Types and Benefits of Individual Counseling

February 25, 2022
Individual Counseling


Individual or personal therapy is one of the forms of psychotherapy. As its name suggests, it has a patient working with a psychologist or therapist on a one-on-one basis. Different types of therapy techniques are used depending on the specialization of the therapist.

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Individual Counseling Vs. Group Counseling

In group therapy, building a bond may be hampered by those in the group not wanting to be candid for various reasons. One is a fear of being judged or criticized by others in the group. Also, in a group, a therapist may not get the opportunity to go in-depth with everyone and get to the root of their individual problem.

In some cases, a person in a group may feel that a therapist is taking the side of the other person or people which can make them feel misunderstood or left out. Working with patients individually presents an opportunity to build a trusting relationship. This works for both the patient and therapist because the patient becomes willing to talk about their issue in depth which the therapist uses to come up with an effective treatment plan.


Counselling Psychology
Different Types of Counseling


Other Benefits of Individual Therapy

Different other benefits of personal therapy include:

  • You Can Let Your Guard Down

Sometimes, when you are in therapy with another person or other people, it is difficult to behave or say in ways that may hinder an accurate diagnosis or treatment. For instance, you may be defensive or aggressive but you may be able to let your guard down and express yourself in personal therapy. This will get you on the path to getting to the root of the problem and getting better.

  • You Can Get to Know Yourself

When you can let your guard down during individual counseling for adults, you can learn things about yourself you didn’t know. For instance, you can be free to answer your therapist’s questions and unearth people and incidents in your past that drive certain habits and behaviors that are destructive. When you do, you can learn mindfulness and start to form new thought patterns, and make better choices.

  • You Can Avert Serious Mental Health Conditions

Perhaps you decided to go for therapy because you were often feeling down, frustrated or unmotivated. Such symptoms may be the beginning of a mental disorder like anxiety or depression which typically tends to get worse if left untreated. In personal therapy, particularly individual counseling for adults, you can freely express yourself and get to start with such problems before they get worse.

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The Six Most Common Principles of Counseling

Counseling is based on a number of principles that all mental health providers adhere to. They are:

  1. Principle of individuality
  2. Principle of acceptance 
  3. Principle of communication
  4. Principle of empathy
  5. Principle of confidentiality
  6. Principle of non-emotional involvement


Three Major Approaches To Counseling

During therapy sessions, a therapist may use or more of the three approaches:

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most commonly used approach. It is based on the belief that dysfunctional behavior and emotions are caused by dysfunctional thinking. The goal of this form of therapy is to change how a person thinks so that they can change their thoughts and habits.

Therapists also aim to help patients to see that the thinking patterns that lead them to negative feelings and actions may be false or distorted beliefs. Thirdly, CBT helps patients to see how they can change to become positive thinkers overall. CBT is effectively used to treat a lot of mental disorders like depression and anxiety as well as compulsions like addictions.


Individual Counseling
Benefits of Individual Counseling


2. Humanistic Therapy

This form of therapy focuses on improving a patient’s ability to make rational decisions so they can reach their full potential. There are three types of it:

  • Client-Centered Therapy –  Demotes the idea that therapists are authority figures and promotes the idea that they are there to collaborate with patients to get over their issues.
  • Gestalt Therapy – Emphasizes the importance of being self-aware and taking responsibility for one’s thoughts and actions.
  • Existential Therapy – Focused on the self in making decisions, taking action, and finding meaning and purpose for one’s life.


3. Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Known as SFBT in short, this form of therapy is all about keeping a patient in the present and future rather than their past. The goal is to equip patients with tools that will keep them focused on their present and future so that they stay with thoughts and actions that will take them moving forward positively rather than looking back with negativity.


What Makes a Good Counselor?

Having made the decision to go with personal therapy and with an idea of the forms of therapy you can expect, you will need to find that counselor. A good counselor is one who:

  • Really listens to you and ask questions that help you to articulate what the problem is
  • Validates you by being accepting and acknowledging what you are saying
  • Gives you room to make up your mind about continuing to have sessions with you because they want what is best for you
  • Communicates effectively by being firm yet gentle and open-minded with their suggestions and solutions
  • Seeks your feedback about whether the sessions are helpful to you
  • Inspires you to get better and do better

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