Weight Loss Case Study: 32-Year-Old Working Woman Defeated Obesity

June 1, 2020
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32-year old Hermione Watson recently shared her weight-loss journey detailing how Mango Clinic helped her to shed an incredible 39 pounds within two months. The HR professional further disclosed that she didn’t just rely on medication alone, but a strict diet regimen that helped her to slim down. In the end, she was able to embark on a healthy lifestyle that has helped change her life.

Miss. Watson also reveals how she suffered from unexpected energy loss, especially during the afternoons, and how she was on the verge of depression. To get a picture of her amazing fitness journey and why she chose Mango Clinic, here’s a transcript of Hermione’s interview.

Full Name: Hermione Watson

Occupation: HR-Manager

Age: 32 years

Peak Weight:172 pounds


Weight loss: 39 pounds

Weight Loss Duration: 2 months

Hi there, my name is Hermione Watson. I’m pleased to share with you all my amazing weight-loss journey. I hope you’ll get inspired to stay focused on your health and weight-loss journey so that you also get back in shape. Thanks to the weight loss program at Mango Clinic, I was able to shed 39 pounds within two months. If it happened to me, it could also happen to you.

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Q: Could You Briefly Tell Us about How and Why You Decided to Shed Your Body Weight?

I began putting on weight during my early teens. I thought it was normal, and I never paid much attention to it. However, when nasty and spontaneous body-shaming remarks started coming my way, I started becoming conscious about my weight. Gradually, it started affecting my self-esteem to a point where I couldn’t pursue my career as I’d have wished. Health issues also became the norm, and that’s when I realized that I had to do something about my piling weight.

Even without a diet plan in mind, I knew that I’d reached my turning point. After doing some research, I settled on Mango Clinic because I noticed that their weight-loss program corresponded with my needs. Since signing up, I haven’t looked back. The fact that I lost 39 pounds in 2 months attests to how effective the program is.


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Q: What Struggles Did You Experience as a Career Woman?

I’m a Human Resources Manager. In my line of work, I need to be active at all times since my job mainly entails managing humans, which isn’t an easy task. Before shedding weight, I used to get breathless and extremely exhausted while at work. Taking several flights of stairs was cumbersome, leave alone walking long distances.

The best my family, friends, and colleagues could do was sympathize with my situation. On my part, I could only feel sorry about my burgeoning weight. Things kept deteriorating to a point where I convinced myself that my weight was the sole reason for me being single. I used to feel left out and that the world is moving on without me. Although I played deaf to all the mocking that I was receiving, it was causing me anxiety. My weight was also affecting my health, social life, and confidence.

Q: Did You Experience Any Medical-Related Issues Due to Your Weight?

Indeed, I faced the risk of suffering from heart failure. My blood pressure was high, and sometimes it could skyrocket to the point that I couldn’t drive or fully concentrate at work. Often, the high blood pressure forced me to stay at home instead of going to work or attend to other engagements.

The most nerve-wracking revelation made to me during my struggles with excess weight was that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. In a way, the revelation made me realize that I had to shed the extra pounds since I wasn’t suffering from any hormonal disorder. It was a relief knowing that some medications, dieting, and workouts were all I needed to lose weight.

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Q: So, How Did the Weight-Loss Journey Begin? and How Was It Conducted?

At first, I didn’t know how to go about it. I found myself trying out almost all the remedies that I came across. All this was in vain until I signed up for the Mango Clinic weight loss program. Initially, I was apprehensive, but I knew I had to begin somewhere. Today, I feel lucky that I trusted the program since it has worked wonders.

The program starts with an 8-week weight reduction treatment, which is medically coordinated. This provides skill-based life training, besides putting you in a stable eating routine. Here’s my easy-to-follow diet plan that I can now mold on my own:

Breakfast: I’m an early riser. I religiously take a liter of water every morning with a tablespoon of powdered black pepper. After that, I eat a cup of oats with any other fruit, then black sugarless coffee.

Lunch: A bowl of salad and curd alongside my meal.
Dinner: Normally, I eat some brown rice with a bowl of vegetables. After that, I take carrot juice.
Workout Routine: Since embarking on my weight-loss journey, I’ve been regularly practicing yoga besides walking daily for half an hour. Besides, I’ve formed the habit of taking stairs rather than using elevators.
On most weekends, I clean the house myself. I realized that engaging in physical activities keeps me in shape and active all day.

Q: Any Short Cuts?

None. A sustainable weight-loss journey doesn’t have any shortcuts. Adhering to a strict diet plan plays a crucial role in helping you to lose extra pounds. The prescribed medications and workouts can only work if you make necessary dietary modifications. You need to drink fresh juices and lots of water besides wasting organic veggies and fruits to shore up your metabolism. Furthermore, you should eliminate spicy foods and carbs from your diet.

Q: During Your Journey, What Has Been the Fascinating Thing?

From a young age, I loved late-night eating and snacking. Even today, this remains my greatest challenge. If you eat correctly during the day but consuming little, you’ll undoubtedly experience late-night starving. Fortunately, I devised a solution for fueling myself during the day. Often, I consume some calories just before dinner. Since we mostly stay inactive in the evening hours, our calories burn slowly. This prevents late-night eating temptations.


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Q: What’S Your Biggest Motivation?

I’d never want to hear all those insensitive remarks about my weight. They are simply demotivating and can crash your self-esteem if you pay attention to them. Besides, my fear is staying single forever. Since shedding weight, I feel better health-wise, and I also have a positive outlook on myself. Every day, I strive to become a more refined version of myself, and that includes sticking to a healthy diet plan and keeping my weight low. I’m sure this will help keep my confidence and self-esteem high, and also serve as an inspiration to everyone out there who’s trying to slim down.

Q: How Would You Describe Your Life and Lifestyle at the Moment?

Definitely, I’m better off than I was before losing weight. I’ve also come to understand that it wasn’t the constant fat shaming and abusive remarks that came my way, which were making my life miserable back then. It was my health. Since signing up for this program, I’ve embarked on a healthy lifestyle that has made me happier and more positive about myself than at any other time in my life. My health motivated me to start this weight-loss journey, rather than the clingy remarks that I got wherever I went.

After the torturous effort that I put in to shed weight and the countless challenges that I faced, one certainly needs to maintain a specific pattern to experience the desired results fully. I’ve also learned after consultations with physicians at Mango Clinic about the kind and amount of food that my body needs. Today, I feel as fit as a major league athlete, and as pretty as a TV girl. I feel refresh and ready to live my life to the fullest.

Q: What Would You Say to Anyone Out There Who Wants to Slim down?

You, too, can do it, if you have the commitment and determination. Do not embark on a weight-loss journey to satisfy anyone. Instead, do it for your good. Never compare your situation with anyone else’s. Everyone is created differently, and your weight-loss journey may require more effort and time to bear the desired results. In my case, I shed 39 pounds in two months. So, yours can take a longer or shorter period.

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Never pay attention to unnecessary advice since it will only demotivate you and make you lose hope. You should also avoid following the forbidden food strategy since it never works. Typically, deprivation results in failure. In my case, I have cheat days every month when I get to satisfy some of my cravings. During these days, I eat a slice of pizza and any other food that I crave.

You should try out the 80-20% rule. This implies being consistent with 80% of your diet plan, and 20% allow yourself to alter your diet plan. As you embark on your weight-loss journey, you should never expect overnight results. It is a torturous journey, but with self-determination and lots of patience, you’ll slim down and achieve the perfect body weight. Lastly, I’d like to applaud Mango Clinic for the great work that its physicians do, and recommend it to anyone who wishes to slim down. Their services are excellent, professional, and they bear long-lasting results.


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