your current task.

  • Make What Matters-Standout

Intentionally pick what matters to you and make it stand out from all the other unnecessary things. Consciously focusing and prioritizing what‘s important diminishes what is not. If you’re attending classes, choose the front seat near the instructor and avoid the windows. Distraction dilutes focus. This way, you focus more on your studies, which is more important than the traffic across the road.

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ADHD can be diagnosed and treated with medication. It can be successfully managed through awareness of what causes certain things to happen to you. A combination of both strategies will improve the quality of life of people having this condition. If you suspect that you have ADHD, the first step is to seek professional diagnosis and treatment. Our professional team of skilled and caring doctors will help to restore your health and well-being. Your health is our concern, and that is why we offer low-cost, reliable, and flexible options.

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