17 Soothing Crystals for Anxiety: Heal Your Frazzled Mind

November 19, 2020
Soothing Crystals


Crystal healing is a pseudo-medical way of dealing with different ailments. Even though there is no scientific evidence of their technique, but they work. Crystal healing is a practice you should try if you haven’t yet incorporated it into your daily life activities. The level of spiritual awakening and connection of your mind, body, and soul is mind-blowing.

Yes, practicing crystal healing does need experience, but how will you get the experience without giving it a try? Given that humans are spiritual beings, the crystals can and will unlock a level of understanding, gentles, calmness, and peace beyond you. They will improve your connection with yourself, others, nature, and the spiritual realm.

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The crystals work by activating energies they possess and channel them to the different chakras. They also change the negative energy into positive. The rocks get rid of anxiety, depression, confusion, anger, hatred, and pain, among others. They can be worn as forms on jewelry like bracelets, pendants, earrings, or even rings. You can also get yourself the actual rocks, place them in strategic places in your house, or carry them along.

Various celebrities have already discovered the power that lies within these crystals; a good example being Adele, who says, “I was so nervous about my comeback show as I was out of practice and busy being a mum. But it was one of the best shows I’ve ever done, and I had these bloody crystals in my hand”. Victoria Beckham says she is a very spiritual person and travels with them. Kate Perry spoke of how she doesn’t stay single for long as she carries a lot of Rose Quartz to attract the men and uses Amethyst to calm down. Naomi Campbell speaks of how the stones bring great energy, and she carries them with her when traveling.  

Some of the crystal rocks that can offer healing include:


1. Amethyst

This crystal is a common rock among crystal collectors and essential among crystal healers. The rock derives its name from its beautiful purple color. The rock is available in different sizes and shapes. There are several different varieties of Amethyst, each with its esoteric attributes and associations.

Amethyst crystal is useful, especially when you are sleepless. This crystal will just calm and smooth your mind to some peaceful sleep. You can place it under your pillow when going to bed or put one out on each bed leg, choose what works for you. You can also wear an amethyst crystal to utilize its soothing energy that will heal your anxiety and stress.


Amethyst is the popular purple gemstone.


The crystal is known for its healing capabilities like improving blood circulation, regulating blood pressure, relieving pain and stress. It also inhibits bacterial colonization, reducing infections.

The Amethyst crystal is a lucky stone and you can not doubt the power of this stone. Robin Thick dropped a whopping $20,000 on it.

Most prominent properties of Amethyst;

  • Useful in making the space feel clean and calm
  • Opens up the brain
  • Cleans up negative thoughts
  • Makes sleeping easy and peaceful
  • Strengthens the endocrine and immune systems
  • Worker wonders for the nervous system
  • Acts as a pain reliever
  • It is an excellent all-around healing crystal.
  • Reduces headaches
  • It helps relieve stress and anxiety in favor of the businesswoman.


2. Blue Lace Agate

A discussion on crystal rocks can’t be held without the mention of this rock. The Blue Lace agate is a healing rock of sky-blue color and has lace-like stripes banded within the rock. It is known as the stone of expansion. This type of rock is sparse hence requires effort to find exactly what you need at a reasonable price. Blue lace agate can be put in pendants or different jewelry so you can carry your crystal along with you. The rock can also be strategically placed in your room to give the gentle mood of maximum relaxation.

The stone of expansion opens up your mind just as the sky. Meaning it gives you a calm, restful and clear perception of life, making it useful in moments of absolute uncertainty. It gives you that special connection to your spiritual guide. The blue lace agate improves your communication chakra by making you feel free to express your mind authentically. It enhances affirmation of whatever positive words you are telling yourself by reducing the harsh self-criticism. The stone can be helpful in conflict times as it can diffuse the situation and encourage a positive way of expression.

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This stone is perfect for people with mental disorders, to begin with, and will help deal with anxiety, anger, or frustration. This form of agate is only found in Namibia and South Africa.

Most prominent properties of Blue Lace Agate:

  • Promotes connection to your spiritual guide
  • Expands the mind
  • Improves communication
  • Helpful in meditation
  • Encourages harmony between you and others and within yourself
  • Helps with health problems like arthritis, infections, abdominal issues, and asthma.


3. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a common crystal rock with a touch of pink color. The crystal is inexpensive, so there is no excuse for not having it in your collection. The stone is associated with the heart chakra, making the Rose quartz the symbol of love. The rock speaks volumes on the matters of the heart. It is an amazing gift to give to a loved one as it expresses love and healing. Purchases can be of the actual rock crystal or jewelry containing pieces of the crystal. 

Rose Quartz is useful in enhancing relationships and amplifying the romantic energy in you. It is not necessarily love for others but self-love too. Loving oneself will translate to loving others, as you can’t give what you don’t have. Its healing potential is exceptional as it warms you up inside and releases gentleness and affection.


Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love.


This rock is appropriate for those who have insomnia, and it also prevents nightmares. The gem is used to heal the skin in burns, acne, vertigo, or other chronic skin disorders. It stabilizes the heart rate, palpitations, and relieves tension. The respiratory system helps with chest and lung problems by reducing cough and opening the bronchial pathway. It has also been used by mothers suffering from postpartum depression.

Most prominent properties of Rose Quartz:

  • Relaxes your mind and body
  • Considered a powerful healing stone
  • It is a symbol of love and affection to others and yourself.
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Gives a sense of inner peace
  • Boost immunity and improves circulation


4. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a great choice of rock to start within your crystal collection for a beginner. Clear quartz is generally common, making it inexpensive to buy. The rocks come in different sizes, but despite the size, they help attain a similar goal. These stones will magnify the energy surrounding you. It amplifies the energy of other rocks when placed close to them. It proves useful for meditation as it clears your mind.

This stone is also known as the tiger’s eye. It is best known for absorbing negative thoughts. When using the crystal and it seems faded, you can re-activate it by lending it some of your energy. A simple way is talking to the crystal or submitting your breath. Another way would be exposing the crystal to wave sounds.

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This rock is exactly as it’s called and helps give clarity. It acts as a deep soul cleanser as it clears the negative energy and amplifies the positive. In a clear state of mind, the rock helps you connect with the spirit world easily. The rock taps into all the chakras you have and magnifies the energy in and around you.

Clear quartz is a great piece to decorate around your house with but be careful while using it in the bedroom as it can keep you up at night. 

Most prominent properties of Clear Quartz:

  • It amplifies the energy around you
  • Good for healing purposes
  • Helpful for meditation
  • Opens up all your chakras
  • Absorbs negative energy
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Regulates brain functions


5. Black Tourmaline

The Black Tourmaline is a magnificent stone used to clear away all the negative thoughts and channel positive energy. The gem is popular and easy to acquire as it’s available in jewelry shops too. The stone is really powerful, so don’t limit yourself to just one rock and place them around your house. The energy from the rock will make you present by grounding your mind.

The gem is protective as it helps form a powerful shield around you. With this stone, negative energy is kept at bay, and other negative energy can’t be channeled to you; this gives the mind, body, and soul a sense of rest and gentleness.

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The Black Tourmaline protects your aura. It’s known to keep off evil spirits and be used to feel your house is haunted. It guarantees fast and reliable results if you are looking for stability and emotional balance. Black Tourmaline is another best crystal for people with anxiety.

Black tourmaline takes in the negative energy and transmutes it into really cool positivity. It will cleanse any blockage within your aura and chakra, allowing a free flow of energy. This stone will give you a fresh feel.

Most prominent properties of Black Tourmaline:

  • Transmutes negative energy into positive
  • Has protection abilities
  • Allows for the free flow of energy when you are feeling stuck
  • Grounds the mind and allows you to be present


6. Sodalite

Sodalite is famously known as the stone for writers. This stone is a perfect gateway and guide when traveling on a shamanic or spiritual journey. It will broaden your knowledge as it merges knowledge and intuition. It impacts new wisdom and clarity to the visions of its users. Rune readers, psychics, empaths, and shamans all know the importance of having Sodalite as part of your crystal rocks.

Sodalite advances communication by working on the throat chakra. The rock opens up your third eye and helps create a balance with your thoughts. It allows energy flow and clears up your clouded mind. Sodalite will awaken the creativity in you that will most definitely promote good interactions with others. When your mind is clear and calm, it is easy to focus and meditate.


Sodalite is usually blue to blue-violet in color.


People with anxiety show the best compatibility with Sodalite. You can tell the original Sodalite from a fake one by the streak test. It involves making sure you can see a white streak in the stone to confirm originality. Very low prices on the rock should raise your suspicion too.

Most prominent properties of Sodalite:

  • Balances the mind if clouded
  • Has healing properties
  • Merges knowledge and intuition
  • Opens up the mind making it useful to writers
  • Emotional balance
  • Truth


7. Lepidolite

The Lepidolite is a special rock available in lilac and rose-violet colors. Lepidolite is referred to as the stone of transition. This rock is of great assistance when trying to change your old habits and rituals. There is a metamorphosis with a gentle introduction to change. It makes pointing out unhealthy habits easier and gets rid of negativity. Change is difficult, and this stone helps make the process gentle.

Lepidolite is a rock you should incorporate into your daily life activities. It brings about emotional healing while at the same time soothing and relieving stress. It’s the most calming stone available as it keeps the depression at bay. It helps you rest and sleep peacefully. It is great for those with nightmares and suffering from insomnia. The stone can be used in the office or workplace setup, too, as it’s perfect for analytical thinking. It clears your mind off all the work stress; hence decision-making becomes a doable task.

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The stone is suitable for absorbing magnetic energy produced by electronics. Keeping it close when working on your laptop can prove useful.

 Most prominent properties of Lepidolite:

  • Make changes less stressful
  • Great for analytical thinking
  • Absorbs magnetic energy emitted by electronics
  • Calming the mind for better sleep or in case of insomnia
  • Keeping nightmares at bay
  • Enhances the psychological pattern
  • Does emotional healing
  • Dissipates negatively


8. Shungite

Shungite is a black-colored rock composed of complex carbon molecules and fullerenes. The stone is millions of years old, but it’s more common now in the 21st century. This rock is powerful and can be used to create a balance.

For detoxification purposes, Shungite can be put in your drinking water. The carbon molecules play a good role in balancing your body’s energy and giving healing to your system. The rock is also known to protect against radiation frequencies emitted from your electronic devices around your house like microwaves—mobile phones, and laptops. Wearing a piece of Shungite will protect you against these frequencies even when you are walking around. They will have less impact on you.

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The rocks can be placed in your bedroom or anywhere in your house as it helps maintain a balance in energies. The Shungite can be used along with other crystals to stimulate your chakras. It will create calm and balance the mind, body, and soul, enabling meditation and spiritual awakening.

Most prominent properties of Shungite:

  • Protects against radiation frequencies
  • Creates a balance between energies
  • Has healing abilities
  • Used with other crystals, it can stimulate the opening of chakras.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Release oxidative stress
  • Purifies your food and water
  • Relieves emotional stress


9. Lava Stone

Lava stone, as the name suggests, is formed by volcanic activities by the lava. This crystal is very powerful, considering it is made in mother nature’s deep belly and expelled to the earth’s surface. Using this stone will give you a realization of life and open up your mind and change your perception of things. This gem will clear the fear in you and give you the power to make essential decisions in your life.

The crystal has tremendous healing capabilities. It is composed of minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, and calcium, to mention, but a few are effective while activating your chakras. It does absorb and expel the negative energy, kind of like cleansing.


Lava Stone
Lava stone is also known as lava rock.


The rock can be used to provide an emotional and spiritual balance. It can be of use in muscle pain relief and other related rheumatic disorders when heated. It also helps to vasodilate blood vessels, thereby improving blood circulation. It accelerates the process of cell regeneration, which does speed up healing.

Most prominent properties of Lava Stone:

  • Strength in making changes in your life
  • Stability and balance with your emotions
  • Courage to face new change
  • Peace and tranquility
  • Provide guidance and understanding
  • Great for muscle pain relief


10. Hematite

Hematite is the stone of the mind. This gem works on the base or foundation. It strengthens the root chakra, which is the anchor of the rest. Sometimes in life, you may face challenges as life moves on; it keeps changing, and, in the end, you might lose yourself. The hematite stone is useful in situations like that as it grounds you. It reminds you of who you are and brings you back to your normal state.

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The Hematite will ground, how you ask. By simply holding the crystal, you can feel it take you off that dark cloud or situation, and you can see your path more clearly. This stone will get you focused and eliminate all the negativity and everything holding you back from achieving your goals.

Most prominent properties of Hematite:

  • Grounds the mind and keeps it focused on the set goals
  • Increase willpower and self-drive
  • Increase in concentration
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Enhance self-trust


11. Smoky Quartz

The Smoky Quartz is the stone of stability or bravery. Its color can vary from dark to light, but the purpose is similar. This gem is perfect for meditation and cleansing your aura. The rock will ground you by proving a sense of focus and bring you to the here and now. If you feel like your mind is scattered and you need to be attentive, Smoky Quartz is the rock for you.

The rock will form a protective dome around you and keep all the negative energy around. It will offer shielding from others’ negativity and keep your aura safe. It will also transform the negative energy into positive. This is the rock you should have with you if you are continually finding yourself entangled with toxic people or in a toxic environment.


Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz crystal is a grounding stone.


When stress levels get to chronic symptoms are equivalent to those of anxiety or mental illness. The low-stress level is encouraged and increases hormonal production on the pituitary gland. This helps keep your brain active to fight through stressors and problems, which can be treated with the powerful smoky quartz.

It is the rock of choice if you are feeling low, anxious, stressed, or depressed. It takes in all the energy and converts it to positive, allowing better focus and results.

Most prominent properties of Smoky Quartz:

  • Instantly calms fear
  • Lifts depression and stress
  • Generate positive thoughts
  • Develops stability and bravery
  • Intuition


12. Moon Stone

Moonstone is a popular stone, linked to the moon, as the name suggests. This gem is composed of minerals like sodium, potassium, and aluminum. Moonstone is beautiful and available in a number of colors; grey, white, orange, green, pink, blue, purple, yellow, and brown.

This crystal rock boosts your intuition and guides you out of stress and depression. Moonstone nurtures compassion and empathy in its users. Moonstone reflects the calming energy by strengthening your intuition and bringing harmony. It balances the energy around and allows free flow.

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The rock is linked to the feminine power of creativity and motherly protection and tunes you to your feminine side. It also acts as a mirror whereby we can see our actual image or reflection. The rock can be placed on the abdomen or near the bed to better reproductive, hormonal, and infertility issues.

Most prominent properties of Moon Stone;

  • Happiness from relieving stress and negative emotions
  • Brighter and clearer future
  • Spiritual prosperity
  • Soothes brain
  • Improves fertility and hormonal balance


13. Kyanite

Kyanite is a beautiful gem available in the sapphire like blue, black, and green colors. It is an excellent choice for meditation and connecting to your spirit world or guide. The rock creates an equilibrium between the yin and the yang energies. It offers a calming effect to the overall body tension. It does this by enhancing brain signaling and communication at all levels. It helps you keep the energy moving throughout the body. By keeping it close, you will instantly get rid of all the frustration, anger, and anxiety within you.

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The rock will drive away negativity, anger, confusion, depression, stress, and anxiety. Kyanite is used to treat problems with the genitals, urinary system, acts as a pain reliever, works on the adrenal and parathyroid glands. It boosts the immune system hence lowering the chances of infections. 

What are the major powers of Kyanite:

  • Alters state of a depressed mind
  • Boosts immunity
  • Pain reliever
  • Induce healing dreams
  • Clear visualization
  • Honesty
  • Serenity
  • Blue Kyanite opens the throat chakras and improves communication.
  • Black Kyanite grounds the body and blends out all the chakras.
  • Green Kyanite opens the heart chakra.  


14. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a best stone for people with anxiety. It is the stone of compassion, care, love, friendship, and an emotional balancer. It clears away all the past pain and scars that affect your emotions. It quickly clears out all the emotional distress and sorrows. This crystal will fill you up with confidence and joy and heal all your inner wounds by stimulating the heart. It works on the heart chakra and attracts positivity.


Rhodonite is a stone of compassion.


The crystal is best worn as a pendant or necklace as it will lie close to the heart. Rhodonite will suppress anxiety in times of distress. It will strengthen your heart, boost your confidence, and show just how strong you can be as an individual. It harmonizes well with any other heart stones like Rose Quartz and Emerald.

What are the major powers of Rhodonite?

  • Increase self-confidence
  • Instills inner peace
  • Produce calmness and appreciation of life
  • Self-healing
  • Compassion
  • Anxiety relief
  • Dispelling negative energy


15. Aquamarine

This particular gem is very rare and is mostly in a sky-blue color. Aquamarine acts as a connector between the heart and throat chakras. By doing this, it enables one to speak the truth of the heart. It comes in handy when solving arguments, disagreements, and conflicts. Aquamarine shares a great affinity with oversensitive people.

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Aquamarine will support your cooling off in times of anxiety of refreshing your emotions. It acts as the rock for wisdom, knowledge, clarity, and intelligence. It can help some careers like teaching, managing, or therapists where communication plays a major role. It will boost your confidence when public speaking addressing large crowds.

Most major powers of Aquamarine:

  • Protective against negative auras
  • Promotes good communication
  • Peace of mind and heart
  • Cleanse negative thoughts
  • Self-confidence booster
  • Provides wisdom and knowledge
  • Help find your spiritual path.
  • Improves relationships


16. Morganite

Morganite is very similar to its sisters Emerald and Aquamarine, only available in pink and peach colors. It is extremely rare as it is only available in a few countries. When up in the market for sale, it’s competitive to purchase. It is safe to say it is the most interesting gemstone of them all.

It is the stone symbol of unconditional love. It is typically associated with a feeling of joy, attraction, and peace. It activates and works on the heart chakra. It works perfectly with other stones involved with the heart chakra. It eases the pain and suffering of old and unforgotten wounds. Great for a spiritual connection to angels and guardians. 


Morganite includes emerald and aquamarine.


Morganite has proven useful in heart palpitations, neurological disorders, and thyroid problems. It has become a great choice when it comes to engagement rings lately. The gents can consider it when planning on proposing to their wives.

Most major powers of Morganite:

  • A sign of unconditional love
  • Washes away anger, anxiety, and fear
  • Heal stress and anxiety
  • It also resolves chronic disease-related anxiety.
  • It eases chest ailments like asthma and emphysema.
  • Works on the heart chakra


17. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the gem associated with strength, courage, wisdom, knowledge, truth, royalty, and intelligence. It’s the universal symbol of wisdom and truth. It is deep blue and contains a bit of Mica, which gives it a sky full of stars.

To maximize the effect of these stones, you have to wear it correctly on your dominant hand. Right for the right-handed and left for the left-handed. It’s believed the stone is best worn on a Saturday in the evening hours of a waning moon.

Lapis lazuli can be worn on earrings, necklaces, but if it is worn as a ring, then place it on the middle finger of your dominant hand. 

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This crystal is known for its power of protection as it wards off evil and negativity. This makes it just right to guard you against anxiety attacks. According to ancient Egypt, it was worn to improve eyesight. Lapis is very effective in awakening inner peace and harmony so that you can escape from the tortures of long-standing anxiety and worries. It balances the brow chakra, which involves vision and hearing. This reduces headaches, anxiety, and skin disorders.

The stone brings prosperity and good fortune to people with anxiety. Robert Downey Jr. is known to carry this crystal to his workplace and claims how it was efficient during his career life.

Most major powers of Lapis Lazuli:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Assist in the way of truth
  • Give wisdom, courage, and strength
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Helps with insomnia and anxiety
  • Stone of total awareness
  • Evokes inner power and positive magic
  • Maintains an emotional balance
  • It will bring goodness and prosperity to your life
  • Awareness of self and environment
  • Its enchanted energies will develop strong friend bonds


How to Select Your Crystals for Anxiety and Depression?

This might sound cheesy, but you don’t pick the crystal. It picks you. Yes, that will involve deciding you want the crystals first and getting to where you can purchase them. But when it comes to picking the best, you must listen to your intuition.

Different crystals have different purposes. When you are crystal buying or crystal selecting, keep in mind what the ultimate goal is. Below are examples of intended goals and their choice of crystals;

  • Love – The best crystals for these are Rose Quartz and Rhodonite. These stones work on the heart and improve your perception of self-love and love for others. They help in self-actualization and release of the negative past emotions you are harboring. They can also be given as gifts to your loved ones.
  • Power – Crystals of choice would be Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite. Power is a gift many would love to possess, but it is quite difficult to channel. With great power comes great responsibility.
  • Health – Best crystals are Amethyst, Carnelian, Lava Stone, and Poppy Jasper. These crystals will improve your physical health. Physiologically and emotionally. Ill health is not the mere absence of disease.
  • Wisdom – Crystals of choice are Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst, and Fluorite. These rocks will stimulate your mind and expound your thinking. They create a great blend of knowledge and intuition, making you more creative and wiser. Writers commonly use them.
  • Friendship – Credit is given to Turquoise, Pink Thulite, as they help you open up to people and activate the chakras of communication. They also enhance trust and kindness.
  • Money – The stones attributed to enhancing financial stability and sustainability are Garnet, Green Aventurine. They attract an abundance of luck and favor in your financial life.
  • Career – Some stones have been linked to career success. They include Blue Lace Agate, Citrine, and Mookaite Jasper. They aid in boosting productivity and intuition. They help deal with analytical problems fiercely.
  • Mental Well Being –  It is essential, as keeping sane in this insane world is quite the task. Stones credited to these are Lepidolite and Aquamarine. They have a soothing and calming effect during stressful circumstances.


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How to Take Care of Your Crystals?

It is important to know each crystal’s chemical composition to avoid altering them when cleaning. When carrying your stones, it is advisable to put them in ideal places to prevent falls and scratches. Wrap the crystals in cloth and don’t store them directly on hard surfaces. Have a separation between the different crystals you have to reduce the incidence of damage.

Like everything of value, your crystals need care and cleaning to offer satisfactory results. Infuse your intentions and energy to them to guide and nurture them to health and restore potency. Care should be taken, and caution observed as some rocks may disintegrate. Some of the common ways you can care for your stones include;

  • Put alkaline water in a bowl, add sea salt in the bowl, and then stir till the salt dissolves. Place your crystals inside and ensure they are submerged. Let them sit there overnight, then remove, rinse, and dry them off.
  • Softer stone can be dry polished. This is done by taking a piece of cloth and rub it gently on the stones until they give off an awesome shine. Make sure to wipe off all the dirt, dust and don’t leave fingerprints.
  • You can also opt to light a bundle of sage or holy wood and then hold your crystal at hand and repeatedly wave the smoke back and forth over the crystals. Extinguish when done.
  • If you feel the crystals need recharging, you can expose them to the sun all day or the moon overnight. The crystals get to connect with the elements, and their purpose is restored. It’s also important to note that some minerals can fade with exposure to direct sunlight, so you do proper extensive research not to destroy your valuables.
  • Another way to care for your crystals is by placing them in a singing bowl. The process involves striking the bowl with the mallet twice or thrice in slow succession. After then gently glide the mallet around the circumference of the bowl recurrently. 
  • All factors considered, you might still end up breaking your crystals, which is not always necessarily bad. Relax while undertaking this process, and if breakage happens, there are still numerous ways to utilize the stone’s energy.

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Where Can You Find Crystals in the United States?

You can easily find the crystals locally in shops or buy them in the form of jewelry. Online stores also have some of the common crystal rocks. If you feel a little bit adventurous and have time to spare, you can dig the crystals up yourself.  Crystal mining for recreational purposes is a thing. The process involves gear, a positive attitude, and having a reconnaissance of the place before you begin.

Top places you can go mining for healing crystals for anxiety in American include:

  • Emerald Hollow Mine, Hiddenite, North Carolina
  • Crater of Diamonds State Park, Murfreesboro, Arkansas
  • Graves Mountain, Georgia
  • Crystal Park Dillon, Montana
  • Himalaya Tourmaline Mine, Santa Ysabel, California
  • Herkimer Diamond Mine, Middleville, New York
  • Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine Virgin Valley, Nevada
  • Morefield Gem Mine Amelia, Virginia
  • Spectrum Sunstone Mine Plush, Oregon
  • Topaz Mountain Juab County, Utah
  • Wegner Quartz Crystal Mine, Arkansas
  • Cherokee Ruby& Sapphire Mine, North Carolina



Crystal rock healing is capturing the interest of many who are ready and willing to walk the spiritual walk. Humans being spiritual creatures, it is wise to get in touch with our spiritual side. There is a wide variety of crystal rocks; choose what you want to begin within your awakening. Listen to your intuition as that plays a major role in crystal healing.

To master the ultimate power of crystal healing, you start small and take time with each crystal and feel the kind of change it brings to you. The process is genuinely not easy, but it’s fun as you unlock your full potential. Learning is of great use as you can teach and transfer the knowledge to others. Crystal healing is a gift to all.  

Crystal rocks are a gift to us by mother nature, and the power they possess can be channeled to your various chakras. Choose your stone intuitively and begin your spiritual journey, or instead let the stone choose you.

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