Inspirational Weight Loss Case Study: How a Busy Mum Shed 11 LBS in a Month (And Kept It Off)

July 8, 2020

Today, we are listening to the inspirational story of a busy working mom who successfully shed 11lbs in one month, thanks to Mango Clinic’s weight loss program. All odds were stacked against her because she had a full-time job that kept her busy all day. She also had two kids to take care of besides battling hypertension and other medical conditions. In today’s case study, we’ll take a closer look at the Mango Clinic weight loss program that she used to whip herself into shape. We will also highlight some pro tips that she used to reach her desired weight.

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So, who’s this mysterious lady?

Well, Anna George is our person of interest today. The 37-year old mom of two works at a bank as an internal auditor. Like most working moms, Anna’s career and kids are her main priorities. However, this came at a cost because she overlooked her health. She started putting on weight, and her health suffered as a result. Without realizing it, Anna started wearing oversized clothes due to her weight gain. Her cholesterol levels also began to rise.

Anna’s hypertension and the endless change of clothes stopped being her only concerns when her physician pointed out that she was getting out of control. This made it necessary for her to shed the extra weight that she had gained over the years. Anna understood that she would have to embark on a practical weight loss plan to help her lose the extra weight. Nonetheless, her career and her job as a full-time were a great impediment in her weight loss journey. She couldn’t figure out how she’d find time for the gym.

At her heaviest, Anna tipped the scales at 209lbs. That day, it dawned to her that she was extremely beyond her BMI index, and this got her apprehensive. There and then, she knew that she had to start somewhere to lose excess weight. Moreover, she kept on asking the same question from herself “How can I start my weight loss journey?” or “How to plan weight loss journey?” Fortunately, her brother-in-law recommended Mango Clinic’s weight loss program. Anna signed up for the program on 1st May. By 31st May, her amazing weight-loss results were as follows:

  • 11lbs weight loss (from 209lbs to 198lbs)
  • Her cholesterol level from 199mg/DL to 150mg/DL
  • Her waistline reduced by 4 inches

These are impressive numbers by all standards, and Anna concedes that she’s as confident and happy as she’s been in years.


Effective Weight Loss Methods
Effective Methods for Weight Loss


Do you want to learn more about the step-to-step process to witness the same results as Anna? It doesn’t matter whether the program is new to you’ve been struggling to lose weight for years. This case study will inspire you.


1. Have a Stable Eating Routine

Embarking on a stable diet requires you to follow strict rules. These include:

  1. You can’t have carbonated drinks or junk food
  2. Replace carbs with proteins as well as small amounts of fat
  3. Consume organic food rather than processed food

To whip yourself into shape, you should avoid consuming snacks loaded with calories and high amounts of magnesium and sodium. Here, we’re talking about the likes of French fries and those tasty burgers. I will explain further about what happens when you stop consuming junk food.

In today’s fast-paced world, the convenient packaging of junk food such as cookies, chips, and snacks means fast food comprises up to 85% of an average person’s diet. To put this into perspective, a typical American family spends up to 50% of its food budget on junk food. This is something that Anna was guilty of before she stumbled upon Mango Clinic’s weight loss program.

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Anna paid a hefty price for all the colorful carbonated drinks and sodas that she consumed every day. She gained weight as her health deteriorated. Pastries, burgers, and fries have high-calorie content. Therefore, when they constitute a significant portion of your diet, you’ll undoubtedly gain weight. When Anna decided to cut junk food from her diet, she ultimately reduced her calorie intake.

You now have a million reasons to turn to trusty proteins and fats while bidding goodbye to carbs. Proteins are a crucial part of your body cells. When you consume enough proteins alongside moderate amounts of healthy fats, you will be doing more than enough to keep your body’s energy stores rejuvenated. Obese people also take hunger suppressants to keep themselves from eating unhealthy food.

Carbs are your body’s primary source of fuel. By giving up on carbs for good, the body will shift to fat metabolism automatically to generate energy. This results in reduced cholesterol levels and body weight. Processed foods, which dominate the American diet, take many forms. They are available as frozen food, fast food, and canned food. Besides, these foods feature prominently on restaurant menus, dinner plates, and supermarket shelves. This makes them readily available to everyone. Dieting plays a significant role in losing weight effectively.


Weight loss foods
What to Take to Lose Weight Effectively


One significant drawback of consuming processed foods is that they are rich in carbohydrates as well as preservatives. Studies have established that there’s a link between processed foods and health issues such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. In her case, Anna was told to eliminate processed food from her diet. Instead, she was advised to take natural sugars found in beans, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. She was also told to take organic, safe, and rightly-proportioned calories.

Undeniably, carbonated drinks are tasty. However, many people don’t know that 90% of carbonated drinks are loaded with artificial sweeteners and sugars. By consuming these drinks, you put yourself at the risk of massive weight gain. In this regard, consider healthier low-calorie drinks such a fresh lime, pure water, brewed coffee, and detox drinks over carbonated drinks.

Pro Tip: Maintain a food journal that helps you monitor what you take every day

Keeping a food journal will help you make healthier diet choices, besides enabling you to figure out food items that are a calorie concern.


2. Engage in Light Exercises Throughout the Day

Contrary to what you may think, weight loss doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful or complicated. All that you need to do is keep yourself busy all day long. This will go a long way in helping you to shed weight. Although adhering to a strict diet helps you to lose weight, you should combine it with daily physical activities such as doing laundry, cleaning your apartment, or dusting furniture. These activities may look simple, but they help you stay physically active throughout the day.

To put this into perspective, consider this data:

  • According to research, a 160lbs person walking briskly burns up to 227 calories.
  • Riding a bicycle for an hour helps you to burn 292 calories
  • Running for one hour helps you to burn 986 calories per hour!

The idea that Mango Clinic’s weight-loss experts proposed to Anna was, to begin with, a slow burn, rather than diving straight into strenuous physical activity. This helped to increase her strength and endurance over time.

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Once you figure out exercises that suit you, it’s essential to vary them. The reason is simple: You don’t want to get your body into compensatory habits. These are the body adaptations that unknowingly undermine our workouts.

Research has established that there’s a phenomenon known as “Metabolic Compensation” which occurs when people start to shed weight. In this case, the resting metabolism also slows down, thus reducing the number of calories that you burn at rest. Consequently, the extra calories are burnt as you start to shed weight.


Best fat-burning exercises
5 Best Fat-Burning Exercises


Pro Tip: Avoid overeating

Did you know that the famed gypsy hunters in Tanzania’s savannah burn calories equal to what an average working-class American adult burns while sitting in the office all day? This is despite the fact that the gypsy hunters have leaner bodies and also lead active lifestyles.

Given that the hunters live extremely active lifestyles; you’d expect them to burn more calories than an average American who spends the whole day in the office. However, there isn’t a significant difference in the number of calories that the two parties burn.

So, how do the gypsy hunters manage to stay lean and healthy?

Well, it’s because they never overeat!

There isn’t a straightforward way of burning all the calories that you consume easily and quickly. It takes multiple hours of strength training and sweaty cardio sessions to burn those chunky brownies, some donuts, or a Big Mac. Therefore, you should consider an active lifestyle as a healthy strategy that helps you attain your weight loss goals. Despite the high obesity rates among the general American population, many people still eat more food than they require. Besides low physical activity, overeating plays a significant role in curtailing your weight loss goals.


3. Prescribed Weight Loss Medication

When you perform a basic Internet search will reveal to you that there are dozens of weight-loss medications out there. But, plainly speaking, few of them work. It’s important to pick the most effective medication. Choose what works for you rather than what is widely-touted as being successful. You’re different from everyone else who’s on a weight loss journey.

The differences in our genetic make-up make it necessary for you to get evaluated first before the most effective weight loss medication is prescribed. This is what happens whenever someone embarks on the Mango Clinic weight loss program. We will first evaluate you to determine what works best for you. You may be wondering how we prescribe the best weight loss prescription for our clients. Well, our experts have dealt with dozens of weight loss issues over the years. They leverage this experience to prescribe the most effective FDA approved medications.

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Generally, the weight loss pills that we prescribe have different action mechanisms. Some of the pills work by suppressing your appetite, while others speed up your body’s metabolism. Conversely, others increase fat metabolism. In Anna’s case, the “Orlistat” weight-loss pill was prescribed due to her health problems with hypertension. The pill has been proven to be effective at fat metabolism. It works by excreting all non-soluble fat components out of the body.


FDA approved weight loss medications
FDA Approved Weight Loss Medications


Spam alert:

There are many crooks out there. Therefore, beware of counterfeit over-the-counter weight loss supplements.

It’s a known fact that the marketplace is awash with the so-called “weight-loss” supplements. Most of them are not FDA-approved, and therefore, you put yourself at more risk by consuming them. Any weight loss medication that physicians prescribed should be FDA-approved. When you visit our facility, our physicians will extensively evaluate your present condition as well as your medical history before prescribing weight loss medication.

Pro Tip: Take a mug of green tea regularly

It’s been established that green tea increases body metabolism, thus enabling you to burn extra calories. It contains an organic compound known as catechin, as well as caffeine. These compounds work in tandem to increase body metabolism.


4. Stay Hydrated

The easiest way of boosting your weight loss mission is by staying hydrated at all times.

In this section, I’m going to teach you how staying hydrated went a long way in helping Anna to shed weight fast.

Scientific research has shown that drinking plenty of water helps one to achieve his/her weight loss goals. 70% of the human body is water. Your body can survive for up to three weeks without any food, but you’ll hardly make it beyond three days if you don’t drink any water. Therefore, water is among the most abundant nutrients in the body.

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Here is a fact which proves that drinking the recommended amounts of water helped Anna to lose weight fast.

A study conducted on overweight women established that even without exercise a daily increase in water intake over twelve months enabled them to lose 4.4lbs on average. From this, we can conclude that water intake significantly increases the body’s caloric expenditure. Generally, people’s resting expenditure increases by 25 to 40% within the first ten minutes of drinking water.

A separate study has also shown that if you drink more water, you’re likely to eat less food. This study was conducted on two separate groups of dieters. The first group comprised dieters who were asked to drink water before meals, while the second group constituted dieters who were asked not to drink water before meals. In the end, it was established that those who drank water before meals shed 44% more weight compared to those who didn’t drink water.

Here’s another interesting fact about drinking water aplenty:

Drinking a glass of water before breakfast reduces the absorption of that meal. This way, the number of calories that get absorbed into your body will be less by up to 30%.

Did you also know that water is an important muscle fuel?

Well, water makes up to 80% of your muscles. An increase in water uptake helps you develop lean muscle mass. More lean muscle in the body increases resting metabolism. This sets you up for an excellent weight loss regimen.

Water also plays an important role in digestion. In our case study, it helped Anna’s body to get rid of waste materials. Similarly, it increases the amount of fat that your liver burns. You’ll be amazed by the fact that water was an appetite suppressant for Anna since it made her feel fuller at mealtime. This helped reduce her food intake because she found herself eating less than she previously did.


How drinking more water can help weight loss
How Drinking More Water Can Help with Weight Loss


Pro Tip: Drink ice-cold water regularly to increase your metabolism

To get your weight loss regimen going, you should drink half your body weight in ounces every day. For instance, if you weigh 180lbs, ensure that you drink at least 90 ounces of water daily. This translates to an average of 11 glasses of water every day for someone who weighs 180lbs. It’s an excellent idea to drink iced cold water since it allows your body to burn calories to warm up the water, thus enabling you to shed weight.

Anna was able to lose weight after substituting sugary beverages such as alcohol, artificial juices, and club soda with cold water. Previously, these beverages formed a significant part of her diet. Anna points out that she finds cold water more revitalizing than water at normal temperatures. She says that she enjoys ice cold water even more.


5. 30-Minute Cardio Exercises Daily

Did you know that a brisk 30-minute walk can help you transform your body?

Wanna know how? Read on…

30 minutes of intense cardio exercise every day is just as effective as an hour spent in the gym. If you adhere to a strict calorie diet as mentioned in Step One, you are likely to shed weight without ever working out. In a recent survey, a group of men who embarked on intense 30-minute best cardio exercises every day lost about 8 pounds after three months. Conversely, men who embarked on a 1-hour daily workout routine lost less than pounds!

From this study, one can deduce that 30-minutes of cardio exercise every day do enough to help you preserve energy to take you throughout the day. It provides you adequate energy to get you going all day long without feeling weak or drained. While considering workouts alongside dieting to shed weight, Anna realized that cardio was an excellent option for her. There are multiple reasons why she leveraged cardio to lose weight, including:

  • She was able to burn extra calories at a time. This is because cardio exercises increase the heart rate, thus increasing blood circulation to vital body systems. The increased workload on the heart equally increases the respiratory rate so that the oxygen demands of body systems and organs are met. This, in turn, ramps up the body’s metabolism as well as sweat secretion. Consequently, the body will burn more calories to meet its energy demands.
  • It increases the Efficiency of Calorie Burn. Typically, exercises such as cardio tend to be flexible with the number of calories that you wish to burn. By making simple alterations to your different types of workouts, you will be able to realize the desired results. In this regard, you should consider the repetition and intensity of your exercises. Slight variations such as increasing training strength, rehearsals, or sets played a significant role in increasing Anna’s calorie expenditure.
  • She was able to burn the desired number of calories. Most cardio exercises are flexible, and this allows you to burn the number of calories that you wish. For instance, the exercises allow for cheat days since you’ll be able to burn the extra calories from cheat meals without depriving yourself of food.
  • It’s easy to persist with cardio exercises compared to other methods of conditioning. Your body muscles need less recovery time after cardio sessions compared to activities like strength training. By choosing cardio exercises, you’ll be at less risk of over-training and injuries. This offers relief to those who suffer from joint problems and arthritis. Likewise, a light cardio session is good enough for individuals like Anna who battle medical conditions such as hypertension.


Bonus Tip: How to Create the Ultimate Cardio Regimen

When Anna visited Mango Clinic, we recommended a combination of three cardio exercises, which we knew would deliver the desired results. These were:

  • High impact activities
  • Low impact activities
  • Whole-body activities

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Exercises that involve the upper body, as well as the core and the lower body, are commonly referred to as mass movements or whole-body activities. These include high knee marches. These exercises are excellent for increasing heart rate over a long period.

High-impact activities include jogging, humping, and running. These are suitable for burning a considerable amount of calories. However, your workout shouldn’t comprise high-intensity activities only. A balanced workout should comprise up to 60% of high-demand activities combined with total-body and low-intensity exercises.

Activities such as walking at a slow pace are generally referred to as low-impact exercises. Nonetheless, as the name suggests, these exercises minimize the number of calories that you burn, yet provide enough reciprocal active rest periods that are better than those non-impact exercises that get you going for longer.

Pro Tip: Include 20 minutes of strength training after every cardio session to zap fat.

Strength training offers an excellent way for you to build muscles. When at rest, muscles are your calorie-burning stores. In Anna’s case, 20 minutes of strength training after cardio allowed her to keep burning calories even when she was resting.


6. Never Deprive Yourself of Food

Often, the word “diet” gets wrongly interchanged with “hungry” and “starvation.” Contrary to public opinion, there’s nothing real about dieting as everyone endorses diets. By starving yourself, you’ll suffer from stomach cramps, dizziness, extreme hunger, and low energy levels all day long. Before you deprive yourself of food, you should take a moment to think about what your body undergoes during starvation.

Are you curious enough to know?

Let me provide a concise explanation.

Starvation often occurs when you consume fewer calories than what the body needs. Usually, this is a consequence of malnutrition, complete fasting, or extreme dieting. Starvation depends on many factors, including:

  • Your BMI
  • Water consumption
  • Your genetic makeup
  • Medical history

Once the body gets into starvation mode, you won’t be able to reverse the situation by simply consuming vast amounts of food. This can leave you even weaker. It’s common to see hungry people overeating to the extent of vomiting.

Starvation tends to speed up the ghrelin secretion. This is the human body’s hunger hormone. The results are definite because you will either suffer from chronic illnesses or end up binge eating. Either way, nothing will be in your favor. Anna was pleasantly surprised to learn that she didn’t need to starve herself to lose weight.

When you starve yourself, you strain the body’s systems, organs, and processes. This results in an adverse change in heart rate as well as muscle deterioration among other adverse side effects. The human body isn’t built to withstand chronic stress. Consuming smaller meals as well as snacks is a source of acute minor stress, which benefits the brain besides contributing to weight loss and your health in general.


Home made massage oils for weight loss
How Can Essential Oils Aid Weight Loss


Pro Tip: Boost your weight loss performance by consuming peppermint oil

Anna concedes that peppermint played an important role in her weight loss journey since it helped to suppress her appetite and hunger. Evidence-based research has established that consuming this essential oil alongside water boosts your energy levels, thus enabling you to work out for longer periods. As Anna continues with her weight loss journey, she stresses that she will keep consuming peppermint oil. Besides suppressing hunger and keeping her full, it has soothing effects on her fatigued and sore muscles after workouts.

To benefit optimally from peppermint oil, Anna adds one or two drops of the essential oil in a glass of water before drinking it. She mostly does this in the morning. To soothe sore muscles, she mixes peppermint oil with a carrier oil before massaging the affected part of the body.


7. Undergoing Counseling to Stay Persistent and Calm

The most essential component of Anna’s weight loss journey is that she committed herself to Mango Clinic’s program as well as her goals. When she visited the clinic for the first time, our physicians listened to her weight loss goals before curating a personalized weight loss program for her.

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Counseling helped Anna to cope up with anxiety and stress as well as the mental health changes that she experienced from being overweight and shedding weight. The sessions helped her face the challenges that she faced along the way, including the loss of clarity, and observing the prescribed diet and workout regimen. It made the realization of her weight loss goals easier.

You may be wondering why Ana needed counseling in the first place, and what her expectations were, right?

Well, adhering to a strict diet regimen, finding time for workouts, and generally living a healthy lifestyle want an easy thing for Anna given that she was previously used to doing whatever she wanted without any restrictions. Besides, after embarking on the Mango Clinic weight loss program, Anna needed accountability. It was also vital for her to establish whether she was on the right path or not. Counseling played a crucial role in helping her stay in line with her efforts and the desired outcomes.

Anna’s counseling sessions had the following key areas of discussion:

  • The diet history and current eating habits of Anna
  • Her motivation to lose weight
  • Her weight loss goals
  • Strategies that she tried before to lose weight
  • Her support system, including friends and family members

Body changes, including the decrease in body weight and size, left Anna with many questions running through her mind. At times, she needed answers relating to the processes that were happening inside her body, and how the processes affected her mental strength. One thing that stood out is that the sessions made Anna more aware of the importance of the weight loss program to her.


Final Words on Mango Clinic’s Weight Loss Program

The Mango Clinic weight loss program is designed to help you shed weight without any adverse effects on your health. The strategies that we propose have a theoretical and scientific basis. We use a holistic approach to ensure that the results that you ultimately achieve end up being long-lasting.

It’s an undeniable fact that the program is intense and stiff since it requires a lot of exertion and dedication. Nonetheless, if you follow it correctly, you will ultimately realize that it was worth every bead of sweat since you’ll live a healthier lifestyle once you shed weight.

The onus is on you to choose Mango Clinic’s weight loss program and attain the desired results. Are you determined to attain weight loss results that are as impressive as Anna’s? What results have you seen so far, and what do you expect to gain from our weight loss program? Sign up today to start your weight loss journey and live a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

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